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Translations: Gintama 565 by kewl0210 , Bleach 651 by cnet128 , One Piece 806 by cnet128

Chihayafuru 23

+ posted by JinHea as translation on Feb 8, 2012 04:15 | Go to Chihayafuru

-> RTS Page for Chihayafuru 23

*Only for use by Lazy Ass Scans

tl by JinHea

Logo insert: 23rd song

- Taichi.

- Chihaya.

SFX: huff huff huff

SFX: huff

SFX: huff huff

- Hito mo

- oshi—
- I won’t lose.

- I won’t lose.
- I must attack.
- I must attack!

- I won’t let it end!

Taichi: Please wait a moment.

Taichi: Ayase forfeits.

Taichi: Excuse me. [linked] Please make way.

Taichi: Excuse me. [linked] Make way...
Taichi: Excuse me…

Arata: Taichi!

Arata: Taichi,
Arata: what happened to Chihaya?

Taichi: Arata, take care of her.

Taichi: Even if it’s just the 4 of us…
Taichi: we’ll still win.

Miyauchi: Who would you be!?
Arata: Ah, [linked] I’m…
Miyauchi: A friend of Ayase-san!?

Miyauchi: Move her to a waiting room, hurry!
Rieko: I’ll help.

Miyauchi: Lay her down in here. [linked] I’ll put out the seating cushions.
- Mind your footing.

Miyauchi: It looked like she had a headache. Let her hair out.
Rieko: I’ll remove her hakama.
Arata: Eh!?
Rieko: She has a shirt and shorts on underneath.

SFX: huff huff huff
- She’s burning up… [linked] but shivering.
- Is there something to cover her with?

Arata: There’s a woollen blanket…
Miyauchi: You.

Miyauchi: Can you stay with Ayase-san for a bit? [linked] I’ll go get a taxi and make arrangements with a hospital.
Arata: Uh…
Rieko: Sensei, I came by car.

Rieko: I’ll drive it here from the parking lot.
Miyauchi: That would be great, Ooe-san’s mother. [linked] All right, we’ll leave her to you!

Arata: Uh…
Arata: Ah, [linked] yes!

SFX: huff huff huff

SFX: huff huff

Arata: Hot.
Arata: Such a high fever…

SFX: huff

SFX: huff

Linked: I…

Chihaya: I… [linked] the match…
Chihaya: I have to go…
Arata: Chihaya.

Arata: You need to rest.
Arata: You forfeited the match.

Chihaya: Forfeited?

Arata: Chihaya!

Arata: Stop! You have to rest!
Chihaya: No! [linked] Let go!
- Forfeit…
Arata: It’s no use! [linked] You can’t return to the match!
Chihaya: No!

Chihaya: No!
Arata: Chihaya!

- Forfeit…
Chihaya: Noooo!

Chihaya: We worked so hard to come here… [linked] Karuta…
Chihaya: We all…

- Ugh…
- Augh…

- Uwaaaaaa
- aaaaaaaah

SFX: waaaaaaah

Arata: Chihaya…
Arata: You’re always so earnest…

Arata: I’ve…

- been thinking.
- About Karuta…

- And…
- about Grandpa, too…

- “I don’t want to be left behind by everyone else.”
- “I want to hurry and advance to A-Level!”

- “You must be thinking that if only he wasn’t around, you’d be able to practice—”

- And about myself…

Miyauchi: Thank you for helping us move Ayase-san.
Aside: Though I don’t know who you are…

Arata: No problem…
Miyauchi: We’re going to the Municipal Hospital’s emergency ward. [linked] I’ve contacted Mashima-kun and the others via mail.

- I hope that girl is all right.
- She had been looking poorly since the first match started. [linked] She was in the second match out of sheer willpower…

- Oh—
- Aren’t you… [linked] Wataya Arata-kun?

Arata: Ah… [linked] Yoshioka-sensei.
Yoshioka: You remembered! [linked] I was so worried, since you haven’t been in any tournaments since last year!

Yoshioka: But you’re participating in this one! I knew it! [linked] Are you Fukui’s representative!?
Arata: No, I…
Yoshioka: I look forward to it!!

