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Kiben Gakuha, Yotsuya Senpai no Kaidan 3

I'm ready

+ posted by Laika as translation on Apr 20, 2010 17:42 | Go to Kiben Gakuha, Yotsuya Senpai no Kaidan

-> RTS Page for Kiben Gakuha, Yotsuya Senpai no Kaidan 3

I'm sleepy.


Page 1
Yayoi Hinano is mine.

Then tell me [Then why]

You don't want it to be stolen until you need it so you hide it.

it really becomes something that belongs [only] to you.

When you've got something you really like, don't you wanna make sure you take real good care of it / keep it safe? [the extent that you have something you like...]

[Then] why did you kill her?

His words - poised to strike!!! [The words approach/draw near/pressure]

Kiben Gakuha Yotsuya Senpai no Kaidan (The circle[school/sect] of sophistry, the terrifying tales of Yotsuya-senpai)
Chapter 3: I'm ready
Furudate Haruichi

Page 2
- What?

I'm asking you [why]

why did you [the girl]
kill the girl? [you killed her?]
SFX: Gishi Gishi Gishi

Kill...!? // What the hell-

are you talkin- // !!

SFX: Ba-

SFX: Ga-

SFX: Gataga

SFX: Sa...


Page 3
SFX: Shishishi...

SFX: basari
SFX: ba-

SFX: Biku-
Why did you kill her?

Page 4
It... It wasn't me!!

Why did you kill her?

I didn't... not yet-

Then what was it that you just saw in front of your eyes? [Then what did you just see now in?]

I didn't
kill her yet!!

Then why don't you [Then why don't you with those eyes]
go take another gander [once again]
with your own two eyes and tell me what you see / and make sure. [go see for sure, wouldn't that be fine?]

SFX: Gu-...
You're afraid because you're aware of it: aware of the fact that you killed her.
SFX: Mishi mishi
You kept her squirreled away in this place for days. // There's no way her mind could've taken it / she could've endured psychologically.
SFX: Bakin-

Page 5
- That night
you came here [old school building] in an anxious haste, didn't you?

The kids who would be showing up on a whim 'cause they were dared [just for fun to test their courage]... if you didn't do anything, they'd find out you kept her locked up in here... [at that rate... the 'confinement' of Yayoi Hinano would be found out]
[In] the place that you consider your "temporarily storage." [the place where you 'temporarily store']

- I didn't want to let anyone even catch a glimpse of _MY_ Yayoi-san. [I didn't want to let _MY_ Yayoi-san enter into the eyes of even anyone] // after all // she's the apple of my eye. [I took a real liking to her] [glimpse -> idiom involving eye OK!?]
That's why I thought, [for that purpose] maybe I would just silence her forever.

But if she's silenced herself by her own hand then it can hardly be called my fault, right?
If only she had just lay there without anyone finding her...

Ahhh~ // what a shame/waste.

SFX: Ba-
You don't have to sound so disappointed. // [Aren't] We [are] still in the midst of a delightful game of hide-and-seek.[?]

Page 6
SFX: Gishi
"Hide-and-seek at the old school building" - I hope you'd be so kind as to lend me your ears for the conclusion of this tale... [I would like very much for Tsuchiya Senpai to listen to the ending to this story]

Now let me reveal it!! [Now let me tell it to you, now... let me recite it to you, etc etc Idk, catch phrasin]
A story [created] for you!!!

When my story begins

You will play "it" for hide-and-seek. [demon/ogre/oni]

The "it" [Hide-and-seek's]


from hide-and-seek. [Oni/ogre/demon]

Page 7
Haha- That story that has got everyone in a frenzy?
I don't believe in that ghost crap!
Yayoi Hinano became "it?" // "It" doesn't [even]- [Yayoi Hinano became a ogre/oni/demon? That sort of thing doesn't-]


Yes, // didn't I say these very words on the broadcast as well?

Yayoi Hinano isn't "it," she's waiting for "it." [oni/ogre/blahblah]
She's waiting to be found.

Ha!! Well her corpse has already been found!!
The game's already finished!!

The game's over?? Then-
am I to believe you do not hear "that sound"? [are you saying you cannot hear...]

Page 8
It goes.. skratch skratch [SFX: Kari kari]// skrich skrich... [SFX: Gari gari]//
like something scraping at the floor boards.
SFX: gari gari gari

It's the sound of her frantically calling out
trying to tell "it" that she's here in this dim dark classroom.

Skrich skrich // skratch skratch
It's // the sound of her desperately trying to claw her way // out [it's the sound of her desparately clawing at the floor boards]


Scratch scratch scratch scratch scratch scratch scratch scratch
No! It's impossible!
I mean, she's supposed to be dead already!
The hell with hide-and-seek!!!

