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Translations: Gintama 683 by kewl0210 , One Piece 904 by cnet128

Heaven Company 1

+ posted by himadesu as translation on Aug 25, 2012 02:29 | Go to Heaven Company

-> RTS Page for Heaven Company 1

Reserved for kiss-scans

Heaven Company

Heaven ... Must be like this ......

No text

Chapter 1

Chapter1, Chapter2, Chapter3, Afterword

Year 2000 Early Summer

Kaori: Smells good ... // So it's in this place
Marika: We found it // This place is amazing, lady banks rose, dorothy perkins, aberdeen

Marika: One day ... // I want to become like the one who made this ...

Kaori: A gardener?

Marika: Green Coordinator! // Yaay
Kaori: ?

Marika: Either indoor or outdoor, all possibilities in this world // Like hotel entrance or green office or indoor garden, etc etc // I'll do everything that has to do with green

Kaori: Yep, sounds like you, Marika
Marika: How about you Kaori?

Kaori: Cooking! I like to cook // Fu fu fu

Marika: Housewife // Kyaaaa
Kaori: A chef

Marika: Ah

Marika: Knotweed

Marika: Want some? // Tastes bittersweet // The ears are soft, you know
Kaori: Ah // I'll pass // You like it huh ... weed

Year 2004 Early Summer

Fujisawa Marika, 19 years old

301 - Fujisawa

Marika: I'm baaack pakki (Pachira) // How are you doing? Ben-chan (Benjamin's Fig)
Live Alone
Learning at vocational school to become a green coordinator

G&E horticulture vocational school

Girl: Good morning Marika
Marika: Morning

Marika: Tani-sensei!

Marika: Ta da
Tani: Ou Fujisawa // I heard you got accepted at HEAVEN

Marika: Yes // I'm going to work starting from today
Tani: Work hard then // You're so energetic

HEAVEN is an admired green coordinator office

Apartments rooftop garden

Office atriums

Boy: Marika, are you going home? // How 'bout 3rd period?
Marika: Nope! part time job

And also that arch of roses!
An office that creates heaven in the cities

Green Office HEAVEN

Marika: Good // Good afternoon

???: Waaaii~ a girl?
Satsuki: Ah // The new part timer!?

Satsuki: What's your name? // I'm Satsuki! // Means the month of may // Welcome to our filthy, men only office // Nyaa // Nyaa
Marika: Fu - Fu // Fujisawa Marika! // Like the name of flower

Satsuki: Ja

Satsuki: Jasmine-chan
Marika = Jasmine
Marika: Heh
Guy: Must be nice to be Satsuki-chan // She keeps it to herself ...

Satsuki: Here are Gen-san
Bun: Hello
Kotaro: Nice to meet you
Satsuki: And // Bun-san // Kotaro-san

Marika: Nice to meet you all
Guys: Yep yep
Satsuki: What a joy ...

Satsuki: He's my younger brother // The chief here, Tetsuya
Marika: Nice // Nice to meet you

Tetsuya: Can you work? // With that slender arms

Tetsuya: This is not a play house
Marika: I // I'll try my best

Marika: I - I have bad feelings about him

Tetsuya: We'll do some maintenance! Get changed and come with me, newbie
Marika: Eh // Y - yes

Marika: Fu // Fujisawa is my name

Tetsuya: Remember the way ! We're going to go around like about 3 buildings
Marika: O ... // Okay

Marika: HEAVEN ...

Tetsuya: Once you get to the clients, you're not an individual anymore // You are part of HEAVEN! So watch your bahaviour

Marika: Yes // Yes Sir

This place ......

Marika: Ah // Ah
Tetsuya: What!?

Marika: This is the place! // The first time I came here I felt like "this must be heaven"

Marika: I said I want to become like the one who made this ...

Tetsuya: I made this
Marika: Eeeeckkk

Tetsuya: What?
Marika: .......

Marika: Well ........ // A grim looking guy like him can make something so gentle like this ........ // <-- Rude

Tetsuya: You must be thinking that I don't have the look to make all of these!?
Marika: I'm not // Yes, she is -->

Marika: Ow // Heavy

Tetsuya: Your waist! // Hang the tip of the pot on your belt!

Marika: Ah // It gets easier!

