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Translations: One Piece 908 by cnet128 , Gintama 687 (2)

Golden Time 13

Golden Time 13 TL

+ posted by hayatakun as translation on Feb 5, 2013 19:05 | Go to Golden Time

-> RTS Page for Golden Time 13


Golden Time 13 TL

Page 1:
[Text at top] 'Toradora!'s Takemiya Yuyuko presents a university youth story
[Text on right] With the entrance on the love rival
[Speec bubble] I'm Kaga Kouko
[Text on left] she's gone crazy!?

Page 2:
[Text] Tada Banri. A High School senior. The day it happened....
[Text] The one~~~
[Text] Who rings the bell is~~~
[Text] Kana~~~~~
[Text] Both of the senpai are idiots huh
[Text] Don't you do that every day?
[Banri] It's fine right--
[Linda] Yeah--
[Linda] Because it's a field club tradition,
[Linda] Kanada-san should sing it too
[Smaller text] No way---

Page 3:
[Text] The one~~~~
[Smaller text] Who rings the bell~~~~
[Text] Why is it that person...
[Text] I wonder if I'm in bad condition...
[Text] I hope he doesn't fall...

Page 4:
[Box] Eh.....
[Box] H-...he's
[Text] Uwa-
[Linda] Banri!

Page 5:
[Linda] That's dangerous! What do you think you were doing!
[Banri] B-but, that guy just....
[Banri] ...then
[Banri] Huh?
[Linda] There's no one there // Let's go
[Banri] .....yeah

Page 6:
[Text on right] The words that she spoke on that day
[Text on left] are still beyond memory...
[Chapter] Chapter 13 I'm deciding the answer, but

Page 7:
[Box] The graduation t-shirt ended up being yellow
[On t-shirt] Congratulations on graduating 3rd year Class 4!!
[Box] Although I had hoped it would be grey
[Text] Uoh-- Amazing--
[Text] The t-shirt's nice right!
[Banri] ...it's not there....

Page 8:
[Banri] My name.... isn't there
[Banri] Class t-shirt, huh?
[Banri] It looks like everyone decided to have their name on there // A whole class of 40's names... everyone...
[Text] There's only 39....
[Banri] ...haha, huh? Perhaps I'm actually
[Banri] hated? .... maybe -no, can't be can't be-
[Text] Up until now it was always all of us together
[Text] Or maybe in this group of 40 people I'm...
[Banri] Here here--!! -Over here--
[Banri] The class t-shirt is grey right!
[Banri] As I thought, it's grey!
[Text] Tada-kun, there was only yellow or navy blue -calm down-
[Banri] Grey was selected righttttttt!!

Page 9:
[Banri] Ah-- So it's true, I've been rejected. I'm even becoming yellow
[Banri] As a matter of fact, while I wasn't aware, everyone began to think things like 'Even though you're nothing...'
[Text] Dammit-! What the hell
[Text] I really wasn't aware... What's with this... I want to disappear
[Text] Perhaps... even Linda...
[Linda] Eh!?
[Linda] Banri!?
[Linda] What're you, wait!
[Linda] What's up!?
[Banri] Uwahh, Tada's excessively crying---

Page 10:
[Banri] M-mai! // Mai dame- // idjn't-
[Linda] It's true!
[Linda] Sensei----! Banri's name isn't here!
[Text] Ah-, seriously!
[Text] That's awful---
[Text] We'll have to do them again for Tada, right!?
[Text] Probably--
[Text] In that case, let's collect them up immediately---

Page 11:
[Banri] .. I thought it was on purpose...
[Banri] I thought I was left out to die...
[Linda] Wrong, wrong, wrong! That's completely wrong!
[Linda] Ahh, seriously, you're an idiot, Banri... take it easy
[Banri] ....
[Banri] I wonder if they'll be done by the graduation ceremony...
[Linda] They will!
[Linda] So don't cry!

Page 12:
[Banri] ....yeah!
[Text] Tada is seriously funny---- -ahaha-
[On sign] Graduation Ceremony
[Smaller text] Let's go and get out there-!!
[Smaller text] Yeahhhh

Page 13:
[Linda] Ahhh
[Linda] We graduated---
[Banri] Yep
[Linda] Your mum's crying face is the splitting image of yours--
[Banri] Yep
[Text] ...With this, I'll be separated from Linda...
[Text] Linda's going to a university in Tokyo.... and I'm
[Text] Staying in Shizuoka after a year of not studying hard enough...
[Linda] I-----
[Linda] worry about you
[Linda] I really do

Page 14:
[Linda] Are
[Linda] You okay with me not being around?
[Banri] ....yes or no
[Linda] I want a clear answer, this is the beginning of the end
[Linda] So I want a one word answer
[Linda] Okay?

