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Translations: One Piece 904 by cnet128 , Gintama 682 (2)

Fullmetal Alchemist 98

Unlimited Greed

+ posted by HisshouBuraiKen as translation on Aug 12, 2009 17:05 | Go to Fullmetal Alchemist

-> RTS Page for Fullmetal Alchemist 98

Page 1: [Gangan cover]

Page 2:
Bradley: You should've ran while you had the chance.

Greed: Sorry pal, my greed knows no limits.
SFX: shink

Greed: And right now I want your LIFE,
Side gray: Wrath appears again?
Side red: Greed looks down from above!

Page 3:
Staticy big text: The Seven sins, given life
from the dakest depths.
Title: Chapter 98 - Unlimited Greed

Page 4:
S1: The Fuherer's returned!
S2: He has?!

S1: He just crushed one of Briggs' tanks!
S2: That'll teach those damn mountain goats!

S1: Think we can round up the remaining units and retake the central command post?
S2: Well, there's more than just Briggs soldiers over there...
Did you see those pale white monsters?

S1: You can cut off their heads and it won't even faze 'em.
S2: Where the hell'd they come from, anyway?
S1: Maybe they're one of Briggs' new weapons?
S2: Nah, the Briggs guys were fighting them, too.

Page 5:
Ranfan: Bradley's at the main gate...?


Page 6:
Bucc: You're...
here to help?

Greed: The town's buzzing with rumors about your supposed death from a train exploision.
How'd you escape?

Page 7:
Bradley: My eyes were much too good for that.

I could see exactly where to run to get through the rubble.
But you can't fight age.

My body's not what it used to be.
SFX: Rub rub

SFX: Tsk
Greed: He managed all that without even being in peak condition...

Page 8:
Falman: You're...
Lin Yao, right?

Lin: I haven't seen you since I holed up in your apartment, huh?
How's it going, officer Falman?
Falman: That's 2nd Lieutenant!
SFX: Grin

Lin: I owe you for the shelter and the food.
Glad I have a chance to pay you back.

Greed: Then again...
SFX: shink

Greed: I'm really doing this for MYSELF!

Page 9:


Page 10:

SFX: Slice

SFX: Flip

Page 11:
SFX: Dash

Bradley: Trying to get in my blind spot again?

SFX: Dadadadadadadada
Greed: Heh...
My partner here's taught me the proper way to fight you.

Bradley: I see.

Bradley: Then let's try this.

Page 12:
Greed: Whoaaa-

S1: He's getting overwhelmed!
S1: He might need some help!
Greed: Ack-

Greed: Bastard!

SFX: Thunk
S1: Wagh-

S1: Back him up!
Fire at will!

Page 13:
Greed: No, you idiots!
Don't get involved-

SFX: Whzzz whzz whzz

SFX: Whzz


S1: Unh-
S2: Huh?

Page 14:
Blade: Ting

Bucc: Y...
You son of a biiiiiiitch!


Page 15:
Bucc: Ngh-

SFX: Twitch


SFX: Step

SFX: Kaklank

Page 16:
Bradley: Quite a set of abs you've got.

Bucc: No more fancy swordplay for you...!

Falman: Captain!
Greed: You're out of your freaking mind!

But nice work!

Bradley: Dear me.

Page 17:
SFX: TingaTingaTingaTinga

Bradley: I suppose I'm not AS proficient with these.

Greed: Tsk-

SFX: Brummm

Page 18:
SFX: brummmmmmmmmm

Leader: His excellency has returned!
SFX: Step step step
Soldier: Sir.
He's currently engaging an unidentified enemy, sir.

Leader: Don't interfere with his battle.
We should focus our attack on their troops.
Soldier: Sir,
yes sir.

Leader: Get the men rearmed.
We're taking back the main gate.

Page 19:
Soldier: Move, move!

SFX: Dodododododo

Falman: Another wave of Central troops!
Let's give 'em a few rounds from this!
Soldier: We can't just fire this at will, sir!

Falman: Ack!

