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Body double

+ posted by Gomenasai as translation on Jul 22, 2010 10:31 | Go to KINGDOM

-> RTS Page for KINGDOM 3

It's really hard remembering Chinese names... Xin (shin) is the only one that's close to the Japanese form of the name. Oh well, enough whining, here's the chapter:

page 1

title) Body double
b1) Piao!?

page 2

b1) Wrong guy,
b2) I'm Zheng.

page 3

b1) Can you stand?
b2) Owwww.
3b) Damn, that was one crazy strong kid!
b4) Who's that?
b5) Hey, where the hell do you think you..
b6) 're!?

page 4

b1) uh?
b2) Eeeeeeeeeeeeeek!
b3) Ah!
b4) W-wait a sec here...
b5) The way he's dressed...
b6) Red and black from head to toe... H-he's of the assassin group,
b7) Vicious scarlet!!
b8) Within the 200 years of written history, they're one of the best known assassin groups!!

page 5

b1) Zheng?
box) It's not him?
b2) Would you be Xin?
b3) How do you know my name?
b4) Who are you? Why do you look exactly like Piao!?
b5) What on earth is going on here!?
b6) It looks like I don't have the luxury of explaining all that right now.
b7) Ah!

page 6

b1) Whoa!
b2) crap.
b3) tsk.
b4) Look out!

page 7

b1) W-what on earth is going on here? -small print- that hurt.
b2) Wha!?

page 8

b1) I have you now,
b2) and soon I'll take your life.
b3) Quin's king,
b4) Ying Zheng.
box1) What the...
box2) Quin's...

page 9

box1) Quin's king!!?
box2) The ruler...
box3) of this province!?
b1) You nearly had me with that other one! I was thoroughly shocked to learn that there were 2 people who looked exactly alike!
b2) And to top it all off, that kid was amazing!
b3) He's the first one to ever be given a mortal wound by me and still get away.
b4) Well, it's because he ran away that I find myself here.

page 10

b1) Ahh...
b3) Dammit,
b4) things are starting to make sense now.
b5) You there are the king!!
panel) "you there"?
b6) And you're an assassin!!
b7) From the very beginning Piao was taken into the king's court to be a body double because he looked like the king.
b8) And because he looked like him, he was taken for him and then killed!!

page 11

b1) You knew about your brother's little coup de tat, didn't you! That's why you left Piao as your double and ran here to hide!
b2) You knew Piao would get attacked and made him your double!1
b3) That's exactly right.
b4) You little...
b5) kuh kuh kuh! I thought you were the kings servant.
b6) Well, if you want to kill him, I'll let you do it, but I get to keep his head.
b7) Yeah, I'm going to kill him.
b8) I'll chop him limb from limb.
b9) But before I do that, you come first.
b0) Since you're the one that actually killed Piao, I'm going to hang you by your guts.
bubble sfx.) shhhhhng

page 12

b1) Gah!

page 13

b1) tsk.
box1) This kid too is something else.
box2) Power, speed and technique are almost the same to that body double kid.
box3) However, in terms of potential, his dwarfs the other kid's.
b2) BUT!!!

page 14

box) He's huge!!
b2) whoa
b3) shih

page 15

b1) Ah-cho!

page 16

b1,2) ugh
b2) Oh, you're still breathing? // But you can no longer stand.
b3) After taking that, he's no longer conscious.
b4) ugh
b5) kuh.

page 17

box1) Damn,
box2) he's tough.
box3) tough as nails.
box4) If I think things through, there's no way I can beat this guy
b1) ugh.
box5) Piao also lost to this guy,
box6) there's no way in hell I could beat him.
b2) Xin.

page 18

b1) Don't think of anything.
b2) Just...
b3) focus on trying to get revenge for Piao.
b4) Doh...
panel) He got up...
b6) Piao had his whole life ahead of him.
b7) But he got caught up in some stupid sibling fight.

page 19

b1) You're calling this stupid?
b2) Damn right I am!
b3) To us people who work the fields and such, we couldn't be bothered with who the king is!!
b4) However, he's now...
b5) Dammit... he was... he was going to make a name for himself, build a big mansion to live in. Eat to his hearts content, marry a beautiful wife... then he was...
b6) Dammit, he's dead now..
b7) He can...

page 20

box) He got faster, and his attacks have more weight behind them!!
bubble sfx.) shhrrinng
b1) DAMMITT!!!

page 21

box1) Xin is better than you are?
box2) That's right.
b1) Stop being silly.
b2) You just said that you two are equal.
b3) When we're sparring with each other, we're totally even.
b4) However,
b5) If there was a thief that I couldn't beat, Xin would be able to beat him.
b6) Does that mean he holds back when you two spar?
b7) No way, he's always serious. I can't tell you the reason, but we always come out equal.

page 22

b1) hmph, that guy sounds like a royal pain in the tush.
b2) That Xin.
b3) Yeah, he really is.
b4) Ha ha ha.
b5) But,
box1) Xin really is,
box2) something else.

page 23

b1) DAMN KID!!!
b2) Haaaaaaaah!!!
b3) Hnngh!

page 24

b1) I-I-I-I can't believe...
b2) I-I-I-I'm getting hit!!
b3) DAMN YOU!!!
box1) He's gone...!?
b4) My king, if ever I were to fall to the hands of the enemy, please seek out Xin,
b5) He will definitely...

page 25

panel1) Fly higher than anyone else!!!
panel2) This damn kid!!!

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