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Translations: One Piece 901 by cnet128 , Gintama 679 by kewl0210


The unknown boy.

+ posted by Gomenasai as translation on Apr 28, 2010 21:43 | Go to KINGDOM

-> RTS Page for KINGDOM 1

page 3

panel1) Millions of years have passed since the times of Jouko. // Jouko is the time of legends, when the worlds of man and gods were still the same.
panel2) The time of saints is also over.
b1,2,4) General Lee.
b3) General Lee Shin.
panel3) In those times, // the desires of man were what moved the world.
title) The unknown boy.

page 5

box) It was the era of the 500 year war, the warring states period.
title) The unknown boy.

page 7

box) Western China 245 A.D, Shi province.
bubble sfx.1-4) clack

page 8

b1) fuoh
b2) Dahh!
b3) hngggh
b4) Ruahhh!

page 9

b1) whoa
b2) hnghh...
b3) You and you're gorilla strength!!

page 10

b1) This way!
panel) He dodged that!!?
b2) Hyou, wait...
b3) Eat this!
b4) Hngaahh!

page 11

b1) Hell yeah!
b2) Now then, let's see...
b3) that makes 333 wins, 332 losses, and 587 ties. -small print- I'm ahead on the wins now.
b4) hmph!
b5) Well, this time I happened to pick the right direction is all.
b6) Whether it was luck or not, a loss is a loss.
b7) Dammit, it still hurts.
b8) Come on Shin, we need to hurry or we'll get yelled at again.
b9) Let go! I can walk on my own.

page 13

b1) Wha... What the hell is this supposed to taste like!?
b2) Gueh! Awful!
b3) Who made this?
b4) Yeah, it had to be you, Shin. Your food always tastes bad...

page 14

b1) Unlike Hyou, // you're absolutely useless, you know.
b2) You can't cook, and you can't clean either.
b3) Shin, you're the most useless person in the Shin province.
b4) Wah! He glared at me! Daddy, Shin glared at me!
b5) WHAT?
b6) Give it here!
b7) Who were you glaring at!?
b8) HUH!? Who the hell were you glaring at!?
b9) Do you have a problem? HUUUH!!?

page 15

b1) Who bought the clothes on your back? Who's feeding you every night? Who's providing you a bed to sleep on? WELL!?
b2) Who's the one that made it possible for you to grow like this?
b3) Under normal circumstances, you two who lost your parents due to the war would be slaves!
b4) Even though it's my duty, I, the village elder, have been watching over you, FOR 10 WHOLE YEARS!!
b5) Don't you know what it means to be grateful!? Huh!?
b6) Work to repay the debt you owe!!
b7) Do I make myself clear?
b8) Huh? You damn fool!

page 16

b1) Dammit all!!
b2) Where does he get off saying I should be thankful!?
b3) He's treating us like slaves!!
b4) Fool! He'll hear you.
b5) Although this shack is separate from the main house, your voice will reach them.
b6) I don't give a damn! I've had enough of this!
b7) I'm going to beat them all and leave this shitty house!

page 17

b1) It's too soon for that.
b2) We still don't have the ability to live on our own. We'll starve to death out there.
b3) Then I'll just become a thief.
b4) And this will be the first house I target!
b5) Shin...
b6) We didn't spend so much time training ourselves just to become petty thieves, right?
b8) I know! I was just joking! Dammit! I'm going to sleep.
b9) Why don't you give me a hand with this...
b0) SLEEP!

page 18

b1) Mom, // where are Shin and Hyou?
b2) They haven't returned from their errands yet.
b3) They always take so long to return.
panel) tsk.
b4-9) haa
b0) phew

page 19

b1) Hmmmrrggh

page 20

b1) STOP!!
bubble sfx.) neigh
b2) WHOA!
b3) Hey,
b4) check out that bird!

pge 21

b1) Like hell I'd fall for that!
b2) Hey, wait. Someone's coming.
b3) Your acting sucks!!
b4) HUH!? -small print- I hit him?
b5) huh?

page 22

b1) What the hell do you think you're looking at? HUH!?
b2) Stop // you // retard!
b3) Look at the carriage he's riding in.
b4) He's someone from a really wealthy house.

page 23

b1) Like that matters!
b2) It does! // You can get killed!
b3) What's with you two?
b4) For guys who were just fighting, you're pretty close.
b5) We weren't fighting, it was a match! And because of you, I just lost!
b6) Now I'm behind 332 wins, 334 losses, and 587 ties! It's been a year since there was a 2 win gap between us! -small print- How are you going repay me for that?
b7) 1,253 bouts!?
b8) Are you kids trying to pull a fast one on me?