Page 20:
Greed: Sorry,
I've got my hands full with this guy.
Take care of the Central dogs and Mohawk there.

Falman: Take care...
How are we supposed to face THAT with THIS?

Leader: Anyone on the inside we can contact?
Soldier: Tell them to open the gate from the inside.
SFX: ratatatatatata

SFX: dangle
SoldieR: Huh?

Page 21:

Leader: Wha-
SFX: cough cough cough

Bubbles: Ngh-
SFX: Taptap
Stab stab

Leader: Who's there?!
Another enemy?!


Page 22:
Bubble: KWSHH

Soldiers: Bhagh-

bubbles: KHACK



Page 23:
SFX: Whoosh

SFX: Stab

Page 24:
SFX: tingtingting

Bradley: Hmm...

SFX: tik

Page 25:
Greed: Whoa...
Nice moves, gramps.

Huu: Hmph...
Greed, huh?
I sensed your foul ki eminating from the young lord's body...

But, it's thanks to that I managed to track yuo down.

So who is this man who remains uninjured despite both our best efforts?

Greed: That'd be King Bradley.

Page 26:
Huu: Oh ho!
I've never seen him with my own eyes.

SFX: squeeze

Huu: So THIS is the man who severed my grandaughter's arm!

Page 27:
Guy: Okay...Got it!
He is?!

Mrs. Bradley!

His excellency is alive!
He's completely unhurt!

MrsB: Oh...
Thank goodness...

He's really safe?
What about Selim?!
guy: We haven't heard anything yet...
Breda: Shit.
guy: His excellency has joined the Central forces and is fighting Briggs as we speak.

Page 28:
Breda: Hunh.
Guess we're blaming Major General Armstrong's, huh?

Well, fortunately his excellency is safe.
MrsB: Yes...
Though I wish I knew Selim was, too...

Breda: If he's fighting the Briggs soldiers, it means Major General Armstrong's behind the coup d'etat.
Guy: You mean that female general who just came here recently?

Guy2: Her men have been mercilessly slaughtering the Central forces...
I wonder how much of the top brass she's got on her side?

Fuery: Still alive...
I suppose Homunculi don't go down that easy...
Maria: With the way he used his wife, he'll probably abandon her too.
SFX: step step step step

Fuery: This place is about to get dangerous too...
Maria: Hmm?
Bubbles: I said we'd come to you!
Don't move a muscle!

Page 29:
Maria: What is it?
Rebecca: Those guys out there wanna join our side.

Guy: I'll come alone!
Don't shoot!

Bandana: Hands behind you rhead!
Try anything and we all fire!

Maria: It's okay...
let him through.

We can trust him.

Page 30: [Grown up Ed! I mean, Denny!]

Page 31:

Maria: Oh lord...

Page 32:
Izumi: Hmm...
So you planned to sacrifice the masses so your "inner circle" could gain immortality and "unite the world..." is that it?
SFX: loom


Alex: And The Fuhrer knows of all this?
Oldie: Yes.

We created him to lead the country for that very purpose.

Page 33:
Oldie: This world is decaying!
It needs to be reborn anew!
Izumi: And the first step is destroying it?

Oldie: Not destruction! Ressurrection!
"Deconstruction and recomposition," like in alchemy!

The masses will not suffer death!
They will live forever, within us!
And together, we will rebuild the world!

All is one, and one is all!

We, the chosen ones of Amestris, are the one-

Page 34:
Oldie: GHURK-

Izumi: Well?
What're you all gonna do?

You think they've got the right idea?
You gonna let 'em go?
Oldie: Y-You all must follow me!
If you'll just hear what HE has to say-


Page 35:
S1: We're all soldiers..
We're supposed to follow our superior's orders...

But to be honest...
I don't know what to BELIEVE anymore...

Izumi: Believe in YOURSELF.

Pick a path that you, deep down in your soul, won't be ashamed of.

Page 36:
S1: ...I've got a family back in town.
S2: Me too.
S3: Same here...
S4: Got a girl out there...

