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Chihayafuru 41

+ posted by JinHea as translation on Jul 18, 2012 13:12 | Go to Chihayafuru

-> RTS Page for Chihayafuru 41

*Only for use by LAS

tl by JinHea

- A match with the former Queen…
- Yamamoto Yumi-san.
Logo insert: 41st song

- Th-
- This is…!

Top box: Yamamoto side
- There are 5 one-syllable cards in my opponent’s territory!? / And there are 7 three-syllable cards, with all the rest being two-syllable cards.
- A formation that lets me attack as much as I want…!!
Bottom box: Chihaya side

All 3 arrows: Her favourite
- Lucky!

- I missed watching this year’s Queen Tournament, but…
Arrow: deer
Mat arrow: tiger
- we all watched last year’s tournament at Harada-sensei’s house. / in a living room that reminds you of a yakuza hideout
- Player Yamamoto, congratulations on winning your first ever Queen title.

- You earned your first title in your last year of university! / How do you feel?

- Kitano-sensei…

- Honestly, I don’t remember exactly what happened during the matches. / Just that she hung in there until the third round and didn’t give up.
- Kitano irritates the hell outta me, but this girl is a model student! / Guys, become Meijin or Queen and call my name!!
- But… / those tears when she called her coach’s name…

- Years and years of sitting with her hands pressed to the tatami…
- formed those calluses.

- She’s someone who worked really really hard and realized her dream.

- “She’s strong.” / Though she’s a plain girl…

- “But Chihaya-chan, you are already…
- at the stage where you can make your own call.”

- Even if your opponent is a former Queen…
- play a good match!

- So she’s Ayase’s oppponent, huh. / I’ve met her before at Suihoku Meet…
- Still, we’ve never seen her practicing, have we. / She’s an office lady, so our times never match up.
- Umm… / I don’t really remember…

- Nishida, you’re a Suihoku Meet player, so you’ve known her since you were a kid, right?
- What kind of player is this Yamada Yuri-sa… [NB. Taichi got her name wrong, so cute!]

- -n… / what the!?
Aside: hundred and two / hundred and three / hundred and four…
Arrow: ants

- Nishida.
Aside: that loss just now’s slowly sinking in, like taking a body blow…
- Hey, Nishida!
- I had but a textbook idea of what a super-sadist was… / I got burned… a 20-card difference…
Sudou asides: It’s a shame you’re inedible even if I use Karuta to cook you. [NB. Let me explain the joke here. In Japanese “ryourisuru” can mean both “to cook” and “to deal with”. Get it?] / Cuz you seem bad for the health.
- Ayase’s amazing to have won against him…

- Scary— A-Class is scary— It’s full of nothing but monsters! No way can I win— / [SFX] shiver shiver
- A- / Ah well…
- Anyhow, what kind of player is this Yamada Yuri-san?

SFX: snap
- Aka Yuumin!

- S-
- Sorry…
Aside: Yuumin?
- Yuumin’s Karuta is…

- strong-willed and persistent… / particularly after she became Queen, she’s been polite and cautious…

- But, the real Yuumin is—

- Blockhead!

- Quit yakking with Shiranami Meet’s people and com’ere!
Arrow: a true Tokyoite
- Kana-chan, Komano-kun, you too! / You’re our kids, ain’t’cha!
Komano: Eh!
Kana: Kitano-sensei…

- We’re rooting for Yuumin!
- We’re gonna watch her take back the Queen title!

- Go cheer for her!

- Coach…

- Begin.

- Rrrrrrrrrr

- Rrrrrrrrrr
Paper: [star] on sale [big text] Snowmaru Snow Daifuku [smaller text] Exclusive Pouch and Han / 100 to give away [above pictures of Snowmaru] 5 applications per [bottom box typed text] Please write your comments and requests below [bottom box handwriting] Please make Snowmaru bedsheets and calendars.
Star: New product
Snowmaru: springy temptations
Name: Snowmaru Snow Daifuku

- Rrrrrrrr
- Wakamiya here.
- Hello?
- Good day.

