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Translations: One Piece 904 by cnet128 , Gintama 682 (2)

Dance in the Vampire Bund 40

The Mark of the Wolf

+ posted by Gottheim as translation on Jun 30, 2010 15:04 | Go to Dance in the Vampire Bund

-> RTS Page for Dance in the Vampire Bund 40

You have waited for it. You have longed for it. And now, here it is!! Dance in the Vampire Bund chapter 40, manifested in all its loliconesque glory!

This is a thefolenangel scanzzz translation.

A little word of warning: this script may contain some minor spoiler material, so read at your own risk.
For pages 57-58, see the previous chapter. I added them there by mistake.
Chapter 40: The Mark of the Wolf.
Sanin: The diva over there, that's Graham Lindgren. He's my partner./And I'm Sanin! Sanin Humoresque.
Akira: All the best for the next month.

Mina: Graham Lindgren. Sanin Humoresque./Both accidentally found death in the course of their examination, two winters ago.//...I chose to ignore the tedious report I received at the time, out of consideration for your relative silence... | Which I assumed........ meant something wrong had happened./Probably.......... something that had to do with the Earth clan.......//But Akira told me the other day | The last uproar was caused by someone who knew of what happened that winter.//Which is to say I can't afford to look the other way any longer. | Talk to me.//Whatever happened to Akira that winter?

Wolf: If I tell you, what are you going to do about it?
Mina: What will I do?/Surely there's something I can do for Akira.
Wolf: A master who would serve her own attendant?
Mina: Silence!/This isn't how it works between Akira and I.......
Wolf: .........[tn: Yeah, I'd be speechless too.]//Your guess that it had to do with the Earth was the right one./But the reason it was kept a secret from you is that Akira wished it to be so.
Mina: Akira?!

Wolf: He requested that you don't be told anything.
Mina: He did.......//Why?

Kids: ....... Chihuahua./Jar seal!/Gray wolf!!/Brazilian armadillo./Ro... ro... Rocking chair.
Graham: A chair's not an animal.
Sanin: But it does have four legs.
Akira: A... | Antique desk.
Graham: Gee, a desk is not an animal either.
Kids: How many days...... since that snowstorm started?/No idea. I can barely tell the difference between night and day.

Sanin: I'm hungry.
Graham: And listening to your silly voice is making me even hungrier, dummy.
Akira: Make it "ku" next time, Angie. "Ku".
Graham: Aren't you a carefree one. The four of us are gonna starve, you know.
Akira: The storm ain't gonna stop just because we're getting nervous./In times like this, even wolves just curl up in a ball inside their burrows.
Graham: Pah. When we all start dying for want of something to eat I hope you croak first! | So I can snack on you and stay alive.
Sanin: Graham!
Akira: Yeaaaah. Alright.//I recommend you eat from the butt./A girl told me it was a choice morsel. A real delicacy.
Graham: Stoopid. That was a joke!
Sanin: Didn't she have a slightly different meaning in mind?
Angie: For my part./I wouldn't mind trying a piece out of Akira's butt.

Graham: How stupid can you get?
Sanin: Angie takes the cake. | Winner of the "Who has the hots for Akira" contest, hands down.
Angie: But. But
Akira: It's fine, Angie. Do help yourself. I'm sure a piece of my butt would go a long way towards making you happy./Hmph...
Angie: Akira...//Hime-sama is out for a medical check up. She wants you to accompany her...

Mina: Akira......../Why won't you talk to me...........?

Vera: Hime-sama. Your means of transportation has been prepared.
Mina: Why are you standing there. Something wrong...........?/Come on, get in.
Vera: ........I cannot. | This room is your personal space, Hime-sama, and yours alone.
Mina: My personal space, you say......... Yes./Maybe you're right.//And this confined, tiny little room is all the space I have..........

Vera: You'll want to resort to this elevator when you want to get out in the future, at least for a little while. It's a direct one./And please refrain from public exposure as much as possible, until the island has been thoroughly inspected..........//The authentication codes to this facility are known only to you, Wolf-sama and myself./They've been kept away from the eyes of everybody else.
Mina: ........Can't you stretch those authentication requirements to include somebody else.........?
Vera: ...... | Akira-san, I presume.
Mina: .........Mocking me for my weakness?/Are you, Vera?

Vera: Certainly not./I am not mocking you..........

Mina: ....... | Akira: Do you still mail your mother regularly?
Akira: ......Yeah. | From time to time.
Mina: Did you know, Angie? | Akira's quite a good correspondent, he is. In the past, I could count on a long letter from him once a week.//I enjoyed reading them more than anything else. ............But then, the letters stopped coming.//Two years ago........ From that winter onwards...

Mina: From what Yuki told me | You never smiled again ever since...//You've changed./That winter changed you.
Angie: Your Highness..........
Mina: I didn't ask for your opinion!//Tell me........../What am I to you?//.......//It's not even worth it to you to just let me know.......?[tn: Useful tips for the dutiful girlfriend, Lesson #1 - NEVER! ASK! QUESTIONS! It never helps. If he wants you to know, he'll tell you.]
Akira: !

Akira: Vera-san./Braaaaake.

Vera: Fasten Hime-sama's seatbelt.

Akira: Got him?

Mina&Akira: !
Akira: Fuck.

Akira: Angie./You take care of Hime-san.
Angie: Hime-sama. To the front seat!
Mina: Akira.
Akira: Alright...

Sanin: Grr........... | Grrraaaaaahhh//RAAAAAAAAAH

Akira: You're a..../werewolf.[tn: Obviously...]

Akira: Aaagh.
Vera: Ngh.

Akira: !
Mina: Akira. Are you alright?!!
Akira: Don't get out of that car.

Sanin: ............
Akira: You fucking monster.
Sanin: Uh...
Akira: !
Sanin: Ah........//Aaargh.

Sanin: ...A.........//A........ | Akira?/Akira.
Akira: !

Heli: Target locked.
Wolf: Kill him.
Heli: Roger.

Akira: ...........
Mina: Akira. Are you alright?!//They got him, I suppose.

Angie: ...That roar sounds familiar.
Akira: Guess so........../That was a werewolf.//Could he possibly be...........

Sanin: Ahahaha!/Delicious!
Akira: Graham. The meat's cooked.
Graham: If you hadn't been here today...... I'd be dead.
Akira: No worries. That's what friends do.
Graham: Friends, eh..........?

Graham: Someday........ when you're in trouble./I'm gonna help you out even if it costs me my life.
Akira: What are you talking about?/The meat's waiting for us. Come on, let's eat.
Graham: I mean it./I promise I will..........[/end

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#1. by maniket ()
Posted on Jul 1, 2010
awesome like always, and now waiting the chapter 41, excelent job
#2. by maniket ()
Posted on Jul 2, 2010
by the way, you missed the pages 91 and 92
#3. by Gottheim ()
Posted on Jul 2, 2010
No didn't miss 'em, they're part of the next chapter.;)
#4. by Nahare ()
Posted on Jul 20, 2010
Merci beaucoup pour la traduction , je suis très pressé que tu traduise le chapitre 41 =) , j'ai toute les raw jusqu'au volume 9 mais bon je comprend pas les Kanjis donc ca me sert pas trop ^^
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