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Dance in the Vampire Bund 43

Wolf, Never Cry.

+ posted by Gottheim as translation on Aug 6, 2010 17:49 | Go to Dance in the Vampire Bund

-> RTS Page for Dance in the Vampire Bund 43

Releasing chapter 43 + omake.
Which incidentally concludes the seventh volume. That's right, BITCHEEEEEEEEZZ!!

I'll try to put up some Volume 8 translations before the official release due for next month. In the meantime, enjoy!

This is a thefolengangel scanzzz translation.
Mole: Yes. | Yes./As you command.//Your Highness.../I'm doing it all for you.........


Chapter 43: Wolf, Never Cry.

Dude: ASSHOOOOOLE//!//Fuck.

Vera: Hime-sama?/Hime-sama. | Please respond!!//Ugh
Remus: Communications have been cut off.
Wolf: Somebody's taken over the main control room.
Hyunte: We've been completely cut off.
Vera: Hime-sama is all by herself........./Talk about a failure.........

Wolf: Where's Her Highness?
Vera: She was last seen in the Office.
Wolf: So we're not completely out of options.//Her Highness' private elevator is directly connected from the underground parking lot to her bedchamber./It runs on a completely independent system, built to account for such unlikely situations. It still ought to be operational.
Vera: !
Remus: There's only a short distance between the sleeping room and the office!/Let's move out immediately.
Vera: But the protective wall nevertheless remains down... | And only a handful of people have access to the authentication code.//Wolf-dono, myself... and Hime-sama Herself./Given the current state of affairs...
Wolf: No./There is someone else

Vera: !/Akira-san........//But we don't even know where he is...
Wolf: There's nothing to worry about.
Akira: Damn it. What's going on?//A dog whistle.......?/Dad?/Notify your current position.../Proceed to the underground parking lot if you're able....... | Are you?!

Akira: ! | If I remember correctly...
Wolf: ......./Akira's on the emergency stairs. | He can make it straight to the basement from there.../and reach the available squad members directly.
Vera: But there's still that protection wall between the Office and the bedchamber./There's no opening it without accessing the main control room, is there?
Wolf: Vera-sama, I'll let you handle it...//Just follow the air ducts... | The control room is on the same floor as this place...
Vera: !
Wolf: Would you do me the favor?

Vera: I'm indeed the only one who can circulate through them........//I don't care who our enemy is.../I'm gonna reclaim that control room!!
Mina: This door is sealed off too, eh.//No more communications either./Which means....... the next thing I should expect is........

Mina: !//It's you, isn't it. Thought so.[tn: Sanin RAEP FACE!!]

Leeroy: Akira. Over here!
Akira: Only the three of us?!
Leeroy: Everybody else is stranded!!
Heinrich: Akira. The code!!
Voice: Palm print and retina scan: CLEAR. | Attendant Kaburagi Akira: IDENTITY CONFIRMED.

Heinrich: Akira. Take this with you.
Akira: 47 Warheads./That's anti-werewolf equipment...
Heinrich: We aren't in any position to be picky about the methods./We are to eliminate him upon capture.
Akira: But

Leeroy: Don't think I don't know what you're going through. I do. | But do you have any idea how many of our comrades he's killed?/You're part of the Beowulfs, are you not?
Heinrich: ........Her Highness herself is in imminent danger./Don't you forget it.
Akira: .......
Leeroy: So these are......./Her Highness' private quarters

Leeroy: Akira. | There are pictures of you everywhere.[tn: Wooooooh! Creepy...o_0*shivers*]
Akira: I never knew there was a place like this.
Heinrich: .......This room/is where she comes to relax.
Akira: Hime-san...

Heinrich: Let's move out!!
Lads: Yeah.
Mole: Enemies of the Princess.........

Vera: One of Hime-sama's maids....... | Pied Piper, I guess........//I don't have enough time to fully restore the controls....../but one wall shouldn't be too much of a problem.......[tn: Nekkid ADULT wimin!!]

Akira: Look./It's opening up!
Vera: Done!/Hime-sama........[tn: Mmmhhhh. Vera stark nakeeeed...*drool*]

Vera: She didn't turn to ash........?//Damn nanomachines.../So this is how much control they have over their hosts......//Alright, then/Forgive me.

Voice: Proclaiming Code D-24.//Main control room systems down./Sealing all issues.
Akira: Bloody hell. | It's closing off.//NNNWWAAAAAAAAAAAH

Heinrich: Akira!
Akira: ........

Akira: Hime-san./Please answer me!!

Mina: Don't shout. I had a lot of trouble hiding myself here.
Akira: Hime-san, you're injured...
Mina: Shhh
Sanin: Rrh/Rrrrrrh...
Mina: I've hit him on the nose, so he should be unable to use his sense of smell for a short while./That's about everything I could manage, though.
Akira: You didn't even take on your True Form? | That's insane!
Mina: What choice did I have?! | It's precisely what our enemy wanted to see.//They're watching from the control room. | Waiting to see what I'll do when driven into a corner........
Akira: ........

Akira: ..The area has been totally quarantined.../If we are to survive.......//I have to deal with Sanin...
Mina: No, you don't!/I'm not letting you kill a friend ever again.
Akira: Hime...-sa...
Mina: Wolf told me everything......../How the four of you had been set apart to become my closest bodyguards.

