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Nameless Boy

+ posted by kewl0210 as translation on Feb 15, 2013 22:48 | Go to KINGDOM

-> RTS Page for KINGDOM 1

Only for use by Vendetta Scans.

So what I'm gonna do is I'm gonna translate this whole series. Mostly starting next month, I'm just doing this chapter now because I'm bored. Ready set go.

[Kingdom 1 Translation by Kewl0210]
Page 2:
Kingdom -------- 1
Chapter 1 Nameless Boy --- 3
Chapter 2 Map --- 59
Chapter 3 Double --- 97
Chapter 4 The Rebel Army's Move --- 123
Chapter 5 Little Brother from a Different Mother ---141
Chapter 6 Piao's Decision --- 161
Chapter 7 Assassin that Came from the South --- 179
Chapter 8 Monster Bird of Qin --- 199
Bottom: ★This is a world of fiction. There is no connection to any actual people, organizations, or events.

Page 3:
Narration: Since the Shang-gu age, thousands and tens of thousands of moments have passed.
Asterisk: *Shang-gu... Long ago when the world of humans and gods separated. Ancient times. A legendary era.
Narration: The age of saints had ended.
Guys: General Li!
General Li!
General Li Xin!
General Li!
Narration: In that age----
human ambition was unleashed.
Title: Chapter 1 Nameless Boy

Page 4-5:
Narration: It was the great age of war lasting 500 years, "The Spring and Autumn Warring States Period"------.
Title: Chapter 1 Nameless Boy

Page 6:

Page 7:
Narration: 245 B.C.E. A kingdom in Western China. ---"Qin"----
People: KAH
T/N: This manga uses Japanese readings of historical Chinese people and places, so we're using the Chinese pronunciations for all such proper nouns.

Page 8:
Piao: HUOH!

Page 9:
Piao: !!
Piao: KUOH
You damn strong bastard!!

Page 10:
Piao: Here?!
Xin: He dodged it?!!
Handwritten: HAH
SFX: NII (Grin)
Xin: Wait, Piao...
Piao: ORYAH!!

Page 11:
Piao: All right!
Let's see that gives me...
333 wins, 332 loses, and 587 draws!
In Bubble: I'm one win up on you!
Piao: Though that one was just because I guessed right.
Handwritten: HAHHAHHAH
Xin: Guess or whatever, a loss is a loss.
In Bubble: OWWW
Piao: Hey, walk right. If we don't hurry, we'll get yelled at again, Xin.
Xin: Let me go. I can walk on my own.

Page 12:
[No text]

Page 13:
Villager: What the hell's with the taste of this?!
Boy: UEGH, yucky!
Guy: Which one of you made this?
Guy: Of course, Xin! You're always pulling stuff like this...

Page 14:
Boy: Unlike Piao-------
Xin really is useless.
He sucks at cooking, he sucks at cleaning,
he's the most useless guy in the whole State of Qin!
SFX: GIRON! (Glare)
Boy: WAH! He glared at me! Dad! Xin glared at me!
Guy: What?!
Give me that.
Who do you think you are?!
Who're you glaring at, Xin?!
Have you got a problem or something?! Huh?!

Page 15:
Guy: Who do you think you have to thank for the clothes you wear, the food you eat, and the roof over your head?! Huh?!
Who do you think did all this?!
It's not abnormal for war orphans like you to become slaves!
Guy: Even though it's my duty to, as the *Li Dian I've looked after you! And for 10 whole years!!
Did you forget what you owe me? Huh?!
Asterisk: Li Dian.... Leader of a community
Guy: Can't you just do your job and pay back your debt?!!
Got it, Xin?!!
You idiot!!

Page 16:
Xin: Goddammit!!
What the fuck's he mean he's supporting us? All high and mighty like that.
We're treated no different from slaves!!
Piao: They'll hear you, you idiot!
Your voice is echoing out from this shed.
Xin: Ya think I care?! I can't take it anymore!
I'm gonna beat the crap outta those guys and leave this house!

