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Ushio to Tora 162

Incitement~ Destroy the Beast Spear Part 18: Violence

+ posted by HisaRania as translation on May 10, 2010 12:52 | Go to Ushio to Tora

-> RTS Page for Ushio to Tora 162

Ushio to Tora Volume 18 Chapter 162 (pg. 59-76)

Page 59

其の拾八 激越
Part 18 Violence

斗和子: あ。。。赤い布もあれを封じることげできぬのか。。。
Towako: I-it was sealed with the red cloth…

斗和子: これが。。。
Towako: This is…

斗和子: 獣の槍の。。。
Towako: The Beast Spear’s…

斗和子: 力か!
Towako: Power!

Page 60/61

Part 18

斗和子: キィエエエ!!
Towako: Kiieeeeh!!

斗和子: おおのれええー!!
Towako: Damn you!!

Page 62

潮: おおお!!
Ushio: Ooo!!

潮: 獣の槍よ。。。オレもおまえももう。。。さ。。。
Ushio: Beast Spear… you and I both…well…

潮: 負けたくねえよ。。。な。
Ushio: We don’t want to lose again.

坊: 危な。。。
Monk: Watch ou-

Page 64

坊: 潮殿と獣の槍が!!
Monk: Ushio-dono and the Spear!
坊: おお!
Monk: Ooh!

坊: すごい!
Monk: Amazing!

紫暮: うしお 気ィつけい!
Shigure: Ushio, be careful!

紫暮: そいつは「くらぎ」に潜んでいたヤツだぞ!
Shigure: She was lurking inside of Kuragi!

Page 65

坊: ああっ!?
Monk: Aaah!

坊: 獣の槍がはね返される!!
Monk: She repelled the Beast Spear!!

紫: やはり ヤツは「くらぎ」と同じく「力」を対外に反射させるのか!
Shigure: I knew it! She has the same power as Kuragi. Things reflect off her body!

Page 66

斗和子: ほほほほ、槍が帰って来たからとて、
Towako: Ho ho ho ho! Did you think you could beat me
just because you got the Spear back, when you lost to me as Kuragi?

斗和子: 今ここで槍もろとも叩き潰せば済むことよ 伝承者!
Towako: I’ll finish this by crushing you and the Spear here and now, Chosen One!

潮: 心を細くせよ。。。
Ushio: Focus your spirit…

潮: 水滴のみが板に穴を穿つ。。。
Ushio: A drop of water can bore a hole in a plank…

潮: すなわちー
Ushio: Which means-

潮: すなわちー
Ushio: Which means-

Page 67

斗和子: けけけけー!! 人間よ! ムダなコトを繰り返すがよい!
Towako: Keh keh keh keh!! Humans! Always trying again what failed the first time!

Page 68

斗和子: けええ。。。な。。。ぜえ。。。
Towako: Keeh…h…how did…

潮: 地面にめりこんで動けねえおまえの主とちがって。。。
Ushio: I’m different than your master, sunk into the ground and unable to move…

潮: オレは「練習」できるんだよ!
Ushio: I can “practice”!

Page 69

斗和子: 何をオオオ!
Towako: Nooo!

斗和子: おいで木偶!
Towako: Come, Degu!

坊: うわっ!!
Monk: Uwaah!

坊: あ。。。あれは!
Monk: W-what’s that!

Page 70

潮: 流にーちゃん!
Ushio: Nagare-niichan!

Page 71

流: へへ。。。
Nagare: Heh heh…
We’re a sad sight… he got us…

日輪: フン。。。
Hinowa: Fuhn…
Only because of our legs…

斗和子: ほほほほ
やっぱりね。。。動きが止まったわ 伝承者。
Towako: Ho ho ho ho
You see… Now stand still, Chosen One.
Your weakness is just as Hakumen no Onkata said…

潮: 二人を放せよっ!
Ushio: Let them go!

Page 72

斗和子: 殺させておくれ 伝承者。。。
Towako: Let me kill you, Chosen One…

斗和子: そうしたら みんな助けてあげるわ。
Towako: And I’ll let everyone go.

流: アホくさ! 真に受けんなよ うしお。。。
Nagare: Ridiculous! Don’t believe her, Ushio…

流: ガハ!
Nagare: Gaha!

紫暮: 念を凝らすぞ。。。
Shigure: Concentrate your yang…
We’ll stop the huge thing with the Crescent Moon formation…

Page 73

斗和子: 愚かねえ。。。
Towako: I’m no fool…

坊: がぁ!
Monk: Gah!

坊: うおっ!!
Monk: Uoh!!

紫暮: ―っく!
Shigure: Damn!

斗和子: ふふ。。。
Towako: Fuh fuh…
I guess I’ll just annihilate you all.

Page 74

潮: やめろっ!
Ushio: Stop it!

斗和子: あら やっぱり殺させてくれるのかしら?
Towako: Oh? Will you really let me kill you?

紫暮: うしおっ!!
Shigure: Ushio!

潮: しかたねえだろ。
Ushio: There’s nothing else to do.

Page 75

日輪: 流―っ!
Hinowa: Nagare!

日輪: 蒼月はバカだから本気だ!覚悟はいいかい!?
Hinowa: Aotsuki’s an idiot! Let’s get serious! Shall we finish this?

~Spell~ (TN: Not going to translate, it gives away the next part)

流: へ。。。
Nagare: Heh…

流: おまえと地獄への道行きたあ色気ねえァ。
Nagare: Going down to Hell with you could be interesting.

流: うしおよー
Nagare: Ushio!
This thing’s called a golem. It’s a puppet created by alchemy.

潮: な。。。何だよ。。。
Ushio: W-what do…

流: だまって聞きなー
Nagare: Shut up and listen-

流: こいつの頭に字が見えるだろエメスってよ。。。
Nagare: You see the “emeth” written on the thing’s head?
It’s Latin for “truth”…

Page 76

流: だけど最初の「E」をとると「メス」-
Nagare: But take away the “e” and you get “meth”-
It becomes “dead” and this thing will crumble.

潮: 待てよ兄ちゃん。。。
Ushio: Wait, Niichan…

潮: 何でそんなコト教えるんだよ。。。
Ushio: Why are you telling me this?

流: あと頼むわ。
Nagare: You take care of the rest.

斗和子: 何をする気だ?
Towako: What are you planning?

紫暮: 滅己術 「捌」-!
Shigure: Self-destructive technique Hatsu!

潮ととら: 何だよ それっ!?
Ushio: What’s that?

紫暮: 法力のオーバーロードによる、
Shigure: It’s an overload of houriki.

紫暮: 自爆。。。
Shigure: They’re going to blow themselves up…

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#1. by Millo ()
Posted on May 11, 2010
dunno if you made the mistake or the mangaka but "emeth" isn't latin. It's hebrew. "Veritas" is the latin word for truth^^
#2. by HisaRania ()
Posted on May 11, 2010
ラテン語= Latin

Bad Fujita! I didn't think it sounded very Latin. Now comes the question, do you correct material that the writer screwed up or just translate what he says? Thanks muchly for letting me know where it came from though!

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