Tetsuya: Idiot // Useless girl
Marika: I'm sorry, I'm sorry

Old man: Please exchange it with the good one

Tetsuya: Oi // That pot over there! We're bringing it back with us
Marika: Ah // Okay

Marika: Dracaena ... // It's dying

Tetsuya: The soil is dried up! // If only they could water it once a week, the plant would be just fine

Marika: What should we do!? // To the dracaena

Tetsuya: We can only dispose it

Marika: No way ... // gulp

Bun: Good night // Marika-chan
Satsuki: Bye bye, Jasmine
Marika: Have a nice evening

Marika: The greenhouse ....... // The light ...

Marika: Dracaena ......?
Tetsuya: It's you ...

Tetsuya: It may make an interesting shape if we can revive it // It's even preferable to some people

Marika: I // I'll help you
Tetsuya: You're too loud

SFX: Worn out


Pulled out
Marika: Ah // I kicked the pot too much
Tetsuya: YOUUUU

Tetsuya: Sooo~ useless

Old men cheering squad
Kotaro: Houu, thank you
Bun: Yaaay, Marika-chan

Satsuki: My my // But you know, she's the one who made this plant arrangement // U fu fu

Satsuki: Pretty, isn't it // Absolutely
Tetsuya: .......

Trattoria Cantareire

Lunch Set A // 1200 Yen

Marika: Delicious // I want to cry, waaa~

Marika: Kaori, you're genius // Fantastico // Kyaa // Kyaa
Kaori: Praise me more
She only made the salad
Chef: Giggle

Kaori: How about you, Marika?

Marika: I'm too~~tally hopeless // I got scolded a lot ... // Tetsuya-san always yelled at me

Marika: An ogre ! // His blood must be green !!
Tetsuya: You wanna fight
Kaori: He's not a bug

Kaori: Here // It's on the house // You like it right?
SFX: Clink

Marika: Uuwaaa
<-- Mango gelato

Marika: She's working hard ...Kaori // She's handling both the hall and kitchen

Chef: Kaori!

Kaori: Ah // Cooooming

Marika: They are in love // A 7 years older boyfriend
Chef: Take this please
Kaori: Okay

Marika: He's about the same age as Tetsuya-san ...
Tetsuya: I'm 23 // How rude

Chatter chatter

Marika: Good ...

Marika: Ah // ? // ?
Chatter chatter

Satsuki: There's suddenly a job coming for an exhibition! // We don't even have 10 days from the preparations until the arrangement, we're going to be very busy
Marika: Exhibition!?

Satsuki: It's the fall-winter clothes exhibition // They said the event is going to be held at a hotel's banquet hall // It's not easy to arrange the vegetation that resembles the fall-winter in this season

Satsuki: But that's Tetsuya job // Ho ho
HEAVEN design coordinator

Marika: Awe ... some // Can't wait for it

Tetsuya: Wrong

Tetsuya: This is urgent please
Ordering Materials

Marika: You'll get sick if you don't eat

Tetsuya: Bweehh // What is this !? // Awful
Marika: Kinako choco // It's good for your health

Tetsuya: Thank you

Marika: Just hang in there!
Tetsuya: Roger that

Appointed Day AM7:00

Guy: Tetsuya-san, to the right
Tetsuya: Alright

Marika: Maple tree!

Marika: No way ... red one!?

Tetsuya: This one is called Acer rubrum 'Summer Red' // The young leaves are red colored at the early summer // And that's why // At the time the leaves are fully matured // The tree has green leaves !

Marika: Twisted one ... // The same like Tetsuya-san

Tetsuya: Now finish your job quick!
Marika: Ah // Ouch // You're cruel
Satsuki: Giggle

Accomplished ...

Guy: Thank you! // It's beautiful
Tetsuya/Marika: Thank you very much!

Marika: Between these concrete walls // Nature is born ...

Marika: I hate to admit this ... // But I can't help but respect him ...

Marika: Grow up well // An-chan (anthurium)

Marika: ?
<-- Hiding his feelings

Marika: Weddinggg~~ !?

