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Translations: Gintama 687 by kewl0210 , One Piece 907 by cnet128

Golden Time 11

Golden Time 11 TL

+ posted by hayatakun as translation on Jan 14, 2013 19:45 | Go to Golden Time

-> RTS Page for Golden Time 11


Second chapter for my application:

Golden Time 11 TL

Page 1:
[Box] At the moment, I'm glued together with Kaga Kouko
[SFX] Mugyu-- - touching
[Chapter] Chapter 11
[Kouko] Bwe~~~~h, I'm gonna be sick……
[SFX] Ufufupu
[SFX] Iyaaaaaa
[Banri] We- we're gonna get there soon so wait!
[Box] However, I don't have any time to be happy about it
[Text] Ja--------- - toilet flushing
[SFX] Gacha - opening

Page 2:
[SFX] Pata - flop
[Banri] …….
[Banri] Just for a bit, sorry
[SFX] Yo- - Uh
[SFX] Gi-…..
[Kouko] N~~~~
[SFX] Doki Doki
[Banri] ….. so defenseless…..
[SFX] Suka--- - sleeping breathing

Page 3:
[Chapter] Chapter 11
[Title] The beautiful woman is somewhat clumsy

Page 4:
[SFX] Chi-
[SFX] Chi-
[Banri] ……….uh
[SFX] Muku
[Banri] Ow ow ow….
[SFX] Pasa….
[Banri] !

Page 5:
[Kouko] Uh-
[Kouko] Gusu - sound of sniffing when crying

Page 6:
[Banri] ……'Re'……
[Kouko] What…… did you say just then?
[Banri] …. I said ….. 'Re'
[Kouko] ……'Re'…..?
[Banri] Your hand…..
[Banri] Look

Page 7:
[Banri] I mean, it's on my hand too….
[Banri] It must have been stamped at the gig
[Banri] ….Why the letter 'Re' though
[Banri] Anyway….
[Kouko] …….uh
[SFX] Gyu - grip
[Banri] -Ka- Kaga-san…?

Page 8:
[Text] It seems this character flips her sad switch
[Text] …….'Re'….. 'Re'------…
[Text] Maybe something like when she was on good terms with Mitsuo
[Text] she cooked an egg in a microwave (microwave is 'Re'nji in Japanese)
[SFX] Bako--n
[SFX] Gosu- - tap
[Text] It really exploded <3
[Text] Boom <3
[Text] Hahaha
[Text] You idiot <3
[Text] Or maybe she danced ecstatically while wearing a 'Re'njishi's costume (Renjishi is a giant theatre puppet used by performers in Sei'an City's Playhouse - http://okami.neoseeker.com/wiki/Renjishi)
[Text near arrow] Kouko ->
[Larger Text] It's because Mitsuo likes this!
[Text near Mitsuo] Amazing!
[Banri] Microwave and 'Re'njishi… (again Microwave being 'Re'nji)
[SFX] Bukuku - Holding a laugh
[Kouko] Eh?
[Banri] Sorry. are you okay? -it's a bad habit-
[SFX] Zubi- - sniffling
[Kouko] …it's okay… just now, I was thinking about Mr 2-Dimensions

Page 9:
[Banri] Huh? This is an unexpected development….
[Text] Mr 2-Dimensions
[Banri] He doesn't have anything to do with 'Re'?
[Kouko] Yeah
[SFX] Kon - place
[Kouko] I suddenly remembered what Mr 2-Dimensions was saying
[Kouko] Mr 2-Dimensions won't become one dimensional
[Kouko] After all, he creates his ideal women
[Kouko] At the time, while I was listening half seriously, // I thought we were quite similar
[Kouko] 'I want to be bound to my perfect partner, in a perfect scenario'
[Kouko] …once he said that I thought that he and I had similar goals

Page 10:
[Kouko] But Mr 2-Dimensions only works with the literary world
[Kouko] I work with the real world
[Kouko] I thought that 'it's different from a mere hobby'
[Kouko] 'The Mr 2-Dimensions that enjoys himself in fiction is still childish'….
[Kouko] But….
[Kouko] That's not it
[Kouko] He's much more of an adult compared to me // I finally understood that I can't to something like cramming my 'ideal' form into others
[Kouko] It's definitely impossible in the real world