Page 17:
Piao: It's too soon for that.
We don't have the ability to earn a living for even two people. We'd just starve to death.
Xin: Then we'll become thieves or something!
Our first target'll be this house!
Piao: Xin!
We haven't been training this whole time in order to become something like that, right?
Are you an idiot?
I get it! I was just kidding, really! Shit! I'm goin' to sleep, Piao!
Piao: You know... you could help me out a b it...
Xin: I'm going to sleep!

Page 18:
Kid: Mom.
Where're Piao and Xin?
Mom: They're still out on errands and aren't back yet.
Kid: Those two always take forever when they go out.
Handwritten: Hmph
Xin: HAH
Piao: HAH
Piao: FUH

Page 19:

Page 20:
Changwenjun: Stop!!
Piao: Woah!
Piao: Ah!
What's with that bird?!

Page 21:
Xin: Who the hell'd fall for that?!!
Ah! Wait. Someone's coming.
Piao: You're the one who's uninspiring!
Piao: Huh?!
Handwritten: I got a hit in?

Page 22:
Xin: What're you lookin' at old man. Ah?
Piao: !
Xin: ?
Piao: Look closely! Those clothes and that carriage!
This guy's clearly from a pretty high-status warrior family!

Page 23:
Xin: Like that matters!
Piao: It does! You could be killed.
Changwenjun: What's going on with you two?
You were fighting, but you seem to be getting along relatively well.
Xin: That wasn't a fight, it was a match! And because of you, I lost, old man!
This was our 1,253rd match, and now I have 332 wins, 334 losses, and 587 ties! It's the first time there's been a difference of two between us in a year!
In bubble: Why'd you do that?
Changwenjun: 1,253rd?
...You kids, are you trying to ridicule me?!!

Page 24:
Changwenjun: Have you really had...
fierce battles like that... over one thousand times?
That seems completely insane.
Piao: .............
I wouldn't expect someone of your stature to understand,
but we're orphans.
He and I lost our parents in a war and of course, our parents didn't leave us anything...
All we really have are these strong bodies.
But that's plenty!
Piao: As long as we have bodies that can swing a sword, that's more than enough for Xin and I!

Page 25:
Piao: For everything we lost from fighting, we'll take back with fighting!
Xin: That's
Xin: As soon as we can, we'll enter a war and raise our military standing!!
With the strength and technique we've developed together, we'll gain some great achievements!
We'll leave being treated like servants by that shitty Li Dian and build our own house! A luxurious mansion with a huge garden and a huge gate surrounded by a garden and tall white walls!!
We'll take some beautiful girls from distinguished families as brides, have lots of kids and even more servants!!

Page 26:
Both: Our names will echo all across China!
We'll be the most powerful Great Generals under the heavens!
T/N: Great General or full general means a general of an entire army.

Page 27:
Changwen: Their names across all of China?!
Greatest generals under the heavens?!
Xin: Are you laughing at us? I'll kill you!
Chang: This meeting...
Chang: may bring about what's needed to tear apart the dark clouds that hang over our State of Qin.

Page 28:
Xin: We're baaack.

Page 29:
Guy: Ah, they're back. They're back.
Xin: Huh?! The old man from yesterday?
Guy: Ah, thanks for your hard word, young Piao.
You can just leave that here. Come, come inside.
Piao: ?
Xin: Young Piao?!
Did he hit his head or something?
Handwritten: Ah you did quite well, Young Piao.
You stay outside and get to work!
Piao: ?..........
Xin: ............

Page 30:
Xin: ......
Li: Young Piao, this man is called "Changwenjun".
A very powerful nobleman of the State of Qin. And one of the ministers that serves in the royal palace.
Piao: Serves in the royal palace?!
Xin: A minister?!!
Li: Piao, today this man will be paying for your freedom.
Xin: What... did he say?
T/N: The "jun" at the end of Changwen's name is a title meaning something akin to "Lord". But it uses the Chinese title whenever he's mentioned like it's part of his name, so we'll be writing it that way. Also because he and other characters have Japanese suffixes to indicate "lord" in other ways later, and I want to differentiate them.

