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Translations: One Piece 926 by cnet128 , Gintama 698 (2)


Half brother.

+ posted by Gomenasai as translation on Sep 26, 2010 01:53 | Go to KINGDOM

-> RTS Page for KINGDOM 5

A little... a lot later than I wanted it 2 b, but oh well.

page 1

title) Half brother
b1) igyahh

page 2

b1) This way. // It's pitch black, so put your hand on the wall and walk.
b2) I'll start a fire once we get a little deeper.
title) -same as page 1-

page 3

b1) OW! // Hey kid, where's the fire? // OW!
b2) Don't call me kid, it's Diao!
bubble sfx.1,2) snap
b3) Hey, you're injued!
b4) It's not mine.
b5) It's blood from above.
b6) huh?

page 4

b1) Damn.
b2) They plan on killing everyone in the village, don't they.
b3) Hey kid, don't you have any family? They're going to get killed up there!
b4) I don't have any.
b5) btw, Xin, are you also royalty?
b6) Like hell I am.
b7) Like I thought. You look like the commonest commoner out there!
b8) Well, SOOORY!!
b9) Then why are you talking so casually to the king? And your attitude towards him is bad.
panel) Are you stupid?
b0) The same goes for you.

page 5

b1) Me?
b2) You don't need to worry about what I do. // He's not my king.
b3) what?
b4) I'm not from Qin. I'm from a mountain family way to the west.
b5) I don't know the reason behind it, but my family was forced to leave their home, and we ended up in this village... Everyone has died though.
b6) You're one of those mountain people? Hmm, this is the first time I'm actually seeing one.
panel) Is that why you're dressed like that?
b8) Oh, you wanna fight? Shrimp!
b9) Ah.
b0) Stop playing around, and lets go.

page 6

b1,2) ha
b3) tsk.
b4) Dammit.
panel1) What's wrong with you? // What on earth are you doing?
b5,6) ha
panel2) It's because of him Piao died... // Because of HIM.

page 7

bubble sfx.1) shakk
b1) Whoa!
b2) OWW!
bubble sfx.2) ruffle
b3) che!
box1) Later.
box2) Once we've gotten away from all the guys above us, and there's no one in our way, I'll take care of things with him.
b5) Huh? // Hey, why is the king of this nation being chased by soldiers?
b6) Because his brother started a coup de tat.
b7) But this is still odd.
b8) What is?

page 8

b1) Because he knew there was an uprising, prepared a body double and hid himself in this village.
b2) If he knew all this aforehand, why didn't he just squash the uprising?
b5) He has a point.
b6) Diao.
b7) Wh-what is it?
b8) Which way?
b9) huh?
b0) Oh, it's to the left.
b1) I guess he doesn't want to talk about it.

page 9

b1) The reason I didn't stomp out the uprising,
b2) is because I didn't have the power to.
b3) That's all there is to it.
b4) My grandfather sat on the throne for a mere 3 months and died.
b5) After him was my father, he held the throne for 3 years and died.
box) Thanks to that, last year...

page 10

box1) I was given the throne at the ripe age of 13.
box2) Of course, there's no way a child could govern a country. I was nothing more than an ornament to the throne.
box3) The imperial court turned into nothing more than a battle ground for authority between the officials.

page 11

panel1) Within that fight, there was one who stood out. The man who worked his way up from entrepreneur to prime minister, PM Lu. // He became my patron and gained even more authority that way.
panel2) There was another of nearly equal power, PM Jie.
panel3) The government was split into two factions, and day after day, night after night, there was bloodshed throughout.
b1) All ministers are fools...
b2) Hey, wait a minute! // How did you get mixed up in this fight between politicians?

page 12

panel) Because the 2nd PM, who was after the throne, had connections with my little brother.
b1) The king's brother is here? You must have been mistaken.
b2) No, it really is him!

page 13

b1) Now then, what on earth does that dog of Lu possibly want from me?
b2) I can't believe my eyes!
b3) For my lord Cheng Jiao to be at my mansion today, I'm truly blessed!
b4) I'm preparing a room for you, so please take your ease.
b5) Right here is fine.
b6) Talking to a dirty minister as yourself, this moonlit area is just fine.
b7) ...What is it that brings you here?
b8) A minister isn't so bored that he has the time to play around with one of your foolish pranks.

page 14

b1) This isn't a prank.
b2) From what I hear, you're going around calling us royalty Lu's dogs.
b3) I can't believe what I'm hearing!!
b4) Who on earth told you such things? They're nothing more than lies!
b5) No need to hide it.
b6) Lu's dogs, huh? ha ha! I can see why you'd say that.
b7) Under normal circumstances, my father wasn't supposed to inherit the throne.
b8) He had 20 other siblings, and he was the youngest out of all of them.
b9) But along came a very wealthy business man, and used bribes to put him on the throne.
b0) What on earth are you saying? The throne isn't something that can be bought with money.
b1) Your father earned the throne through his benevolence.
b2) Stop that.
b3) It's well known throughout the palace that PM Lu set my father on the throne through his money. // It was thanks to that that he was made Prime Minister.

page 15

b1) Because my father took the throne as king, my brother is currently the king, and I'm next in line for it.
b2) This is all thanks to pm Lu. Neither my brother or I can do anything to him.
b3) He's quite the man, pm Lu.
b4) A mere peddler rose all the way to prime minister of this country.
b5) Dui, come here!
b6) Yessir!
b7) This man is the son of a well known blacksmith. Because of his birth order, he was abandoned by his parents, but he's well skilled in both pen and sword.
b8) He's risen this high from being a simple servant of mine.
b9) Now he has enough power and authority to hire those same parents that threw him out.
b0) Though not quite of the same level, I've raised up someone too.
bubble sfx.) snap

page 16

b1) Eek!
bubble sfx.) lick(x2)

page 17

b1) I can't stand it...
b2) people like that.
b3) That man was nothing more than a simple commoner.
b4) PM Lu is also a nasty commoner.
b5) No matter how high you rise, or what kind of clothes you put on, you can't change the fact that you're a commoner!
bubble sfx.) lick(x2)
b6) The same goes for my half brother,
b7) he didn't have a royal mother like I did.
b9) Just seeing people like that walking around the palace makes me want to vomit,
b0) much less having one sit on the throne...
b1) So then, what is it you want from me?

page 18

panel) This morning, PM Lu took his entire faction and left on an expidition. // There are plenty of the Lu faction that want to kill you, but they all went on that expidition.
b1) Since his patron pm Lu is out right now, the only one that's there to protect my brother is Chang Wen-Jun's personal army.
b3) There's no way... // Even if he's just an ornament, there's no way I could do something as heinous as raising my hand on the king!
b4) Just say that someone on in Chang's army killed everyone in an attempt to take the throne.
b5) If you want to use the word heinous, then say it was heinous of Lu for not being able to protect his king.

page 19

b1) And I'll be the rightful king! You'll bring me the head of Chang Wen Jun.
b2) I'll be the one to bring the rightful purity back the royal line!
b3) While killing the king is an easy task, I don't believe Lu, who holds command over the majority of the army, will stay silent.
b4) Don't worry, I have way more soldiers in the country than he does.
b5) So long as you get a hold of the royal seal, I'll take care of the rest.
b6) And when you've succeded, what will become of me?
b7) I have no interest at all in politics.
b8) You can do whatever you feel like with this country.
b9) My lord and King.

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