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Translations: Gintama 683 by kewl0210 , One Piece 904 by cnet128

Kiben Gakuha, Yotsuya Senpai no Kaidan 4

Under/ The Calling Sakura Child

+ posted by Ilcm26 as translation on Apr 10, 2010 03:44 | Go to Kiben Gakuha, Yotsuya Senpai no Kaidan

-> RTS Page for Kiben Gakuha, Yotsuya Senpai no Kaidan 4

There two things that must be cleared about this chapter. In Japan during the Spring the Sakura Trees bloom, and there are festivals where people do picknicks under the sakura trees, that is Flower Viewing. And the Dango that Makoto seems addicted to is a Japanese sweet food. More info on good old Wikipedia:

Dango - http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Dango

Flower Viewing - http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Hanami

For Otakami Scanlations use ONLY

Page 1



Look Here

-Under Beautifully Blooming Sakura

-A Lonely Girl is Calling...

-Now what is

-Her voice calling for

-I wonder

3rd Night - The Calling Sakura Child

Chapter 4 - Under

The Ghostly Spring Invites you in....


Page 2

[When you talk about Spring, you talk about Sakura]

[When you talk about Sakura, you talk about Flower Viewing*]

[When you talk about Flower Viewing, you talk about... DANGO*!!!!]

-This week is Fun Fun, because there is Dan....I mean Flower Viewing!

-Makoto doesn't even care about Sakura, she's only thinking about dango...

-Hey that's not true! I'm looking at Sakura too!

-Eh? What's going on?

-What's that?

-A hole?


(The hell is that!!!)

Page 3

-Okay kids, don't come closer to it!

-This is dangerous so until this problem is fixed this area is Prohibited!


[Not him]

-Who the hell did this!?

-Now how can we do the Flower Viewing!?

-So it's Prohibited now...

-You can clearly see this place...

-From the roof right?

Page 4

(He must have been looking at this place...)

-No,no, no. He wouldn't...

-He was bothering me about ''Gathering Ingredients''

*On Letter- To Makoto-chan
You have 24 Hours to bring me new ingredients...

*On the Desk -In 24 Hours some good Ingredients might show up...''

-So he was talking about this with all that crappy writting. I could only read Pot!

-Well then, let's go to a different place to watch Sakura. And you can buy Dango anywhere so we should be okay

-But...but this place is the BEST to watch Sakura and eat dango!

-So...what will you do?

-What should I do!?


Page 5

-Yozuya Senbai!!

-Pwease help me...!!

-Under the Beautifull Sakura Tree..

-There's a buried corpse

(He simply started!)

-28 Years Ago

-There was a Incident where one Student simply vanished and was treated as dead.

Page 6

-At that time she was 13 Years Old

-A Girl which was a member of the Art Club and whose was Saotome Yoriko

-A certain day in Spring

-She left to draw the Sakura at night as usual, but she didn't came back

-People say that she got involved in something and ended up being buried deeply under the Sakura Tree.

-Then nourishing on that girl, the Tree grow remarkably beautifull

-And Year after Year the tree continued to grow more and more beautifulll

-You shouldn't go near that tree in the season that sakura blooms

-Since the lonely girl wishes for friends...Look, Look


Page 7



-Huh? I feel I heard about that story before

-This "Mystery"

-I made it for a certain ''Listener'' a long time ago

-A "Listener''....

-So is really just one of Senpai's Mysteries, don't scare me like that...

-I didn't said I made everything up

-Here is the Newspaper of that time

*Dissaperence of Middle School Girl
Saotome Yoriko "Dead"

-EH! So that really happened!?

-And now something just happened to that Tree

-I might be able to do the "Calling Sakura Child" Part 2 now


Page 8

-That means that you have to search more about those happenings 28 years ago


-You said that you'd help me with my stories right?

-I never said that

-To watch sakura and eat Dango under that tree...

-Sure is the BEST huh

-Can you really do something about that?

-Of course

-I'll start searching

-There's no person who won't turn into a puppet to get what he wants

-Turn into my legs, and run hihihihi

Page 9

-Even though I said I'd search about it, I don't know where to start...

-Wasn't the girl in the Art Club? There might be some information there

*Art Club

-Excuse me! Tanaka Sensei can I take a look at the Club Members List?

-Oh sure, no problem. But why do you want something like that?

-I want to do some research on something


Art Teacher
Tanaka Sensei

(Tanaka Sensei looks tired...)

Page 10

-Ah! Here she is!

-Saotome Yoriko

-This girl....

-Are you talking about my grandmother?

-I'm 1st Year B Class, Saotome

1st Year B Class
Saotome Ryouta

-Haha, everyone says that

-We look alike

Page 11

-What happened with my grandmother was a long time ago so I don't know the details but

-That incident became a "Mysery" right? ''Look here'' she says

-A buried body saying ''Look'' is wierd right?

(This story sure spread fast)


-This mask is too big

-The angle doesn't make any sense either~!

-You're right, it shoud be like this


-And then a line here

-Yes, yes

-This is

Page 12


-I still have to carry this Supply Box

-Hey Sensei, do you know something about what happened 28 Years ago with a



Page 13

-Don't know a thing


-A single thing

-Don't ask me...



Page 14

-For....Forgive me!

-What's wrong?

-I'm sorry!


-I'm sorry


-What happened?




Page 15


-That drawing

-Has a Perfect Composition

-Now that I remembered, someone dug a hole under that Tree

Page 16

-It's only me but...

I don't think someone dug that hole

It seems something came from under the ground, don't you think?

-Grandma really liked that tree

-I think that even know she wants to draw that Tree

-No matter how many days, months years pass. Even though her fingers are rotting she keeps pushing herself

-And finally...

Page 17

-This stories sure are fun huh!

-I see, "Perfect Composition"

-That and the 1st year Otome kun

-You said he seems friendly?

-A little wierd but....A nice kid. And he also likes "Mysteries"

-Okay lend me your outside shoes


-I have my snickers but


-Schoolgirls should use Leather Shoes!

-That depends on the person!

-Hmph, Hinano chan wears Leather ones right?


-Go get it and also

Page 18

-This is for the ''Calling Sakura Child" set

-Then keep an eye and wait for in the tree

-Wait for who? You're telling this person the "Mystery"? Is it Tanaka Sensei?

-Also this is creepy! I won't do it!

-I like Jam filled ones.

-And you?


-The Sesame ones

Page 18

-Calling Sakura Child Mystery

-I've decided on this time the Listener

-"This time"?

-Breaking the walls of time

-Saotome Yoriko shall wake up one more time

-Let's go

-Heyy wait!

-To make a new Mystery

Yotsuya Senpai goes to the Battlefield!



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