page 24

b1) From what I saw of your match...
b2) You might really have passed 1,000 matches. // Your fight resembled a true spar.
b3) Someone like you who was born with a silver spoon in his mouth probably wouldn't understand, but...
b4) We're orphans. // We lost our entire family in the flames of war, our parents left us nothing...
b5) but these strong bodies.
bubble sfx.) bam
b6) But that's more than enough.
b7) So long as we have a body that's capable of holding a sword, both Shin and I are satisfied.

page 25

b1) The amount that was taken from us in the war, we'll attain with our own hands in that war!!
b2) That's...
b3) exactly right!!
b4) Soon, we're going to join the war and start making a name for ourselves!
b5) We'll use the skills we learned here to further our success!
panel) We'll leave the village elder who treats us like slaves and make our own house! It'll have a big garden with tall white walls surrounding it, and a big gate that'll lead to our mansion! // We'll get wives from well known houses, have lots of kids, and have servants of our own!
b6) ALSO!!!

page 26

panel) Our names will be sung throughout all of China! // We'll be the greatest generals in history!!

page 27

panel1) Throughout all of China? // The greatest generals...?
panel2) pfft
b1) Wah ha ha ha ha ha ha ha!!
panel3) I'm going to kill you for laughing at our dream!
b2) This meeting...
box) Could be the meeting needed to drive out the dark clouds from our province.

page 28

b1) We're back...
b2) hm?

apge 29

b1) Oh, they're back, they're back.
b2) Huh!? It's the old man from yesterday.
b3) Job well done, Hyou my boy.
b4) You don't need to worry about this, just come on in.
b5) Hyou my boy?
b6) Did he hit his head somewhere?
panel1) You're really something, Hyou.
b7) You work outside!
panel2) Huh?

page 30

b1) Hyou, this man is Shou Bunkun.
b2) He's a very affluent man, as for authority, he's one of the cabinet ministers of the Shin province.
box1) He's one of the...
box2) cabinet ministers?
b3) Hyou, you should feel honored, because this man is going to adopt you.

page 31

b1) Hyou,
b2) starting tomorrow, you're going to be working in the palace!!

page 32

box) I'm going to work in the palace!?

page 33

b1) uh... I don't quite get what's going on here...
b2) I can't speak openly of what goes on in the palace here, but you won't be the king's cup bearer or anything like that.
b3) You're going to be doing some fairly important work there.
b4) I'm...
b5) You're going to make me into a military officer!!?
b6) That's right.
b7) He's going to be an officer in the palace!
b8) That's sweet!!
b9) If that's the case, then take Shin too...
b0) He's as strong as I am.

page 34

b1) Listen!! I'm only taking 1 person with me!
b2) And that's you alone, Hyou!
b3) Hyou, what's wrong?
b4) Accept his proposal.
b5) Please allow me a day to think it over.
b6) Hyou!?
b7) Fine, // I'll be back tomorrow.

page 35

b1) Why didn't Hyou accept it right on the spot?
b2) Stories like this don't even happen in dreams! A servant suddenly being promoted to military officer in the palace...
b3) He's not thinking of rejecting it on my behalf, is he?
b4) If that's the case...
b5) This situation still doesn't seem real to me, but...
b6) I wanted to use my own strength to take each step up the ladder, that's the reason I worked so hard with you...
b7) not to take the back door like this, and leave you in the dust...
b8) YOU DAMN...

page 36

b1) You didn't think I would say that, // did you?
b2) I'm going
b3) on ahead.
b4) Of course you are.

page 37

b1) It's a high possibility that we won't be able to continue this for a while.
b2) Yeah.
b3) so the winner of this match,
b4) will be awarded two wins.
b5) Not 3 wins?
b6) No... just 2.
b7) Yeah, let's leave it at that.

page 38

panel1) slurp, slurp. // This is good.
panel2) NASTY!!
b1) It's been a month since Hyou went to the capital.

page 39

b1) Shin, you've changed some.
b2) Really?
b3) Yeah, the baby monkey is now a boy monkey!
b5) Calm down, I was complimenting you.
b6) You were just making fun of me! Here, give me the usual.
b7) My pleasure.
b8) Shin!
b9) My treat. Take this and get yourself some goat milk or something. -small print- ku ku ku
b0) I'll get you back for that!

