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Kiben Gakuha, Yotsuya Senpai no Kaidan 2

Are you ready?

+ posted by Laika as translation on Apr 16, 2010 14:03 | Go to Kiben Gakuha, Yotsuya Senpai no Kaidan

-> RTS Page for Kiben Gakuha, Yotsuya Senpai no Kaidan 2

There's bound to be some crap that isn't consistent with 1 since these series love to ham it up with catch phrases. Good thing nobody uses this anyways, so I won't have to bother spending much time checking over that.


Page 1
Kiben Gakuha Yotsuya Senpai no Kaidan
The circle[school/sect] of sophistry, the terrifying tales of Yotsuya-senpai
"Let's take a trip to the dark side," the voices call out. [toward the strange/suspicious side the voice calls]
Chapter 2: Are you ready? [Or "Ready or not, here I come." referring to Hide-and-seek]

Page 2
will you // listen closely to what I have to say [will you hear what i have to say closely again?]

The events head toward the bizarre again-!! [The event heads toward a new 'bizarre']

about [the details] of what happened on the day that Hinano disappeared?

Those details may/should be [a story/talk] fitting for // a tale of pure horror. [shouldn't they?]

Page 3
"Are~ you~ rea~dy...?

A voice that keeps on searching rings out.

"Are~ you~ rea~dy...?

"It/the demon," left all alone, [It as in "It" in hide-and-seek or "the demon/ogre/oni" in the Japanese version of the game]

"Are~ you~ rea~dy...?

is still searching for "someone" right this very moment.

- Now then,
just what could the true form of
"it/demon" be?

The second night: Hide-and-seek in the old school building [or schoolhouse or w/e]
Bg text: One more time

Page 4
Hinano's been a close friend of mine ever since elementary school-

and from way back then we would walk home together.
On that day we were supposed to meet up in front of the old school building like normal, // though I was always the one that was late.

Hinano would wait for me without saying a word. She's reliable and sweet/kind, like a big sister-
... but on that day

she disappeared leaving only her belongings behind.

- "Hide-and-seek"

Page 5
This person is Yotsuya-senpai.
Other than that moniker, he's a classmate (I guess?) whose age and other various details are all unknown. //
He has stayed in this school in the same class "2-A" for years-

... or so goes the rumor [around school.]
- It's a story that happened some years ago.

Students were playing hide-and-seek at that school building, which was still being built back then. There was one student that didn't return home.
Construction ended up being finished without the student ever being found.

... And ever since then [... This is what happened after that]

This was it. Yotsuya-senpai's "scary stories." So scary that even if you wanted to cover your ears- you couldn't.

The rhythm, pacing, and intensity [volume] in which he recounts - the words funnel through the ear drums and take control of the brain as if it were hypnotism-
from inside the new walls a voice asking,

Page 6
Are~ you~ rea~dy...?

seemed to be able to be heard.
Even as time passed, and the "new" school building became known as / called the old school building,

you can still hear it // coming
from the middle
of nowhere
Are~ you~ rea~dy?
Are~ you~ rea~dy?
Are~ you~ rea~dy?

But you mustn't ever // respond to this query.
For if you do... // then // you [If you answer than in the end... // the next // ogre/demon/it]

WILL BECOME "IT!" [Will be you!]
SFX: Gaba-

Ah, what a nice scream. Delish! [Omnomnomnom-!] [Itadakimashita~!]

The reason why Yotsuya-senpai has stayed in school for so long-

Page 7
Hey! I was being serious!
I was being serious too!!!
Making people scream is serious business to me!!! [I'm more serious than anyone about hearing screams]
is to create a "tale of pure horror."
Spreading the stories he makes, // and hearing the screams of his victims [the people's screams] seem to be his greatest purpose in life.
It's a twisted hobby- but

with the "multiple incidents of abduction-murders of young schoolgirls" that had shocked the neighborhood [our world]... // Yotsuya-senpai's "scary story"
was what ended up cornering the culprit of that incident which claimed the lives of three people.

Now go spread that story I just told you around.
... the one that you just... used [what happened to] Hinano to make?
If you don't want to, then fine.
But the paths to "the truth" [reality] that you are seeking

all stem from this story. [all of the beginnings are from...]

Come on now, if you get it then chop chop [get going], my little horror bug!! [fear virus/germ]

Oh, and when you're telling other people the story
make sure you do it _like this_.
SFX: Su-

Page 8
"Don't tell anyone else, got it?"

What did you say!?

... Hey, listen!
Didya hear the one about "the never ending hide-and-seek??"
If ya, like, go to the old school building // you'll hear "it" all by itself asking you if you're ready or not!!
SFX: Kya- ahaha

-And like, I heard this rumor that the real identity of "it" back at the old school building,
could actually be that girl who's missing, Yayoi Hinano!
No way!

