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Golden Time 10

Golden Time 10 TL

+ posted by hayatakun as translation on Jan 14, 2013 19:44 | Go to Golden Time

-> RTS Page for Golden Time 10


One of the 5 chapters for my application:

Golden Time 10 TL

Page 1:
[Chapter] Chapter 10 KILL ME

Page 2:
[SFX] Kochi - Tick
[SFX] Kochi - Tock
[Banri] …….
[SFX] Kochi - Tick
[SFX] Kochi - Tock
[Text] What should I do….
[Text] Is it better if I leave? Perhaps I'm being a bother?
[SFX] Gata
[Banri] !

Page 3:
[Banri] Ka-….
[SFX} Ka- ka- ka-
[Banri] Kaga-san…?
[SFX] Gata - sits down
[Banri] Eh
[Banri] Eh?
[Kouko] ……
[Kouko] I think I'll breath in the smoke
[Kouko] and die
[SFX] Doyo… - nervous
[Banri] ….

Page 4:
[Banri] Well, erm, you won't die 'cos of such a thing so for today, why don't we get going? - okay!-
[Kouko] …..
[Text] Hahhn
[SFX] Dan - slam
[Kouko] !
[Text] If you smoke these, would that do you?
[Text] Hey, hey, this is too suspicious….
[Banri] Erm-….

Page 5:
[Text] You can certainly die at a cellular level
[SFX] Fu------ - exhale
[Text] -Erm- She isn't twenty years old yet….
[Text] You're her boyfriend?
[Banri] …… does it look that way?
[SFX] Tere
[Text] He doesn't claim he is
[Text] Wah--- ignored---
[Text] Hey
[Text] You can call me Nana

Page 6:
[SFX] Bubo- - Pfft
[Nana] And you are?
[SFX] Jiro------ - staring
[Kouko] My name's Kaga Kouko (she uses humble language)
[Kouko] ?
[Text] What's with that, even though you had the 'Nana' face
[Text] No, no, no
[Text] Or rather, from the way you looked I expected….
[Text] I thought so too -In the manga-
[Nana] That's right
[SFX] Jiji… - lighting cigarette
[Nana] I saw Linda's kouhai's at school -I'm a third year-

Page 7:
[Text] Eh, you know Linda-senpai? -You're kidding!-
[Nana] Linda's first name is Nana too
[Text] It was Omaken….. right? I quit that club
[Nana] Yosakoi? (A modern rendition of the Awa Odori - http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Yosakoi)
[Nana] Right!
[SFX] Poka…. - stunned
[Nana] If you can't die
[Nana] Let the music kill you!

Page 8:
[Banri] Erm… This year the Omaken are doing Awa Odori….
[Nana] Tonight at 9!!
[Nana] In Nakano! (1 of the 23 special wards of Tokyo - http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Nakano,_Tokyo)
[Banri] Hah….
[Nana] If you have that leaflet you'll get 2 drinks
[Nana] If you mention my name, you'll be able to drink a lot more
[Nana] Even though we're only an amateur student band
[Nana] Compared to Awa Odori, you'll die a thousand times over

Page 9:
[Nana] Come and die!
[SFX] Ka- ka- ka- - footsteps
[Banri] Wow-, she's amazing--
[Banri] I read that manga too, it was great, -I recommend it-

Page 10:
[Kouko] … if this isn't perfect then
[Kouko] I'd be better off being broken 'til the end // If I'm the me from now, I want to do the things I never do. No more half-heartedness // if we're going to be blown into
[SFX] Don - Serious statement
[Kouko] smithereens anyway!
[Banri] Ah- // Eh?
[SFX] Suu Haa Suuuu Haaaaaaaa! - Super Heavy breathing

Page 10:
[SFX] Guru - turn
[Kouko] Tada-kun? Are you going!?
[Banri] ….of
[Banri] Of course I'm going! -Don't worry-
[Text] Yeah…. that's right
[Text] We'll die // and then
[Text] We'll revive!
[SFX] Pushi- - whistle blowing
[Text] Nakano
[Text] -----Even if I say that
[Text] Nakano----
[Banri] After all, this is a student band's gig between friends, right?
[SFX] Mufun - sigh
[Banri] Things like dying and killing are actually a big deal…

Page 11:
[Text] Right -the dead have come out-
[Kouko] It'~s O~ka~y~ // It~'s O~ka-~
[Kouko] -y
[SFX] Bero~n Ba--!! - Tada!!
[SFX] Guiguiguigui - Shaking
[Banri] Wait a minute, wait a minute-!
[SFX] Gugugu - pushing
[Text] Ahh….

Page 12:
[Text] That time also served as an end to a suicidal unrequited love
[Text] Going to the bar was probably a mistake…
[SFX] Gu--- iguigui - Chugging down the alcohol
[Banri] Huh… this person really can drink a lot… -it's finished so quickly-
[Banri] We're too out of place here…. As I thought, it would be better to go back
[Text] Please---- Please----- It's fine!
[Kouko] Let's go in~ Come on~ Let's go~ Tada-ku~n!
[SFX] Kakko Kakko Kakko - feet stamping
[Text near Banri] H-…hey….
[Text around Kouko] Please? Let's go? Ple~~ase?
[Kouko] ~~~~~~~~
[Banri] …I get it, but only if it's a little bit

Page 13:
[SFX] Hands
[SFX] Pan - stamp
[Banri] Wooooow
[Kouko] Kyaaa
[SFX] Gan gan gan gan
[Banri] This is amazing!
[Kouko] --------?
[Banri] Huh, I can't hear you--
[Banri] Isn't this a burden?
[SFX] Gyuu gyuu - squashed
[Kouko] ------!!
[Banri] -Rocker!?- Since when--!? This place is amazing!

