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Translations: One Piece 901 by cnet128 , Gintama 679 by kewl0210


Little Brother from a Different Mother

+ posted by kewl0210 as translation on Mar 6, 2013 03:18 | Go to KINGDOM

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[Kingdom 5 Translation by Kewl0210]
Page 141:
Title: Chapter 5 Little Brother from a Different Mother

Page 142:
Diao: Over this way!
It's dark, but you can feel your way along the walls.
I'll light a flame on the way.
Title: Chapter 5 Little Brother from a Different Mother

Page 143:
Xin: Ow...... Hey, brat! What about that flame?!
Diao: It's not "brat", it's Diao!
Xin: Hey, man. Are you hurt?
Zheng: It's not my blood.
It fell from up above.
Xin: Huh?

Page 144:
Xin: !!
This is awful.
Are those army jerks trying to slaughter the entire village!?
Hey, brat! Aren't you worried about your family? Everyone's getting killed up there!
Diao: I haven't got any.
Both: !
By the way, are you part of the royal family, Xin?
Xin: Huh? Course I ain't!
Diao: You can say that again! You can tell just by looking at you that you're as common as they come. And one with a lot of spunk.
Xin: Well, excuse me!
Diao: Then why're you talking to him so casually? Plus, you've got a pretty bad attitude.
Handwritten: Are you stupid?
Xin: A-Ain't it the same with you?!

Page 145:
Diao: Me?
It doesn't matter for me.
He's not my king.
Xin: Huh?
Diao: I'm not from Qin. I'm one of the Mountain People of the far West.
Diao: I don't know why, but my family got exiled from the mountains and they ended up drifting to Heibei Village, apparently... The rest are all dead now, though.
Diao: They're pretty much all dead now, though.
Xin: You're one of those Mountain People? I've never seen one before!
Handwritten: So that's why you're wearing that weird getup!
Diao: Ah.
You were looking down on me a bit there, weren't you!? Don't underestimate the Mountain People! Let me hit you!
Xin: Huh?! You wanna fight, little runt?!
Diao: Ah.
Zheng: Stop playing around. We're in a hurry.

Page 146:
Diao: HAH
Xin: ......
What the hell...
What the hell am I doing?
It's because of this guy that Piao is dead.
It's his fault-----

Page 147:
Xin: OWAH!
Diao: OW!
Xin: HMph.
Owww... Would you get out of my way?!
Handwritten: Can't you walk right, you idiot?!
Xin: Once we give those guys up above the slip and everything else is out of the way, I'll settle things with this guy!
Diao: Huh?
By the way, your highness, why are you being chased by soldiers in a place like this?
Xin: His little brother started a rebellion. What cruddy siblings!
Diao: But isn't that odd?
Xin: What?

Page 148:
Diao: I mean, he knew enough in advance to know that there would be a rebellion, to put a double in his place, and hide in Heibei Village, right?
But if you knew it was gonna happen, why not just quash it before it got big?!
Why were you so gung-ho about running away?
Aren't you supposed to be a king?!
Xin: ..........He's got a point.
Zheng: Diao.
Diao: Wh-What is it?
Zheng: Which way is it?
Diao: Huh?
Ah, l-left.
Xin: ..........
Diao: ..........
I guess he doesn't wanna talk anymore.

Page 149:
Zheng: The reason I couldn't stop the rebellion before it happened
was merely that I lacked the power to do so.
Nothing more.
My grandfather, King Xiaowen, left the world after reigning for only three days.
The one who succeeded him, my father, King Zhuangxiang, died in three years.
Xin: ?
Zheng: Thanks to that, last year, I-----

Page 150:
Zheng: took the position of king at the age of only 13.
Zheng: Of course, that did not result in a child being truly in the position of king. I became nothing more than a decoration on the throne.
The imperial court soon became nothing more than a battlefield for ministers with their own burning self-interests.

Page 151:
Zheng: But among them, the one with the greatest power was one who has risen up from being a merchant.
Right Chancellor, Lü Shi
T/N: The "shi" in these titles are not their names, but just polite suffixes after a last name.
Zheng: Lü Shi became my guardian and his power grew even more.
Asterisk: *Chancellor: The highest ranking official. Like a Prime Minister. Qin had a left and a right chancellor in place.
Zheng: The next in command was
Left Chancellor, Jie Shi
The royal palace was split in two, revolving around those two, leading to an ongoing war where blood is washed with blood.
Xin: Those ministers are nothing but idiots!
!? Hold on a second,
If there's a battle going on between fellow ministers, then why would you, the king, get caught up in it?!

