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Rosetta Kara no Shoutaijou 1


+ posted by JinHea as translation on Apr 14, 2011 21:45 | Go to Rosetta Kara no Shoutaijou

-> RTS Page for Rosetta Kara no Shoutaijou 1

Only for use by Lazy Ass Scans

tl by JinHea

Invitation from Rosetta

Rightmost text: Huh?
Text above girl: It’s a rare chance so we dressed up too.
- What’s with the glasses?

Text above panel: Title “The first dream”

- See this beautiful Mother Nature,
- How wonderful if we can open shop in a place like this!

- A cafe would be good,
- they have sparkling clean water here.

- And the coffee made using water that gushes from this mountain is…

- Super yummy!

- Thank you, Master!
Small echoes trailing off: ter—! ter—!

- …Not bad.
Thought bubble: …Hm? What’s that? [linked bubble] A fishing spot? But he hasn’t yet caught even one?
Text beside arrow: observation mode

Text below panel: End

Chapter 1: Welcome
Chapter 2: Space
Chapter 3: Observation
Final chapter: Invitation

- Shooting stars that enter the earth’s atmosphere and give off light,
- shooting stars from outer space,
- welcome!

- Welcome to earth!

- Ah!

- A shooting star!

Text in box: I won’t forgive dad,
Text in box: because he spoke of things that could only be lies.
- Koutarou— [linked bubble] Hurry up, let’s go home!
- Chapter 1 Welcome

- Kou-chan! Haru-chan!

- It’s Hazuki-chan and them.
- Byebye! See you later!
- Byebye!

- Cat got Kou-chan’s tongue?
- Geez! How annoying! [linked bubble] Don’t tack -chan onto my name, stupid!!

- ! [linked bubble] I’m not stupid!
- Koutarou is Kou-chan!!

- Geez~~! His attitudes even worse than before~~!!
- What on earth happened…
- It’s probably because of “that”.

- What will Koutarou do…
- …Don’t ask when you know the answer!

- …Hn [linked bubble] So they’re really building the power station.
- Dammit!
- Building something like that…
Text in box: In this village where stars can often be seen twinkling brightly, a power station will be erected
Linked bubble: and it looks like the residents have a year at most to move elsewhere.

Text in box: A lot of people are opposed to this plan,
Linked box: but one day oddly shaped iron pylons were placed around the village.
Text in box: Those pylons which we lightheartedly called “Iron Bamboo”
Linked box: seem like they’re going to swallow this village up.

- …But, [linked bubble] The only junior high school is located in the city… and we’re already in 5th grade…
- It’s quite good timing don’t you think?

- Wha… What did you do that for!
- Idiot!!

- When we go to Junior High, to High School, to University, work in the city,
- Knowing this village won’t be here when we’re grown up, are you okay with that!?

- …That said, Koutarou, you’re going to take over your father’s vocation…
- Oh that
- … I said I’d think about it.

- I’m seriously looking at the future

Text in box: Even from the classroom window it can be seen, conspicuously extending overhead.
Linked box: That thing will swallow up
Text in box: the village in which we were born and raised.
- I won’t allow it!

- Haruhiko
- Take your pick.
- Huh?

- I brought all the tools(?) I could find in my house.
- Let’s go bust up that Iron Bamboo!

Text behind Haru: Lethal weapons…
- …Wow
- Eh?

- You pulled something similar just the other day! Don’t you learn!?
Text below bubble on arm: It’s dangerous!
- It’s different this time! I’ll scope out another Iron Bamboo… [smaller text] The other day was…
Text below bubble above arm: Hey!!
- So you don’t kill someone, these are CONFISCATED!!

- I’m not killing anyone! You read so much weird books they’re giving you odd ideas, bookworm Haruhiko! [linked bubble] Give it back!!
- As if I will! [linked bubble] Anyway we have to get to the bus stop quickly today!