I dare you to go out there next time!! [Let's go over there and test our courage!!]
You're on! [Sounds fun!]
3rd year C class

Page 9

I made some cookies, do you want some?
I remember you like sweets, right!?

Yeah, I love 'em! Thanks!!

SFX: Su...

Huh? Aren't you gonna eat them?

When you've got something you really like, don't you wanna make sure you take real good care of it / keep it safe? [the extent that you have something you like...]

I'll put it // somewhere nobody will find.
SFX: Ji-

Page 10
What!? You're acting like a little dog~! You better not feed any of those cookies to Kumakichi!
SFX: Jayruri
I'm not gonna do that! I've got these especially for him!
Oh! You must really love dogs!

Everyone seems to be real excited and is daring one another to go out there. [Everyone seems to be getting excited saying to go there to their courage]
Here you go~

Excellent, excellent. // Get them even more fired up!
Hee hee hee!!?

!!? // Hey... Where's my "Red-bean-soup-in-a-can!?"
Uh, y'know, it was sold out.
I sorta just closed my eyes and hit a button [on the vending machine].

Are you // messing with // meeeee!?
And [of all things] why the hell is it "straight from fresh off the vine!!!" [freshly picked straight (straight should be referring to like, no added crap)]
Either way, dat's all dat was left.
SFX: Zu-
Then what are you drinking!? [Then what do you have!?]

I brought this from home!
Kumakichi~ come here!

Page 11
It's that guy. [senpai]

He's feeding Kumakichi snacks again. He really seems to like... Huh!?


my lunchbox!!!

SFX: Kozzen

SFX: Gikugiku-n!!
SFX: Ba-
They're green! [panties i guess]
When did get your grubby little paws on my lunch boxxxxx!!! [When did you [verb] my lunch boxxxxxx!!!]

Page 12
Every time I give you those bones you hide them too!!
SFX: Purupurupuru
It's a complete wast-

SFX: Kuwa-
You'll eat it later, won't you, Kumakichi?
He's just "temporarily storing it."

You don't want it to be stolen until you need it // so you hide it.
It's a really natural mindset. // I can totally understand how he feels.

Look, Kumakichi, if you don't hide it better
someone's gonna find it [it's gonna be found by someone]
SFX: Za- Za-
Jeez~ Okay, I get it, you don't have to act like a dog too~ [Jeez, don't play around like you're him~]
See // hide it more...

SFX: GariGariGari

More more
more more
more more
SFX: garigarigarigarigari

Page 13
Hey... Uh, Senpai...!?
Stop it already!!! [Stop it please!!!]
SFX: Garigarigari

When you hide something
that you get your hands on

that's when [that's the first time]

it really becomes something that belongs [only] to you.

Tsuchiya-senpai is... strange.

Now I understand!
So it's the yearning for something you've taken a liking to and the pleasure of "concealing" it.
SFX: Boro-...

A compulsion to possess something all for oneself that borders psychosis. [a desire to monopolize that goes so far as an disorder]

Page 14
There are all sorts of freaks/weirdos out there.
You got that right!
Gimme dat!

You got my lunchbox completely covered in mud... // so you could "temporarily store" it...
SFX: Wa-shi Wa-shi
Hey! [Senpai!] Don't give that bone to him till I say so, Okay!? [That bone, for kumakichi, [give it to him] later when I give permission please]

- ... "The beautiful young girl that was hidden away"


Yayoi Hinano.
Perhaps she's been hidden away.

Hide-and-seek at the old school building...
Is what was trapped there and is wandering about alone [Is what was trapped there and wanders by itself]
really an "it"-? [really an "ogre"-?] [This line doesn't really work for the English equivalents of "hide-and-seek" because of the use of "it" in the English for the person designated as the seeker, where the Japanese use "oni" demon/ogre/monster etc.]
SFX: zazazazazazazazaza

SFX: zazazazazazazazaza

SFX: zazazazazazazazaza

Page 15
SFX: Jari...

SFX: Gi Gi

SFX: Gi Gi
Sign: Science Lab[Preparation] Room

Are~ you~ rea~dy...?
SFX: Bikuri-

Now what could you be doing in a place like at a time like now?
Could it be that you're here on a dare too? [Could it be that you're testing your courage too?]

Page 16
It's dangerous here...
There's that rumor that "it" [demon/ogre/monster] [from hide-and-seek] will appear...

"It?" [demon/monster/ogre] Oh, the one from the scary story... Well I don't believe in those.
What about you? What are you doing in a place like this-
I'm a student here too, I've got the same uniform on, don't I? // I came here on a dare. [to test my courage]

See, I just // love scary stories,
but if you aren't here on a dare [testing your courage]// then just why did you come here?

SFX: Kuru
SFX: Kishi Kishi Kishi
... It's none of your business...