S2: Brigadier General...

SFX: Rip

S2: This is our answer.

SFX: flap, clink clink

Page 37:
Olivier: Central command.
SFX: Excuse me.
SFX: Bzzz
Phone: Yes?

Olivier: Report in.
Operator: All clear here.
Fresh waves of central soldiers are arriving from all sides.

What's your location, General?
Olivier: Fuhrer's room.

Operator: We've lost contact with our forces in that area.
It's highly likely they've been surrounded.

Page 38:
Olivier: I see.

If maintaining your position becomes to risky, use the tunnel to escape.
And leave me behind.

Operator: ...Roger that.

Oliver: Now then...
SFX: click

Olivier: This place is swamped with enemies again.

It's only a matter of time before they make it here.

Page 39:
Izumi: Which means...

???: Down here, huh...
SFX: clang clang

SFX: clang clang
Ed: Hmmm...

This is weird...
I'm sure she went this way...
Or maybe THAT way...

Page 40:
Ed: MAY!

Mustang: You're lost, Fullmetal.
Ed: Wh-

YOUR useless ass came in and distracted us, this is YOUR fault!
Mustang: No one asked you to come find me.

Ed: Yeah, right! If Scar and I hadn't been there you'd have gone over the edge!
Mustang: Don't try to make it out like I owe YOU.
My LIEUTENANT was the one who stopped me.

Scar: Shut your mouths,
the enemy will hear you.
Hawkeye: Hagh...

While I still have the chance, I want to thank you.

Page 41
Hawkeye: It may enrage you, as an Ishvalan, to have someone like me thank you...
but I'm grateful that you persuaded the Colonel to stop.

He...was almost lost forever.

Thank you.

Scar: I don't need gratitude-

SFX: shhf

Page 42:
Doctor: Oh me oh my, I never expected an audience.
Now I'm nervous.
SFX: clang
SFX: Smiiile

Doc: But...
Let's get this show on the road.

Text: The time has arrived!

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#1. by Gingitsune ()
Posted on Aug 12, 2009
Thank you for the swift as always! ^_^

Although there seems to be some confusion with the page numbers, the last bubble of page 27 is marked as page 28.
#2. by Spineless Coward ()
Posted on Aug 13, 2009
Umm... What's written in page 33, second bubble? There's a bunch of text and it seems important.
#3. by roku-sky ()
Posted on Aug 13, 2009
That. It is page 33 in the raw, but actually labeled as p. 32 in your translation. An entire bubble is missing which seemed to be talking about immortals or whatnot. Thanks for your work!
#4. by ibra87 ()
Posted on Aug 13, 2009
Until hisshou translates it, here's a translation by Tombow @ fullmetal-alchemist.com:

Izume: "Heh..." "Are you saying you were going to sacrifice common citizens of this country in order for you to get immortality, and conquer the world.......?"

Thanks for the translation
#5. by HisshouBuraiKen ()
Posted on Aug 13, 2009
Missing bubble added and page numbers fixed! :P Thanks for the heads-ups, guys.
#6. by LordMelkor ()
Posted on Aug 14, 2009
Thanks, but your first line has grammatical error (I usually am not bothered by such things, but it was the first line :-/)

It should be: Bradley: You should've "run" while you had the chance.

NOT Bradley: You should've ran while you had the chance.

…I'm pretty sure…

EDIT: Yep, I'm right I just pasted the sentence in Microsoft Word, and the Grammar checker picked it up. (That actually might be a good idea from now on, as a QC run the translation through Word, to see if it picks up any minor errors ^_^)

Also, typo on page 5: you wrote "exploision" instead of explosion, lol.
and on page 25: typo: yuo, written instead of you.

Page 28:
Breda: Hunh.
Guess we're blaming Major General Armstrong's, huh?

