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Translations: Gintama 683 by kewl0210 , One Piece 904 by cnet128

Chihayafuru 39

+ posted by JinHea as translation on Jun 24, 2012 06:16 | Go to Chihayafuru

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*Only for use by LAS

tl by JinHea

- Tachikawa Ririka.
- Currently in 6th grade, she’s a speed star.
Ririka: Um…
Insert: 39th song

- Eh?
Empty text: Um! Um!
- Someone told me... / that you’re a very fast player, Ayase-san.

- It’s…
- a pleasure to play you today.
SFX: throb

- Oh no… / it’s my pleasure.
SFX: stare—

SFX: stare—
- badump badump badump

- Excuse me. / There are a lot of contestants, so please watch outside.
- Ah. / I beg your pardon.

- Ririka, good luck! / I’ll be watching!

- How nice…
- My dad and mom came to watch once, but…
SFX: ahaha
Arrow: dozed off
- It’s too difficult, I can’t get my head around it—

- Fight!!

- “Genius Ririka.”

- “The expectations heaped upon her are different from those for a no-name like you.”

- But I DO have expectations placed upon me.
- Chihaya-chan, good luck!!

- Whoa! / Sensei, what about your match?
- A default win for the first round.
- Lucky. We get to save our strength.
- Huh? / Hiroshi-san, you won by default too?

- Ah— Chihaya-chan’s against Tachikawa Ririka, huh.
- W- will Ayase be all right?
- She won’t lose against a grade schooler, will she!?

- Sensei, / you told Chihaya-chan to “stop making fast captures”, didn’t you.
- Hunh?
- Weren’t you jumping the gun a little?

- Whichever way you look at it, Chihaya-chan’s weapon is her extraordinary “perception”.
- And she’s still developing. / Won’t your words limit that special advantage she has?

- Especially considering that her opponent is Tachikawa Ririka…

- Good, Ririka!

Empty text: Ohh—

- So light!

- Even when her entire body darts out, she’s light.
- And fast.
- She isn’t afraid of faulting.

- I understand why everyone expects so much of her.

- Good ears, too—

- Ririka…

- Her ears are a little big, like mine.
- And she was bullied a lot because of them, but…

- Oh my, what happened, Ririka?
- Mommy, tie my hair?

- The Karuta Coach at the Community Hall said Ririka has good ears.
- He said they can hear really well.

- Anything is fine.
- Karuta… anything’s fine.

- She’s faster than Chihaya!?
- No way—

SFX: phew—

- Chihaya’s…

- …retreating from the match line—

SFX: phew—

- I-

- Ma-

- ha tada—

- Ah…

- I was in sync!
- Just now…
Aside: I feel a hot gaze…
- My breath was in sync with the reader’s—!!

Ririka aside: Huhh—?

SFX: phew—

- Capturing not “quickly”…
- but “just at the right moment”.

- It may be a simple thing to those who are able to do it, but…

- to me…

- Ha-
- Na-

- sasou—

- I’m making…
- progress… / (slowly and steadily)

- She got it, but really slowly.
- enlarge and playback

- She got it, but really slowly.
- (enlarge and playback again)

- She got it, but really slowly.

- S…

- Sorry…

- She’s like me…
- so I understand Ririka-chan’s feelings well.

- Happy to be able to play amongst adults…
- feeling delighted when told she’s fast…

- It looks like Ririka-chan has the upper hand, but… / the card difference isn’t reflecting that.
- She’s picking them up well. / Which Meet does her opponent belong to?

5th panel SFX: ah—
Aside: a fault

- The card Ririka-chan focused on…
Aside: is obviously this one
- I’ll send it… / and attack.

- I won’t let the cards Ririka-chan doesn’t focus on get away.
- Carefully.
- Carefully.
Box: “I’m playing girl that’s only fast, lucky.”
- “Stop going for fast captures.”

- I finally understand what they meant.

- Things aren’t looking good for Ririka-chan.
- The opponent doesn’t look all that strong, though. / Come on, you’re a “genius”, aren’t you?

- Stay cautious and you’ll be fine, Chihaya.
- As long as she’s careful, her opponent will make mistakes.

- Huh?
- Keep it up, Ayase!!

B/w panels: Good children should not do this during a match.
- You can make fast captures!

- Go!
- Eh?

- I wonder…
- if I should believe in sensei…

- “You can make fast captures.”

- Shi-

- ra-

- tsuyu ni—

- kaze no fukishiku aki nono ha—

Empty text: That girl!!
- “shino” hasn’t even been read yet…!

- eh?

- Tsukubane no—

- ki-

- mi-
- ga tame—

- ariake no—

- ah! / A fault…!

- Ririka!

SFX: huff huff

SFX: huff huff

- Ahh, it’s okay…
- you don’t have to push yourself…

SFX: huff huff
- Ugnnh
- ugh

- ugh
- hic

- Murasame no—

- Ugh
- heheh

- Anything’s fine.
- Karuta… anything’s fine.

- I want you to come to love something.

- I want you to come to love yourself—

- Thank you very much.

- Holding it in

- Holding it in

- Why is it that even her opponent is…
Arrow: holding it in

- Ah~~~
SFX: sigh—
Sudo aside: boring
- jump
- She got through round 1! / Thank god~~

- “ “Stop making fast captures.”…
- won’t those words limit that special advantage she has?”

- Hiroshi-kun.

- I want to…
- give Chihaya-chan…
- a lot of weapons.

- Not just “perception”… / but also the ability to read a match’s development…
- breathing, accuracy…

Bold text on cups: sweet bean jelly syrup
Bubbles on cups: drink
Wrapping: Chestnut Daifuku (x4)
- sizzzz
Paper bag: Taiyaki Tarou [NB. store name, I presume]
- The most important thing in Karuta is talent.

- But there are differing levels even to talent.
- szzzzzzzzz

- Having just one advantage isn’t enough.
- She needs weapons.

- Pairing for round 2 shall begin.
- So that she doesn’t get crushed…

- ssssss
- by geniuses like the Queen…

- gyaaaa! noooo!
- and, above all, the current Meijin.

- It’s finally.
- round 2…
- huh.

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