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Translations: One Piece 907 by cnet128 , Gintama 686 (2)

Dance in the Vampire Bund 42

The Wolf's Lament.

+ posted by Gottheim as translation on Jul 29, 2010 12:20 | Go to Dance in the Vampire Bund

-> RTS Page for Dance in the Vampire Bund 42

Forty-second chapter, with more flashbacking, explaining and above all plot-solving. Bottom line, this whole mess if finally getting somewhere...

This is a thefolenangel scanzzz translation.
Sanin: The young wolf lets out a howl.//An echoing chill in the moonlit forest.//Can you hear my voice?/Someone please answer me. No matter who you are.//Let me know I am not alone.[tn: This might be an actual Japanese song or inspired from one, but I lack that kind of knowledge and I couldn't find anything about it. If you do know what this is about, please let me know.]
Akira: That song doesn't sound like you.

Sanin: It doesn't?
Akira: Naaah. Too lonesome.
Sanin: Lonesome, eh..........?
Akira: ...........//Sanin.| Let's play tag.[tn: Awkwardly translated from the Japanese "Tail Catchers". It's a real children's game reminiscent of Flag Football, except without the whole football thing. (Scanlators, please include this note somewhere into the released chapter.)]
Sanin: Uh?
Akira: C'mon! | This time around I'll make you bite the dust.
Sanin: You're just asking for it.

Chapter 42: The Wolf's Lament.
Sanin: Let's add another line to the long, uninterrupted list of your defeats.
Akira: I told ya, I'm winning this one!

Akira: ........../That was crazy.........
Angie: True. But I figured it was the only way we could capture him.../Without harming him, I mean........
Akira: I can't believe......./Sanin is still alive.........

Angie: You'd have liked him to be Graham?
Akira: !//If only he was alive.........//If only all of this had never happened........//If only........//If only I'd never met with Hime-san.

Mina: If only you'd never met me?![tn: Uh-oh! Eeer, um... oops, I guess?]//Akira.//Akira!

Angie: Fine. I'll tell you.//Do you want to know what Akira did?! | You want to know for whom he did it?
Akira: Angie.
Angie: Fine, then. I will tell you how Akira became a killer!!//It was a cold day. Our Rite of Passage was almost over./Graham snapped!! He just attacked Sanin, right before my eyes!!//He gnashed his skull to a pulp, and when he was done he tossed him off a cliff. | Without Akira rushing to my aid, I would have been next...

Angie: Graham fled, so Akira.../Akira[tn: The text in this bubble is partially obscured by the bubble right next to it.]
Akira: STOOOOOP.//Stop it please.../Enough......./That's enough.
Mina: Akira
Angie: Wait!

Angie: The story doesn't stop there./And it is your duty to listen.
Mina: Excuse me...........?
Wolf: That's enough, Angie.//I will take it on from here.

Sanin: Ruh... uh/Ruaaaaah//Aaaaaah.
Akira: Sanin.
Doc: Blame his injuries from two ears ago.
Akira: Doctor.

Doc: Look. | Near the middle of the brain. You can spot some foreign bodies, in there.
Akira: Graham's fangs.
Doc: We can't even begin to picture the pain he's enduring.
Akira: Can't you just take them out?!
Doc: Not from there. They're lodged in the wrong place./There's no recovering from damage done to your brain tissue. Even for a werewolf.
Akira: You mean.../Sanin is condemned to stay like this.....
Doc: Take a look./We found a whole supply of these in what we assume was his resting place.

Doc: Painkillers........ | An extremely potent, heroin-based narcotic.
Akira: Then what are we waiting for?
Doc: Not an option either. | This drug also behaves a powerful psychotropic substance.//The moment it's injected, your personality and thought processes are just blown away, leaving you abnormally savage and brutal in the process./Your physical ability and reflexes are taken to the extreme, and you fly into a unstoppable rampage.//This drug is meant to create a berserker.//Our enemies... whoever they are... | they've been using this in order to make a mindless killer out of him./You've seen the results for yourself.

Doc: The only reason we can restrain him at the moment is because he's still sane. | Declining medical treatment was his idea.
Akira: Declining? Why would he do that?
Doc: I presume...//that seeing you did the trick.//Meeting his old friends again must have brought back whatever traces remained of his humanity.........
Akira: ...........Sanin.

Wolf: ...Everything | goes back to our past. The past of the Earth clan..........//The Earth clan currently serves as House Tepes' protectors under the name of Beowulf, but it wasn't always like that. | Prior to the insurrection of the Three Clans, we were split between several Families, everyone assigned to a different lord.//Even now that we're unified, I believe some still hold on to they oaths of loyalty to their old masters, and those who resent the tyranny of the Senate are still bidding their time, waiting for an opportunity to strike back.

Mina: Rebels.../The Outer Clan, I suppose........?//!/Could Graham Lindgren be.......
Wolf: The Lindgren kin are a prominent pro-Tepes faction./But if you look up Graham's mother's family tree, you'll stumble upon Gerhardt Friedman, answerable to House Rozenmann.
Mina: You mean young Graham worked for the Outer Clan...? | But why did he infiltrate the Rite of Passage only to turn on his friends?!
Wolf: That was an accident./His true objective was.........

Maid: Come on, girls!/Get a move on!!

Sanin: Uh... Ah.../Raaah
Akira: ......../Sanin.
Sanin: A.../A...

Sanin: Akira./Akiraaa.
Akira: Yeah. That's me.//Sanin./What happened to your face?//How.../How did we end up like this?//If only I'd known what was going to happen, I......../I would have.......
Wolf: If only you'd known........... What of it?

Maid: Wait!/Uh...//Uuum......../Where are you going?

Mole: Orders from Her Highness./I'm in a hurry.
Maid: We haven't received any particular orde.........//HELP...

Wolf: You wish you'd known what was going to happen....... | For what purpose?//Renounce any connection to Her Highness? | Chose to live a normal human's life instead?
Akira: I don't mean it that way./I don't... It's just that
Wolf: It's too late./You have already made your choice.

Wolf: Time is like a river. It can only flow in one direction./The moment you step in, your fate is no longer yours to decide./Whatever the outcome may be.
Akira: NO.

Akira: You and I are nothing alike!/I'M NOT LIKE YOU.//I won't become like you./I won't end up the same way you did........

Sanin: Akira.../Akiraaaa.//Ah... Ah/Ghaaaah//Aaaaah/Ah...[tn: Daayyyyyyum!!]


Akira: You got me again, damnit!
Sanin: You have much to learn!
Graham: If there's one thing you're unbeatable at, it's this.
Akira: How come you always know where I'm going?
Sanin: I'm not tellin'.*tsun tsun*[tn: "Tsun-tsun" means "high-nosed and irritable". It's the first part of the word "tsundere".]
Angie: Hey, Sanin. Maybe you can tell me?
Sanin: Well, coming from you, it's another story.
Akira: Tha hell?!!
Sanin: The trick in a game of tag is to...

Akira: Haa/Haa.
Mina: ............/Akira.

Angie: Akira...
Sanin: Aki....../Akira.......

Maid: Main control room speaking./One of the maids has gone out of control./Proclaim State..........//of Emer...... gency........[/end

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#1. by maniket ()
Posted on Jul 31, 2010
that was fast, thanks so much, keep going like that
#2. by maniket ()
Posted on Aug 4, 2010
tnks for this chapter and now waiting de final chapter
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