Page 15:
[Banri] I, don't want to be separated from Linda
[Banri] If I'm separated from you, I won't be fine at all
[Banri] ....because I like you

Page 16:
[Banri] I want to meet with you everyday, I want to be next to you all the time
[Banri] I don't want you to go out with some other guy
[Banri] I'm unable to like anyone else
[Banri] I don't want to be anything like close friends or siblings anymore
[Banri] If you have the same feelings has me, then I'll go to Tokyo too
[Banri] If it's to study, my parents even said that it's okay for me to become a rounin in Tokyo (Rounin - someone who failed an entrance exam and is studying for the next year)
[Text] Yes or no....
[Banri] So, after....

Page 17:
[Banri] I only want Linda's answer
[Linda] Can you wait for a bit?
[Linda] ....let me think this over tonight

Page 18:
[Banri] I get it, see you tomorrow!
[Banri] Since I'll be waiting for your answer!
[Text] Since I'm waitng------...
[Text] I'm sorry

Page 19:

Page 20:
[Kouko] It's because we just met
[Kouko] However, being with Tada-kun
[Kouko] is really fun
[Kouko] So, from now on,
[Kouko] Is it okay if we become friends?

Page 21:
[Text] I was dumped, no matter how you put it.... I was dumped
[Text] In short, I was dumped!
[Text] This is awful! She's settled on her answer
[Text] Seeing such a thing at home and then being dumped by a girl in a coffee shop
[Text] I... I...
[Kouko] ...Tada-kun?
[Kouko] Erm... were you listening....?
[Banri] Eh!? Yeah!? I was listening!?

Page 22:
[Text] !?
[Banri] Uwah, I-I-I'm sorry, are you okay!? Sorry!!
[Kouko] No, it's okay -I made an embankment-
[Banri] The evidence is!? The bags!?
[Kouko] It's fine, seriously -it's not wet-
[Banri] Seriously, I'm too out of fashion..
[Banri] Uncool...
[Kouko] Ah...
[Text] .....
[Text] ..... ......

Page 23:
[Text] So hot---
[Text] Tada Banri is hot---
[Text] Buhaha
[Text] You really stood out today huh

Page 24:
[Text] So hot---
[Banri] Special hot-----!!!
[Yana] Banri
[Yana] Hey, don't bother
[Box] This good-lookin guy is someone who I'm close with after entering uni, Yana-ssan
[Box] Lately he's suddenly grown his hair
[Yana] That was an amazing face you were pulling just then
[Yana] Whilst practising the four basic pronunciation tones in Mandarin!
[Banri] What kind of face was it?
[Yana] Maa-!

Page 25:
[Banri] Wait
[Banri] Wait, wait, if I'm this department's number 1 funny face guy...
[Banri] It must be because I pulled such an ugly and awful face
[Banri] Maa-!
[Yana] Anyway, don't worry about it
[Yana] Hey, what's that thing with the super sparkly pattern?
[Banri] ...ahh, this? As I thought, if I have this it's weird...?

Page 26:
[Banri] I was given it
[On thing] Remember the anniversary of our escape! From your soulmate, Kaga Kouko <3<3
[Banri] How is it? It's great right?
[Yana] Well... how should I put it, it's great... I mean, I don't get the significance of it...

Page 27:
[Banri] This....
[Banri] is proof of Kaga-san and mine's friendship, they're matching mirrors
[Box] Saturday----....
[Kouko] Please accept this!
[Banri] ...eh?
[Kouko] This is a thanks for going out with me and
[Kouko] It serves as an apology for when I got drunk and was an annoyance, and so from now on that's proof of our friendship!

Page 28:
[Text] Tada---
[Smaller text] Expensive aura
[Banri] You don't have to use something like a present
[Kouko] I bought this to give to Tada-kun no matter what
[Kouko] No matter what!
[Kouko] I want you to use it!
[Kouko] Because this mirror has a meaning behind it!
[Smaller text] It's a mirror...
[Kouko] The meaning!
[Kouko] Is really important!!

