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Translations: One Piece 891 by cnet128 , Gintama 667 (2)

Naruto 484

Team Seven Reunited!

+ posted by HisshouBuraiKen as translation on Feb 25, 2010 04:05 | Go to Naruto

-> RTS Page for Naruto 484

Page 1:
Title: Team Seven Reunited!

SFX: Shuuuuuu

Text: What has Sasuke's transformation done to Sakura's feelings?!

Karin: Y-You're...

Sakura: Don't talk yet!
I'm almost done...

Karin: You're the enemy...I don't wanna know what you think or how you feel.

So please...

Please don't...
SFX: drip

Page 2:
Karin: Please don't look so sad...please don't cry!
SFX: drip drip

Karin: Damn you...
SFX: drip

Kakashi: Good...

Sasuke: You listen to me...
The Sharingan is the symbol of the Uchiha...

Page 3:
Sasuke: A lowlife outsider like you has no right to go around showing that eye off!
SFX: Dash

SFX: Tak

Itachi: You want to bring Sasuke home.
But what will you do if he refuses to come?

I'm asking what you'd do if your "brother" attacked the Leaf.

Page 4:
Itachi: Sasuke's heart is still a blank canvas.
The right person could paint it whatever color he wanted.

And if that happened, would you be able to stop him?

Even if it meant killing him...

Naruto: I'd protect the village
AND stop Sasuke, WITHOUT killing him!

Itachi: You're still acting like a child.
You're living in a fantasy world...you need to come to terms with the fact that you, as a shinobi,
will be forced to make impossible decisions like this.

Gaara: As Sasuke's friend, you know what you have to do.

Raikage: You lower your head to plead for the safety of a common criminal.
That's not friendship! Not in our world!

You need to think more carefully before you act, Leaf boy!
You won't get far in this world with foolish, weak ideology.

Page 5:
Gaara: Think very carefully about what you can do for Sasuke.

Naruto: When I see him...

I'll know the answer when I see him again.


Page 6:

Sasuke: Huu...haa...

Kakashi: That was too fast...
My only option was to warp it away with the Mangekyou.

Page 7:
Kakashi: So that's "Susano'o," I take it?

Sasuke: I can't believe you, a non-Uchiha, awakened the Mangekyou...
So that's what saved you...your eye's ability...

I hope you're grateful to the Uchiha.

Kakashi: Sasuke...
Your clan and your hatred
can't be the only things left in your heart.
Look deep inside yourself one last time.

Sasuke: Still reciting the same old pleas...

Kakashi: You know what's REALLY there.

Page 8:
Sasuke: They're all...laughing...

They're all laughing it up, at the cost of Itachi's life!
Cackling in unison with no idea of the price he paid!


Page 9:
Sasuke: All I hear in your laugher now is scorn and ridicule!
But I'll change it, I'll turn your laughter into screams of anguish!

Kakashi: Sasuke!

Karin: His chakra's colder than ever...
Sasuke's...not the person...you used to know...

Kakashi: This is bad news!

Page 10:
SFX: suuuuu

SFX: sshhhhh

Sasuke: Ngh!
SFX: clap

Sasuke: Fuck!

Page 11:
SFX: Ksssshhh

Sasuke: My vision!

Karin: What're you gonna go?!
SFX: Tak

SAsuke: Kh-
SFX: wipe wipe

Page 12:
Kakashi: Sakura, why did you come back?!
SFX: dash

Sakura: I won't let you carry the burden, Kakashi-sensei!

I'll tell Naruto what's going to happen with Sasuke-kun...
So please, everyone...don't say a word to him.

Page 13:
Sakura: I can't tell Naruto about this!
I have to do this just right...

I can't falter!


Sasuke-kun, I...

Sasuke: Thank you...

Page 14:
Sakura: I thought...
I could do this!

Kakashi: Sakura!

Sakura: Khhk!

Page 15:
Bubble: Stumble
SFX: splish

Kakashi: Shit!
This had to happen the second after I used the Mangekyou!

Sakura: Nnh...kh....

SFX: Grab
Bubble: Slap

SFX: Swip

Kakashi: Don't do it, Sasuke!

Page 16-17:
SFX: Grab
Text: Team Seven is assembled again! But what is Naruto's "answer?!"

Kakashi: Naruto?!

Sakura: ...Naruto...

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