Linked bubble: Bus stop…
- …Ah

Text in box: Right, that topic
Linked box: was the talk of the school today.

- They said the person who moved into that empty house is coming! [linked bubble] Wonder what kind of person they are?
- I heard they’re foreign?
- A man? A woman?
Text in box: We were charged with welcoming the person who’s moving here.

Box: It’s quite rare for someone to move here, so we’re specially welcoming them.
Linked box: But why are they coming at such a time?
- It’s probably a middle aged man tired of life in the city…

- Are you listening?
- I probably shouldn’t say this, but I keep thinking about how to destroy that Iron Bamboo.
- …You really have a one track mind, Koutarou.

- The village head asked us to do this, but you’re not taking it seriously at all huh.
Text on plaque beside Haru: Welcome Tsuka
Text on plaque beside Koutarou: To
- By the way, [linked bubble] How’s this pronounced…

- Oosaki Kanna [linked] and [linked] um… [linked] Fuyuuma?
- …Koutarou.

- There’s something I’ve been thinking about ever since I heard someone was moving here. [linked bubble] Will you hear me out?

- What is it?

- What if
- They’re moving here to spy on us for the Iron Bamboo?

- That’s why apart from us there are no one else around, [linked bubble] moreover picking this time to move here is suspicious in itself.
- Moving here to survey the region, checking if it really is a suitable place to harness natural energy for electricity production… and stuff.

- Just kidding! No way!
- Oh, the bus is here Koutarou.

- To think there’s such deep meaning behind this task we were coincidentally asked to do…
- How should I face them…
- Don’t be so serious.

- If it’s really like you said…
- No way! Not possible.
- Probably.
Text beside hair: Hold it up like this right?
Text on Kou’s plaque: Welcome! To Shiiba. Oosaki Kanna
Text on Haru’s plaque: Welcome! To Shiiba. Tsuka Touma.

- Probably.

- ……Oh!
- My name…!

- Eh.

- You’re here to welcome us?

- Thank you very much!

- We’ll be under the care of this village from today.
- Ah, nice to meet you.
- Um, using polite language is fine… [smaller text] but
Text in screentone bubble: What is this, she’s a completely normal person…!

- We worried over nothing…!
- I’m Koutarou!
- I [linked bubble] I’m… Haruhiko!!

- I am Oosaki Kanna.
- Tsuka...
- Waaaaaaaah!!?

- Tsuka Touma.
- Nice to meet you.

- ……Nice to……
- Why the glare!?
- Meet you too…

- Very nice to meet you.
- …
- Ah… another person.
- I’m a little relieved.

- This person doesn’t seem like a spy…

- This place is lovely.

- The heat is refreshing [linked bubble] The trees dotting the landscape are pretty.
- And the shade they cast is pleasantly cool.

- I love all this!
- She looks happy just taking a picture…
- …that’s great.

- …I also

- feel overwhelmed by the natural beauty of this village…
- …So
- So why are you glaring…?

- It’s really scary!

- That’s my home? [linked bubble] So cute!!
Text beside hair: Cute?

- Kanna-san, you haven’t seen your house before?
- I couldn’t.
- Someone else looked it over for me…

- But thank goodness.
- It’s lovely! [linked bubble] I’m really pumped up now!

- Call on us if there’s anything you need!
- Thank you! Koutarou-kun. Haruhiko-kun.

- And this is Tsuka-san’s home.

- Um…

- Scary~~~

Text above head: Hurry back
- We… Well then
- If… if there’s anything you need… [linked bubble] someone will…

- …the wind.

- Sigh~~~

- And I had weapons too. [linked bubble] But when the time came I couldn’t move…
- Those tools?
- Don’t walk around with them anymore. It’s not like you’re a carpenter or anything.

- Then how am I supposed to chase away that Iron Bamboo guy~~
- You’re going on about that again? [linked bubble] It’s true that Touma-san is really suspicious, but

- Going on and on about the Iron Bamboo, [linked bubble] are you intending to write about the Iron Bamboo for your summer break essay?
Text above head: Being so persistent about it.

