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Translations: Gintama 566 by kewl0210 , One Piece 807 by cnet128 , Bleach 652 by cnet128

Chihayafuru 33

+ posted by JinHea as translation on May 6, 2012 00:48 | Go to Chihayafuru

-> RTS Page for Chihayafuru 33

*only for use by Lazy Ass Scans

tl by JinHea

Logo insert: 33rd song

- I’m going to steal anything I can!

- Kana-chan and Desk-kun…
Text on wrist: aren’t all that much different in terms of their “perception” or speed.

- But the gap between them is increasing little by little.

- Desk-kun’s faulted twice.

- As for Kana-chan…
- zero times…

- Those faults…
- gave the opponent an unconditional 2 card lead—
- I’d always thought that taking 2 cards would help me regain that ground again, but…

- When I played against Kanai Sakura-san, I realised…
- faults are fatal when facing an opponent who doesn’t make mistakes.

- What’s really terrifying isn’t just the difference in cards…

- You get impatient.
Teeny bubbles: Haa / haa
Above Kana: I have to regain my ground.
Star: Your rhythm is disrupted.
- I faulted twice with Kana-chan as my opponent. / Not good.
- Not good.
- Conversely, you’ve given your opponent an advantage.
SFX: phew

- Those influences are more deadly than a mere 2 card difference.

- Kono tabi ha—

- Yes! I finally got one from the opponent’s territory!
- My counterattack… / my counterattack starts here!!

- Huh?

- How come—!? Even though I’ve never sent a one-syllable card before—

SFX: phew—

SFX: haa haa haa

- I’m faulting…
- I send the wrong card…
- Why are things going so badly for me?

- It’s as if, apart from Kana-chan…
- I’ve become my own enemy.

- Desk-kun…

SFX: haa haa

- I’ve practiced with him, so I know…
- when Desk-kun keeps losing ground until endgame…
- his mindset changes to one of “I’ll work harder in the next match”.

- It’s endgame, there’s a difference of 8 cards.
SFX: haa haa haa
- There’s no hope for me. / An 8 card difference is just…

- It’s the finals!
- There IS no next time, Desk-kun!

SFX: haa haa

SFX: haa haa

- With victory on the line…
- Let’s train to…
- get a body that can compete for 10 hours straight.

- Please wait a moment.

- I’m moving my cards.

- Eh?

- Eh~~~~~!
- All moved

- You’d put them together when you have around 4 cards left in endgame, but… / 10 cards?
- Is that allowed?
- How brash.

- When it’s 2 cards vs 10…
- Haru sugite—
- The likelihood of one of the 10 cards being read is, of course, higher.

- His strategy is to sweep away all the cards in his own territory…

- To think he’s taking one by sweeping them all away… / he’s gambling on the hope that only cards from his territory are read.
- Don’t get caught up in appearances. / Go for it, girl! Aim for your opponent’s territory!

- 6 cards’ difference…
SFX: haa—

- I’m okay.
- Having them all together like that make it easier for me too. / I’m okay.

- Meguriaite—

- Ah!

- The one-syllable card he sent earlier!
- Desk-kun went for it!

- I attacked with the conviction that I’d get it!
- I…

- I don’t want to lose to Kana-chan either, but…
- I really don’t want to lose to myself.

SFX: haa

SFX: haa…

- 5 cards’ difference…

SFX: phew—

- Concentrate.
- Listen.
- Even if Desk-kun sweeps away all of his own cards, I still have a chance to get it.

- I reach only for the correct card.
- Directly…
- Quickly…

- Like when Chihaya-chan played against the Queen…
- a neck-and-neck match…

- Miyoshino no—

- Doing it all of a sudden,,.
- is asking too much—!

SFX: haa haa

- But…

- Chihayaburu—

- Kana-chan was so quick with “Chihaya”!
Big text: Awesome!

- Ngh…

SFX: phew—
- Desk-kun was mindful of the “chigi” in my territory.
Small text: Thank goodness.

- Moreover…

- Just like how Desk-kun was faster than me when taking “Ooe” earlier…
- somewhere along the way…

- the card my friend’s good with became a card I am good with…

- One more card…

- One more card!
- No.

- No.

- I won’t allow it.

- Takasago no—

- Thank you very much.
- Thank you very much.

SFX: haa—

- Kana-chan…
- congratulations.

- Kana-chan, your wrist movement’s are too big!
- You aren’t using the move I just taught you!
- Desk-kun, that’s where you thrust!
- Concentrate!

- Kana-chan…
- Desk-kun…

- You guys got first place…
- and runner-up.
- You did great.

- Yes!

- I…

- I…

- I forgoooooooot!
- I’m the worst!

- Hyoro-kun! / Hyoro-kun, tell me, what’s going on!?
- Hey!

- F-
- Fate’s hand!!

- Fate’s hand…

- When both sides have only one card left…
- and the match outcome depends on which one’s card will be read first – a situation that is completely left to fate—

- Meatbun-kun…
- Taichi…

- They got this far, and it’s come to a Fate’s hand!?

- Fate’s hand really is all about luck.
- The absolute theory is to protect your own territory…

- I watched this thinking that I’ll steal anything I can, but…

- there’s nothing to steal.
Bold text: clearly
- I am much better when it comes ot “perception”, memorization and speed!!

- But…

- These guys…
- came all this way, giving their all…

- And now it’s all up to fate?
- “Ashi”.
- Come on, “Ashi”! / Come on, “Ashi”!
- Come!
- I’m protecting it to the end!!

SFX: haa haa

- Reassess…

- Reassess.

- I have “se”.
- Nishida has “Ashi”.

- There are still 6 ghost cards that haven’t been read.
- “Amano”, “Arima”, “Tsuki”, “Kiri”, “Momo”, “Wagaso”.

- His card still…
- hasn’t become a one-syllable card.

- A-

- ma no hara—
- whff

- He…

- He attacked!!?

- That guy! He intends to get the opponent’s card when it’s Fate’s hand!?

- Why…

- Why couldn’t there be two of me?

- Why didn’t I…
- what such an important match?

SFX: huff

SFX: huff

- “Se” has the advantage, since it can be taken in an instant.
- As for “A”…

- They were all read, right?
- Or are there still some left!? / There’re 16 of them, after all.

- Fate’s hand?
- You gotta be kidding me.

- I ain’t leaving this up to fate!

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