Well, fortunately his excellency is safe.
MrsB: Yes...
Though I wish I knew Selim was, too...
**insert "where"^

Page 38: If maintaining your position becomes to risky, use the tunnel to escape.
And leave me behind.
**should be "too", not "to"
#7. by hissatsu ()
Posted on Aug 14, 2009
more possible corrections from Franky House:

pages still missing text:
page 19 (20 in Raw), 2nd frame
page 20 (21 in Raw), frames 1, 4

from Kage
slight Grammar changes, use as you please - page numbers as from the raw

There were some typos and I went through and corrected them. In order:

Page 2: Greed says in the final panel "And right now, I want you life, Wrath."

It should say your life. - I corrected this.

Page 3:
Staticy big text: The Seven sins, given life
from the darkest depths. instead of Darkest

Page 4: Last frame - moved the words around so that weapon is together and doesn't need a hyphen.

Page 6: Last frame Greed says "The town's buzzing with rumors about your supposed death from a train exploision". I corrected this so it says explosion.

Page 8: I replaced the ? with - in the word Lieutenant.

Page 21: Frame 4 text was left out. I put in "Just think of something!".

Page 26: Frame 3 - corrected the word "you" which had been spelled "yuo".

Page 27: Frame 4 - Corrected the spelling for Granddaughter which had been spelled Grandaughter.

Page 28, frame 1 & 5 (f1- translation should it be "okay... okay!" and for f5- the "shit" is that for the tiny text)

Page 36: First frame I moved the words so that supposed and superior's didn't need to be hyphenated.

Page 38: Frame 4, did same as page 36 with words location and General.

Page 39: Second frame - changed "to risky" to "too risky.

Page 41: 4th frame: moved the words around so that the word Lieutenant doesn't need a hyphen.

Finally Page 43: Frame 2 fixed it so nervous is all one word.
#8. by LordMelkor ()
Posted on Aug 14, 2009
Everything you listed has either absolutely nothing to do with HisshouBuraiKen's work, or I already listed...

(Apart from the following 3)
"Page 2: Greed says in the final panel "And right now, I want you life, Wrath."
It should say your life. - I corrected this.

Page 27: Frame 4 - Corrected the spelling for Granddaughter which had been spelled Grandaughter.

Page 21: Frame 4 text was left out. I put in "Just think of something!".
#9. by hissatsu ()
Posted on Aug 14, 2009
somebody did something similar to yours in Franky House's release thread dat may influence their release and i am posting it here for Hishhou. Let him decide what is useless and what is not.
#10. by LordMelkor ()
Posted on Aug 15, 2009
"Nothing to do with his work" is different from "useless". Stop getting butt hurt for no reason, hissatsu. I'm pretty sure Hisshou doesn't do the scanlations for Franky-House (in fact I don't think he's even affiliated), and hyphenation/linebreaks are the responsiblity of the Scanlator.

Just scroll up to the top of this page. What you see is Hisshou's contribution. Do you see any information about linebreaks or hyphenation? No.

Seriously people sometimes...
#11. by dokuganryuu ()
Posted on Aug 16, 2009
Had to edit this:
Numbering is based off of RAW.

Page 20:
My tanslation/changes or adds.
Greed's text to stay same.
Falman: WHAT!?
Falman (longer speach): I am begging you...What are suppose to do with worn out forces!/What are we suppose to do worn out!
Greed: Make do!/Do it somehow!
Military Commander: Is there a man that can give a report on the inside? Wrench the gate open from the other side.
Grunt on other end: Plan. (Probably is actually more like......The plan?)
Grunt: Hmmm? (similar to the ever popular Ummm? that you give right before answering)

Page 21:
SFX stays the same.
Officer is coughing from the smoke: Wha....(He doesn't complete Nan/Nani so does not translate to full What). !?. WHAT WAS THAT!? New Help!? (Or New troops/Fresh troops)
(The !! could just be translated as a Unh or grunt sound)
#12. by LordMelkor ()
Posted on Sep 9, 2009
It's a bit sad to see that even after the whole "higher quality translations" push by Mangahelpers, one of the most well respected translators, can still release such shoddy work (and makes no attempts to correct it).
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