Sign: Science Lab[Preparation] Room

Page 17
Hey-! // When "it" appears at the old school building, is it really the ghost/spirit of Yayoi Hinano!? [Is the thing that 'appears' at the old school building really the spirit...]

Huh? But I heard she was just missing.
S... she might be- [The case of death may be-]
Come on! You guys are being way too loud about it!

But... how many days have passed since she's gone missing?
It's not looking too good...

The one who hid Yayoi Hinano is Tsuchiya-senpai.

Page 18
Student ID
Yayoi Hinano
This is...
Where did you-!!?

What about Hinano!!?
Senpai!! Where's Hinano!?

What about-

- No.


Page 19
The 'audience' for this time has been decided [made clear].
I'm going to put the final touches on the story. // You'll help me

... Why?

Are you going to [The "Truth"]
avert your eyes from the truth? [Is it Okay not to see it?]

But // We already know
that Tsuchiya-senpai is the culprit.

It's just a matter of time until he's caught!! Won't that
be the end of all of it!!?

I ended up // not being able to do a thing...!!
Not one thing at all!
It's already over, isn't it...
Naw, this hide-and-seek ain't over yet-

Page 20
SFX: Kako-

This particular scary story

won't be complete [end/finish] without the person who was searching all this time [The person who was searching for the hidden Yayoi Hinano]
for [the hidden] "Yayoi Hinano"- You ["Nakashima Makoto"]! [Nakashima Makoto, if she isn't here, then it won't finish]

You can't play // hide-and-seek by yourself.
Who else // besides you

can find Yayoi Hinano?

Even if you have to face what must be a cruel reality for you,
if you're going to search for your friend until the end

Page 21
then the answer is sure to reach you. [surely the answer will come back/return to you]

- When my story begins
You will play "it" for hide-and-seek.

I'll go call out the 'audience.'

Time for the climax!

Let's go! It's time-

to go create a new tale. [since these are catch phrases, they should be consistent, so it would be a good idea to go with something that won't get too stale]

I'll be the one [This hide-and-seek]

Page 22
to finish [I will]
this game of hide-and-seek [bring an end to it]

SFX: Kashi Kashi

Hey! No! Kumakichi!!
SFX: Gui Gui

Don't squeeze yourself into the old school-

SFX: Gaga
Ah! No! He slipped in!!!

SFX: Chan chara chan chara

Good morning everyone~! This is the radio crew! [broadcasting committee/club]

Sign: Vending Area
Gawdddammit! This piece of junk is all freakin' sold out!?
Huh~? Isn't that the announcement for tha' mornin' 'cast!?
School's already frikkan over, man! [It's already after school!]

Now we'll start today's broadcas-
SFX: Butu-

SFX: Ga--Zaza Gaga Za-- za-- gaga
ou~ rea~dy...?

Page 23
Are~ you~ rea~dy...?

Are~ you~ rea~dy...?

Sign: Radio/Broadcasting Room

-Salutations, everyone...
Let's begin
our scary story for today!!!
Sign: Please keep quiet in the broadcasting room-

This is how he's going to call him out!?
Hee- Hee- Hee- Hee- Hee- Hee- Hee
N-No way!
Is this-
Could it be...?
Drinks: Red bean soup, Tomato Juice


-On a bloodstained evening at the old school building- [red evening]
a single student vanishes without a trace.

Page 24
Are~ you~ rea~dy...? // [The person who was] "it" [the demon/ogre/monster] who was left behind all alone
is still searching for "someone..."

-And soon // she'll find that person, won't she?

Now then, just who is really searching for whom?
The game of hide-and-seek that has yet to end-

The one who roams the old school building
is not // "it." [the demon/ogre/monster]

Where'd you go, Kumakichi~!?

Getting in Kumakichi's way again?
SFX: Gishi
SFX: Pita-

Tsuchiya... senpai-!!!

Page 25
Give me back... Hinano!!

"Give her back?" // You know what I did?
... Yayoi Hinano is mine.

I hid her so she's mine. // The place where I hid her // must never be found [disclosed].
Kumakichi might be timid but // if someone lays a finger on something that belongs to me

I bare my fangs.

Page 26
SFX: Gishi-
-And so, the boy who appeared quite harmless [gentle/quiet] at first glance

SFX: Gishi Gishi
chases after the girl like a mutt driven mad...

SFX: Gishi Gishi
Or perhaps...
he had done the same to another girl before?

Insanity is about to consume him... but then, unexpectedly- [The approaching madness]
SFX: Gishi Gishi Gishi
A clammy... cloying breeze blows through [c c b b]

SFX: Gishi

SFX: Zazazazazazazazazaza

Page 27:
SFX: Zazaza


Seems like you heard the broadcast that was on, hmmm, Tsuchiya-senpai? // Well, then-

Let's begin [the tale] shall we?

The incident heads toward the crux of the matter-!!

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