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Translations: Gintama 679 by kewl0210 , One Piece 900 by cnet128

Golden Time 12

Golden Time 12 TL

+ posted by hayatakun as translation on Jan 24, 2013 17:08 | Go to Golden Time

-> RTS Page for Golden Time 12


Golden Time 12 TL

Page 1:
[On phone] From: Kaga-san | Main body: Is meeting at Cafe Oroboru at 5pm good for you? :)
[Text] What do I do?
[Chapter] Chapter 12
[Text] This evening…. I was going to meet up with Kaga-san
[Text next to Banri] Eh… // Er---m.. // Hmm // 'Sure (^-^)/'
[Text] Naturally,
[Text] that means
[Text] I'll be hearing her reply
[Text] I love Kaga-san
[SFX] Bo- - flushed

Page 2:
[Banri] Noooooo, it's so embarrassing---!!
[Banri] I confessed! No! I didn't mean to confess---!!
[SFX] Goro goo goo goo - rolling about
[Banri] What should I do until evening!? Is it okay if I stay alive!?
[SFX] Go - smack
[Banri] …..
[Banri] I….
[Banri] wonder if I'll be rejected…..
[Text] He's been doing the same thing for an hour now
[Text on the right of Banri] Noo
[Text] There's still a lot of time before the decided time…
[Banri] ….that's it
[Banri] I'm going home

Page 3:
[Chapter] Chapter 12 Being next to you

Page 4:
[Text] My family's home is in Shizuoka
[Text] To be honest, it takes less than 2 hours to get there
[Text] If I say so myself, this was quite a good idea
[Text] I've got time to kill before evening and
[Text] I can use the fact that I 'went to see my family for a bit' as a subject for conversation
[Text] This is… one of the things that is making me anxious

Page 5:
[SFX] Garara - opening
[Banri] -I- … I'm home--…
[Banri] Yep
[Banri] This is the feeling of 'home'.
[Mum] !
[Mum] What are you doing!?
[Banri] I had some spare time and for some reason or another I came back--
[Mum] Eh!?
[Smaller text] Some reason or another!?

Page 6:
[Banri] I haven't eaten at all since morning
[Banri] I'd like to have something to eat
[Mum] What's with you all of a sudden--
[Mum] If you're gonna come home then at least call first
[Mum] Your mother has to go to your grandma's farm again this afternoon
[Mum] Do you wanna go together? This season is really bad for the farm right now!
[Banri] Fi-ne, fi-ne, it's nothing
[Banri] Today I randomly came home
[Mum] Ehh? Is that so?

Page 7:
[Banri] And in the evening I've got plans
[Mum] A girlfriend!
[SFX] Zubari
[Banri] Wha-! Why'd you say that!?
[Mum] -haaaaa
[Mum] You're a university student right--
[Smaller text] Hurry up and introduce her okay
[Kouko] Ufu <3
[SFX] Poyaya~~~n
[Banri] If you make some rice call me!
[Mum] Yes, yes, is ramen okay too?

Page 8:
[Banri] Yeah!
[SFFX] Gi….
[Bubble] Susususu - opening door
[Banri] Now then
[SFX] Sutan - slide

Page 9:
[SFX] Zuru
[Text] A while ago
[Text] I got a mail from Kaga-san
[SFX] Bu---- bu---- - vvvvt vvvvt
[SFX] Biku- - surprise
[Text] I- it's Kaga-san…
[SFX] Dokin diking - heart racing
[Message] 'Thinking about things like being rejected'
[Message] 'Rejecting Tada-kun would probably be the same thing'
[SFX] Biri biri bi-----
[Text] …surely, I...
[Text] Perhaps one of the people that the old Banri knew, had been rejected by the old Banri
[SFX] Pako - open

Page 10:
[Text] Things that held nothing but pain where shut in here
[Text] If I couldn't remember
[Text] I would have been at ease not seeing anything
[Text] But now
[Text] I want to change
[Text] Being rejected is painful
[Text] Looking at something painful is painful
[Text] I want to acknowledge this pain as well as the current me…
[Banri] ……

Page 11:
[Banri] I don't want to be rejected
[SFX] Doki doki
[Banri] Past, present, future, no-one
[Banri] would like to be rejected
[Banri] The Banri that I don't know
[Banri] Hee…

Page 12:
[Banner] Good luck! 3rd year, class 4!
[Banri] 3rd year, class 4…..
[Banri] Ohh…
[Text] I'm the same as normal
[Banri] I look like a fool
[Text] I wanted to get to know everyone I forgot

Page 13:
[Text] I wanted to be able to do so myself
[SFX] …..hah?

Page 14:
[Name] Hayashida Nana (Hayashida can also be read as 'Rinda' hence the nickname 'Linda')
[Banri] ….Linda…-senpai….?

Page 15:
[Top photo] Idiot Banri!!
[Middle photo] Idiot Linda
[Photo below] The idiotic duo sleeping whilst standing
[Banri] …Wh- what's…. // with this…..?
[Photo] Even if we graduate, don't forget about me!! From Linda
[Text] Don't forget
[Text] Don't forget
[Text] First year

Page 16:
[SFX] Dotatata - running
[SFX] Dan! - stomp
[Mum] Banri!? Isn't your ramen boiling right now!?
[Banri] Wait! Erm
[Banri] To the bridge!
[Mum] …bridge?
[Text] Why
[SFX] Hah
[SFX] Hah
[SFX] Ha-
[Text] I don't get it
[SFX] Haa-

Page 17:
[Text] Why is Linda-senpai-
[SFX] Zuzazaza
[SFX] Gi-…
[SFX] Haa
[SFX] Haa
[Banri] …How? // Such nonsense…!?

Page 18:
[Box] This is the bridge that Banri fell off // What on earth happened that time?
[Box] Nobody knows
[Box] Nobody wants to know
[Banri] Linda-senpai… how could it be!?
[Banri] Tell me
[Banri] Why were you next to Banri…!?
[Banri] Just who are you!?
[Banri] Why // didn't you saying anything…!?
[Banri] !?

Page 19:
[Banri] Uh-
[Banri] What's with this sound…!?
[Text] You are the one----
[Text] that rings that bell---- (Probably the lyrics from the song Ano Kane wo Narasu no wa anata - Akiko Wada)

Page 20:
[SFX] Giku - shock

Page 21:
[Box] ……me?
[Box] Is that…. Banri?
[Text] Uoh-
[Text] Banri!

Page 22:
[Double spread]

Page 23:
[Double spread]

Page 24:
[Text] Wh-what?
[Text] Linda… // …senpai?
[Text] Why on earth are you-
[Banri] Uu
[Text] Wait
[Banri] ------
[Linda] -------
[Text] Tell me

Page 25:
[Text] Banri!
[Text] Linda!
[SFX] Gi-…
[Text] Zeha-

Page 26:
[SFX] Gi-… gi-… - cicadas
[Banri] Haa
[Banri] Haa
[Text] Just then----

Page 27:
[Text] A dream?
[Text] Did something happen to my head?
[Text] Or was that just me?
[Text] Banri?
[Banri] Yana-ssan…
[Text] Where are you right now? Outside? // I'd… like to talk to you for a bit…
[Text] About yesterday, various things… is it okay is I go to your place?
[Text] Banri?
[Banri] …..I'm…

Page 28:
[Banri] ….not here….
[Text] Huh? // What?
[Text] I don't want to think of anything right now

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