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Chihayafuru 37

+ posted by JinHea as translation on Jun 10, 2012 13:13 | Go to Chihayafuru

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*Only for use by LAS

tl by JinHea

SFX: huff huff
Insert: 37th song

- strong…

- he’s strong…

- Tsuboguchi Hiroshi-san…
- of the Shiranami Karuta Meet…
- One more card. / One more card!!

- Come on, “Kiri”! / It’s gonna be “Kiri”, “Kiri”! / “Kiri” for sure!!
- “Kiri” “Kiri” “Kiri” “Kiri” “Kiri”“Kiri”“Kiri” come o----n! / “Kiri”!! “Kiri”!!

- I see Harada-sensei within him…

SFX: huff huff

- Kiri girisu—

- Ugh!

- Thank you very much.
- Ah…
- I got it!? / Yes!

- Alright— Alright—

- But…/ I was lucky just now.
- I moved quickly because I had my eye on that card.

- Nevertheless, he caught up.

SFX: breathe—
- If it had been the other 2 cards, he would’ve taken them.

SFX: hahh—

- The semifinals will begin in 10 minutes.

- Could the players get ready please.

- …re slow.

- Hiroshi-san is…
- our ace, you know.
- He ain’t losing to some guy who hasn’t played for over a year and a half!

- Nn…

- Chihaya, / you say someth…

- how do they take cards like that? / why don’t they move when it’s a ghost card?
- How?
- Why?
- What are they thinking when they take time to send a card? / What?
- Why?
- How come?

- Hey, Chihaya. / Hey!

- Eh? / What is it?
- Sit.

- Eh…

- Goodness.

- You’re making such a scary face…
- even before the match starts?

- Chihaya-chan!

- What do you think you’re doing?
- Eh? / Eh!?

- Kana-chan, you came…
- You know everyone wants to cheer on our club president!
Arrow: Secretly came as a representative to cheer for him
- But instead, Desk-kun was kind enough to help you revise for the tests… / yet you just go and do things on your own!
- Are the glasses for disguise…?

- Arata-kun, come get your certificate for 4th place. / We’ll be leaving right after.
- Okay.

- You’re going back?
- Nobody from Nagumo Meet got this far, and we all came in one car, so… / Even if we leave now, it’ll be almost midnight by the time we arrive in Fukui.

- In that case, Arata, tell her yourself.
- Eh?
- Give Chihaya your number yourself.

- Leaving it to me to tell her “if necessary” is really problematic for me, you know?

- We going back to school, Chihaya-chan.
- Eh? Already!? Right now!?
- Of course!

- No… but… / I have no idea…
- About what?

- I left you guys…

- so I have no idea if you and Chihaya…
- started going out or…

- No… / we’re not.
- Really?
- That’s surprising. You thought about a lot of things, huh…

- Heheh.

- I left you guys…
- Come on, Chihaya-chan, / don’t space out!

- I’m not letting you waste a single second. / Look at the textbook!
- Uhhh…
- That’s not what the test will be covering. / Start from page 92 for classical literature!

Book: The Tale of Genji / Murasaki Shikibu // Paulownia Pavilion

- Meguri aite—

- “Meguri aite…” [NB. for those who don’t remember, this means “fortuitous meeting”]

- Murasaki Shikibu?
- It reminds me of Arata… / I only get to see him for but a moment…

- Though it sounds like a love song…
- it describes parting with a girl who’s a childhood friend.
- It fits this situation perfectly.

- “It sounds like a love song?”

- fwish
- grab
- No practice swinging in the carriage!

- Flowing...
- Like water…

- I gulped down…
- that gentle water.

- Ko- / Komano-sensei, I sincerely apologise…
- for slipping away…

- Kana-chan texted me about how Mashima did.
- Ah… yeah. / He lost in the 3rd round…
- Was he not depressed?

- Ah…
- Um…
- Mashima…

- spends so much time on Karuta, / yet he’s never dropped from being number 1 out of our year group.
- He told me he’d be made to quit Karuta if he wasn’t number 1.

- In order to give your all doing the things you want to do…
- you also have to give your all doing the things you don’t want to do.

- I’m very sorry. / I’ll do my best!
- Even my English is flawless by now, I’ll have you know
- I’ll catch up!

- Excuse me— / we close at 7, so…

- I’ll lock up.
- Miyauchi-sensei.

- I’ll watch them.

Boxes boths say: lost in the semi-finals

- I’ve got an excuse… / but you went down in flames, Hiroshi-kun! An 11-card difference!!
- Well— I was satisfied having had a good match with Wataya-kun—
- Aren’t you frustrated!?

- Ah, well, this is how I am—
- How was it? / Your match with Arata…

- I don’t like that guy~~~ / I really don’t like him~~~
- Eh…
- I have no idea what he’s thinking, but he’s thought of everything~~~

- Still…

- that type… / is likely no match for Suou Meijin…

- Meijin.

- Bringing up the Meijin’s name in the same breath…
- as a match with a 1st year high schooler who just became A-Class.

- “This is how I am.”

- Hiroshi-san says that…
- Okay— I’m going this way…
- bye bye—
- but he’s seen the Meijin Tournament too.

- I should’ve watched it.
- Their match…

- I should’ve watched it from the start.

- Eyelashes-kun.
- Out of service train transiting through line 2.
- I’ve been thinking…

- you’ve been the B-Class tournament runner-up twice this summer…

- It’s a great achievement. The regulations allow advancement to A-Class with this.

- Though the Shiranami Meet has a different rule…
- Will you advance a class and play in the East Japan preliminaries?

- Chihaya-chan and Glasses-kun…
- are waiting for you in A-Class.

Linked: Advance a class…?

- Frustration doesn’t have a long shelf time.

- If one is not rewarded…
- now and then…

- one cannot continue.
- Haha!

- Please stop, sensei. / This isn't like you.
- Eh?
- Sensei…

- rather than becoming an A-Class player…

- I want to become someone who doesn’t run away…

- Ohh Arata-kun’s sleeping.
- Cuuute [heart] / take off his glasses
- He was nervous about possibly meeting his childhood friends.

- I wonder if he got to catch up with them properly?

- Drink it in.
- Drink it in.

- Some fun competitive Karuta basics / part [circle] four

-[Participating in tournaments]
- Tournaments organised by the All Japan Karuta Association (hereon referred to as the Association) are called Official Tournaments, or Formal Tournaments. Those who place in these tournaments are granted the right to advance in rank. In Official Tournaments, 4-Dan and up are A-Class, 2- and 3-Dan are B-Class, with Shodan being C-Class, but players participating in matches of C-Class and above all pay the Association a yearly fee of 5000yen (6-Dan and above pay 10000yen) to become an official Association member and to register as a participating player. Furthermore, player registration requires the player to state the Karuta Meet s/he belongs to, so players also register with one of Karuta Meets affiliated with the Association (applications for Dan ranking also goes through these affiliated Meets). Dan-less D-Class and E-Class beginners have no special restrictions.
- [“Card splitting” seen in tournaments]
- Frequently in tournaments, up to 7 rounds are held before the finals take place. In order for matches where many groups are competing at the same time to go smoothly, the competition committee members arrange the 50 cards to be used in the matches into the same combinations beforehand. By doing this “card splitting”, each group has the same ghost cards, and there’s no need to change cards as long as there are no faults, which saves time.

- Ah! A ghost card!?
- I'm sorry! I'm sorry!
- Committing a fault by yourself when it's a ghost card is very embarrassing.

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