Page 11:
[Kouko] 'The world can't be self-centred'
[Kouko] Is what Mr 2-Dimensions….. said
[Kouko] Because those who grow up and mature in their own way, have that natural assumption // Be it two dimensions or one dimension, they can enjoy yourself because of their self-confidence
[Kouko] Because I'm an idiot, I didn't understand anything
[Kouko] I was like this towards Mitsuo until he hated me
[Kouko] Everything
[Kouko] hurts so much

Page 12:
[Kouko] Mitsuo… didn't you say I was important to you
[Kouko] 'Because I can't become happy, I can't be loved' // He said something like that right?
[Banri] Yeah
[Banri] He did
[Banri] I thought….. I heard it
[Kouko] Mitsuo can become happy in some other way
[Kouko] I… I never thought about something like that
[Kouko] I'm too awful. I was the only one that kept saying 'I like you', 'I like you'

Page 13:
[Kouko] I didn't respect Yanagisawa Mitsuo's existence
[Kouko] as a human being at all
[Kouko] All I did was do as I liked
[Kouko] I probably did nothing but treat him like a character in my own world
[Kouko] Crying and getting hurt like this…. is my obsession's fault
[Kouko] This ugly
[Kouko] obsession

Page 14:
[Kouko] The Mitsuo that I like doesn't like me back
[Kouko] The fact that the one you like doesn't like you back is unacceptable
[Kouko] Me being
[Kouko] Unacceptable and // unforgivable
[Kouko] Isn't true // It's not
[Kouko] Say it's not

Page 15:
[Kouko] Say it
[Kouko] Tell me I have value
[Kouko] Admit it!

Page 16:
[Kouko] I pushed the responsibility onto Mitsuo and // acted like it was okay
[Kouko] Things like unacceptability, me being unforgivable and my self-confidence
[Kouko] ….For such a long time
[Kouko] I've been doing such
[Kouko] bad things to Mitsuo….
[Kouko] I was too slow // to realise

Page 17:
[Banri] But, well,
[Banri] Everyone to some extent has feelings right?
[Banri] ….I'm only me but as it is now, I accept it
[Banri] It's difficult for others too you know
[Banri] I think it's difficult
[Banri] Being imperfect myself, saying 'you don't need to face up to it'…
[Banri] You'd probably want to look away right?

Page 18:
[Banri] ….at least, it's like that for me
[Text] I avert myself away from reality
[Text] and become scared
[Banri] For me, accepting the me that's been rejected is
[Banri] extremely hard
[Kouko] Rejected…? By who…? // Someone like Tada-kun has someone that rejected him?
[Banri] ….
[Text] Now, from the me talking to Kaga Kouko,
[Text] Am I also averting my eyes?
[SFX] Gyu - clench

Page 19:
[Banri] …..
[Banri] Those who knew…. the Tada Banri from the past
[Banri] The various people who thought well of the past Tada Banri
[Banri] People like my family
[Banri] At any rate I grasped the situation
[Banri] Even now my parents are waiting for the 'Real Banri' to return,
[Banri] Because, when the look at me now, they convey feelings of 'He's not him'
[Banri] They want their real son to come back, // even if the present me no longer exists…

Page 20:
[Banri] They wish I'd no longer exist
[Banri] It's scary
[Text] I don't want to say this
[Banri] I……
[Banri] In reality, I'm always so scared….. I can't help it
[Text] Don't say it
[Text] If you open your mouth any more it will come true
[Banri] The personality that so easily disappeared could just as easily return someday right?
[Banri] Would everyone be happy then?
[Text] Don't admit it

Page 21:
[Banri] If I stay as the present me, // would everyone be eternally disappointed?
[Banri] I, // I, in such a world,
[Banri] Something like that
[Banri] N-
[Banri] Not….
[Banri] Belonging
[Banri] Anywhere // or something like that

Page 22:
[Kouko] They're not
[Kouko] disappointed at all!
[Kouko] I'm not either
[Kouko] Definitely!