Yoshioka: Now I can meet Wataya-sensei again.

Yoshioka: Your Karuta is just like Wataya-sensei’s, you know.

Yoshioka: Oh! [linked] The second match is finishing up soon.
SFX: tup tup tup

- Now I can meet Wataya-sensei again.

- Grandpa…

- Grandpa, I…

- …really like Karuta.

- I really like Karuta!
- <Continued in volume 5>

- Extra 4-panel comics
Aside: I’m shamelessly appearing again. What do you think?

- The creature called “big sister”

Chitose: You’re still playing Karuta? [linked] Lame!
Chitose: Can’t you find a cooler hobby?
Text below panel: Looking through her own pictures

Chitose: But you need money for the tournament, right? [linked] Pay me back when you get your New Year’s money.
Chihaya: Darling big sister!
Text below panel: Always wants to have the upper hand

- You’re in high school and you’re still playing Karuta? [linked] Boooring.
- No way can you get a girlfriend like that. [linked] It’s not like you’re all that bad-looking, either.

- But you guys need team shirts, right? [linked] I made them in advance. Make sure you use them well!
Nishida: Big sister, ma’am!
Text below panel: Always wants to help out

- The team shirts are done

Taichi: Nishida… you…
Taichi: didn’t properly explain the rules of team competition to your sister, did you…

Taichi: With this design…
Taichi: this order…
Right to left: Girls size S / Boys size M / Boys size L / Girls size L / Boys size S

Taichi: and this order are the only sequences we can go in.
Nishida: Ah! …

Nishida: Just so you know, that first sequence was ordered according to how much big sis likes your looks.
- Ohh—
Chihaya: Eh? I’m last!?
Taichi: 2nd to last!?

Komano: First!?

- Girls’ secretive chatter 1

- Hey, Chii-chan, Kana-chan…
- If you go out with someone from the Karuta Club, who would it be?
Text below panel: Classmate Michiru-chan

Michiru: Well, it’s pretty obvious, I’m sure I didn’t need to ask—

Chihaya: Kana-chan.
Kana: Eh!?
Text below panel: winner

- Girls‘ secretive chatter 2

Michiru: Not like that! I’m talking about boys!
Michiru: If you go out with a boy, who would it be? [linked] They don’t have to be from the Karuta Club.
Text below panel: Obsessed-with-love Michiru-chan

Chihaya: Is it okay to answer honestly?

Chihaya: Ha-…
Michiru: Wait!
Michiru: It’ll be a hindrance to this volume, so don’t say it!!

Box: Ha
Harada aside: See you in volume 5

Black text: Finally, Arata enters the fray! / The club members, bereft of Chihaya, put in their all… / Offering the star of victory.
Black text beside Sudou’s panel: Hokuou’s Sudou enters the individual matches!

Film reel panel: If we were to lose so easily… / Chihaya will cry her heart out for sure. / We have to win.

Sudou: I don’t believe it…

Chihaya panel: Forfeiting due to health issues? / You were Tokyo’s representative in this tournament, you know!?

- At last, Chihaya faces the Queen. Their…
Star: intense
- individual match is imminent. But…

- Please treat me kindly.

- Chihaya, helpless against the Queen’s unprecedented Karuta style!
- Flying through the air…
- Like a needle.

- Soundless Karuta—!!
- Chihayafuru / Five / June 12 / (Fri) on sale

- We just want the star of victory. Oumi Jinguu – National Tournament!!
White shadowed text: Chihaya, who’s barely hanging in there…

- Who is this person—!?

- Competitive Karuta is hot!! / “Chihayafuru” is / selling amidst critical acclaim!
Text in O: RRP 370yen / (tax inclusive)
Text below O: (Out on the 1st & 15th of every month)
Text beside E: from

[Comments: this chapter and the previous one (ch22) were translation heaven! (at least to me they were) Not a lot of text, so I breezed through! Yeah I'm lazy *hohohoh*]

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#1. by thone (Registered User)
Posted on Feb 8, 2012
more popcorn avatar please :(
#2. by Daisilverlight (Registered User)
Posted on Feb 9, 2012
yes, more pop please

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