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Translations: Gintama 683 by kewl0210 , One Piece 904 by cnet128

Kiben Gakuha, Yotsuya Senpai no Kaidan 3

It's Alright


-> RTS Page for Kiben Gakuha, Yotsuya Senpai no Kaidan 3

I plan on catching up with the recent chapters soon so keep an eye out for new translations!

If you wish to pick up this project and use my translations please PM me first!!

Page 1

-Yayoi Hinano is MINE!

-If so

-I don't want it to be taken so I HIDE it

-Everything that's mine only

-You normally care for important things for you right?

-If so...Why did you kill her?

[Entangling words...]

Chapter 3 - It's Alright

Page 2



-Did you...

-Kill her?


-Just what are you..

-Talking abo...!



Page 3

-Why did you kill her?

Page 4

-It wasn;t me...

Why did you kill her?

-I still havent...

Then, what have you seen now?

-I still

-Haven't killed her!!

-If that's so

-Won't you

-Look at her one more time with those eyes?

-You're afraid because you're aware of what you've done

-You've loked her in here for a long time,

-So that her mind and spirit would eventually break down

Page 5

-The other night...

-You were sweating a lot when you came here

-If the students by any chance came here for a Courage Test

-They would maybe find Yayoi Hinano's location

-My Yayoi san didn;t want to be touched by anyone


-I thought she was interesting

-And I wanted to shut her up for ever

-But, if she just ended shutting herself up, it wouldn't be my fault right?

-I'm glad no one found her...

-If that happened it would be troubling


-Don't start celebrating just yet

-We're still in the middle of a fun game of Hide and Seek!

Page 6

-I definitely want Tsuchiya senpai to hear the end of this story, the "Hide and Seek in the Old Building" one that is

-So I'll tell you

-A Story just for you!


(When I start my story...)

(You'll be the "Devil"..)

The Hide and Seek....





Page 7

*All over the panel Makoto keeps counting until 14*

-Haha, the Hide and Seek Story everyone is talking about?

-I don't believe in this shit!

-You're saying that Yayoi Hinano is this Devil?




-That's right

-Didn't I say so in the broadcast?

-Yayoi Hinano is NOT the Devil, she is waiting for him

-Waiting for the one who'll find her

-Ha! I've already found the body

-Isn;t the game over now?!

-Over? Aren't you....

-Listening this....?

Page 8

-Scratch Scratch

-Scratch Scratch

-This scratching on the floor boards




-You're here in this Dark and Dark Classroom

-While the Devil keeps calling

-Scratch Scratch

Twenty Two

Twenty Three

-This is the sound of the nails of the dead body dragging itself

Twenty Four


-There's no way!!

-Isn't she dead already!?


*All over the panel SCRATCH and Counting*

-Just stop this....

Page 9

Scratch Scratch



*Again Scratching all over*

-What's wrong?

-Is this sound?

-Why are you hidding your ears?

-Because you're hearing it, right?



-Stop thi....

-I won't stop

-The game started

-When you captured Yayoi Hinano

Page 10

-YOU started it

-Let's play it until the very end now

-Okay? Senpai...

-Ninety five

If Hinano

-Ninety Six

Got Dragged into

This Endless Hide and Seek Story then

-Ninety Seven


The Devil

-Ninety Eight

Page 11

I'll find her

And end this

-Hide and Seek is not over just yet Senpai

-The Devil is

-Still looking for the body

-A Hundred

Page 12

-It's Alright?

Page 13


Page 14


Page 15



-I'm sorry...

Page 16




The illusion that's scaring Tsuchiya Senpai....


Am I seeing it too...?

-I can touch....


Page 17

-It's Real!!



-What just....

-I haven't said once

-That she was dead, have I?



-Is this

-Tomato Juice!!??

Page 18


-It's all the Tomato Juice from all the machines at school!


-Sorry Makoto, fooling you like that

-I've found you Hinano!

-"Hide and Seek in the Old Building"

-Is now....

Page 18


And then

A Long Hide and Seek was over

-"Preserve It"

-That Freak Senpai said so

-He already had hidden "Something" in there

-He was worried that someone would find it so he came to move its location

-That's why, I waited for him that night in the Old Building

Page 19

-As thanks for saving me

-I agreed to ''Die" for one day


-Why didn't you tell meeee!?

-I ended up looking like a idiot!!!

-If the ''Devil'' knew where the ''Kid'' was, there wouldn't be a Hide and Seek game right?

-That's no reason

-What about that ''Scratching" sound?

-I just left this bone in the classroom

-Hihihi It was Perfect, just Perfect

-Such a stupid trick....

Page 20

-I'm feeling that I was tricked by Kumakichi too but...

-Yotsuya Senpai Thank You!!

-For Finding Hinano!!

-You were the Devil in the Story so

-You were the one who found her

-And that was that

-As I've already told you

-I just make Mysteries

I once again helped Yotsuya Senpai with his ''Stories"

Page 21

A "Mystery" only scares the Listener if there's a Creepy Event

-Just walk staright will ya!

The fact that the "Mysteries" are similiar to Real Events is something else

But there's always on point that those two meet the Reality

The one who makes "Mysteries" that entangle the reality

That's Yotsuya Senpai

-This "Mystery" went Perfectly but

-When the Main Fear of the Tale "Yayoi Hinano" come to school normally tommorrow, its going to be a little...


-Huh?Wait,wait, if the opposite happens and everyone starts going nuts, wouldn't that be nice!!

As expected from Yotsuya Senpai...



Page 22

-Even though I hate Scary Stories...

-I don't seem to hate Yotsuya-Senpai's Mysteries!!

-Oh!! I see! You like Mysteries huh.

-Let's keep searching for new Ingredients to make even Scarier Tales to satisfy your urge for more! I like your thinking Nakashima!


(I didn't mean that!)




And so

I once again ended up creating new Mysteries with Yostuya Senpai

[With the return of a Friend comes a new Confidence!!? What's gonna happen to Makoto's School Life?]

Chapter 3 Over
The Begining of a New Mystery!!
Next Issue Fourth Night "The Crying Sakura Child"!

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Posted on Apr 9, 2010
Very thx!

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