- If it’s that bad then write about something else.
- …What are you writing about, Haruhiko?
Text beside bubble: Wind
- A book review.
Text beside shoulder: You’re getting a seven three hair part.

- I’m [linked bubble] not gonna read a book—
- What about memories from this summer? [linked bubble] You have some right?

- …Saw a shooting star.
- Yeah.
- And then those two people moved here.
- Yeah.

- Iron Bamboo is a hindrance…
- Yeah.

- …You’re gonna write that?

- But, [linked bubble] Mom will definitely think that
- Iron Bamboo is a hindrance.

- …You might be right. [linked bubble] It’d be awful for her to find the village gone when she comes back at Obon.

- When I was still little, what happened with aunty… I don’t pretend to know a great deal about it.

- If more young adults like Kanna-san and them come to this village and defend it…
- The power station plan might be stopped.

Linked bubble: Thing is right now this village doesn’t have any such people.

- …First thing we have to do [linked bubble] is to get Kanna-san on our side, otherwise nothing can be done.

- Good afternoon11
- Waaaah!!

- …Kanna-san!?
- So
- Something up?
- Um.
- I came by the village head’s place to discuss something. [linked bubble] Is he in?

- Village head… you mean dad? [linked bubble] can I help? Though I can’t with the more official enquiries…
- Since village head is mostly just a formality anyway.
- I was thinking if I could see a map or something…

- It’s no big deal, [linked bubble] I’ll just take a walk and scope things out.
- Sorry about that, and thanks—

- Kanna-san [linked bubble] Koutarou…

Linked thought bubble: Just a! I haven’t thought of anything yet!

- I was just going to say “Koutarou will show you around”…
- …sorry
- …It’s okay.

- I have a bandaid! [linked bubble] Need it?
- Oh [linked bubble] No need… [smaller text] since it’s the head…

- I’m so sorry. You didn’t have to accompany me. I could’ve waited until nightfall…
Koutarou: No. If we made you wait we’d’ve been punished.
- Why until nightfall?
- Because they said that’s when the welcoming party will be held.

- A welcoming party is just a drinking party for adults.
Text beside bubble: Nothing to do with us kids.
- I see.
- We’re happy you’re relying on us.

Linked bubble: Ah! Where do you want to go?
- Please tell us.

Linked bubble: Somewhere where I can see everything,
- a place like that.

- Somewhere where you can see everything—
- Oh! I got it. [linked bubble] How about there?

- There… but adults are no good…
- …yeah guess so
- What is it? Is it that difficult to get to?

- Now I want to go there even more! Can I?
- Whoa! Just the words I wanted to hear!!

Text in box: People around Kanna-san’s age are an uncommon sight in this village.
Linked box: With only an elementary school in this village, those of junior high age and upwards move to the city where there are more people.
Text in box: How should I say this… Someone like Kann-san really is rare.
Thought bubble: Take in this rare sight.

- This is the entrance?
Text beside Kanna: Wow—
- Yup.
- Can I enter?

- …That’s right. [linked bubble] If we can talk about this village and its inhabitants…

- Not talking about it will make us the same as those adults who consent to what the Iron Bamboo’s doing!

- Stare

Haru: You okay?
Kanna: Never better—

- Hm…?
- …beep

- Wh…what the?
- What’s that sound!?
- It
- It’s [linked bubble] resonating!!

- That!? The thing on your arm!?
- Why all of a sudden!?
- Hold on a sec [linked bubble] Um… er…

- The sound’s even louder!!
- Hold on, hold on.
- Beep

- …Kanna-san
- What is that?

Linked bubble: Hello!

- Hello!
- Welcome!

- It’s lighting up…

- …What was that just now?
- Weasel? Cat? [linked bubble] …Bird?

- Wait!!

- Ah!! Kanna-san!
- Not that way!

