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Chihayafuru 36

+ posted by JinHea as translation on Jun 1, 2012 13:23 | Go to Chihayafuru

-> RTS Page for Chihayafuru 36

*Only for use by LAS

tl by JinHea

- Huh!? By “cover” you didn’t mean the one in colour!?
- And I especially bought this from Ooe Traditional Wear!!
- The proprietress said
- Pink suits you [heart]
- that…
- can they tell that it’s pink—!?

- Characters & Story
Chihaya: Ayase Chihaya / In 6th grade, she met Arata and came into contact with competitive Karuta for the first time. Naturally blessed with sharp hearing, she began utilizing this exceptional ability once she started playing Karuta.
Arata: Wataya Arata / The one who led Chihaya into the world of Karuta. His grandfather holds the title of Eisei Meijin. After graduating from primary school, he returned to his hometown of Fukui with his family in order to look after his ailing grandfather, leaving behind Chihaya and everyone else. [NB. Eisei Meijin – literally Eternal Meijin, bestowed upon players who have served as Meijin for 5 consecutive periods OR who have served as Meijin for a total of 7 or more periods]
Taichi: Mashima Taichi / An all-round athlete and honours student. He dislikes losing, and began playing Karuta out of antagonism towards Arata, who had grown close to Chihaya through the game. Co-founded the Mizusawa High Karuta Club with Chihaya.

Kana: Ooe Kanade / Daughter of a traditional clothing retailer, loves the classical period. Joined the Karuta Club out of desire to wear hakama.
Nishida: Nishida Yuusei / Faced off in Karuta against Chihaya and co. during primary school. Joined due to this history. Commonly known as Meatbun-kun.
Komano: Komano Tsutomu / Once fixated on studying, he joined the club after being moved by Taichi’s passion for Karuta. Commonly known as Desk-kun.
Shinobu: Wakamiya Shinobu / Became an A-Level player during 4th grade. Youngest ever Queen. 1st year student at Tsusaki High School in Kyoto.
- The members, each having laid down their own goals, play their first ever formal match. Under the watchful eyes of Chihaya, who had lost against veteran player Kanai Sakura, Taichi, playing against Nishida in the B-Level Finals with a view to rise to A-Level, lost by one card after a gruelling match. Wanting to catch up to Chihaya and Arata – with impatience in his heart, Taichi entered the Yoshino Meet Tournament by himself, but Arata’s also playing in that tournament…?

- I’m going to cheer on Taichi.
Insert: 36th song
- Ugh!

SFX: clink

SFX: clap clap

SFX: murmur murmur

- Ah…

- Kuriyama-kun!!

- Harada-kun!!

- Whoa!
- Goodness if it hasn’t been a long time!! Kuriyama-kun, you came all the way to Kantou!
- My knees are acting up. / But there’re a lot of people from Nagumo Meet participating this time, and having been put in charge…
- Let’s play Karuta together again after your knees’re better!!
- Yup, yup!

- I heard that Harada-sensei and Kuriyama-sensei have been rivals since they were young.
- Kuriyama-sensei?
- The president of Nagumo Meet, which I’m currently a part of.

- 3rd round matches for A- and B- Levels. / Please be seated according to your number.
- Ah…

- Taichi, / wait up.

- I had a little misunderstanding.

- I thought you’d be…
- playing as an A-Level today, Taichi.

- Tell that to Chihaya too… / if necessary.

Paper: Wataya Arata [bottom] cell phone

- Arata…

- Arata is here.

- Wait! Wait!

- Safe!

- Ah! Wait!
- The other… / the other side—!

Cell: Isn’t looking away from what you should be doing right now a form of escape? / from Komano-sensei

- What a calm way to get angry…

- What am I doing…

- Be it studying…
- or Karuta…
- I’ve made no progress at all when it comes to my own matters…

- Still…
- Whether Taichi wins…
- or loses…

- how would he feel if he’s all by himself?

- Yoyogi— Yoyogi—
- Ah!
- Gotta transfer. / to one on the other side.

- I don’t want that.

- Ah!

- Taichi!!

- How is it? You giving your all? / Which round is it now!?
- I lost. / In the 3rd round.

- …Ah…
- I…
- I see…
- Chihaya.

- Arata is playing.

- Eh?

- Konu
- hito wo—

Name: Wataya Arata

- matsuho no ura no yuunagi ni—

- yaku yamo shio nomi mo kogaretsutsu—

- Meguri aite— [NB. this means “fortuitous meeting”, thought I’d include this since it’s relevant to the current situation]

- Gotcha!

- Thank you very much.
- Going into the finals with a margin of 11 cards… / I’m on a roll!!

- Oh. / Chihaya-chan came too.

Paper: Wataya Arata / cell phone

- Kakuto dani—

- Moro tomoni—

- Kasasagi no—

- Kaze wo itami—

- I lost.
- In the 3rd round.

- It’s not Arata’s fault.
- But…

- But—

SFX: grab

- oh

- Taichi.

- Taichi.
- We did it!

- We did it!

- We’ll get stronger and wait for him.

- Because Arata WILL…
- come back.

- Taichi.
- We did it!

- A part of me isn’t happy about it…
- but still another part of me IS.

- We did it.

- Arata came back.

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