Page 31:
Xin: ?!!
Chang: Piao!
Starting tomorrow, you will be working at the royal palace!

Page 32:
Xin: ..........
Piao: Me, at the royal palace?

Page 33:
Piao: ..........
U-Um... I'm not sure I understand...
I cannot discuss palace matters with you here, but it is not a position of servant or anything of that like.
Should you accept it, you will be taking a duty of the utmost importance.
Piao: A-
Are you saying I can be a government officer?!!
Changwenjun: That is correct.
Changwenjun: That is correct.
Xin: Government officer at the royal palace?
Awesome! That's awesome!
Piao: Then, let Xin come with me...
Xin is as strong as I am!
Xin: ..........

Page 34:
Changwen: No! I will only bring one person with me!
Only you, Piao!
Guy: What's wrong, Piao?
Hurry, you must accept!
Piao: ..........
Could I please have one more day to make my decision?
Guy: Piao?!
Chang: ..........
Changwenjun: I understand.
I will return tomorrow.

Page 35:
Xin: Why didn't Piao just accept right then and there?
A servant in a country village suddenly being an officer in the royal palace?! Stories like that don't even happen in dreams!
There's no way this guy could be planning on refusing for my sake, could he...?
If that's what's happening...
Piao: I barely understand what's happening, but...
I've been training in order to raise myself up step by step on my own power.
I didn't work hard with you every day in order to take a shortcut like this.
Xin: !!
You idi-

Page 36:
Piao: Do you think I'd really say that,
Xin: !!
Piao: I'm...
Xin: ..........
Of course you are!

Page 37:
Piao: We might not be able to continue for a while.
Xin: Yeah...
Piao: I don't mind
making this match worth two.
Xin: What, not three?
Piao: No... just two.
Xin: ...Yeah, okay. Fine.

Page 38:
Handwritten: Yum
Guys: Yuck!
Xin: It's already been a month since Piao went to the capital, huh...?

Page 39:
Guy: Xin, you've changed a little, haven't you?
Xin: ?......
Guy: Yeah. Like a baby monkey turning into a child monkey.
Xin: What'd you say, dammit?!
Guy: Wahahaha! Don't get mad, I'm complimenting you!
Xin: You're makin' fun of me! Hey, give me the usual thing!
Guy: Thanks for your patronage.
Guy: Xin!
Here's a tip. Go get some goats' milk or something over there.
In Bubble: Kukuku.
Xin: I'll kick your ass, old man!

Page 40:
Xin: Zu
Sign: Goat's milk.
Guy: I'm telling you, there's big trouble going on at the royal palace!
Guy: Yer lyin'. It's justa rumor.
Guy: I ain't lying! I'm a merchant. I was able to go into the royal capital up until just a few days ago!
Listen here. Something really bad is going on with our country right now.
Country folk like you may not know it, but...
our king isn't at the age where he's old enough to govern. So right now, all of the real power is being held by Chancellor L鉙 [Make sure the umlaut is above the u.]

Page 41:
Merchant: But in the royal palace, there are lots of ministers that are unhappy with that. The King's younger brother, Lord Chengjiao is stepping up to try to take power away from him. And has been secretly expending his power.
Guy: The king's younger brother is trying to steal the throne?!
Guy: What a scandal!!
Merchant: Yes, quite so! Even if he does take the throne, Lord Chengjiao is also too young, and someone in the King's Younger Brother Faction will govern.
So it comes down to the King's Younger Brother Faction wanting to be the next ones in power.
It's not good that there's internal conflict in the royal family. Now only will this kingdom's power considerably decrease,
if the other six states find out, they'll do nothing but attack us.
Guy: If only there were some way to stop it...
Merchant: Apparently Chancellor Lü has done everything he can quell the discord, but...
Things have finally started to happen!
Guy: Huh?!