Satsuki: Yep // The wedding is in June, we receive orders like this sometimes // The ceremony will be held in a church

Marika: Guh // Are we going to decorate the hall with plants !? // June bride
Board: Schedule 6

Satsuki: This time they want us to use cut flowers! // For every case // A request from the bride, let's make it glamorous
Marika: Uwaaaa // I'm so excited

Board: rch

Board: Church // Okubo // Hiragi
Tetsuya: The wedding is on XX June, we're going to decorate on the very day // The schedule is extremely tight, so I need all your cooperation
Kotaro: Okay

Board: Clients // Okubo // Hiragi Kaori
Marika: Eh!?

Marika: Ka // Kaori !?

Tetsuya: She's your friend, right!? // Our customer
Marika: Y-y-y // Yes

Tetsuya: The welcome board // I'll leave it to you
Marika: I // I-I-I'll do it!!

Ring ring

Marika: Ah // Kaori!

Kaori: Ow // Marika?

Kaori: Surprised ?
Marika: You bet I am // Nyuuu // Waa

Kaori: I want your workplace to do it for me ...

Marika: Uh // Yup

Marika: My very best friend ...
Kaori: Giggle // I can't think of anything else besides you! // Obvious isn't it?

Marika: Le- // Leave it to me, Kaori
Kaori: I will

Marika: I'll give you my best!

Marika: What should I do!? // Something that will make Kaori happy

Marika: Favorites for wedding ... // White rose, cattleya, casablanca (lily), eucharis

Marika: But ... they don't seem to suit her ... // Hmmm hmmm

Tetsuya: You look terrible // Scary
3 days without sleep
Marika: Am // Am I ?

Tetsuya: Have you got some ideas?

Marika: Nope ... // Not at all

Tetsuya: Do not start with the flowers // Make a concept, fool

Tetsuya: You know her well // There must be something that only you can do, don't you think?

Marika: I // I'll work harder
Tetsuya: Ou! // Good luck

Marika: Something I know about Kaori ...

Marika: Her dream is to become a chef ... // Both of them are culinary people ...

Marika: Herbs!!

Marika: Herbs! // What do you think if I use herbs!? // They are culinary people!

Tetsuya: Sounds good, isn't it?

Marika: Thank youuuu // Master
Tetsuya: Don't call me master // UWAA // Don't cling on me

Marika: Mint, thyme and maybe olive // These might represent her

Marika: I want to put some white flowers ...

Marika: Pepito (lily), julia (rose), Chinese bellflower // Allium, marguerite, sweet pea, etc. are pretty

Marika: But ... I don't think they will match the herbs // Hmmm

Marika: Combination to herbs ... // With petals ... // Hmmm hmmm
SFX: Ring ring ring ...

Mobile: Good luck! // Jasmine-chan // Satsuki

Marika: Jasmine!!
Infamous Herbal Tea

June XX
AM 6:00

Marika: Finished!

No text

Tetsuya: Well done!

Tetsuya: Your job is done // Now get to change // You're going to attend the ceremony, right

Marika: Ah // O-okay // Excuse me

Kotaro: our Tetsu-chan is still shy
Bun: Yup
Tetsuya: GAAAAA---

SFX: Ding dong // ding dong

These flowers are my prayers, a solemn moment...

People: Congrats // Kaorii~~ // Kazuhito-san

Okubo: Kaori?

Kaori: Herbs?

Kaori: The herbs that I'm always so close with // Must be Marika

Marika: Heeeyyy // Congratulation // Both of you

Kaori: This one! You made it right!?
Marika: Eh // Ah // Yup

Marika: Let me tell you the meaning behind madagascar jasmine ......

Marika: "My beloved bride" // May happiness be with you ...

Kaori: I love you ! // Chuuuu

Marika: You're now Mrs. Chef // I wish you the best!

Kaori: Here, for you

Marika: Eee-----, Eee----- // Are you sure!?
Kaori: Ooohh you // Of course

Marika: Hyaa

Marika: Te-Te-Te-Te // Tetsuya-san!?
Tetsuya: Hoo hoo // My bouquet // A masterpiece

Marika: I'll make pressed flowers from this! // As a charm // So I can make something like this someday ...

Tetsuya: Impossible // Because I'm a genius
Marika: Ah // Evil

Marika: Chinese clematis // Diamond lily // The swaying peacock grass

I'm dreaming the day my dream is blossoming ...

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