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Kuroko no Basket Special : Kuroko no Basket Special

Tip off

+ posted by hai_Priesty as translation on May 9, 2010 05:39 | Go to Kuroko no Basket

Note :
1. I don't have access to any online Japanese raw provider right now and I am translating only true copies of Shonen Jump I have.
2. This special chapter on Kise's first match at Teikou (Middle year) is published in conjunction on Shonen Jump Issue 21.22 of 2010. And actually ties somewhat with the concurrent chapter Q68 and the current Aomine vs Kise on whole. Will make a better read if you read these together.
4. Probable I can do few (no) trans until June due to tight schedule.
3. Rights : Free-for-all use for this chapter. Credits appreciated though. ^_^


Top right : Sales past 1.3 million mark!! Jump comics Volume 1-6, going fast!!

Middle : An episode about the players named the Generation of Miracles -

Below bold :
Kuroko no Basket
Special -Tip off-

Bottom : This week will be special two part issue!! A special story about the Generation of Miracle's past!!


Right :
Kuroko no Basket Digest
Kuroko Tetsuya, a normally unimpressionable student, is actually an "invisible player" that shines in Basketball using his forgettable attribute. He was the Sixth player from the Veteran school Teikou that achieved triple national championship and one of the "Generation of Miracles"! This week, will be the story from the Teikou days...

Box series
-Spring of Second year in my Middle school -
-I... Kise Ryouta, who had always drifted from one place to the next,
-joined the Basketball team.

Centre of panel:
-Fate present basketball upon him...

-I heard they're top dogs, but I get promoted to the first team in two weeks nevertheless.
-Well, me being me.

-Today's the second day I get to practise with other first team members.

-The first team is totally in the different league from others.
-This time round, perhaps even someone like me have to stake quite alot to become a regular player.


-The Ace from the same year, Aomine Taiki
-He's the guy whose play become the reason I joined this team. His basketball is superb but he can be extreme.

-The shooter of middle year, Midorima Shintarou
-He aim is terrific but is a weird, mysterious guy that always carries random items around.
-He often ends his words with "Nanodayo" with no apparent reason.

-There are two more great guys that I'll tell you later -
-I heard this four guys, together, was called the "Generation of Miracles".

-I'm in the middle year but gets the same treatment as freshman since I just joined like they do.
-And we're assigned to cleaning chores even in the first team.

-And I've a mentor assigned to me.

-Kise kun, you forget the scoreboard?

-I always get this "Why him!" feeling about the mentor...

-I'm here!

-This guy's


-He's a regular player in the first team!
-How can he!

-And they call him the "Sixth man" in the Generation of Miracles!
-This guy? No way!

-Oooh! Kise nice shoot!

-Of course!
-And I get to become a regular player even faster than I imagined...

-Kuroko! Your layups are missing totally!!


-Why did they enlist him in the main team!?

-The facts are not adding up!


-Why is he with us!!
[Handwritten : Point!]

-Don't point at your mentor!

-Tell me - who do you think will win in an one-on-one!

-Well you...
-Why are you asking?

-Then why...

-He's different!
-Totally different from what you and I are...

-But he'll be your most reliable partner when you need him in a match!

-You'll know one day -
-his powers!


-Kuroko, Kise -
-Order from the Coach!

-The match for the second team,
-You'll join them!


-Why are we in the second team!?

-As safeguards.
-Even in matches arranged for second and third teams we include a few stronger players from first team... it's our school custom.



-Our sole belief here in Teikou...

-We don't tolerate defeats;
-If you want to show off, win first!


-Don't talk to me like it's none of your business!
-Lose this match and you'll be demoted to the second team with Kuroko!


-Taking a closer look, we actually have a big squad for second team!
[Handwritten : I was in the second team for a moment too...]

-The fore-running first team member look like the weakest guy in the crowd!?

-Kuroko kun, I've an idea...


-If both of us gets to play today,

-Shall we decide who's the better one by how much we score?
-If I win I want your first team uniform!

-I refuse,
-What's going to happen if we lose this match?

-As I say we can decide by scoring...
-Wait, you backed off a challenge!?

-Because it's meaningless.


-You're free to think what you like, but since I'm your mentor...
-There's one think I hope you'll accept.

-The most important service to the team,
-is to know what your role is.

-....What my role is?

-But I accept your...
-eagerness to win!

-Yeah chargee!!
-Crush them-!!

-Well, they've quite a strong team here...
[handwritten : What rude supporters they have!]

-The second team of Teikou is nothing!

-That's a borderline jump!
-shouldn't that been a foul...!?

[Teikou 48 : (Opponent's school Furigana unknown) 69]


-Teikou substitution.

-If he need the first team members in he should've gotten both of us out now!
-Well, perhaps Kuroko just isn't that helpful...


-They're tough... rather...

-Ouch it hurts!

-Who's scared of the Teikou first team!
-There's only one of you here and we'll just mark you down!

-Offense - charging!

-Their judge's siding with them!

[Teikou 61 : (Opponent's school Furigana unknown) 75]
-Oh no the score just isn't equalizing...
-To lose here like this...

-This sucks big time...

-Teikou, substitution.



-Where the sub...

-You do have some weakling in the team eh!?
[Handwritten : Commotion]

-Does he know basketball!? Don't hurt yourself kid!

-Excuse me, I'll need your powers.

-No... me? Shouldn't it be opposite!?

-I'm the shadow.

-The light of the team shall be you, Kise kun.

-He says all the cool things...
-And seriously, what can he do!

[handwritten : Left alone]

[handwritten : Shock!!]
-Wait, the Defense isn't even noticing him!!
[handwritten : Uoooi!]



-What happened!?

-What just happened-!?

-Don't tell me he can make use of his invisibility as a way to make passes easily...!? And...!?
-Is that even possible!

-Now, keep your focus at the ball at all times.

-The catch up against the score difference...
-We've got to be serious.


-You're looking for me?

-I heard you're the one arranging Kuroko to go with Kise?

-I knew Kise will get his uniform fast,
-then I thought he should know about Kuroko's ability.

-"Knew"... You speak like you knows everything, like always!

-...Of course I knew it all.

-Don't forget I'm the one who discovered Kuroko!

[Teikou 83 : (Opponent's school Furigana unknown) 81]

-I think... I know what you mean now.
-But I still don't know what you think!


-If I discover my role to the team...
-is actually to sacrifice all your chance to shine,
-I couldn't have done it!

-I realized one thing as I spoke -

-Kurokocchi's great!
-...But are you happy playing like this?

-the guy beside me probably never thought of his sacrifices to the team as "sacrifice".

-No, not that happy.

-And that's what makes him great.

-The pure passion to win...

-But even less if we lose.

-That was springtime in my second year of middle school.

Below centre :
There's more than one way to shine!

[last panel, handwritten]
-...And what did you refer me to, Kurokocchi?

-Ah - I refer to people I respect like this.

-...Please stop that.

Kuroko no Basket Special -Tip off-
Bottom right : Kise vs Aomine's match continues from page 391! Don't miss it!!

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