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Chihayafuru 19

+ posted by JinHea as translation on Jan 20, 2012 01:05 | Go to Chihayafuru

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tl by JinHea

- Mizusawa High School,
- congratulations on your victory.
Text by logo: 19th song

Trophy plaque: Champion // National Karuta Championship Tournament // High School Division – Tokyo Preliminaries // Courtesy of / the All Japan Karuta Association, Incorp.
Trophy left ribbon: Heiwa year 21, June 21st / Champion / Mizusawa High School

- It’s a trophy.
- Our first ever trophy.

- We all worked together to win this.

- We won.
- Yes—

Komano: Unbelievable! [linked] Our first competition and we won!
Kana: Is this okay? Did we really win? [linked] Did we just become Tokyo’s representatives?
- What’re you saying, Kana-chan? You saw the reporters here just now!

- Whoa!
- Ooh!?

Chihaya: What’re you doing, Hyoro-kun? [linked] What!?
- You’re scary.

Hyoro: This trophy…
Hyoro: From the time I entered Hokuou’s middle school division… [linked] it was always in the club room.

Hyoro: It was always there! Always!!

Hyoro: We’re definitely getting it back next year!!

Sudou: Let’s go, Hyoro.

Sudou: As Tokyo’s representatives…

Sudou: If you give an unsightly performance, I will not forgive you.

- Sudou-senpai, I’m sorry.
- I’m really, really, sorryyyy!
Sudou: Don’t apologise. What’s with you guys?
- ‘Cuz, this was your last tournament, senpai!

- “Last tournament”—

2nd to last panel starting from 2nd ribbon: year 19, June 20th / Champion / Hokuou Gakuen // June 12th / Champion / Hokuou Gakuen

Every single ribbon panel says: Champion / Hokuou Gakuen

- “Champion”—

- clip [linked] clip [linked] clip
Mom: Chihaya.
Mom: Hold on, Chihaya!

Chihaya: Eh?
Mom: Are you stirring it properly? [linked] The curry’s going to burn—
Chihaya: Ah!

Chihaya: Hey, mom…
Mom: Hm—?
Chihaya: The Karuta Tournament’s preliminary matches were held today. [linked] Everyone worked really hard, and we won…
Mom: Oh my—

Chitose: I’m home!

Chihaya: Oh, big sister. [linked] Welcome home—

Chitose: Hey dad!
Chitose: Why isn’t the TV on?

- Eh? What’s going on?
Chitose: I told you I’d be appearing on a quiz show! [linked] ‘Course it’s been set to record but…
Chihaya: Eh— That’s today, big sis!?
Mom: Wait a… oh dear! Wasn’t it next week?

Chihaya: Aah! There she is!
- Chihaya, shush!
TV Chitose’s nameplate: Ayase Chitose
Announcer: Joining us for the first time, a model currently in high school. It’s Ayase Chitose-chan!
Chitose: Hello— Thanks for having me—
- Amazing! So cute!!

Dad: … [linked] Chitose…
Dad: On a quiz show, if you don’t press the button first the camera won’t focus on you.

Chitose: Haah—
Chitose: I knew it. I don’t have what it take to be a talent.

Chitose: And it’s one rejection after another for my drama auditions—
Chihaya: But big sis! You’re the prettiest out of all the people on TV!!
Mom: That’s right! Mother thinks so too!
Chitose: Anyhow, I’ll…

Chitose: …keep doing my best in my current job until I can appear in a historical drama, so…
Chitose: I hope you’ll continue to support me.

Chitose: And then I’ll repay every single cent of the loan on this house.

Dad: What are you saying, Chitose! [linked] The only thing you have to do is be your brilliantly sparkling self!
Mom: That’s right! The loans are your father’s reason for living!

Dad: That and making scrapbooks of my daughters’ activities!!
Bold text: Reason for living!!
Dad: Looks like we’ll be needing a whole lot more scrapbooks for Chitose—

Books’ spines: Chitose 2 / Chitose 3 [etc…]

Chitose: Mom, I’ll be shooting the magazine’s next special instalment in Saipan. [linked] Get a suitcase ready.
Mom: Oh my, how marvellous! Don’t get too tanned now!

- Dad, mom, big sis…

- I’m going to compete in the National Karuta Tournament.

Chitose: Mistress Deffi’s perfume was sooo cloying—
- Ah! That expression just now was cute!

Chihaya: I knew it.
Chihaya: Arata didn’t reply either…

- We’ve become Tokyo’s representatives.

Chihaya: Everyone!
Chihaya: Let’s join the Shiranami Karuta Meet’s practice sessions.
Sign: Karuta Club / New members welcome

Chihaya: There’s less than a month until the National Tournament!
Chihaya: Let’s go see my coach and level up!

Nishida: Nah… [linked] we’re all good.

Chihaya: Why?!

Chihaya: We’re Tokyo’s representatives!
Chihaya: We have to do all we can…
Chihaya: Let’s work even harder!

- Eh…
- No, um…

Nishida: We’ll be attending Suihoku Karuta Meet’s practice sessions. [linked] Cuz my coach is good at teaching the basics. [aside] Desk-kun and Kana-chan too.
Chihaya: Eh…

Nishida: We’re off!

Taichi: Amazing. [linked] They’re well aware of which areas they’re lacking in.

Chihaya: Let’s go too! To see Harada-sensei!
Chihaya: Let’s go right now!
Taichi: Eh?

Taichi: Chihaya?

