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Chihayafuru 30

+ posted by JinHea as translation on Apr 13, 2012 01:58 | Go to Chihayafuru

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*Only for use by Lazy Ass Scans

tl by RaikouNeko and JinHea

- Characters & Story
Chihaya: Ayase Chihaya / In 6th grade, she met Arata and came into contact with competitive Karuta for the first time. Naturally blessed with sharp hearing, she began utilizing this exceptional ability once she started playing Karuta.
Arata: Wataya Arata / The one who led Chihaya into the world of Karuta. His grandfather holds the title of Eisei Meijin. After graduating from primary school, he returned to his hometown of Fukui with his family in order to look after his ailing grandfather, leaving behind Chihaya and everyone else. [NB. Eisei Meijin – literally Eternal Meijin, bestowed upon players who have served as Meijin for 5 consecutive periods OR who have served as Meijin for a total of 7 or more periods]
Taichi: Mashima Taichi / An all-round athlete and honours student. He dislikes losing, and began playing Karuta out of antagonism towards Arata, who had grown close to Chihaya through the game. Co-founded the Mizusawa High Karuta Club with Chihaya.

Kana: Ooe Kanade / Daughter of a traditional clothing retailer, loves the classical period. Joined the Karuta Club out of desire to wear hakama.
Nishida: Nishida Yuusei / Faced off in Karuta against Chihaya and co. during primary school. Joined due to this history. Commonly known as Meatbun-kun.
Komano: Komano Tsutomu / Once fixated on studying, he joined the club after being moved by Taichi’s passion for Karuta. Commonly known as Desk-kun.
- Having dominated the fierce Tokyo preliminaries, the Mizusawa High School Karuta Club attained the right to participate for the very first time in the National Tournament’s group matches. However, Chihaya had no choice but to forfeit in the middle of the match due to poor health. The next day, Chihaya roused herself for the individual matches, only to be soundly defeated in the face of the Queen Wakamiya Shinobu’s overwhelming strength. Faster than ever, sharper than ever – chasing the Queen’s shadow, Chihaya throws herself into training, but…!?
Shinobu: Wakamiya Shinobu / Advancing to A-Level as a 4th grader, she is the youngest Queen in history. A 1st year at Tsusaki High School in Kyoto.

Shirts all say: Karuta Club
Logo insert: 30th song

Chihaya: Eh…?

Harada: Stop going for fast captures.

Chihaya: Harada-sensei…?

Chihaya: What do you mean, Sensei? / If I don’t get them quickly, I won’t win!

Harada: Chihaya-chan, what was the Queen’s Karuta like?
Chihaya: Super fast!! Shockingly fast!!

Harada-sensei: What else?
Chihaya: Her accuracy!!
Chihaya: She moves like she’s already decided on which part of the card to touch… / but it’s fast!!

- There’s no one…

- who wouldn’t be awed by that speed—
Harada: It’s okay even if you’re not fast.

Harada: How many cards are you good with, Chihaya-chan?
Harada: 5 cards? 10 cards?

Harada: Even if there are cards you can take extremely quickly…
Harada: if the rest are all taken from you, you’ll lose the game.

Harada: Cast aside that attachment to speed.

- Harada-sensei…
- is serious.

- He intends to teach me the kind of Karuta…

- that will help me become Queen—

Title: First Career Choice Survey // Year 1 / Group / Name
- University // Department/Specialisation // Reason
- First Choice
- Second Choice
- Third Choice

Writing: Queen

Miyauchi: Submission deadline is this Thursday. / Reference materials have been gathered in the career guidance room, please go and consult them.
Miyauchi: It’s your own future, so be sure to think about this seriously!

Sign: Karuta C / Welcoming new members
Kana: They handed out the survey in my class too.

Kana: I have a good idea of which department I want to enter, but I haven’t decided on an university yet…
Komano: Kana-chan, you’ll be going to an university that offers classical studies, right?
Kana: So… / is Chihaya-chan like that because of the career survey?

Kana: Leaving that aside for now…

Kana: What’s wrong with those two…?

Nishida: It ain’t easy…

Nishida: Advancing to A-Level ain’t easy at all!! / Ayase, quit curling up and play me!
Taichi: Ah! Nishida you cheater!
Nishida: I won’t make any progress if I don’t play strong opponents!