Page 152:
Zheng: My younger brother Chengjiao was secretly seeking the throne. And he joined hands with the second most powerful minister, Jie Shi.
Jie: The king's younger brother is here? Are you sure there isn't some mistake?
In Bubble: HAHUU
Woman: No. There's no mistake. He's here himself...

Page 153:
Jie: So, what business does the puppy dog of Lü Shi have with me in the middle of the night?
In Bubble: HAHUU
Jie: Oh, what do we have here?
Jie: What a delight to have you, Lord Chengjiuao, at my mansion?
I'm having a room prepared, so at your leisure...
Cheng: Here is fine.
There's a dark moon out, perfect for talking with such a wicket chancellor.
Jie: ..........With what business have you come here, Younger Brother of the King?
Cheng: A chancellor does not have time to be fooling around with young nobles.

Page 154:
Cheng: I'm not fooling around.
From what I've heard, Chancellor Jie, you have been calling my family, the royal family, "Dogs of Lü Shi" in the shadows.
Jie: My, oh my!
Who would say such a terrible thing? That is a rumor without any foundation in the truth whatsoever.
Cheng: Don't hide it!
Dogs of Lü Shi, eh? I don't blame you for saying that.
Father had 20 siblings. And he was the last one in line for the throne.
But then that merchant, Lü Shi, appeared and forcibly got my father the throne with enormous bribes.
Jie: What are you saying, sir? The title of king is not something that can be bought with money.
King Zhuangxiang's enthronement was due to his virtuous nature.
Cheng: Cut it out.
It's common knowledge throughout the royal palace that father gained the throne with Lü Shi's money.
And Lü Shi used that to become the chancellor.

Page 155:
Cheng: Following my father taking the throne, my older brother Ying Zheng took the title of king. And I can do as I please as the king's younger brother.
It's all thanks to Lü Shi! Neither I nor my brother can thank him enough!
Huhuhu. He's quite a man, isn't he? That Lü Shi.
He rose from being a mere merchant all the way to the rank of chancellor.
Jie: ...........
Chengjiao: Dun, forward.
Dun: Yes, sir!
Chengjiao: This man came from a worker family as well. Because they were poor and couldn't they afford to feed him, he was abandoned by his parents. But he has talent with the sword and the writing brush.
And here at Xianyang, he rose to the position of serving me.
Now he owns a mansion and even sends an allowance to the parent that abandoned him.
I can't say he's risen as much as Lü Shi, but he's someone who rose up from the base of society.

Page 156:
Jie: !?

Page 157:
Chengjiao: I can't stand
people like that.
That man is uncouth worker, through and through.
Chanceller Lü is a filthy former-merchant.
No matter what position they're put in or how much you dress them up in a noble's clothing, the person they are inside does not change!
Lan: Relorelo
Cheng: And my older brother, born of a different mother, Ying Zheng----
was not a daughter of a royal family like mine was.
His mother was a dancer girl, wasn't she?!
The idea that humans like that are crawling around the royal palace makes me sick.
Especially to be seated on the throne!
Jie: ...........
So the matter you called me for, Lord Chengjiao...

Page 158:
Narration: This morning, Lü Shi was leading his faction to a far-off campaign in Wei.
With the faction leader absent, most the rest of the Lü Shi Faction left, unable to bear that you may target their heads.
With his guardian, Lü Shi, absent, the only ones here to protect my older brother are Changwenjun and his private army.
Jie: !?
Kill the king?!!
Such high treason...
Even if he is a "decoration", if I were to rebel against the king, my family would be treated as traitors...
Cheng: Who'll know what went on in the palace? We'll slaughter all of Changwenjun's army and no one will be able to establish you as the main culprit behind the rebellion.
And if you're speaking of traitors, then the traitor is that Lü Shi that could not fulfill his duty of protecting the king!

Page 159:
Cheng: And we'll be the just ones! Jie Shi, you will be the one to kill that rebel, Changwenjun.
And as the new king, I will purify the imperial court with the true royal family!!
Jie: ............
It's true, that it will be easy to kill the king...... But, Lü Shi, leading his army, will not stand idly by.
Cheng: No need to be concerned. There is more than twice the military force inside the kingdom.
As long as we take the throne and the sovereign seal, there will be no problem.
Jie: ....................
If we were to succeed, I would be...
Cheng: I'm not interested in political power.
You can rule this state on your own.
Jie: Wo de Daiwang.
T/N: This means "My king" in Mandarin. For some reason this line's written to be pronounced in Chinese.

Page 160:

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