- Click

- Rrrrrrrrrr
- Rrrrrrrrrrr

- What is it, Suou-san? / My ice cream’s melting.
- What a coincidence, I’m in the middle of eating taiyaki, too.
- Sorry for intruding while you’re eating taiyaki. It is a shame, but let us talk at a later date. (monotone)

- Come on, don’t say that.
- It’s the East and West Qualifiers today, so… / I was wondering what you’d be doing, Shinobu-chan.
- I told you I’m at home eating ice cream, didn’t I?
- I went to see the East Japan Qualifier.

- Is that so…
Aside: Ah—
SFX: droop—
- Heehee—[heart] / I was so excited. / Everyone’s working hard so they can play against us.
- What a nice hobby of yours that is.

- If I don’t see that scene…
- I just can’t get worked up.

- Aren’t you the same?

- …… I am still new to this Queen business, and by no means a match for you, Suou-san.
- I barely managed to take the title at the last Queen Tournament…
- There you go again. / Round 1 was a complete victory. / And in round 2, you gave your opponent no room to catch up.

- I was / thinking…
- I’d like to have a game with you.

- In that case, why not participate in the Takamatsuno Miyashi Cup that’s held the day after the Meijin Tournament? / If you participate, Suou-san, I will too.
- crush
SFX: Gya—!
- I don’t wanna play Karuta 2 days in a row!! / I dunno how many rounds I’ll have to play before I get matched up with you, Shinobu-chan!

- Ah.

- So he CAN speak up…
SFX: phew—
- still, annoying as hell…

- “I’d like to have a game with you.”

SFX: clap clap
Aside: Mommy— the post box isn’t a shrine, is it…
Mom aside: Shhh

- “An opponent I want to play”…?

- I’m sure Wakamiya Shinobu…
- doesn’t even remember me.

- Her strength was that overwhelming.

- It’s hotter now that it’s noon.
- If we don’t take time to out the room…
- the players might collapse.
Text at lower right corner: condensation
Aside: hard to see—

- I was unable to play my style of Karuta against that 15 year old girl …

- Nani shio waba—

- Ugh.

- Compact movements.
- An accurate sense of distance.
- Her territory’s fixed positions are drilled into her body.
SFX: huff— huff—
- And no wonder…
- Hah!

- Even the air breathed in is warm.
SFX: huff—
- “This tournament is a battle with heat!”
- You’re absolutely right, sensei!!

- Huff—
- Huff—
- Still…
- This is great.

- Normal people can’t enter.
- All the players are A-Class level.
- Caring about even the tiniest sounds…
- They are all people who know the importance of “sound”.

- Even the reader for the Meijin and Queen qualifiers… / is the best of the best.
- katunk

- Asaborake…
- uji no kawagiri taedaeni—

- Ahh I knew it! A long shot card!

- What’s more, my opponent is…
- the former Queen!

- This is fun.

- This is fun!

- Yamamoto-san is being pressed.
- Her opponent’s the won that beat Ririka-chan earlier.

- She’s quite pretty. / A real looker.
- Maybe the same age as the Queen?

- It’ll really be something if she keeps winning.
- Interesting…
- Yamamoto-san— / she was at her strongest up until university.
- Her time is now over.

- Card differences in the first half are no big deal, idiots!
- Win this, Yuumin!

- I-
- ma-

- ha tada—

- Consecutive captures!!
- She got one of those three-syllable cards she’s so bad with!

- You haven’t made any faults today.
- Keep it up.

- Yuumin…

- It’s still okay, Yuumin.
- Time to put your special skill, tenacity, to use!

- Capture it.
- Capture it.

- Eh…

- Omoi wabi—

- Nooo! Poor Yuumin… / This’ Ayase’s 4th consecutive capture…!

- Heh

SFX: shiver
- Eh?

- Come ooon! / Just once, okay? Let’s play Karuta!
- Is it really fun, Chihaya-chan?
- We can play 1 against 3.

SFX: heh

- Aww man— / Chihaya-chan, this is impossible—
- We can’t possibly play this---

- Why do you guys laugh?

- She’s played Karuta all this time…

- but she’s not getting into position.
- Not stretching out her hand until the last second.

- Her focus… / scattered…

- She’s the former Queen…
- she’s someone who achieved her dream…

- Why isn’t she making any effort!?

- The real match begins now!!