Linked bubble: I’m telling you [linked bubble] Stop right there!!
- It’s dangerous!

- —Huh
- Slip

- Are you alright!?

- I thought I told you to stop [linked bubble] …stupid!
- …I [linked bubble] fell…?

- It’s dangerous to run around in the mountains!
- You’ll die.

- …This is [linked bubble] a shooting star detector.
- Shooting star?

- Then that thing we saw was a shooting star!?
- [smaller text] yeah [normal text] …I’m not sure [linked bubble] That’s actually the first time it resonated.
Text behind Kanna: Though I did set it to detection mode.

- Father made this.
- …Whether it really can detect shooting stars is a mystery…

- Sorry [linked bubble] I didn’t listen to you and fell…
- It’s kinda…

- …Sniff
- Eh! Tears…
- We… we’re not mad! [linked bubble] We’re not mad or anything!!

- It’s okay. [linked bubble] Even if you don’t find a shooting star.
- This village is proud of its star studded sky.

- And,
- The sunset seen from here is another point of pride.

- Welcome [linked bubble] to our village!!

- Oh… a place where I can see everything…
- Exactly!
- Destination! [linked bubble] reached!

- How to phrase this, saying welcome only now…
- We’ve accepted you.

- Kanna-san, what do you think?

- It’s lovely.
- …Anyone who sees that light will probably agree.

- Do you know of lightspeed?
- The speed of light? [linked bubble] That can circle the earth 7 and a half times in 1 second?
- Yes.

- The light of the sun takes around 8 minutes to reach the earth.
- Wow— [linked bubble] So far away.
Thought bubble: 7 and a half times X 60 (sec) X 8 (min)
Text below thought bubble: Umm

- It popped into my head for some reason [linked bubble] …haha
- The light we’re seeing together right now was given off by the sun 8 minutes ago.
- I can almost touch it…
- Wow… it looks like it won’t ever set!

- Even though we only met today, [linked bubble] I’m really thankful
- That… I got to know Koutarou-kun and Haruhiko-kun.

- Which words made a deep impression on me just now?
- How the sunset is lovely?
- The speed of light?
- The distance from the sun?

- No.
¬- Happiness that we met.
- Those words.

Linked bubble: From today on,
- Squeeze…

- Kanna-san is a member of this village.
- And because you’re our friend. [linked bubble] You can rely on us for anything.

- …Since we’ll be close by.

- Thank you.

- … Well then, [linked bubble] this is a secret.
- I… came here to look for shooting stars!

- “Pi”

- … “Pi”
- “Po”

- “Pa-po-pi-po-pe-po-pa-pe-pa”
- “Pu” [linked bubble] “Hello”

- “Hello” [linked bubble] “Welcome”

- “Pi”
- “Po”
- “Kana-kana-kana”

- It’s dangerous to be out and about after dark! [linked bubble] You guys are so~~~!!

- I went to get you but there was no one there!
- We were about to begin.
- Just had to wait for one more person—
- I’m sorry.
- It’s fine! Stop apologising and come in!

- U—m, you’re Oosaki-san?
- Yes! [linked bubble] I am Oosaki Kanna.

- …We totally forgot about the welcoming party…
- Now…
- You two should get back home!
- Everyone, this is Oosaki-san from Takukou Developments.
- Umm… Let me introduce myself.

- My name is Oosaki.
- To reiterate, [linked bubble] I have been sent here for the purpose of investigating whether this village is really suitable for the building of the power station.

- This is a major project we have undertaken, which from now on will greatly impact everyone, [linked bubble] We hope to have your support.

- To look for
- shooting stars—

- Huff
- Huff
- Huff

- Koutarou…

- ……Haruhiko [linked bubble] ……what…did I do?
- What did you do… You called Kanna-san a “traitor” to her face [linked bubble] and ran all the way here…
- …That’s right.

- Traitor!

- You’re not welcome here.
- Idiot…

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