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Izayakaku 13


+ posted by himitsu87 as translation on Nov 29, 2011 18:38 | Go to Izayakaku

-> RTS Page for Izayakaku 13

Reserved for The Zero Alliance Scanlation Group

"I'm sorry. You might not be able to come back here. But don't forget, that I love you."

"Have a safe journey."

[ Izu ]


"Tono ...!"

"Are you all right, after what happened? The injury ..."

"It's because I didn't see Tono's figure .."

"Aa! That reminds me, Kiyotsune, these people are Miura-san and Yoichi. Sagami's Kagechika-dono lent me their force! I went to talk to Sukekyo."

'I'm glad you came with good news...!'


'Is that my role because I didn't help out?'

"Yoritomo-dono, who is that?"

"Kiyotsune is my ..."

"I .. I am Adachi Morinaga-sama's subordinate. Adachi Kiyotsune. Yoritomo-sama's Zoushiki."


"Zoushiki spoke with Yoritomo-dono. That Yoritomo-domo, are you in good terms with him?"

"Yes! Kiyotsune is my friend!"

"I got it ... Since Yoritomo-dono is the only person whom you trust, then it seems that you'll be fine by escorting you till here. I'll visit you here afterwards."

"Sure. Please to meet you, Miura-san."

'This person is ...'

"Adachi Morinaga-san ...?"

"Umm .. Baba-dono ... I'm the adopted son in law. Leave the troubles of living in Izu to me."

"Thank you. Umm .. Who is that child?"

"He's my subordinate. He's close to your age too. He'll work next to Suke-dono. If you're concerned please order him to do anything you want."

"Don't sit like that. Please rise."


"No, Suke-dono, he doesn't mind."

"That person is a Zoushiki. If he converse with you, he will be punished. If you have an order, he'll be please to be instructed."

"A Zoushiki? I don't quite understand what it means ... But he'll be my supporter, not being able to have a conversation is truly inconvenient, isn't it?"

"Suke-dono ..."

"Please to meet you, I'm Yoritomo."

"I'm pleased to meet you!"

"Umm ... Since the day is ending ... the .."

'I can't go back home ...'

"Here ... is where I can't see or hear a thing. You're just an unknown person of mine ..."

"The people who were my friends ... disappeared from my side. I don't have any friend here. Kiyotsune is my only friend."

"Yes. I'll always be your friend."

'Yoritomo-sama is ...'

"Would you be my friend?"

'Since that day he conferred me constantly ... But I ...'

'Didn't I vow that day that I will always protect him? Even though I decided to protect him,'

"Tono ... I'm just a burden to you again .."

"Kiyotsune ... ?"

"But even if I'm not with you you won't have any trouble so be relieved! Aren't those people offering to help you out? You don't need to help pull out your feet. I should disappear from Tono's sight since the likes of me died. You can have as many subordinates as you'd like instead of me."

"Hey, Kiyotsune! Were you really saying that? By borrowing the Yoichi's force I wasn't thinking of substituting you, Kiyotsune. I'll become the leader of Genji so I decided to oppose the Heike. I won't run away anymore."

"I won't make any excuse."

'Tono ...'

"Or would you rather not be involved with me? Even if you think so, you were seriously injured after all. You can't complaint to me."

"That's not i! You misunderstood that alone!"

"You .. weren't you always my friend? Isn't it the same even now?"

"Of course!"

"Then ... don't say such things as 'substituting you' to me again! If you say one again that you should disappear I'll really get mad at you! Do you understand, Kiyotsune?"


"Yes. I acknowledged that, Tono."

'I didn't have anyone to serve from the start.'

"It seems all of my friends are gathered. I'm relieved a little!"

[Note: There you go.
I humbly accept it. ]

"The water is slightly tinged so don't worry about it. Didn't you forget the important topic here? The Heike is Tennou's affinity right now. At this rate if we're to go on a fight with the Heike we'll be traitors. It'll make us rebellions."

"Ah ..."

"Justice needs to lack of bad people. The Heike will accept subjugation order from the imperial court."

"Justice ... But Mochihtitoou-sama died and the prince's message is already ..."

"Is it invalid?"

"No, but if we still have the money ..."


"I disposed of it!"


"I smashed it!"


"Since it'd pass there isn't much we can do anymore!"

"Don't laugh like that! Don't say it so recklessly!"


"This is related to justice. There isn't anything much to worry about."


"If we use Yoritomo-san's ability, dignity and aura the Heike and Choutei won't have anything to complaint about!! Accordingly, we originally don't need justice!!"

[Note: Violating Oyanou-sama's message is a disposition!! ]

"I didn't understand well but don't need to, right?"

"Yes, Yoritomo-sama."

"No, useless!"

"We're useless after all~."

"Saying 'useless' ...?"

'Why do the Goubou* fellow and the Houjou daughter become weird around Tono's presence?'

[* means: Reverend ]

'But what's with the 'aura' thing?'

"Nonetheless ... in order to accept justice it's a huge risk to go to the capital. But it appears that we're going to the opponent's headquarters."



"It's my first time meeting you, Yoritomo-sama. I'm her highness the ex-emperor of Goshirakawa, and I came to give imperial command."

[ The ex-emperor visiting from Tokyo?? ]

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