- This time was unfortunate—
- You started working and got to practice less, that’s all, Yuumin!
- Next time you’ll get your revenge against Wakamiya for sure!

- You placed 8th in the National Japan Championships? That’s a shame—
- You could’ve done better, Yuumin. What’s wrong?

- You lost in the 2nd round of the Kanazawa Tournament?
- Everyone has days like this, Yuumin.
- Don’t worry, you’re number 1 when it comes to actual ability!

- I understand…
- I’ll work hard.

- She’s tired.

- Not tired of losing.

- But tired of not being able to live up to his expectations.

SFX: huff
- It’s so hot / I’m gonna die!

- Ah~~~ condensation~~~~
- Just how hot is it in there?

SFX: huff huff

- Don’t fog up, you good-for-nothing window!
- Yuumin won’t be able to see us like this!

- You can still turn this around, Yuumin!
- You can win!

- Even if I win…

- The one waiting at the end is Wakamiya Shinobu.
- I can’t win.

- It’s so hot, yet…
SFX: huff huff

- Her heart is freezing up…

- Chihaya-chan, you’re already…

- at the stage where you can make your own call.

- Harada-sensei,
- I…

- do not want someone who’s completely given up to have even one card.

- <continued in volume 8> / serialized in BE-LOVE 2009 no.16~20, 22

- Bonus 4-panel comics
Asides around Arata’s head: Actually, he looks at them / when the manager’s out.
Arata: Wahh / that was a shock!!
Manager aside: I can see through you, Arata-kun.
Magazine: chan / sexy compilation

- Promise out of love

- Between Chitose and Chihaya…
- there is a very very important promise.

- Chihaya— I’ll give you this as well. / It’s last year’s fashion so I’m not wearing it anymore. / I bought the latest design.
- Ah— thanks!

- Big sis!
- This is a new design too [heart]

- …that looks nice… / as indoor wear…
Aside: So— cu—te
- A promise between the sisters made out of love, / “Thou shalt not go out wearing anything other than Chitose’s hand-me-downs.”

- Try to sum up friends’ personalities with four-character idioms!

Chihaya: Ummmm…
- Yakiniku set. [NB. translations are obviously not four characters]

Nishida: Eh!? That’s how you start off!? / This is why I said I didn’t wanna go after Ayase!!
- Ummmm…
- Gathering intelligence.

Komano: That’s completely wrong! / Those two aren’t even proper four-character idioms!
Bold text: Geez
- Kana-chan’s personality would be…
- Verses and strain.
Arrow: Meaning the recitation of chinese poems and japanese songs, and the playing of instruments. Also the general term for literature and music.

Kana: Oh! To be described by such a beautiful expression… / I’m flattered…
- Ah! Club president? / What’s the president like? Umm ummm…
- J-
- Jack of all trades and master of none? [NB. finally, an actual English expression!]

SFX: shock
Taichi: Flawless…
Arrow: returns to Chihaya

Kana asides: That’s not what I meant, president! / They demanded I make a joke…

- Plug

- Chihaya, eat this. / It’s chocolate from this place called “Couverture”.
- My little sister’s crazy about these chocolates for some reason.
- Yay— lemme eat!

Chihaya: Taichi… for some reason, I…
Chihaya: I want to fall in love…
Taichi: huh…? / ?
- I know it! “Couverture”, right? / It’s a chocolate shop run by a pair of beautiful brothers. / I feel like falling in love too!
Empty text: Love and chocolate / are waiting for your patronage.

Bubble: and “Chihayafuru” vol 7
- ture” on sale now!!

- Into the chocolate shop run by two handsome men

Guy: yo.
- —Taste of Winter—
- The whereabouts of a heartrending love that comes by annually…?

- —Taste of Fall—
- The youth does not forget the superior taste!!

- Packed / sweetness [heart]
Fluffy bubble: full of
- “Couver
Above: BE-LOVE comics

- surges bittersweet love!

Bubbles: Are you / eating here today?
- —Taste of Summer—
- To the 65 year old Natsumi, this is a parallel universe!?

- Turned to look back every 50m.
Box 1: Summer clothing
Box 2: Winter clothing
- —Taste of Spring—
- I want to convey all my courage!

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