Page 14:
[On the chest] Viscera - the internal organs in the main cavities of the body
[SFX] Jimi----- - staring
[SFX] suru - open
[Banri] Eh
[SFX] Bi- - open

Page 15:
[Text] Uwahhhhh
[SFX] Biri- - rip
[Text] Woow
[Kouko] How is it?
[Text] She fits in with the place in one try!!
[Banri] Me too, me too! -do me!-

Page 16:
[Banri] Huh?
[SFX] Ji-------- - unzipping
[SFX] Zubaa - pull
[Text] Eehhhh---

Page 17:
[Text] Cheers!
[Text] Fu----
[Text] Let's die--! Because she said something like that I was a little worried but
[Text] -------
[Kouko] -----<3
[Text] Drowning your sorrows in drink doesn't seem too bad…
[Text] … a 10 year old unrequited love….
[Text] It's a long time for sure….
[Text] Ku--- // ku - drinking
[Text] Ku-----
[Banri] For today let's rock out and make some noise!
[Text] Are we going to drink-- Yeah we're going to drink---!!
[Text] Let's blow of some steam-----! -Yeahhhh-

Page 18:
[Text] Even if she does that, Kaga-san is amazing--
[Text] This is strong alcohol too
[Text] Someone like me
[Text] Ahh my head's spinning
[Kouko] ------ // ------
[Kouko] ------
[Text] My heart's beating fast and
[Text] As it is….
[Text] the two of us
[Text] Thinking something like that…..

Page 19:
[Text] Doki-
[Text] Doki- // doki-
[Banri] Kaga-san……
[Banri] I….
[Kouko] Hm?
[SFX] Pa- - lighten up
[Kouko] Sorry, what was it?
[Banri] ….
[Banri] Don't worry, it's nothing

Page 20:
[Banri] Tada Banri is dri--nking!
[SFX} Gui---- - chug
[Kouko] Yay~~~~~
[SFX] Buhaaaaa - spray
[Text] Since- // I-
[SFX] Pota pota - dripping
[Text] It……
[Banri] It buuuuurnnnss!! What's with that drink!!
[SFX] Gyahahaha----

Page 21:
[Text] This is what Kaga-san was drinking so much of!?
[Text] If you drink that amount of only that, I don't think you'd
[Text] be able to stay sober…..
[Banri] She's gone!
[Banri] Where'd Kaga Kouko go!
[Banri] Wait up--!
[Kouko] Bu-
[Kouko] Bu-
[Banri] I said wait--!
[Kouko] Bu- // bu-
[Banri] Kaga-san!
[SFX] Ah-------
[SFX] Doka----- - smash
[Banri] Gufu-
[Kouko] Bu-
[Kouko] Bu- // bu-

Page 22:
[Kouko] Mi-~~~~tsu~~~o's~~~~an~~~~~
[Kouko] Idiot~~~~~~!!
[SFX] Bashaaaaa - the sound of soaking yourself in alcohol
[Text] Ugyaaaaaa~~~~!!
[Kouko] Have on for the
[Kouko] roooad!

Page 23:
[SFX] Uoooooo - cheers
[Text] Th- that's
[Text] the C-3PO dance!
[Text] What are you doing, Kaga Kouko~~~~!!
[Kouko] All of you die----!
[SFX] Za-
[SFX] Ki-
[Text] Eh

Page 24:
[SFX] Da-
[Text] Stop // Anymore is-
[Banri] Damn it-!
[Banri] Kaga-san!
[Banri] Don't do it!

Page 25:
[Text] I have a feeling I've been in something
[Text] like this before
[Text] It's as if….

Page 26:
[Text] ----- the surface of a river
[Text] If I fall in I'll die
[Text] I don't want to die
[Text] This is so scaryy-----!

Page 27:
[Text] Banri!
[Text] Huh…?
[Text] This feeling
[Text] Wasn't there someone who called me like that?
[Text] Ahh….
[Text] it's burning away

Page 28:
[Text] If I seem to be able to reach the hand, it vanishes
[Text] Even if I rush to hold it, I miss it
[Text] Burning, vanishing, losing
[Banri] Enough already…
[Text] I really don't understand
[Banri] If I fall in I'll die, I'll vanish
[Kouko] Tada-….
[Kouko] …kun?
[Nana] If you want to die // then die quickly
[Nana] You indecisive brats

Page 29:
[SFX} Do- - kick
[Text] This stage
[Text] is mine

Page 30:
[Text] Good luck<3
[SFX] Uwahhhh - cheering

Page 31:
[Text] I fell
[Text] Is Kaga-san
[Text] dead?

Page 32:

Page 33:
[Kouko] You scared me~
[Box] He died
[Text] Banri
[Text] protected her ->
[SFX] Gufu-

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