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Kiben Gakuha, Yotsuya Senpai no Kaidan 2

It is Alright Already?/Hide and Seek in the Old Building

+ posted by Ilcm26 as translation on Mar 17, 2010 04:28 | Go to Kiben Gakuha, Yotsuya Senpai no Kaidan

-> RTS Page for Kiben Gakuha, Yotsuya Senpai no Kaidan 2

Page 01

[Opening the Door to the Greatest Fear...! New Series Second Chapter 27 Pages and Center Color!!]

[Kiben Gakuha Yotsuya Senpai no Kaidan]

[A Voice calling you to the Mystery....]

Chapter 2 - It's alright already?

Furudate Haruichi

Page 2

[A New Mysterious Event....]

-Yotsuya Senpai

-Will you listen to my story one more time?

-About the day when Hinano vanished

-I wonder if that ingredient is fit for my Ultimate Mystery

Page 03


-A Voice that keeps searching


-A Lonely "Devil", who was left behind


-Is now searching for "Someone"

-And so, that Devil's...

-True Form is....

Second Night - Hide and Seek in the Old Building

Page 04

-Hinano was my best friend since Elementary School

-And since that time we always went home together

-That day was the same, we we're suppoused to meet in front of the Old School Building and then go home together.

-Usually, I was the one always late

-But Hinano never complaint, she was always waiting for me

-Like a sweet and gentle older sister

-But, on that day....

-She vanished only leaving her bag behind


-"Hide and Seek"

Page 5

-Hide and Seek....?

(This person is Yotsuya Senpai)

(A Mysteryous Student, which only his name and class are known facts)

(He's being a part of the "Second Year A Class'' for many years)

(Creating School's Msteries)

-Its a story from many years ago

-At that time the new building was in the middle of its construction, but many students went there to play until one didnt come back

-Until that student was found the construction would cease its activities

-....but then, something happened

(This is it. Yotsuya Senpai's "Mysteries")

(Even though you're scared, you can't stop yourself from hearing them)

(His "Stories" rythym, pacing, the sound of his voice and his words seems like a strong Hypnotysm which)

(Enters your ears and rapidly takes control of your mind)

-From inside a wall...

Page 6

-People started hearing a voice


-"Is it Alright Already"

-Even though the time passed, and the Former New Building become the Old Building

-You could

-Still hear

-That voice



-Even so you can't answer

-You can only answer it in the end....

-The next

-"Devil" is...



-Thank you for the Nice Scream!!


(The reason Yotsuya Senpai is here all this time is..)

Page 7

-Would you be serious for a moment!?

-I am serious!!

-Hearing other screams are my first priority


(Create the "Ultimate Mystery")

(To spread his Stories)

(And hear others screams are his greatest pleasures in life)

(An awful hobby)

(In the recent "Female-Kidnapping Serial Killer Incident"....)

(The Culprit who took the life of 3 girls...)

(Was defeated by Yotsuya Senpai's "Story")

-Now go spread this story to the entire school

-Did you...used Hinano in this story?

-Think whatever you want but

-If you want to find out the "Truth"

-Everything starts from this "Story"


-If you understood then get going Fear Germ

-And when you tell it to other people

-Always remember to repeat this...

Page 8

-"Don't tell this to anyone, okay?"


What is it?


-Do you know about the "Endless Hide and Seek"?

-If you go to the Old Building

-They say you'll hear a "Devil" saying "Is it alright already?''!

-And people say that, this "Devil" is actually

-The missing girl, Yayoi Hinano!


-I dare you to go there!

-I'll go!!

-[Third Year Class C - Tsuchiya Senpai]

Page 9


-I made some cookies for you

-You said you like sweets right?


-I love them! Thanks!!

-Huh? Won't you eat them?

-You usually save stuff you like for later right?

-Somewhere no one will ever find

Page 10

-That's like a dog! Just don't give the cookies to Kumakichi 'kay?

-I won't, I have something especially for him

-You're such a dog lover

-Lot's of people are saying they're going to test their courage in the old building

-Here, for you

-Well done, good job. Spread it even further!


-You...that's not the drink I asked!?

-Ah...well, the one you wanted was sold out so

-I just closed my eyes and pressed a ramdom button on the vending machine

-Are you kidding me!?

-Why didn't you go to another machine!?

-Well, in all of them that was the only thing left so....

-The hell are you drinking then?

-I brought this from home...

-Come here Kumakichi

Page 11


-That Senpai

-He came to feed Kumakichi again, he really likes hi....HN?!


-That's my lunch!



Page 12

-Listen here, if you don't stop doing this

-I'll won't give you bones any....

-You'll eat that later right, Kumakichi?


