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Translations: One Piece 901 by cnet128 , Gintama 679 by kewl0210



+ posted by Gomenasai as translation on May 20, 2010 18:54 | Go to KINGDOM

-> RTS Page for KINGDOM 2

I fixed the Chinese names... I think. If I'm still wrong, somebody, please tell what's right.

page 59

title) Map

page 50

title) Map

page 61

b1) Why? WHY!!?
b2) hng........

page 62

b1) WHY!!!!?
b2) Whoa!
b3) Eek.
b4) hngghh
b5) Arggghhhhh!!
b6) X-xin, Stop!!

page 63

b1) Look out!
b2) Ahh!
b3) They're all dead!! They killed Piao!!
b4) gueh
b5) No mercy! They're all gonna suffer as they die! ALL of them!!
b6) They're dead meat!!
b7) *cough
b8) Dammit all!
b9-1) They're all dead!
b2) Ah!?

page 64

b2) D-don't make Piao's death a total waste!
b3) Xin!!

page 65

b1) What the hell was that!!?
b2) hii...
3b) I... I hate you, but I loved Piao.
b4) I-if I could, I would get revenge for Piao myself.
b5) I want to rip the guys that did this to him in pieces!!
b6) But you need to get going.
b7) I have no idea what's going on,
b8) but I'm sure you go here...
b9) You'll find some meaning to Piao's death!
b0) So you need to get going to this place!!
box1) I came here to give this to you.
box2) Get here as quickly as possible.

page 66

box1) Listen Xin,
box2) This is all in your hands now!!

page 67

box1) If you pass the big bridge,
box2) and run along the river banks, you'll reach Kokuhi village. With your speed, you'll be there in 4 hours.
box3) This map has your destination point as here.
box4) But Shin, I don't think you should go.

paeg 68

panel) Kokuhi village is an area where thieves, murderers and the likes from all over. // It's a place that's feared by all because you won't return once you set foot in there... that goes especially for you if you go alone.
b1) Gah.
b2) And I'd like to know what's going on here!
b3) Why is Piao, who's supposed to be in the palace, dead out here?
b4) Why did he give you a map to Kokuhi village?
b5) And most of all...
b6) What do you mean by coup d'etat?

pae 69

b1) Xin!!
b2) Anser my ques...
b4) But none of it matters.
b5) What exactly is going on... or if that village only has thugs... doesn't matter at all.
b6) Piao told me to go,
b7) so I'm going!!

page 70

b1-6) haa
bubble sfx.) tap

page 71

b1) Oh! ha ha ha
b2) There really is someone out here.
b3) Coming here at this time of night...
b4) This kid's must be totally empty.
b5) The sword on his waist is wooden, but the one on his back looks like it'll fetch a pretty penny.
b6) Nicely done, Diao.
b7) Am I already in Kokuhi?
b8) ku ku ku! You're a little late at noticing it! // If you hand over that sword like a nice little boy, we'll sell you as a whole to a slave trader.
b9) But if you resist, we'll feed you to the fishes, // which do pre...

page 72

b1) argh
b2) fer!?
b3) ack!
b4) Sorry,
b5) but I'm in a rush.

page 73

b1) Da... damn that kid!
b2) *cough(x2)
b3) Ten, geh ofer here!
b4) Infom eferyone.
bubble sfx.) *shatter/break noises*

page 74

b1) He said someone was coming after him,
b2) and it would be better not to touch him...
b3) but this is a little too nasty.
b4) hm?
b5) huh?

page 75

b1) WHOA!!
b2) Eek!

page 76

b1) Ying Zheng.
b2) Did he say anything to you?
b3) N-nn-no... We heard some noise and came to see what it was, and we found this corpse here.

page 77

b1) Lucky you, you'll live to see tomorrow.
bubbel sfx.) shiiing
b2) Ah.
b3) STOP IT!!!!

page 78

panel) His sword is missing...
b1) You guys are hiding something.
b2) N-no... we're not hiding a thi...
b3) Daddy!
b4) hmmrgh
b5) kyaah!

page 79

b1) hngggh!
b2) Arrrgghhh!!!
b3) Yoh!!
b4) Spill the beans kid,
b5) or else the next one goes through your chest!!

page 80

bubble sfx.1,2) tweet tweet // tweeeeeeeeeeeeet

page 81

b1) This way!
b2) Kill him!
b3) Haaah!
b4) Damn, he's good!
b5) Kill the little shit!
b6) Get everyone out here!
b7) Surround him!
b8) Don't let him get away!
b9) Arrgghhh!
b0) Dammit, he's fast!
panel) Alright, we caught him!
b1) He's as strong as an ox!
b2) Is he some kind of beast?
box) Of course I am.

page 82

box1) I hold my sword for different reasons than you petty criminals.
box2) My sword is...
box3) OUR sword is,
box4) a sword that'll reach through the heavens!!

page 83

b1) Piao.
b2) This is Xin, an orphan like you who's going to be living with us, // show him the ropes.
b3) Did you pick up another useless kid?
b4) Like I can help it. This comes with being the village head.

page 84

b1) ...? Hey!
b2) Xin, come with me.
b3) A sword?
b4) That's right, a sword.
b5) If you think you're lucky because you were adopted, you're too naive.
b6) We're nothing more than servants in the village leader's house, nothing more than slaves with a nicer name.

page 85

b1) And servants remain servants even when they grow up. // You'll be given a servant girl to marry, and your kids will also be servants.
b2) Once you fall, you can never get back up.
bubble sfx.) snap
b3) The only way out of that vicious cycle is through a sword!!
b4) Within China, Quin is the best province for lettings it's soldiers move up the ranks.
b5) The better you do on the battlefield, the better life you earn for yourself.
b6) We have nothing but these swords going for us, Xin!!
b7) we have nothing... but these swords going for us...

page 86

b1) General Meng Ao took down another of Han's castle's!!
b2) Xin!
b3) This makes his 4th! Amazing!
b4) Yeah!
b5) Xin!
b6) One day, we'll also be generals!
b7) Get serious, there's no way in hell we could ever be generals!
b8) Yes we can!
b9) So long as we show how good we are on the battlefield, we'll naturally be selected as generals!!
b0) We'll put on the full silver armor, and ride around China as the best generals under the sun!

page 87

b1) And we'll go down in history, right!?
b2) That's exactly right, Xin.
b3) Currently, we're servants. But we'll leave our names in history as the best generals ever!
b4) ku ku ku! Piao, exactly how many times do we need to win to make that happen?
b5) There's nothing to worry about, we're invincible!
b6) There isn't a person alive who can beat us!!

page 88

box) There isn't a person alive who can beat us!!
b1,2) haa
b3) you still wanna fight?

page 89

b1-3) haa
panel) No thanks!
b4) tsk... // damn fools.

page 90

b1-5) haa
b6) This is the spot on the map...

page 91

box) I made it!!
b1) Then that means...
b2) this is it?

page 92

box1) It's just a run down shack.
box2) It's a run down shack...
box3) Piao!
box4) hah hah... what on earth is this...

page 93

box1) I haven't gotten revenge for you yet,
box2) but I find myself out here in some place that I don't know, mixed up in something that I don't know either.
box3) Tell me, Piao...
box4) Why did you die?
box5) Why did you lead me out here?
box6) What on earth,
box7) is inside this beat up old shack!!?

page 95

b1) No...
b2) No way...
b3) There's no way...
b4) This is possible!!
b5) Piao!!?

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