Nishida: Come on, Ayase! / We’re playing!!
Chihaya: ‘K- / ‘Kay…

- No matter how fast you are…

- You don’t scare me, Chihaya-chan.
- No matter how fast you are…

Nishida: What’re you doing, Ayase? / Get serious!
- complete defeat
Nishida: I can’t concentrate like this!

Kana: Chihaya-chan?

- Eh?
- Harada-sensei said something like that?

- Take speed away from Ayase, and what are you left with? / It’s not like she’s any good at strategizing, either.
- Thing is, her good “perception” has turned into a weakness, right? / In other words—

- Could it be…
- she’s really agonizing…?

- Normally, she doesn’t even take 10 seconds to think when faced with a difficult question…
Chihaya: Lessee…
Arrow: Answer page
- THAT Chihaya is agonizing!!
Nishida aside: I look at it too.

Chihaya: I don’t get it.
Chihaya: Telling me not to go for fast captures… / I don’t get it.

Komano: The next rotation is Nishida vs Mashima, and Ayase vs me. / Let’s begin.
Nishida: Alright—

- Chihayaburu--

- That’s it!! / That idiotic speed is what he was talking about!
Aside: Not even one “Chi” cards been read yet, you know!!
Chihaya: Aah!
Chihaya: This?

Chihaya: This is, umm, my body just moved on its own…
Taichi: Are you a wild animal?
- Geez— / Come on, guys, I’m going to read the next one.

- Tatsu no kawa no nishiki nari keri –

- Hito mo oshi –

- Waga sode ha

- Uugh!

- Hito togisu—
Chihaya: Yes!

Chihaya: I’m not losing to Desk-kun anytime soon! / 15 card difference! Yes!
Komano: Me and Ayase have had 28 matches against each other during August and September.

Komano: Proportion of cards taken from Ayase are as follows: / right side of opponent’s territory [circle] A, 1 percent…
Notebook: Tsu
Komano: left side of my own territory [circle] C, 32 percent…
Above squares: Chihaya
Below squares: Komano
Komano: right side of my own territory [circle] D, 0 percent…
Komano: left side of opponent’s territory [circle] B, 67 percent.

Nishida: Ehh!? / You took data in that much detail!?

Big aside: Amazing!
Aside: And me? Me?

Chihaya: Ohh—! / You mean I’m taking almost 100 percent of the cards in [circle] A and [circle] D?
Aside: All right!

Komano: But! / On the other hand, for areas [circle] B and [circle] C…
Komano: even I can take a considerable number of cards from them.

Komano: I can’t beat Ayase when it comes to one syllable cards, but… / with three syllable cards, there’s plenty of opportunity.
Komano: So I’d position three syllable cards in the areas Ayase has trouble with: the left side of my own territory [circle] B and the left side of the opponent’s territory [circle] C… / and it’s not just me, I’m sure this strategy is used by a lot of people.

- Even if there are cards you can take extremely quickly,

- If the rest are all taken from you, you’ll lose the game.

Kana: Chihaya-chan faults a lot, doesn’t she?

Kana: When you want to get the card quickly, there are times you take a stab in the dark as you make your move, right? / Like with the “Naniwae” and “Naniwaga” cards.
Chihaya: Lots of people find them difficult! / Cos the ambience of the songs are really similar…

Kana: Silence!
Chihaya head: Eh!?

Box: The Hyakunin Isshu songs are ordered by the year in which they were composed, then numbered.
Kana: “Naniwaga” is number 19, / “Naniwae” is number 88.
Kana: In terms of era, there’s a gap of approximately 200 years!

- Era—!?

Kana: Both composers are female, and the scenes they describe are similar. / Even with a 200 year gap, the sentiments poured into these songs are the same. That, for me, is deeply moving. / Moving on…
Chihaya aside: era…
Aside: I’ve never thought about it before…

Kana: Chihaya-chan, before you said that you see the “Chihaya” card as bright red, right?

Kana: Composed in the 10th century, “Naniwaga” is the dull green of withered reeds in winter… / Composed in the 12th century, “Naniwae” is the green of much younger reeds. / Try thinking of them this way.
Kana: It is also said that at the time number 88 was composed, Naniwa Bay had a lot of prostitutes, so… / a more lustrous shade of green—

Chihaya: Kana-chan…
Chihaya: you really like these songs, don’t you…

Kana: That is because to me…
Kana: Karuta is “meaning”.

