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Izayakaku 12

State Premonition

+ posted by himitsu87 as translation on Dec 7, 2011 11:02 | Go to Izayakaku

-> RTS Page for Izayakaku 12

Reserved for The Zero Alliance Scanlation Group

[ We are going to the path of Haken* ]
* Haken= Hegemony.

[ Kyou, Rokuhara ]

"Since Mongaku wasn't there you came back, right?"

"But Tadanori-san, we just returned, won't you praise us?"


"Did you meet Yoritomo-kun?"

"I was keeping an eye on him. There is no need for you to cover yourself up anymore."


"You didn't betray us, though. Or were you pretending to do so?"

"What do you mean?"

"Did you know that we don't trust you completely?"

"The forth generation head of the Kajiwara family ... What is the Bandou family to the Kajiwara?"

"The Bando is Yoritomo's father, and Yoshitomo is related to Genji... Besides your ancestors and Yoritomo's ancestors were war buddies... Do you serve Gosouyaku of the Yoritomo?"

"As you stated."

"With such a figure, show your face. Aren't you considering it too?"

"I'm asking you, 'Did you promise them something'? Your motive is to attack the Heike family, right? Or were you bought as a spy?"

'I'm being tested ...'

" ... I joined hands with the Yoritomo. After the revolt changed in Heike I distrusted them. So don't worry. Opposing you is like overthrowing my body."

"In that case, can you vow your loyalty to us?"

"As you command me."

"If you are the real Yoritomo-dono, serve us well."

"Are you bluffing?"

"No...! The joke just now-"

"Shut up, will you? I'm not going to cut off your head, or are you insisting on Yoritomo?"

"I came here to talk to you about something important. So, I'm not lying. The real me is, Genji's Touryou Minamoa Yoritomo. I want to you your true feelings."


"After advancing here you won't be able to back up. We won't send you back again. Or ..."

"Whatever it is for,"

"Whatever it is for, didn't I already decide to come here?"


'Why aren't you in this place?'
'Did you notice Touryou's figure too?'

"You're wrong!"

"...Kagechika-dono, are we good?"


"Yeah! ... I indeed remember his face. Going to the real person is a nonsense ..."


"I apologize for testing you. We're not the Heike family so you don't worry yourself."


"We are thinking of meeting with Yoritomo-dono as well. We were glad to hear that Yoritomo-dono's envoy came. But it's dangerous to move right now for they have a spy at the Heike."

"We're looking at the opportunity and from there we percuss Yoritomo-dono. That's what we concluded. That's why we pretended to send you away. Please excuse our behavior."

"But ... Since it all came to this, it's probably a good plan to hurry with the matter... I'm saying that our plan of attacking the Heika together with Yoritomo-dono is rising."

"The two came to persuade me. Once I heard about Yoritomo-dono's intention I decided. Just like them I can't fight with the Heike disregarding the other party's feelings about it."

"Bad reputation ... Just believe that we intended to fight the Heike with Yoritomo-dono."


"Since we know your motive well, we'll become Yoritomo-dono's power. No, please accept it."


"Ah, don't be fearful, Suke."

"But he said it right? He surely has a good premonition."

"Well said."

"Umm. Yoritomo-sama!!"


"My name is Sanada Yoichi Yoshitada. Please call me 'Yoichi'."

"Ok. Yoichi!"

"I'm inspired by you! Since I first saw you I only felt that I cannot be of help to you so I became an envoy. I thought that you divided the line of an ordinary man."

"The welled up Yoritomo-dono's aura is too dazzling that you avert your eyes."

'Thank you'


"But ... no matter what he doesn't snatch away your eyes!!"

'The leader announced that he went to sleep earlier.'


"Yoichi will undertake me as his cousin. I'm fairly good with using the sword."

"In that case, you're suitable to become the power of Yoritomo-dono."

"I didn't introduce myself. I am Miura Yoshizumi."

"Miura ..."

"I'm glad. Do you recall my name? My older brother crossed swords with Heike in the battle earlier under Yoshihira-dono."

"I see. And then ..."

"I certainly considered the stream of both Yoichi and Miura, Miura served Genji for generations. The occasion where Yoritomo-dono was stood up against made me think of becoming his power lately. Just like Yoritomo-dono, I too didn't forget the regrettable defeat earlier."

"Anyway, you two midway coming here, were there any indications from the Heike?"

'That reminds me, Izu ... That is ...'

'No ... I'm overthinking.'

"Yeah, particularly..."

"You passed them cautiously, though. I'll look for any movements done by the Heike a little bit more and merge with them. For the present, Yoritomo-dono is leaving to Izu. As to not perceive the movements here."


"Once I cry out to our allies too they'll merge with us eventually."


"I acknowledge the things that Genji collected in his heart. If I call out Yoritomo-dono will be delighted to add us to his force."

"Yoritomo-sama! I'll go with you anywhere!"

"Sure. Let's go!"

"That time, Yoshitomo-dono must've failed ..."

"Are you saying it now?"

"Yoritomo-dono is living but I think it was good."

"After this, I don't know if Heike will be defeated or not but let's say it with hope at least."

"We have him with us but our union is becoming strong. Am I wrong?"

"Then .."

"I'll escort Yoritomo-dono midway."

'Very soon...'

'Very soon-'

"I ... want to be at ease."


"You were here at Yoritomo's spot! Surely, Yoritomo is called Moritoo ..."

"No. It's Mongaku."


"That stinks. You stepped into Miyako's land ..."

"So what?"

"Why are you here too?"

"What are you saying? I'm Daitengu-sama! This land is like a garden to me!"

"I'm in a hurry. Don't get in my way."

"Wait! You're Genji's friend, right?"

"Obviously. You're his friend too."

"It doesn't matter to Daitengu-sama the world of someone. He can affirm Heike's rivals."

"What? Tengu can't do that. Can he easily do such a thing?"

"I guess so~."

"If that's s-"

"Aren't you a person? You can cross over the limits of a person. Don't wish for something stupid. You'll only crash your body, youngster."

"Were you in a hurry? I too am busy. Farewell."

"A fool?"

'But he didn't say anything foolish.'

"I want to become at ease."

'The peaceful communication was successful with Yoritomo. And, Moritoo returned back from Kyou ...'

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