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Chihayafuru 40

+ posted by JinHea as translation on Jul 2, 2012 06:41 | Go to Chihayafuru

-> RTS Page for Chihayafuru 40

*Only for use by LAS

tl by JinHea

Logo insert: 40th song
Nishida’s shirt: aflame

- Tachikawa Ririka lost?
- Ayase Chihaya? Who’s that?
- She was kept under wraps by Shiranami Meet’s Harada-san, apparently. / She started competing this year, and has been making progress since.
- Ohh—
Bubble above Sudou: That was some speed in the second half!
- I heard she won against Hokuou’s Sudou-kun in the High School Championship Qualifiers.
Sudou: irk
Other side of Chihaya: What the heck? She’s a real pretty one—
- S- such a small face~~!
- Is she this year’s dark horse?

- Chihaya-chan, / your hand.

- It’s Ririka’s lucky mark.

- G-
- Good luck!

- I guess Ririka-chan wasn’t up to it.

- They made her out to be the next Wakamiya Shinobu, but…
- I guess she’s not that talented after all.

SFX: hahh


- Oh. / Oops.

- Mom.

- Here you go, Chihaya-chan, good work.
- Chocolate… / here!

- Whoa!
- Ehh!

- I think…
- you have a talent for Karuta Ayase-san.

- Ririka-chan, too…
- must have had someone say that to her in the beginning.

- “You have the talent.”

- We came this far treasuring those words.

- My lucky mark.

- Please don’t trample them so easily.

- Excuse me. / I’m just going to sent a text.
- Okay.

Phone: Text input / Chihaya got through round one.

- Round 1 was really tough! / Wakamatsu’s Morita-san was so tenacious.
Bubble on shirt: Round 2 is in 10 minutes?
Sensei (forgot his name): Ahh Sudou-kun, it’s so frustrating! I lost!
- Sensei, weren’t you competing just for the sake of it?
- No~~~

- Now that I finally have the right to play A-Class matches… / I’m aiming for Meijin~~~
- That is unexpected.

Phone: Text input / Chihaya got through round one. Arata, you give your best too

- No, don’t give your best.

- Don’t give your best!

- Are you…

- an A-Class player?
Package: Chestnut

Bag: Imamuraya

- Eh? / I beg your pardon?
- Are you playing in the qualifiers?

- Ah… [aside] his voice is really low / no, I’m here today to cheer someone on…
SFX: tch
- I’m not giving this to you then.

- badump
- badump

- You an A-Class player?
- Here’s a chestnut daifuku.
Bubble on guy’s bag: You gonna be playing too?
- Huh!?
- Ahh what a shame, you just lost? / Look forward to seeing you next year.
- N- / no way.
- You like taiyaki?
- You A-Class too?

- You…
- No thanks.

- Eating solids right before a match facilitates drowsiness which less than ideal…
- Suou-kun.

Empty text: I knew it!

- Suou…

- Congratulations on your triple consecutive victory, Suou Meijin.
- Thank you.
Center sign: Ogura Hyakunin Isshu Karuta / Meijin, Queen finals
Left sign: 5⃝th Queen title
- Ah, please lean closer to the mic and speak louder. / Please comment on defending your title…
Paper: Authorized persons seating
- I want to get 5 consecutive victories and become Eisei Meijin as soon as possible… / and retire.

- Suou Hisashi

- The current Meijin.

Cup: sweet bean jelly juice [star] drink [small words] Chuuri Manufacture
- Quite right. / Here.
- Hmm / thank you.

- You change your appearance somewhat and no one would know it’s you. / Gone and grew a beard…
- Plus you never play in general tournaments.

- Even though there are a lot of people who want to play you…
- Sensei—
- So you only show up at the Meijin Tournament?

- Eh? / What?

- “Sorry.”

- “I don’t want to play anyone who isn’t strong…”

- Suou-kun came, you say!?
- Suou-kun, you should collaborate more with the Karuta Association. / Help with management, hold some lectures…

- Wah.

- Hey, wait! / What is with that unshaven face?
Aside: Why is a grown adult running away so desperately!?
- Do you think you can finally graduate this year!? / Suou-kuuun!

- He is…
- Suou Meijin…

SFX: crush

- crush / crush

- It irritates me…
- to think that… / everyone is frantically competing in order to play against THAT…

- Wakamiya Shinobu I can still understand. / I can see that she’s been devoted to Karuta since she was little.
- Crush / crush
- crush
- But Suou-kun began playing Karuta in university and became Meijin in 3 years. He’s now had 3 consecutive victories.

- Doesn’t it frustrate you?

- This year for sure…
- I’ll challenge the title!

- She needs weapons.
- So that she doesn’t get crushed by geniuses…

- Sensei…

- Never mind that, what am I supposed to do? / Can I keep making fast captures from now on?
- Never mind that!?
- I’m up against Suihoku Meet’s Yamamoto Yumi-san next!!
- Ehh—!?

- wahh
- wahh

Phone: Text input / Chihaya got through round one. Arata, you give your best too

- Yamamoto Yumi-san? Really?
- Please take your seats.
- Really! This is bad!
- Chihaya-chan, you have no luck! / See you later—

- Our weapon is…
- the fact that Harada-sensei is there for us.

- Not telling, but rather inspiring us to do our best.
Phone: Text / sending

- Shiga Prefecture, Oumi Jinguu

- Eh!?
- Murao-san lost!?

- It’s true. / He lost to a 1st year from Seijou Uni.
- It shouldn’t have been possible for him to lose against that opponent, but… / halfway through he double-faulted and the match went downhill from there…

- Even though he challenged the Meijin 2 years ago, that Murao-kun!
Overlapping bubble: Did he lose his focus after that?
- He hasn’t been practicing lately, either.

- Hey.
- You won the first round? / Congrats.

- ...I’m glad that…
- …you came back.

- Suihoku Meet has a lot of members, but… / there aren’t that many who can be expected to “become Meijin”.
- Haha / well, all that focus came to me.

- All eyes will be on you from now on.

- But…
- there’s no advancing beyond challenger.

- You can’t win against Suou Hisashi.

- Murao-san, Murao-san.
- Play a match with me, too!
- You got stronger, Arata.

- Guess I’ll have to become Meijin before you surpass me.

- vrrrrrrr
- vrrrrrrrr

- vrrrrrrr

- incoming text / Mashima Taichi

- Received text / Mashima Taichi // Chihaya got through round one. I’ll definitely aim to become the East Japan representative, so you become the West Japan representative, Arata.

- Round 2.
- Players please check the match-up chart and take your seats.

- Ayase Chihaya-san…

- L-
- Let’s have a good match!

- A pretty girl, just like the rumours said…

- She’s worlds apart from me, with my commonplace name and face…

- I hate it. / What’s with those sparkling eyes?
- This is a tough one…

- The 15 minutes memorization time for round 2 begins now.
- You have until that clock reaches 11:17.

- Ahh, honestly, why am I…
- playing in the qualifiers again…
- Yamamoto Yumi. 24 years old.
- Former Queen.

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