Page 29:
[Yana] Distraction? Getting drunk...?
[Text] Tap
[Text] Tap
[Banri] Ah, hey
[Banri] On Friday, you dumped Kaga-san in quite the manly way right?
[Kouko] Ah-- Ahhh... Uhhh....
[Banri] Erm, after that, to distract herself, we went drinking and even went to a gig
[Yana] A gig!?
[Yana] Something like that....
[Yana] doesn't suit Kouko...?
[Banri] Nope-- It was a real shock, she even threw up around 5 times too

Page 30:
[Yana] Kouko and Banri became friends and went to a gig and puked... huh
[Yana] And then? Was it fun going out and having fun with Kouko on Saturday?
[Banri] Yeah----
[Banri] Though, we did go back to the club to retrieve stuff we'd forgotten, well...
[Yana] Does such a thing happen?
[Yana] Didn't you ignore my calls and my texts...?
[Banri] !
[Banri] I...
[Yana] Even though I wanted to talk with Banri, you were with Kouko of all things...
[Banri] ...
[Banri] Perhaps, you care about how you dumped Kaga-san?

Page 31:
[Text] Huh?
[Banri] It's okay, it's okay! The Yana-ssan from that time really gave of an 'honourable man' kind of feeling!! yeah
[Banri] Besides, I think Kaga-san is pretty sturdy so she's fine
[Yana] Probably... She even went to have fun and a gig...
[Banri] Ah....
[Banri] !?
[Banri] Yana-ssan...!!? -that's too harsh-
[Yana] I...
[Yana] I thought that I'd be fine if I cut off all ties with Kouko

Page 32:
[Yana] But, after I dumped Kouko, the shine in this world was no longer there
[Yana] However, the fact I made Kouko cry is the only truth
[Yana] Even now, I thought 'What!?' when I heard that Kouko was doing well
[Banri] Yana-ssan.....
[Yana] On top of that,
[Yana] I got angry at Banri too...
[Yana] Aren't I the worst!?
[Yana] Anyway... sorry, this scum is leaving...
[Banri] Wait! Wait wait!!

Page 33:
[Banri] Erm-- Err-- do you wanna skip class? Let's talk together, to the canteen!
[Yana] ...I'm not hungry yet and I can't show my attendance card...
[Banri] What are you taking?
[Yana] Logic class
[Banri] Then surely it's fine! If you flunk it then next year we'll take it together!
[Yana] No can do... someone like me
[Yana] is even left behing by his pals
[Banri] I'm sorry about that! There were various things happening that weekend, it was hectic
[Smaller text] Stop it already, that's...
[Yana] Various things, huh?

Page 34:
[Yana] For example?
[Banri] F-
[Banri] For example...
[Banri] Frankly,
[Banri] I accidentally fell in love with Kaga-san--

Page 35:
[Banri] Even though I confessed, I was rejected
[Next to Kouko] I'm sorry <3
[Next to Banri] Deja vu!!!
[Banri] I also--- got memory loss! -ehehe-
[Banri] Furthermore, the past me that I can't remember felt like he was going out with Linda-senpai!
[Text] I can't say something that shocking-!
[Banri] Ahh...
[Banri] Ah
[Banri] Ah
[Yana] ?

Page 36:
[Text] I mean...
[Text] I was rejected by Kaga-san but
[Text] I haven't received that big a shock
[Text] But the thing with Linda-senpai...
[Text] What kind of thing were there in the past that I can't remember
[Text] Linda-senpai hasn't said anything about her being Linda-senpai and...
[Text] What should I even say? 'What should we do', 'I don't understand', 'Why did you do it?'
[Text] Only that...
[Banri] I don't get it at all.. I'm really... // But...
[Banri] I can't remember
[Yana] What about.. not remembering?
[Banri] ....

Page 37:
[Yana] ...it's fine, I get it
[Yana] For the time being, it's necessary for the both of us to rest our hearts, I'm certain of it
[Banri] Yana-ssan...
[Yana] Let's go to the canteen!
[Banri] Yeah!!
[SFX] Ban!
[SFX] Den-
[SFX] Don

Page 38:
[SFX] Chi----n...
[Box] Right now,
[Box] The face of the person that we didn't want to meet with the most
[Box] Was there
[Text] Guilt in full throttle!

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