Mina: How Graham, a.k.a "Kusa"/was an Outer clan spy sent to serve under me, while bidding his time.//And how you took down your friend to prevent him from causing me trouble in the future.../It was for my sake.../All of it... | That's why you wouldn't tell me anything...//Just as I thought.../The one who stripped away your smile was nobody else......... but me.//If only you'd never met me.../You'd be...

Akira: You're wrong, Hime-san.//Graham, talk to me./You must have done this for a reason.//The next second, all I knew is that I saw red//There was a quick, hideous, and revolting growl.//By the time I realized what I'd done, it was all over.

Akira: And........ Only now did I understand this:/I'm an animal.
Mina: Akira.......
Akira: I didn't keep silent for fear of hurting you./I was afraid you'd know me for who I really am, that's all.//I've seen the pictures in that room......./Do you still see me as the one I used to be?//I'm sorry. The Akira on those pictures....... Your Akira....../that's me no longer.

Mina: Wait, Akira! | Don't go.
Akira: Nevertheless | one thing hasn't changed./That is my promise.../That I would protect you........

Akira: Sanin./How about a game of tag?
Sanin: ...Ta...g
Akira: That's right. | You used to be great at this.
Sanin: Tag./Tag.

Sanin: The key thing is a game of tag//is to keep track of the other guy's feet./Depending on where they point at you'll be able to tell where he's going.//And then.../you just lunge for your his chest!!
Akira: Faster//Closer!!

Akira: I win... I've bested you at last.
Sanin: Wheeeze/wheeeeze

Mina: Akira.

Sanin: I......./I'm... sorry | A... Akira.

Mina: ........I can understand how he felt./If I ever had to die/I'd want you to kill me too.

Vera: Akira-san...
Mina: It's alright.
Akira: Don't you/Don't you ever talk like this ever again. | I'm begging you........

Akira: Don't talk like this please.
Mina: I'm sorry.//It was.../it was wrong./So

Mina: Stop crying please.
Sanin: Ow! | I've broken a nail./That rock's like, really hard.
Graham: Will you shut up, Sanin?

Akira: Whaddaya think?
Angie: Looks good.
Graham: I think it sucks.
Sanin: Good Lawd, look who's talkin'.//Your carving's like, the biggest one.
Graham: "G"s are hard to do!!
Angie: Ain't it gonna disappear?
Akira: If it bothers you, we can come to check any time.//We'll always be together.


Graham: Monsteeeers. Demoooons.
Akira: Things have gotten kinda ugly.
Angie: ...What's gonna happen to us...?//What? | What is it? Something wrong?
Akira: No, nothing!
Graham: Stoopid. Stay where you are!!
Angie: Uh?/Hey, what did I do?
Sanin: 3.14159265358979323846...

Graham: I'm freezing. | We're gonna freeze to death if this goes on.
Akira: Sanin, what are you doing?
Sanin: I got a tip to turn back into a wolf, earlier.../Concentrate all your strength around your bellybutton, like this... | Mmnuhhhhh........
Graham: I was expecting a serious answer, you stupid dick./Wait.
Sanin: But I WAS serious!!

Akira: I did it!!/I'm a bit more wolfish, now!!
Sanin: Wow | Awesome, Akira. Just awesome.
Graham: I'm trying it too, damnit.
Sanin: Yeah, yeah, I did it. It's getting warmer.
Graham: You let out a fart whenever you transform, man. I mean, do something!!
Angie: .....What am I gonna do....?//I can't... do it.

Someone: What now? Angie's not gonna...
Graham: If you can't survive, then goodbye. | That's the point of this test!
Sanin: Graham!!
Akira: My old man told me before/In the Beowulf, you can confidently run in total darkness so long as your friends are near you.//Survive with your friends.../That's what the Rite of Passage is about.

Angie: Hah/Hah//Ah.
Akira: You feel a bit warmer now, don't you?//It's gonna be okay.
Angie: Uh-huh.
Akira: You'll get back on your feet right away.
Angie: Uh-huh... Yeah.

Sanin: BWAAAAH. | It was horrible out there.
Graham: Angie, eat this.//The moss should do great against your cold. | We had to go all the way to that other mountain to get it.
Akira: Graham!!
Graham: It's not like I've been moved by your little speech or anything./It's just that I didn't wanna fail the test.
Angie: But how do I eat 'em?
Graham: You chew!! Let's do this, all of us!!
Boys: BLEGH. Tastes like crap.
Sanin: That plant thing is just something I heard about, actually.
Graham: Saniiiiiiiin.

Angie: Mmmhhhh.
Akira: You did it, Angie. You did it.
Angie: Akiraaaa.
Sanin: Lucky bastard. | It's not like we did nothing to help. Eh, Graham?
Graham: Nevermind.
Angie: Uh.//Sanin and Graham, I love you too!!
Graham: Whoa. Stoopid. Get off me.
Angie: Smoooooch.

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#1. by maniket ()
Posted on Aug 7, 2010
thank you very much, like always your are amazing thnks for the last chapter now waiting the volume 8
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