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Strings Dolls 7

+ posted by himitsu87 as translation on Nov 28, 2011 12:09 | Go to Strings Dolls

-> RTS Page for Strings Dolls 7

Reserved for lively scans

Chapter 7

"Good work, senpai."

"How was it? It's a case involving a culprit with serial assault habit."

"Ah, this is Kinen."

"Shut up. If you smoke it's the sam offense."

"The culprit is an annoying kid. It's noticed that they two hit their classmate with a bat. I myself said that they were manipulated to do so."

"Manipulated ...?"

"By taking their own sins lightly, there is no meaning to their speech."

"I don't know what youngsters are thinking of lately."

"If you bowl out the cutlet, the heart will open up."

"That's old, senpai."

"Are you serious?"

"Whatever, send a request."


'Manipulating a person ....'

"There is such a guy who can do it."

'Still, there are 8 string dolls players whom I didn't meet. If we don't destroy the game immediately ...'

"Shiro senpai,"


"You weren't listening to me."

"I heard you but could you repeat what you said again?"

"It's not important."

"It's the case of a student who attacked two people yesterday. The assailant and victim are pupils in school."

"Was there such a case?"

"Senpai, aside from Koyori you truly are apathetic."

"It's not that."

"Are you Orihara?"

"It's been a while. How are you doing?"

"It's been a while."

"Who are they?"

"My senpai back in middle school. We were involved in something."

"We're going to the karaoke. Would you like to join us?"

"I'll pass. I don't have money-"

"It's fine. If you don't have money then come here."


"Is it possible that-"

"It's that, indeed."

"Are you Hinata-kun?"

"We're a little short of money, would you let us borrow from you?"

"Umm ... I don't have any."

"Senpai, I misjudged you."

"What? Do you have any complains!"

"Geez ... Are you all right?"

"That's why I was worried. You'll extort me."

"Give me a break. Sure, first I'll break your arm and then will throw you on the ground. I intend to not only snatch your wallet from the right pocket but also steal the cash and the point card as well. That's not true. I'm here to save you ...."

"Uwaaa. I heard the whisper of the devil."

"I said it's not true."

"But weren't you with those people earlier? Besides, you had a reason ..."

'I was made a fool out of. Huh?'

"What is that?"

'I remember.'

"Ah, Riko...."

"Geez. What are you doing? Every time, every time. If you are teased all all the time I won't be satisfied."


"Are you really apologizing?"

"Hey, he seems dead."

"Are you their friend?"

"What? I said it's not like that."

"I saw you together with them, so I'm not mistaken."

"Stop it you two."

"Shut up!"


"Correct. It's my mistake. I'm sorry."

"Don't apologize to him."

"I haven't introduced myself. I am Kusunogi Hinata 2nd year in class A. I'm thankful for saving me."

"I'm Tsukimi Riko, the same class as Hinata."

"I'm Orihara Shi."

"You're Hinata's girlfriend, right?"

"Weren't you listening?"

'What is this?'

"How are you related?"

"Related? What kind of dirty question is that? We don't have that kind of relationship."

"You're kind of amazing."

"We're childhood friends since kindergarten. Since Hinata is always teased, I always protect him. If I wasn't there, he'd be a useless person."

"Yep! Riko is an awesome person."

"I understood the relationship between you two. Ah, shit. See you later, couple. If you're teased again, I'll help you out."

"Don't say couple."

"Let's go too. What's wrong? Hey."

"The guys who teased you today are different from the others. So far they weren't involved in yesterday's mayhem case so I was worried."

"It's because I'm less involved with others."

"Did you clearly hear what they said earlier?"


"I'll tell you."

"Shiro senpai."


"Are you visiting Koyori-san today as well?"

"I guess."

"I too will go."

"No. It's fine if it's just you."


"I can't see your motive."

"What are you saying?"

"You're shady."

"Wait a minute. Ouch. What is it?"

"Wow, what an amazing person."

"Someone call an ambulance."

"Hey, what's going on?"

"This ..."

'This person is ... senpai's friend.'

"Hey. He's still alive."

"Shiro senpai ... please turn on your string dolls."

[ Encountered one player. ]

"I too get this."

[ Encountered one player. ]

[ AAAA ]


"Are you kidding me with this name?"

"Is it possible that .."

"Yes. It's a dolls player's deed."

'Who is it?'

"Senpai, what if yesterday's case and today's incident are the doings of a strings dolls player?"

"It might be that Miyavi's coming. I won't let him get away with is. This has nothing to do with murdering string dolls players."

"I met two string players. Kiriyuu or Koyor, whatever his name is. It doesn't matter."

"No one can stop me."

"I ... "


"What is that shriek?"

"It's coming from the school building."

"If it's string dolls doing then the culprit is within the range of 30 meters. Kiriyuu, let's hurry!"

"What's wrong?"

'This person too. Senpai's friends are being targeted again.'

"Shall I call the ambulance?"


"I'll leave find the remaining senpai's friend to you."

"And you?"

"I have a clue about who's involved in this case. I'll go see him."

'Even if they're there, I can't see them within a moment. It's impossible. Huh? That person is ...'

"Excuse me."

"There we are."

"I won't forgive those who tease Hinata."

[ The assassin's dagger is drawing near Kiriyuu!! ]

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