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Strings Dolls 1


+ posted by himitsu87 as translation on Nov 20, 2011 19:10 | Go to Strings Dolls

-> RTS Page for Strings Dolls 1

Reserved for lively scans

'Dance within this hand.'
'The newcomer force clique, a new serial story.'

'This is a small island with a population of 8000 people. It's called Yatsuri island. Somewhere in it, a younger sister and her older brother live.'

"It's hot."

"I better cool myself off once we're inside the bus, though."

"I can't help that the bus is late."

[ The younger sister,
Orihara Yori ]

[ The older brother,
Orihara Shirou ]

"Why the hell is the bus 1 hour late? Anyway, if you prepared yourself earlier we wouldn't be in this situation."


"But you couldn't help me change my clothes?"

"Help you!!"

"Strange ... Even though it's written in the book."

"What book?"


"Since it's a hot weather, I'm thirsty."

"Let me handle it for you then. There isn't something good in here."

"What is this? It isn't a vending machine. Do they have such a thing on this island?"

"Don't you know? You can download Taikenban game through it. I tried it once."

"Strings Dolls?"

"I have nothing in particular to ask but it seems interesting. It's a memory game."

'Play it already.'

"All right. Ok."

[ Download Complete ]

"Look, Shiro, if we don't do it quickly, will we be late?"

"You .."

"We were on time."

[ He ran with his whole energy. ]

"Read the instructions of the game."

"The french revolution-"

[ Good afternoon!
I am your partner. ]

"Does this game talk?"

[ A late generation ]

[ This game is a little bit special. First, change it to the camera mode. ]

[ Are you familiar with the reflected scenery? Do you have a family member among these friends of yours? If you do, any member of a family who touches them they'd slide. ]

"What's wrong Naoi?"

'What just happened ..?'

[ If that person went into the slide mode, he'd move afterwards? ]

"As usual you ..."

'You got to be kidding me ....'

[ Are you surprised? This game 'moves a person'. ]

[ It's called 'Strings Dolls' ]

"Shiro- What's wrong?"


"You're always faster than us ..."

[ It's not a coincident. It certainly is manipulating. ]

"What? Are you that surprised?"

"What is this Koyori?"


"What is this?"

"It's interesting!"

"It's amazing, how you can do such a thing."

"Indeed. This is absolutely no way near ordinary."

"Don't say it seriously like that."

"It's you."

"Super cute!"

"I'm borrowing it, Koyori. If it hurts, tell me."

"What are you going to do?"

"Don't worry."

"I-I stood up."

"Kyaaaaaa-. I stood up. I can't believe this ...."

"Wait. Face me."


"Here. Yes, yes."

[ From then on we investigated this game. ]

[ The number of people.
Persons, help: Sliding and moving once will move one person. But using two fingers won't move two persons. ]

[ Distance.
Interval, help: When a person leaves off for more than 20 meters, he can't move that person. ]

[ Minute.
Minute, help: The closer to get to the target, a fine process can be possible.
The limit is walking for 20 meters. If the usual skill can be upgraded, reading kanji will be possible. ]

[ This game, what kind of game is it? Even when we investigated about the development and the rumors of the game we couldn't get any. But to us, this game became something we couldn't let go of. ]

[ 2 days later- ]

"Will you be fine?"

"Yes, don't worry. I wanted to walk long distances using my feet for once."

"Don't over do it."


"Listen, if something's wrong just tell me. You can stop thinking about reality."

"I'm worried."

"Let me borrow the game. Shoes!"

"You can't use people!"

"Look, the island is becoming far."

"Don't look."


"I'm the one who should apologize. At that time I took you with my while I was playing."


"Dark ban-. I want to eat ice-cream."

"Got it. Lend me the game, Koyori."

'A suicidal?'

'I can't stop him.'

"What's wrong?"


'Why isn't he moving?'

"Wait. Stop."

[ Why couldn't I manipulate him? Is there a person whom I can't manipulate? ]

"Why did you attempt suicide?"

"Wrong. I wasn't thinking of suicide!!"

"I moved. Believe me, my moved moved on its own!"

'What does that mean?'

"Let's return back to the guest room. Koyori, wait here until I escort this person to-"

"I can stand ..."

'I'm not using the game, though.'


"Save me. I .... I'm being manipulated by someone."


"Sa...ve .... me .."



"Koyori, I'll save you now."

"What's wrong with my body? It doesn't listen to me."

"You'll be fine, Koyori..."

'There's no mistake.'

'There are other people who downloaded the game! But where are they? Where are they?'


"Hey, someone fell."


"You go down there. We'll get the rescue team."


"We checked on her, but I wonder how her senses will be when she recovers."

"No way."


"Father ..."

"Why did you take Koyori outside? What were you thinking when you drove her outside?"

"Dear, stop it."

"I'm sorry, father, mother."


"Are you Koyori-chan's brother?"

"You seem to drop something on the ship, so I thought of returning it back to you. How is your sister's condition?"


"I'm sure your sister will regain her health."

"Yes. What is this thing?"

[ There isn't one player in this game.
Miyavi. ]

"Did this bastard .... Koyori?"

[ This kind of game mustn't exist. I will find him and ... ]

[ And destruct him!!! ]

[ Bringing about an upheaval in this world, is it the Strings Dolls's whereabouts? ]

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