- Ahh…

- I…
- was sad.

- Because “speed”…

- WAS “Karuta” to me…

- Library

- Goodbye, Miyauchi-sensei.
Miyauchi: Goodbye.

- Ayase-san is in the library!? / No way…
Aside: in any case, she stands out
- do they have manga in here!?

Miyauchi: Ayase-san. / You still haven’t handed in your career survey.
Miyauchi: Hurry and…

Title: A Commentary // Ogura Hyakunin Isshu // Shokou Mamiko / Takiguchi Wami / Collaboration

- Desk-kun’s strength…
- Kana-chan’s strength…

- Sports Centre

- Hyakunin Isshu Karuta Tou

Rieko: Mashima-kun [heart]
Rieko: It’s been too long [hearts]

Taichi: We’re much obliged to you today too… / Ooe-san’s mother.
Rieko: aww / Call me Rieko. Rieko [heart]
Nishida: Kana-chan, do we really have to wear hakama to EVERY tournament~~~?
Kana: That’s a given! / It’s a distinctive feature of our club!

Komano: I wonder…
Komano: should I learn to put on hakama by myself?

Kana: Desk-kun, Ooe Traditional Clothing has a co-op agreement with a class that teaches you how to wear traditional clothes!
Komano: Eh?
Rieko: Desk-kun, Ooe Traditional Clothing has added a line of cotton hakama. It’s the most suitable choice for competitive Karuta!

Aside: Whoa
Taichi: Okay. Now then, everyone…

Taichi: We want that first win! / Aim to climb the ranks and attain victory!
Taichi: Let’s keep our eyes on the prize!

- Yeah!
Komano: Mashima is all fired up. [aside] Though Meatbun-kun is too…
Kana: I’m fired up too!

- Since becoming A-Level…
- this is my first time playing in a regular tournament that’s not just for high school students.
SFX: phew—

Kana: Chihaya-chan, are you nervous?
Aside: Huh?
Kana: Aren’t you quite accustomed to playing in tournaments already?

Chihaya: Kana-chan, I…

Chihaya: feel like a fresh out of high school rookie about to make my debut in the professional baseball world…
SFX: ba-dump ba-dump ba-dump
Aside: kyaaa
Kana aside: Eh!?

- A-Level...
- it has a different atmosphere compared to the other levels.

- I’ve been longing for this.
- The A-Level Tournament…
- Oh my— such a pretty hakama—

Chihaya: Eh?
- How nice. Hakama really is gorgeous.

- My first round opponent – Kanai Sakura-san…
Chihaya: Ah…
Chihaya: Thank you very mu…

Chihaya: ch!

- If I were a little younger, I would have worn a gorgeous hakama.
- Aha [heart]
- Oh!
- Ohh~~

Chihaya: Really cute!
- I know [heart]

- I can’t get worked up.
Aside: She knew— / I see—
SFX: phew—
- Today’s theme is…

- not too fast…
- faultless Karuta.

- Left and right of my own territory, left and right of my opponent’s territory. Karuta that takes cards evenly from all four of these areas.

- Kaku toda ni—

- Uwahh— I can’t believe I did that!
Sakura: Oh dear, so fast.
- I shouldn’t have done thaaat!

- Young people’s “perception” really is amazing.
- Goodness, I can’t keep up at all.
- Aha.

- Urami wabi—

- Ah!
- That’s not the one!

- Fault~~~
- Oh dear! / You have really good “perception”.

- Such people are much more likely to confuse “Mura” and “Ura”. / The sounds are similar, no?
- Lucky [star]

- She…
- She’s right.

- “Good perception” and “good ears” are useful tools, but…
- they’re also a treasure trove of potential mistakes.

- Stop going for fast captures.

- That’s why sensei said that.

- Ah!
- Lucky [star]

- Lucky [start] / I got to pick up another one.

- It’s hard to attack.

- Somewhere along the way…
- it’s become a formation that makes it hard to attack….

- A-Level…
- I’m so lucky [start]

- to have an opponent who’s just fast.
- This is A-Level—

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