Building: Municipal Cultural Center
Sign: Family-use cooking oil

Harada: Chihaya-chan, Eyelash-kun, good timing!
Harada: I have lots of advice for you!

Taichi side: Eyelash-kun, you make few mistakes and your precision’s good, but your will isn’t strong enough! [linked] “Read this next!!” should be what you’re thinking! Use your will and call the card to you!
- Also— Rise a little from your position and attack fiercely! It’s a good strategy and shocks the opponent besides—
- Nails! Cut them a bit more! You’ll hurt somebody with those.
Chihaya side: Chihaya-chan, your attention’s all over the place! Concentrate on the cards more! [linked] You’ll be seeing lots of even bigger oddballs at the National Tournament!
- The card-sending in the finals! What was that? Why aren’t you separating like cards early on?!
- And your wrist movements are too big! You should be aiming directly for the card in a straight line! [linked] Listen carefully to the ruling-letters!

Harada: All right.
Harada: Now then, everyone, begin your matches.

Harada: Eyelash-kun’s opponent will be Hiroshi-kun.
Hiroshi: ’Sup.
Harada: He has the 2nd highest winning rate out of all our members. You have been warned—

Harada: Chihaya-chan’s opponent will be…

Harada: Me.
Harada: Let’s begin.

- Harada-sensei—
- I’ve yet to win even once against him.

- “If you give an unsightly performance, I will not forgive you.”

- “We’re definitely getting it back next year!!”

- Thank you very much—
- Goooodbye—
- Goodbye—

Taichi: Hiroshi-san was strong— [linked] I’m told he practices diligently even in university.
Taichi: He’s also entering this year’s Meijin tournament. [linked] How was Harada-sensei?

- Why…
- shock

- Why can’t I attack fearlessly the way sensei can?
- Why was there a 15 card difference?
Text beside Chihaya’s left arm: Why do I always suck at long-shot cards?
Smallest text: Why did I mess up the card-sending?
Text on bag: Why did I hear “Tachi” and “Tare” wrong?
- Why did I fault on “Konu”?
- Why is my Karuta all over the place?

Taichi: …[linked] Wh…

Taichi: What’s wrong, Chihaya? [linked] What is it?
Chihaya: N-Nothing…
Taichi: It’s not “nothing”!!

Taichi: You’re no good at hiding what you’re thinking!!
Taichi: Tell!

Taichi: Bfft!

Chihaya: …Taichi, I think…
Chihaya: I’m scared of the National Tournament.

- “As Tokyo’s representatives, if you give an unsightly performance, I will not forgive you.”

Chihaya: What’re we gonna do if we lose miserably, Taichi?
Chihaya: Our club just popped out of nowhere… [linked] Nobody’s going to cheer us on.

Chihaya: “We should have gone instead”…
Chihaya: What’re we gonna do if the Hokuou people think that way…

Chihaya: Ugh… [linked] Ow~~~~
Taichi: Quit whining.

Chihaya: Taichi, what’re you do…
Taichi: This thing… [linked] I wanted to show it to everyone at the same time, but…

File: National Tournament Countermeasures [oval] top secret

Taichi: Hyoro-kun brought this to me yesterday.
File: National Tournament Countermeasures [oval] top secret
Taichi: It’s info on strong teams from other prefectures that Hokuou Gakuen’s been compiling up until now.

Chihaya: Eh!?

Taichi: Information such as the styles of the teams that regularly participate each year… [linked] As well as how to use the facilities in Oumi Jinguu’s Hall of Learning.
Hyoro: Hmph
Taichi: Even an introduction to the inn that the Hokuou team stays at regularly… [linked] Frankly speaking, it’s saved us a lot of trouble.

Taichi: And despite all that? [linked] You’re thinking of the school that lost to us as a burden. Why?
Taichi: You gotta be kidding me!

Taichi: There’s nothing to be ashamed of!
Taichi: We went all out and competed fair and square.

Taichi: It’s still lingering within you, right?

- That feeling you bring to each match…
- …is your closest companion!

Paper slip: We’re going by car to pick up your sister. Be back around 10 o’clock. Microwave the oyako-don to eat. [circle] Mom
- Dad, mom…

- I’m going to compete in the National Karuta Tournament.
- Everyone worked really hard, and we won the final round.

- I want to go to Shiga’s Oumi Jinguu.

- Sooo, about the travel and accommodation expenses…

- The loan’ll…

Darker colour spine: Chihaya
Lighter colour spine: Chitose

Chihaya: Whoa!?

Arrow: A real shame!
[NB. quick explanation of the relevant bit of the text: Chihaya in her 3rd year of middle school came 2nd place in the girls’ 100 meter dash with a time of 12.53sec. Text circled says “Ayase Chihaya”]

Article title: Stately figures in hakama / Mizusawa Public High School Karuta Club qualifies for National Tournament
- Appearing in hakama, a rare sight even in the whole country
- Tokyo’s representatives in the Karuta Championship Tournament has been decided. Defeating the five year consecutive champion team from Hokuou Gakuen and receiving the Tournament entry ticket for the first time, this club from Mizusawa Public High School has been established for a mere two months. Their refreshing hakama-clad appearance drew much attention as they launched a rapid assault. Their activities at the National Tournament in July will be much anticipated.
Notes: 200X / June 23rd / Morning News [circled] Chihaya’s amazing!

- My reason for living is…

- Making scrapbooks of my DAUGHTERS’ ACTIVITIES!!

- That feeling you bring to each match…
- …is your closest companion!

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