page 40

bubble sfx.1,2) slurp // sluuurp
box) Goat milk.
b1) I've been trying to tell you that the palace is in uproar right now!
b2) Yeah right. It's probably some stupid rumor.
b3) I'm not lying! I'm a business man, and I was in the castle town just a few days ago!
b4) Now take what I'm saying to heart, are province is in dire straits right now!
panel) You guys out here in the country may not know this, // but our king isn't at the age to lead the government, so Ryou Joushou-sama is the one with the highest authority right now.

page 41

panel) However, there are some ministers that didn't like this and have used the king's younger brother in an attempt to seize control for themselves.
b1) The 2nd in line stole the throne!?
b2) That's just nasty.
b3) Yeah, it is nasty! Because even if he does take the throne, he's young himself, and another minister will simply seize control.
b4) Whoever planted the seed of rebellion in the younger brother just wanted to take control for himself.
b5) Things really aren't looking good for this province. Especially considering it's national influence is very low,
b6) if one of the other provinces hear about this, they'll waste no time invading.
b7) If things cool down quickly, then there won't be a problem, but...
b8) Ryou Joushou-sama was trying his best to get things under control...
b9) but things have already taken a turn for the worse!
b0) HUH?

page 42

panel1) 2 nights ago, there was a fire at the palace. // And last night, there were eye witnesses stating that there were a mountain of corpses carried out of the rear gate. All of them either had arrow wounds or sword wounds.
panel2) Wasting no time, the little brother group made their move. // What's really scary is they had a bunch of assassin groups ready.
b1) I bet the palace is a sea of blood right now.
b3) Whoa!

page 43

b1) Shin...
b2) Who the hell is this kid?
b3) Not too long ago, someone like a brother to this guy was summoned to the palace.
b4) To the palace!?
b5) Do you know who summoned him?
b6) Some old man named Shou Bunkun.
b7) Shou Bunkun!?
b8) Shou Bunkun is the man closest to the king! I'm sure he's the very first guy the usurpers went after!
b9) Sorry to inform you kid, but your brother is no longer a member of this world.
b1) owwww! Get this kid off of me!
b2) Shin, stop.

page 44

box1) He's not dead.
box2) There's no way...
box3) he's dead.
b1) Shin!
b2) What?
b3) This is just a short separation. Make your way up here!

page 45

b1) The place we're aiming for,
b2) is the same!
b3) I know! I'll be right behind you!!
box) There's no way in hell he's dead!!

page 46

bubble sfx.) knock

page 48

b1) I'm home... // Shin.

page 49

b1) Don't do this to me, Hyou!
b2) Open your eyes! Please open your eyes!!
b3) Shin, what's going on? A thief!?
b4) Elder, call for a doctor!!
b5) Quickly, call for a doctor!!
b6) Hy-Hyou!?
b7) hng! What's all that blood?
b8) Call for a doctor!
b9) Shin!

page 50

b1) I can't feel anymore...
b2) I don't need a doctor...
b3) You got caught up in the coup d'etat, right?
b4) Coup d'etat?

page 51

b1) So the happenings in the palace have even reached a guy like you...
b2) This is good, I don't have to talk much then.
b3) The usurpers have enough man power and connections to turn the palace upside down...
b4) They're also very thorough.
b5) They'll follow my blood trail and be here soon.
b6) Elder, tell them that some stranger fell into your yard and died.
b7) There's no need to add to the deaths...
b8) They wont' touch you!
b9) None of them will be returning home alive tonight!
panel) Shin...

page 52

b1) Hearing you like that makes me really happy, Shin...
b2) However, there's something specific I need you to do.
b3) A map?
b4) It's a map of a village to the west of here, it's called kokuhi.
b5) The Kokuhi village!?
b6) I actually came here to give this to you.
b7) You need to get there as quickly as possible.
b8) W-what's this? What's going on!? // I don't get any...

page 53

b1) Listen carefully Shin, this is all in your hands now!!
b2) I got it... // I got it already...
b3) So please don't die on me.
b4) Not like this...
b5) You're better....
b6) Wasn't it our dream to become the greatest generals in history!?

page 54

b1) And we will be!
b2) Shin,
b3) our physical strength, and the strength of our heart are the same.
b4) The two of us are one.

page 55

b1) If you take flight to the heights of the heavens, then I'll be there with you.
b2) Shin...
panel) Take me to those heights, please.

page 57


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