-He's saving it for later

-He won't eat it so soon so, he Hides it

-Its a normal reasoning

-I tottaly understand that feeling

-Hey Kumakichi you should hide it better


-This way someone may find it

-Hey...Would you stop kidding please, I just want my

-Look, more hidden

-Lunch back...

-More Hidden








Page 13

-Wait a minute Senpai...!

-Stop this, please!

-Hide everything

-You get your hands at


-It will become yours and only

-....What a weirdo....

-Oh I see

-He enjoys hidding everything he gets his hands at huh

-An Abnormal wish for possesion

Page 14

-There's sure a bunch of freaks out there

(Who are YOU to talk!?)

-"Saving for later'' he says....

-Buring my lunch in dirt....

-Senpai, would you please give that bone to Kumakichi already

-"Captured Girl"...


-Wasn't Yayoi Hinano


-The hide and seek in the Former Building

-Captured alone and now wandering

-As I thought, the "Devil" must be....

Page 15


-At this place, at such a time....

-Are you by any chance doing a Courage Test???

Page 16

-It's dangerous here...

-There's a rumour that The Hide and Seek Devil appears here

-Devil? Sorry I don't believe these little stories

-What about you? What are you doing in here...?

-I'm a student, just like you. See my uniform?

-I came to test my courage

-I just love "Little Stories"

-So if you're not here as a test of courage, just what are you doing in here?

-...Nothing to do with you



Page 17

-Hey, hey

-I wonder if the "Devil" in the Old Building is the ghost of Yayoi Hinano?

-Eh...Wasn't she just missing?

-It...doesn't mean she d-died right?

-Keep it down!

-Just how long is she missing anyway?

-It's been a long time already....

-It was Tsuchiya Senpai the one who hidden Yayoi Hinano


Page 18




-Where did you....?!

-And Hinano?!!

-Senpai!! Where is Hinano!!??





Page 19

-Now that we know who the "Listener" is

-Let's do the setting for the "Mystery"

-Come help me


-Don't you want to see

-The "Truth"?


-Tsuchiya Senpai is the culprit

-Until he's caught is just a matter of time, and so

-Isn't it already over?!

-In the end I....couldn't do anything

-I can do nothing

-Isn't it already over?

-The Game is not over just yet

Page 20

-This "Mystery" is

-About finding the Captured Yayoi Hinano

-There's no Story if Nakashima Makoto isn't there

-You can't play Hide and Seek alone

-There's no one else besides you who can

-Find Yayoi Hinano right!?

-Even if you think reality is too hard you have to face it

-And search for your Friend

Page 21

-And then, you'll find an answer

-When my "Mystery" begins

-You'll be doing the "Devil"

-I'll drag the "Listener"

-Now it's the Climax

-Let's go

-To make a new "Mystery"

[This Hide and Seek Game]

Page 22

[I'm the one who's]

[Gonna finish it]


-AH! Hey Kumakichi

-Don't get in there...

-Crap he got in!


-Good Morning Everyone! It's the Broadcasting Commitee speaking

-Damnit! Everything is sold out in this machine

-He....This is the "Morning Broadcast"?

-The classes are already over..

-Let's start today's Broad..KZZT

-....right Already?

Page 23



*Broadcasting Room

-Greetings Everyone

-From now on

-I'll begin today's "Story"

(This is how he's going to "Drag the Listener"!?)


-This is...


-No way...


-During a Scarlet Sunset in the Former School Building...

-One Student Dissapeared

Page 24

-Is it Alright Already? A "Devil" who was left behind

-Is even now searching for "Someone"

-And soon he'll find ....

-That the One searching is also being searched by that "Someone"

-An Endless Game....

-But the one lost in the Old Building

-Is not the "Devil"

-Where did you go Kumakichi!

-You're still bothering Kumakichi?


-Tsuchiya Senpai!!!

Page 25


-"Give Back"?

-Do you know what I've been doing?

-....Mayoi Hinano is Mine

-I've hidden her, so she's mine

-And the place where she is

-Is a place where you'll never find her

-Kumakichi may be docile but

-If you try to get what's Mine

-I won't hesitate on bitting

Page 26

-With one look, a calm boy, but reallly

-A Rabid Dog that chases inocent girls

-And now one more time

-He plans on bitting another girl

-But with the approaching madness, something unexpected

-A wierd, creepy wind blows

Page 27

-Yostuya Senpai!!

-Its seems that you heard my little broadcast Tsuchiya Senpai, so now

-Shall we start this "Mystesy"?

To the Incident's Climax...!!


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#1. by .::Joker::. ()
Posted on Mar 17, 2010
Thx =)
#2. by Edek ()
Posted on Apr 5, 2010
very thx! o/

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