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Translations: One Piece 885 by cnet128 , Gintama 660 (2)

Chihayafuru 26

+ posted by JinHea as translation on Feb 25, 2012 08:18 | Go to Chihayafuru

-> RTS Page for Chihayafuru 26

*Only for use by Lazy Ass Scans

tl by JinHea

Logo insert: 26th song

- I can’t…
- imagine myself winning.

- As the card difference increases…
- Aggressive Karuta becomes disadvantageous.

- There’s a higher probability that cards from your own territory will appear.
- One is drawn to “defend”.

- What’s more…

- going by how good she is with cards in her own territory…
- the Queen plays Defensive Karuta.

- You can’t just attack.
- But attacking is the only thing to do. / Hang in there, Chihaya!

- Ooke naku—

- How come she isn't attacking!?
- Why!?

- Huff
- Huff

- Ahh…
- Again…

- Everyone is all fired up, at first.
- A match with the Queen!
-I’ll bring you down!
Beside arm: I’m gonna win!
- But…

- As the match goes on, it becomes as if I’m playing Karuta by myself.

- Ah well…
- it doesn’t matter.

- “That girl will get stronger – so much so that she’ll be all alone in her strength.”

- I’ll end this quickly.

- huff
- huff

SFX: click

- Eh?
- What?

- Whoa!
Aside: I accidentally pressed it.

- I’m sorry! / I’m sorry!

Sign: National High School Division Ogura Hyakunin Isshu Karuta Championship Tournament
[NB. can’t make out what the scroll says, sorry]

- Hang in there, Chihaya!
- Taichi…
- Ayase-san... / Hang in there!
- Sensei… / But—

- I don’t know what I should do.
- I can’t get even one card…
- using the style of Karuta I’ve been playing.

- This is the first time—

- Fast!
- Fast!

- I won’t…
- go easy on you.

- So frustrating...

- I want to get at least one card.

- I know the first half of that card!
- It’s “Se wo hayami iwa ni sekaruru takigawa no”.

- Just that one…
- even if it’s just that one card—

- Even just one card…

Chihaya: I beg your pardon.

Taichi: Huh? / That’s rare.

- When the match progresses unfavourably…
SFX: phew—
- Sudou-san would stand up, wouldn’t he? (Like he’s all that)

- Huh!?
Aside: Normally placed on the side of the non-dominant hand
- Could it be the Queen is left handed!?

- Uwah~~ And I only noticed just now!
- How wound up was I~~~~!?

Chihaya: I beg your pardon.

- How can my resolve…
- lose to that of the 12 year old me?

- Huh?

- She recovered…?

- Hmmm…
- How long will she last, I wonder?

- Kaze

- wo itami—

- Ah!! She attacked!! / And returned.
- This is critical! / Who got it!?

Taichi: Ahh~~~ it was the Queen.

- Compared to the speed with which I return to my territory after attacking…
- the Queen, attacking in a straight line, is faster.

- But, what I have been learning is Aggressive Karuta.

- Chihaya-chan…
- you’ll understand if you think about it.

- For someone who has confidence in their defence, having cards taken from the very depths of their own territory…
- Just how much of a shock would it be?

- Favourable developments are attracted this way.

- Nani

- Our hands collided?
- So that’s what they call “a close shave”.

- Hmm…
- pretty amazing.

Taichi: Alright, Chihaya!
Taichi: That first card!

Chihaya: No.

Chihaya: We touched it simultaneously… / and it was from your territory, so it’s your card.

SFX: Ehh—!
Taichi: How come!? / Just take it, Chihaya!!
- Normally you wouldn’t refuse it!!

Shinobu: I see.
Chihaya: Ah! / I messed up!

Chihaya: I did something that Harada-sensei’s Karuta would never allow!
Aside: All the cards are your own cards. / Keep insisting that you were the one who got the card.

- But…

- This is the Oumi Jinguu Hall of Learning.
- Both the Meijin and the Queen tournaments are played atop this same tatami.
- I don’t want coincidences.

Sign: Ogura Hyakunin Isshu Karuta // Meijin / Queen Title Playoffs
Board: --th Queen Tournament
- The first ever card…
- I take from this girl…
- will be linked to this seat when January rolls around.

SFX: phew—

- Strange girl…

Sign: gura Hyakunin Isshu Karuta Championship Tournament

- Fu

- ku kara ni—

- huff
- huff
- I got a one syllable card…

- from the side of the Queen’s dominant hand!!
Box: Going to retrieve the card.

- Whoa— That’s a first. / A one syllable card was taken from the Queen.
- She got it at the same time as the “Fu” of “Fukukarani” was read out?!

- F-sound!

- Harada-sensei said…
- that Chihaya can hear the sound before “Fu” is formed.

- The faint vibration of “F”…

- “Fukukarani” is also a card that Chihaya’s good at.
Chihaya: The first card.

- Once again, this…
- is my first card.

SFX: b-bmp

SFX: b-bmp
- Chihaya…

SFX: b-bmp b-bmp

- Chihaya buru—

Miyauchi: She…
Miyauchi: got it!

- One shot!!

- Chihaya!

- This card…
- is linked…
- to the future Queen.

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