The hell with...
SFX: Pita-

Page 9
Sfx: Kari Kari [Scratch scratch]

SFX: Garigarigarigarigari
N- // No, this isn't happening-!

What isn't happening?
This "sound" isn't happening?
SFX: Garigarigarigari

Why are you covering you ears?
It's because you hear it, don't you!?
-Shut up!
Just // stop it // please

It'll never stop.

The moment you hid Yayoi Hinano
the game [hide-and-see] began.

Page 10
You were the one who started it.
So you must be sure to play until the end.

Right, senpai?
SFX: Fu- Fuu- [pant]

-If Hinano
has been entangled
in a never-ending game of hide-and-seek just like in that story

then I'll
-be "it." [the ogre/demon/oni]
Ninety... Ei-ght

Page 11
I'll find her
And put an end to it.
The game of hide-and-seek isn't finished yet, senpai,

because "it" is still

Ninety... nine...
frantically searching for her.

One hundred.

Page 12
Are~ you~ rea~dy?

Page 13
I'm~ rea~dy~

Page 14
SFX: kachikachikachikachi

Page 15
SFX: Gachigachigachigachi

I'm sor-

Page 16
I'm sorry I'm sorry I'm sorry I'm sorry I'm sorry I'm sorry
I'm sorry I'm sorry I'm sorry I'm sorry I'm sorry I'm sorry
SFX: Gatan-
The illusion.. that appeared before Tsuchiya-senpai because he was seized by terror-... [that his frightened heart showed him]
can I see it too?

I can feel/touch it!

Page 17
I can feel/touch it!!!


I never once said //
she was ever dead.


This is // all tomato juice!!?

Page 18
SFX: Hetari
I used up all that was in the vending machines so it was quite a formidable amount!!!
SFX: Fuhahaha
I'm sorry, Makoto... I ended up fooling you too...


Found ya!!!

The story of "Hide-and-seek at the old school building"
SFX: Gaba-
SFX: Waaaa!!?
This is

Page 19
the end.

The long // game of hide-and-seek was finished.

"Temporarily storing"

At the point in time that freak of a senpai of yours mentioned that // he still hadn't completely hidden his valuable "treasure."
He would without fail come to move her from the place where he feared might be found to somewhere safer.

And so // on that night I lay in wait for him at the old school building.

Page 20
In appreciation for saving me...
I agreed to "play dead" for a day...

I'm really sorry...

Why didn't you tell me any of thissssss
I ended up looking like a fool all by myselfffff.
Well // wouldn't be much of a game of hide-and-seek if "it" already knows where everyone was.

Are you kidding me-!? [That type of reason again!?]
Now that you mention it... what was that "noise" that sounded like scraping-

All I did was place this in the class room ahead of time.
SFX: Garigarigarigari

Hee hee hee, it was just perfect!
More smoke and mirrors... [another trick to fool kids, another stupid trick, another silly ruse]

Page 21
SFX: Guja...
SFX: Pupu
Guah... // I feel like even Kumakichi was in on it... but [Even Kumakichi did it to me/tricked me]

Yotsuya-senpai, dank yew so muckh [runny nose]
for faiding Hinano for meh!!!

You're the one who was "it" in the story so
it was really you who found her.

Besides, it just happened to turn out that way.
I told you already,
all I do is just create the stories.

Once again I had witnessed // the destination that Yotsuya-senpai's stories just happened to stumble upon.

Page 22
I really can't take scary stories and I hate frightening "incidents" even more.
Get up and walk by yourself!

Stories and actual events are things that seem similar but are also completely different.

But the two are connected at one point in truth/reality.

He lures and reels in the truth/reality from the banks [side] of fiction [scary stories] -
That is who Yotsuya-senpai is.

The tale we created this time was superb, however // Hinano-chan, the main point of all that dread, is just gonna show up at school like normal tomorrow, hmm...
S- // Sorry....

Hm!? No, no! Mayhaps it'll cause a stir and provide some entertainment...!?
SFX: Wakuwaku dokidoki
If you asked her, that not the main point at all // but


Page 23
still really can't deal with scary stories but [it hasn't changed]// for some reason
I don't really seem to hate // your [yotsuya-senpai's] scary stories!!

I see, I see! You like scary stories, do you!? Of course you do!!
Then it must mean you're ready to go all out and bring me back some juicy details, huh!? How laudable, Nakashima!!
Huh- // Wha-
I never said that!!

With my narration and your performance
we'll fill this school with blood curdling screams together!!


And so
began my creation of bizarre creepy tales with Yotsuya Senpai.
SFX: Hahahahahaha

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#1. by Ilcm26 ()
Posted on Apr 20, 2010

I learn a lot reading your Translations XD

It makes mine look so bad....

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