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Translations: Gintama 651 (2) , One Piece 877 by cnet128


Loyal retainer.

+ posted by Gomenasai as translation on Dec 30, 2011 12:21 | Go to KINGDOM

-> RTS Page for KINGDOM 12

page 1

title) Loyal retainer.
b1) I found it.
b2-5) haah
b6) hm?
b7,8) haah
b9) Is something wrong, captain?
b0) Guess I was hearing things.

page 2

b1) CAPTAIN!!!
b2) AH!
b3) M-Mountain dwellers!?
b4) Captain!
b5) No, they're wearing armor.
6b) They're soldiers.
box1) Get serious, there's no way we'd come across enemy soldiers out here...
box2) Enemy soldiers?
box3) We shouldn't have any enemies left!

page 3

b1) You...
b2) You're!
title) -same as page 1-

page 4


page 5

b1) Wow!
b2) Hey, what did you mean by freed himself?
b3) Why did Xin suddenly start fighting better!?
b4) When he fought the assassin, he lost himself in his anger.
b5) I'm willing to bet anything, that he doesn't remember any of it.
b6) This will be his first true fight with his life at stake.
b7) He and Piao sparred over 1,000 times,
b8) a thousand?
b9) Thanks to that, he's good enough that he won't lose to most guys you come across, // but there was one major thing he never learned.

page 6

b1) How to deflect the killing intent direct at you.
b2) However, Xin realized that he was retreating due to his opponent,
panel) And dove in.
b3) That Vietnamese guy is good,
b4) but Xin is no slack either.

page 7

b1) ka ka ka kaaaaaaah!
box1) This pup...
box2) After all the blood he's shed, he's not giving up.
b2) In fact, he keeps on coming at me!
b3) And he keeps getting faster!
b4) And he keeps going after critical hits!
panel) This pup is...

page 8

b1) He got him...
b2-4) haa

page 9

b1) Oh // no!
b2) Wait, I'll come tend to your wounds now!!
b3) AH!
b4) With my pride as a warrior,
b5) I'm not going out like this!
b6) Even if it's just the king, I'll take someone with me!
b7) Xheng, run!!

page 11

b1) What the hell
b2) Do you think you're doing // to my king!!?

page 12

panel sfx) splat

page 13

b1) So that's Weng jun Chang...?
b2) The guy that took Xin's friend to...
b3) Ah!

age 14

b1) Hey!
b2) Piao
b3) Died!

page 15

b1) what?

page 16

b1) After saying that I planned all things out perfectly, this happened.
b2) Your foolish retainer takes full responsibility for this.

page 17

b1) If you wish it, I'll smash my skull against this rock right now,
b2) But...
b3) before any of that...

page 18

b1) Same here.
b2) guhhh
b3) guhhhnnnnn
b4) hnnnnggggghhhhh

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