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Translations: Gintama 597 (2) , One Piece 832 by cnet128 , Bleach 682 by cnet128

Chihayafuru 31

+ posted by JinHea as translation on Apr 21, 2012 01:09 | Go to Chihayafuru

-> RTS Page for Chihayafuru 31

*Only for use by Lazy Ass Scans

tl by JinHea

Logo insert: 31st song

- to have an opponent who’s just fast…
- I’m so lucky.

- Why…

- Today’s goal was to play “Karuta that’s not too fast”…
- yet why am I having that pointed out to me!?

- Momo shiki ya—
- A ghost card!!

- Shino buredo—
- Another ghost card!!
Text outside panel: In matches 50 cards are used, but all 100 cards are read. Because of this, there are cards read which are not in play, and these are called ghost cards.

- Chigirikina—
- Ugh… / Again…

- Hoto togisu—
- Another one!?

- Michi nokuno—

- 5 ghost cards in a row…

- Takasago no—
- 6 ghost cards in a row!!

- Still…
- it’ll come any moment now…

- The next one’s it for sure.
- irk
- irk
- irk/irk
- The next one.
-The next one.

- Actually…
- I just want to move!
- Hana-

- no iro ha—

- 7 ghost cards in a row! / I faulted~~~~!!
SFX: droop
- You couldn’t help yourself, could you.
- Lucky [star]

- Now then… / the card I’ll send is…

- This one.

- Ahh~~~~
- And finally I get “Chihaya” sent to me~~~

- Heehee [heart]

- Get it.
- Get it.
- Get it.
- Get it.

- O-
- Get it!

- O-

- -eyama—

- Again, lucky me [star]
- Gwahh~~~

- I should’ve been able to get it. / If I’d prepared to return from “Ooke” to “Ooe” properly…
- Because I can react faster.

- Calm down. / This is my first A-Level tournament…
- I can’t lose here.

- These people…

- These female A-Level players…
- If I don’t become the strongest out of all of them, then I can’t even challenge her.

- I won’t be able to play Shinobu-chan.

- How tedious.

- Ayase-san…
- it’s like the cards are the only thing you’re playing against.

- Eh…?

Asterisk below panel: 2 cards begin with “shi”, “Shiratsuyuni” and “Shinoburedo”. Because “Shinoburedo” was read earlier “Shiratsuyu” becomes a one-syllable card that can be taken at “shi”.

- Whoa! / [asterisk] She sent me “Shira”, which has become a “Shi” card! / Why does she keep sending cards I don’t want to get—
- It’s hard to play—

SFX: oh!

- She’s making it so that I find it hard to play…
- Now that I think about it…

- I send “cards I’ve marked beforehand as the ones I want to get from the opponent’s territory”…
- and somewhere along the way, the right side of my opponent’s territory is thinning…
- a formation that doesn’t lend itself to a battle of speed.

- “How tedious.”
- “Ayase-san, it’s like the cards are the only thing you’re playing against.”

- Calling me by name…
- seeing through my Karuta…

- I’d position three syllable cards in the areas Ayase has trouble with: the left sides of my and my opponent’s territory
Book: [circle] Tsu [below] strategy notes
- and it’s not just me, I’m sure this strategy is used by a lot of people.

- I beg your pardon.

- She moved back…

- Even though she was right up against the match line…
- 10cm…
- 15cm… that much?
- I wonder if she’ll be able to reach…

- My habit of going for every card quickly like they’re one-syllable cards…

- is the reason my captures become awkward.

- In that case, there’s nothing for it but to draw back the starting line.

- Just a little bit is enough.
Below Kana: Starting line
Below Chihaya: Starting line
- Look for the position that will let me reach the goal first!

- She’s really thought it through.
- How great…

- It’s so great to be young!!

- Yo-

- wo komete—
- Oops! A ghost card.

- That was close.
- Su…

- Such long arms!
- I can’t make any more mistakes.
- She has ample reach in all directions!

- If this girl…
- But I can reach all the cards.
- Good!
- were to get a handle on the rhythm of each card—

- I’m going to rearrange my cards.

- Ahh!
- The “Yomo” card that’d finally become a one-syllable “yo” card…

- Heehee.
- Do please be troubled.
Aside: Ahh my goodness, inexperience is so cute!
Chihaya asides: Confirm. Confirm. / Hmmm Hmmm
- Go on. Be troubled, young one!!

- Mika no hara—
- Lucky me [star]

- Aimite no—
- Aha [heart]

- Kyah! / I simply must pick up cards that are just waiting to be picked up, no? [heart]

- Wa…
- Waiting to be picked up, she says…
- Don’t tell me everything was calculated…
- too late

- Look.

- Look.
- Look…
- at this person’s Karuta.

- In it is something I lack.

- Hfff

- Hfff

- Hahh

- Hahh

- Wa-

- su-

- ra-

- …ahh

- Just now… / we took the card…
- with the same – three syllable – breath.

- But because we took it simultaneously…

- owner’s privilege [heart]

- Three syllable breath…

- breath…

- Kanai Sakura-san!

- Yes?

- So… cute!
- I know [heart]

- So she knew— / I see—
- Thank you very much for today.
Box: Lost with a 6 card difference

- I will work hard to become a player who doesn’t just rely on speed.
- I want to become… / Queen!

Bold text: Oh dear
- I want to become Queen too, you know.

- Eh…
- [aside] Oh dear [normal] Is that odd coming from an old lady who’s been playing Karuta for 35 years—?
- 35 years!?

- I was so much cuter 20 years ago… / when, like you, I was called the idol of the Karuta world…
Arrow: never been called that
Arrow: never been called that
- Oh…

- I have never won any great title…

- I play my very best…
- though I keep getting overtaken by the younger players…

- Because I love Karuta.

- Even now, my dream is to be Queen.

- Eh— then Tsubaki will become Queen too—
- Oh my, we’re rivals then.
- Kanade will become Queen too—

Aside: Well then…
- See you at the East Japan Qualifiers.

- Arata…

- The dream we found…
- is so…
Box: At this time…
Box: I, who had been eliminated after the first round of A-Level matches, still had no idea…

- that on this day…
- a little while later…
- I would experience the greatest anguish of my life.

- Nishida Yuusei
- B-Level Finals
- Mashima Taichi

- Ooe Kanade
- D-Level Finals
- Komano Tsutomu

- Wh...

- Which one...
- Which side...
- should I support...
Boxes: C-Level / D-Level / A-Level / B-Level

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