Page 23:
[Kouko] After all, if Tada-kun were to disappear, // where on earth would I find someone else
[Kouko] to share the disgraceful me from this evening with?
[Kouko] There's no one else
[Kouko] It's Tada-kun alone
[Banri] Ah
[Text] That was dangerous
[Text] If Kaga-san hadn't declared that so strongly …..I……
[Kouko] So

Page 24:
[Kouko] Don't disappear and don't die // Don't be scared of such things
[Kouko] Because I will definitely never forget about Tada-kun!
[Text] Kaga-san
[Text] Thank you
[Kouko] And so, I, myself,
[Kouko] My idiotic and embarrassing self that couldn't help what I did this evening,
[Kouko] The me who only once this spring--,

Page 25:
[SFX] Gu- - clench
[Kouko] Please,
[Kouko] Don't forget about me….!

Page 26:
[Text] ….I won't forget
[Text] There's no reason for me to forget
[Text] How could I forget
[Text] Oh yeah
[Text] That's right
[Text] Every moment I'm living, I'm also dying

Page 27:
[Text] It's over and
[Text] it can never return
[Text] Today, this time,
[Text] Will never, ever-----
[Text] But
[Text] because of that
[Banri] Because, // I,

Page 28:
[Text] I love her
[Banri] Kaga-san,

Page 29:
[Text] So much
[Banri] I love you

Page 30:
[Banri] I love Kaga Kouko

Page 31:
[Text] She must be surprised
[Text] She probably only saw someone like me as someone she could definitely confide in
[Text] But I love her
[Text] When I realised it, I loved her head, her heart,
[Text] all of Kaga-san
[Text] Her beauty, her awkwardness and her clumsiness,
[Text] I love them all

Page 32:
[Banri] …saying such a thing
[Banri] Doing something like confessing on a day like this
[Banri] How sneaky! I! I'm sorry!
[Text] That's right, thinking about it, this is a really dangerous situation isn't it!
[SFX] Fugo-
[Text] On the day she was dumped, she's come up to a drunk guy's room
[Text] And that same guy says that he likes her…!
[Banri] -F- - 'Forget it!' I'm not saying anything like that but you don't have to answer tonight!
[Banri] Even if you want to reject me it's fine….
[Banri] Ah! Of course that would be unpleasant

Page 33:
[Banri] For the time being, tomorrow!
[SFX] Ha-
[Kouko] T- t- tomorrow…!? Tomorrow what!?
[Banri] Your stuff! It's still inside the locker
[SFX] Wata wata wata - panicked movements
[Kouko] Eh- My stu- Lo- That's right!?
[Banri] Yep!
[Kouko] Why was that so formal!? (Banri used the more formal 'desu' as opposed to the more informal 'da')
[Banri] I mean, we've left your luggage somewhere again
[Above Banri] Is it something like fate?
[Kouko] ….it's certainly…. the same situation as before
[Next to Kouko] I'm wearing your jacket again and I don't have my shoes…
[Kouko] Still, it's fine

Page 34:
[Kouko] It was fun
[Kouko] Even if we did leave something, it looks like it will be fine eventually!
[SFX] Ufufu-
[Kouko] It looks like we're unexpectedly sturdy!
[Banri] You could say that!
[SFX] Ufufu
[SFX] Ahaha
[Banri] Ah
[Banri] It's this late and you're still not home
[Kouko] It's fine! With my appearance at the moment, I wouldn't want to be seen at all!
[Banri] Huh, now

Page 35:
[Banri] The person who displayed her C-3PO dance on stage-
[Kouko] Gyaaaaaa!! Nooooooooo!! -So mean!-
[SFX] Ban - open
[Banri] What about going home!
[Kouko] I'll catch a taxi so it's fine!
[Banri] Wait, wait, don't go without wearing any sandals -Use my hood too-
[Kouko] Th-…thanks and sorry
[Banri] It's nothing
[Smaller text] I'll wash and return the hoodie
[Kouko] See you tomorrow!
[SFX] Pata pata pata - footsteps

Page 36:
[Banri] See you tomorrow…….
[SFX] Gon
[Banri] Huh
[SFX] Pata pata
[Text] What do I do?

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