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Chihayafuru 42

+ posted by JinHea as translation on Sep 6, 2012 10:00 | Go to Chihayafuru

-> RTS Page for Chihayafuru 42

*Only for use by LAS

tl by JinHea

Logo insert: 42nd song

- I don’t want even a single card…
- to be taken by someone who has completely given up.

SFX: huff huff
- So hot…

- I can’t see! / I’m genuinely unable to see anything but for the condensation!
- Kitano-sensei, you need to be quiet. / Doesn’t this happen every year?
- Don’t be absurd!

- Eh?

- Meguri aite—

- Wasn’t that a ghost card!?
Text beside panel: Though only 50 cards are used in a match, all 100 are read out. The cards read out but which are not in play are called ghost cards.

- Kasasagi no—
- Why such an aggressive stance… / for a ghost card!?

SFX: pant pant

- Fu-

- -ku-
- -kara ni—

- 5 consecutive cards for Ayase.
- Yuumin…!

- She’s playing so desperately.
- How come?
- She’s been so careful up until now.

- It’s as if…

- she intends to have an overwhelming victory—

- An overwhelming victory?

SFX: grip

- Hmmm. / It’s become hard to see.
- Just how large is the temperature difference inside and out?
- If only someone inside could wipe the windows—

- Kana-chan, / the Class A matches really are something, huh. / Their agility is on a totally different level!
- Yes. / But…

- I feel a little sad…
- Eh?
- ‘Cos…

- None of the people here…
Big text: Bloodthirst!!
- are listening to the “songs”…

- Th-
- That’s just…

- you might have a point…

- But…

- Aite mite no—
- nochino kokoroni kurabureba—

- mukashi ha mono wo omowa zarikeri—
- This ringing.

- It’s not the window panes.

- It’s “song”.

- Not being “read”, but rather…
- it’s being “recited”.

- Readers are amazing, aren’t they?
- There are different classes of readers, exams… / less than 10 professional readers are qualified to read for top level tournaments like the Meijin Tournament, I heard.

- A professional reader…

- Just how difficult… / is it to be one, I wonder…
- Chihaya-chan.

- Please, listen more to the “songs”…

- Win.
SFX: huff huff
- Win!

- That’s an intense desire to win—
- What is this?
- Be it Wakamiya Shinobu, or this girl…
Flash: They both act like having energy is a given!
- I lost that kind of thing ages ago!

- But…
- on the other hand, I see…

- Are you sure you should be getting fired up?

- Chi-

- -gi-

- -rio kishi—

- It was “Chigirio”, but she went for “Chiha”.

- No way…
- Chihaya misheard “Chi”!?
Text beside panel: [asterisk] Getting one card penalty for the read card that got taken from one’s own territory and other for committing a fault by touching a card in the opposite territory resulting in the penalized receiving two cards is called “Double Fault”.

- What’s more, the read card was from her own territory, AND she faulted in the opposite one!
- A double fault[asterisk]!!
Sensei: I can’t see!
- jump
- jump
Aside: Only tall people can see in right now.

- …wh…
- What did I…

SFX: sigh—
- She miscalculated.
- Without a doubt, I just got to “pick up” the right card.

- How pathetic…
SFX: heh
- The former Queen got saved by her opponent’s mistake...

- From a 7-card gap to a 4-card one…

- I’ve done this hundreds of times, so I know.
- The best time for a showdown is now.

- What did I just do!? / I can’t afford to make such a silly mistake at this crucial juncture!
- To think I’d mistake it for “Chihaya”… / why…

- Can I still do it…?
- From here on—

Text below panel: Good kids should not emulate.

- Eh!?

- Whoa.
- It’s gotten cooler.

- Ki-
- Kitano-san!

- What do you think you’re doing? We have a tournament going on!
- Blockhead! / They’re going to suffocate! Don’t you feel sorry for them!? / You wipe the window on that side!
- Here, a towel!

- Kitano-sensei…

- The one that got refreshed with such good timing just now…
SFX: phew—
Chihaya: Nice and cool…
- was the opponent, though…

- You’re still in the game!
- Play your Karuta!

- Geez— please get ahold of yourself! / Close the window!
- If you don’t want it opened again, wipe the window at 10 minute intervals!
- Eh—
- Kitano-sensei…

- My Karuta…
- That’s right. Play MY Karuta!
- My Karuta…
Non-bubbled text: Just now…
- I completely forgot! I need to play MY style of Karuta!!
- My Karuta…
- you accidentally encouraged all the simple-minded people, you know…

- M…
- My Karuta…
Arrow: simple-minded

- “My karuta”…

- You’ll get your revenge against Wakamiya next time for sure.
- Aren’t you looking forward to that, Yuumin?

- You get to be a challenger again.

SFX: hahh

- “My Karuta”…

SFX: phew

- The…

Nishida: Yuumin…
- Karuta…

- all of us practiced…

- Michi nokuno—

- Yes!

- I got it!
- Eh?
- Wait a moment.

- I believe I was the one who got that card.

- Eh— / But—
- I sent it flying—
- You may have sent it flying…

- But my little finger touched it before you did... / like this.
- Eh!?
- You just applied pressure afterwards to send it flying.

- B-but…
- Honestly, my hand touched the card, didn’t it?

- I saw it quite well. / My little finger was the first to touch the tip of the card.
- But… / Eh~~ I thought I touched it first. [font getting smaller]
Aside: what’s going on?
- Then you came from above and sent the card flying. / See, it was like this…

Taichi: What happened?

- Uh-
- Uh- / Ummm…

- In that case…
- You can have… / the card…

- She…
- She’s returned…!?

- The legendary…
- Bicker Yumi!!

- “Bickering”.
- To quarrel without backing down when it’s difficult to discern who got the card first—
Spark: Yuumin was… (contrary to her plain looks)
Aside: I got that card just now / I’m sure of it!
Spark: famous for her bold bickering.

- However, since everyone else’s matches are interrupted while the quarrelling goes on…
- it isn’t seen as a good thing. / So…

- she sealed it away, as it was unbecoming of a “Queen”.

- That was okay, wasn’t it?

- I’m a “challenger”, right?

- This…
- This is really tough…
Below panel: Not used to bickering.

- You’ve gone behind the match line. / your right hand
- Eh?
- Ah! Sorry!

- It’s really tough…
- Concentrate.
- I have to concentrate.

- Even if it’s tough…
- concentrate…
- and get the cards I’m supposed to get.

- The cards I’m good with are still there!

- Se-

- wo-
- hayami—

- Aren’t you misunderstanding something?

- When it comes to 1-syllable cards in one’s own territory…
- being fast is a given.

- I don’t want even a single card taken from me.
- What… / am I…

- Against the FORMER QUEEN, what am I—

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