Page 42:
Merchant: I heard that a few nights ago, a fire was lit in the palace.
And last night, some people saw a mountain of corpses was transported through the rear gate. And they said they were all bloody with arrow and sword wounds.
The King's Younger Brother Faction must have decided they have a good chance of victory and started to make their move.
That King's Younger Brother Faction is quite fearsome. They've been training a large number of assassin groups.
You can bet that the royal palace is a sea of blood right now.
Xin: You're lying!
Merchant: UWAH!
Guy: !?

Page 43:
Guy: Xin...
Man: Who is this brat?!
Guy: ......A few days ago, a guy who's as close as a brother to him went to the royal palace to become a government officer....
Merchant: The royal palace?!
Who made him a government officer?!
Xin: An old man named Changwenjun.
Merchant: D-Did you say Changwenjun?!
Changwenjun is the closest of the close aides to the king! The ones the King's Younger Brother Faction will be going after first is his party!!
I'm sorry to break it to you, kid, but your brother probably ain't in this world anymore.
Xin: !!
It's a lie!!
Merchan: Owwww! Could someone get this brat off me?
Guy: Stop it, Xin.

Page 44:
Xin: There's no way he'd die.
Like hell
he's dead.
Piao: Xin!
Xin: What?!
Piao: We'll be saying goodbye for a while! But hurry and catch up to me!

Page 45:
Piao: We're both going
to the same place!!
Xin: .............
Got it!! I'll overtake you before you know it!!
There's no way in hell he's dead!!

Page 46:

Page 47:

Page 48:
Piao: I'm back...
Xin: PIAOO!!!

Page 49:
Xin: Pull yourself together, Piao!!
Open your eyes! Open them!!
Li: Wh-What's going on, Xin? Robbers?!
Xin: Li Dian, get a doctor!!
A doctor, fast!!
Li: ?!......... P-Piao?!
HIh! What's all this blood?!
Xin: Hurry, get a doctor!
Piao: Xin...

Page 50:
Piao: It doesn't hurt.
Piao: I don't...... need a doctor.
Xin: You got caught up in the king's younger brother's rebellion, didn't you?
Li: Th... The king's little brother's rebellion?!

Page 51:
Piao: So what was happening in the royal palace reached your ears...?
Good... It'll make this quick...
The King's younger brother's forces... became great enough to overthrow the capital...
And they're tenacious...
They'll follow the trail of blood and get here soon...
Piao: Li Dian. When that happens, tell them that someone you didn't know just broke into your shed and died...
So they'll just leave the corpse as it is...
Xin: I won't let them touch you.
I won't let a single one of them leave here alive!!
Not one!!
Piao: Xin......

Page 52:
Piao: I'm delighted to hear that vigor, Xin... Huhuh.
But I have a favor I need to ask you.
Xin: !?
A map?!
Piao: It's a map to a village west of here called Heibei Village.
Li: Heibei Village..........?
Piao: I-I came here to give this to you.
Go there, right away...
Xin: Wh-What?! What the hell are you talking about?!
I don't under...

Page 53:
Piao: Do you hear me, Xin?! I'm entrusting this to you!
Xin: ............
Got it...
I've got it, Piao.
I understand, so...
So don't die, Piao!
Not like this...
You and I are supposed to become the greatest generals in the world, weren't we?!

Page 54:
Piao: We will!
Our strength and our hearts are alike...
We're one in body and soul.

Page 55:
Piao: If you flap your wings, I'll be there with you, too.
take me with you across the world.

Page 56:

Page 57:

Page 58:

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#1. by rajin ()
Posted on Feb 16, 2013
thanks for taking this series under your jurisdiction
#2. by Nintakun ()
Posted on Feb 16, 2013
Thanks, Kewl. It's nice to see that someone is finally doing the translation this manga deserves...
#3. by The1 ()
Posted on Feb 16, 2013
Nintakun: Awww don't say that the people who did the first 16 chapters did a shitty job D:

kewl: Anyway chapter 1 done, only 330 to go ;)

/me will keep enjoying the raws of this great title~

PS: Please do not use the Chinese names, it hurts using those in a manga D:
#4. by kewl0210 ()
Posted on Feb 18, 2013
It's ridiculous not to use the Chinese names. It takes place in China and these are historical figures.
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