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Chihayafuru 43

+ posted by JinHea as translation on Sep 9, 2012 05:21 | Go to Chihayafuru

-> RTS Page for Chihayafuru 43

*Only for use by LAS

tl by JinHea

- 43rd song

All 6 bubbles: hahh

- Scary…

- Karuta is scary…

- Chihaya was on a roll, but now…
- she’s shrinking back…
- stiffening up, making mistakes.

- To think strength of feeling would be such a vital factor…

- Feeling…

- Strength of feeling—

- I was faster just now, wasn’t I?
- Eh?
- See, I touched here…

- She’s really bickering of every last card—
- She’s dragging out the match.
- The former Queen, bickering?

- Pay them no mind, Yuumin!
- Her plain face and style of playing…
- makes her bickering stand out no matter what she does.

- But Yuumin’s Karuta…
- is, compared to the other players’, just a little more conscientious, just a little more accurate.

- Everyone here are very well aware…

- of how difficult it is to achieve that “just a little more”.

- Ah…

- Thank you very much.

- Thank you very much.

- Yamamoto Yumi. 4-card difference.
- Got it.

- Yuumin!!
- You’re well on your way to getting back the Queen’s title!!

Word in the 2 round burdens: Expectation

- That Shiranami Meet girl was nothing! Did you see that, Harada?!
- Yuumin, go take a rest! / Four rounds to go before the finals! [arrow text] expects her to win them all
- Oof… / his expectations… / so heavy…

- But…
- I would have run away long ago if it weren’t for this expectation.

- clack

- Chihaya.

- Chihaya!

- I can’t run.

- I WON’T run.

- Chihaya…

- Wh…

- What are you doing!? / Don’t whole up in such a narrow space! / that’s a closet?
Kana: Chihaya-chan, please come out!
Tsutomu: Ayase, I have chocolates, come out—
Nishida: I’m sorry I was only cheering for Yuumin, okay—
- Pfft

- There’s nothing to get so depressed over, you know?
Aside: Oops, I lost—
- Beauties look good even when bald, I hear.
Box: won round 2

- Is this Ayase’s phone? / I’ll send her my number via infra-red.
- Doing whatever he pleases...
- While I’m at it, I’ll tell her to send me a picture once she’s bald [heart]

- Sudou-san… / Nishida, Komano and me will all shave our heads, so please let Chihaya off the hook…
Arrow: having fun
- Eh—
- I could do a short cut if you really…
- You stay out of this, Kana-chan!

- What’s up?

- A wager that the first one to lose shaves their head? / Chihaya-chan’s quite dense, isn’t she…
Aside: That’s right! Our captain is really dense!

- In that case, Sudou-kun…
- If I win against you, then the wager’s off.

Linked: but my third round opponent doesn’t seem to be Harada-sensei…
- Is that of any relevance?

- You don’t intend to lose, no?
- We’ll meet up in the later rounds.

SFX: sigh
- Make sure you don’t just simply lose before we get matched up, alright?
Harada: That goes for you all the more.
Komano aside: He’s overpowering him.
Nishida: so strong

Kana aside: So… / so cool…
- Harada-sensei…
- Whaaa—

- Why?

- Why?
- Why?
- Why?!

- Why…

- Hey…
- Did she fall asleep in there…?

- She always does that, right? / She hasn’t come out for almost an hour, you know—
- That’s a very real possibility…

- Nishida, you can go down to the hall, you know. / You have Yamamoto-san to cheer for, after all.
- Ah, right…

- I’ll stay behind so… / Ooe-san and Komano, you go too.
- Eh? / It’s okay, we’ll staying too…

- I know she’s not sleeping.

- A straight line.
Above hand: Direct.
Below hand: Memorize the cards perfectly.
- Direct.

- There’s no way she CAN sleep.

Phone: Brrrrrrr

- Chihaya.
- Arata said he won the third round.

- Me and Arata became text-pals recently.
- I was thinking I’d give you him number once the qualifier’s over, you know. / honest

- He’s amazing…
- Don’t you think?
Phone: Text received / Wataya Arata / [text body] I won round 3. How about Chihaya?

- “It’s as if it was flowing… / like water.”

Phone: [see above]

From: Wataya
Body of text: [see above]

- “We went our separate ways… / so I wouldn’t know.”

- rattle

- Harada-sensei and Sudou-san both won their matches!
- And… / they’re opponents for round four!

- We have to go support sensei…!

- Chihaya.
- Come out.
- We’re going to cheer sensei on.

- Chihaya.

- I understand, all right?
- The frustration felt when you lose after having given it your all…

- And that feeling of not wanting to see anybody... I understand.

- Even though I understand…

- I feel like nothing will get through if I’m the one to say it.

- The one to say it has to Arata.

- What are you doing…

- Ta-Taichi… / You’re the one who has to go watch!
- Go see Harada-sensei and Sudou-san’s match!

- All of us are going to be rivals in the A Class matches next year, aren’t we?
- It’s not about cheering anyone on, Taichi! / You have to watch it!

- Chihaya-chan… / President stayed behind because he’s worried about you…
- Ahh! That’s right! / I’m sorry!

- Sorry.
- Let’s go, Taichi!

- Ahh…

- It’s no good. I…

- I really like Chihaya…

- Awwwriiiight!

- Shut up!

SFX: huff huff

- This is doing a number on your knees.
- If you don’t take care of your body at your age…

- As if!
- This isn’t an opponent I can afford say that to!

SFX: hfff hfff

- Kokoro ateni—

- I didn’t like her bickering…
- so I tried to get the cards faster than I should.

- My rhythm was disturbed…
- and I couldn’t concentrate.
- I didn’t know such a strength existed.

- Aren’t you cold? / Wear this.
- Eh? / I’m fine.
- Wear it. Just watching you makes me feel cold.

- All of you were standing outside and cheering us on. / You weren’t cold, Kana-chan?
- It was still quite warm at noon.
- It was scary being scowled at by people inside when you made a noise.

- They stood the whole time…
- outside…

- Thank you.
- I’m sorry…

- “I don’t want even one card taken from me.”
- I’m sure…

- I lost the moment I lost sight of everyone other than myself.

- He did it!
- Harada-sensei!

SFX: huff huff
Below panel: personal cushion

- Sudou-kun, it’s so frustrating! That was such a shame— / A 3-card difference against Harada-sensei!
- Mochida-sensei…

- That is not a himan…
- That is a bear who has learnt human speech.
SFX: growll
Arrow text: salmon
SFX: sigh—

SFX: huff huff

- You did it, Harada-sensei!
- Thank you so much! / Now Ayase doesn’t need to shave her head!

- Hm? / What are you talking about?

- Ah! / That’s right!
Fist: pff
- He wasn’t thinking of anything but his own victory!! / that’s our sensei

- Semi-final begins in ten minutes.

- Chihaya-chan…
- You didn’t give your thanks after your last match.

- That was rude of you.

- No matter how frustrated you feel…
- it’s important to give your thanks.

- Yes!

- Could the players please enter now.
- Oh. / It’s time.

- Two more wins…

- Two more, is it…

- Harada-sensei…
- narrowly lost in the semi-final.

- The East Japan representatives for this year... / Tsuboguchi Hiroshi of Shiranami Meet for the Meijin Title…
- and Yamamoto Yumi of Suihoku Meet for the Queen title.

SFX: clap [x 4]
- One month later, these representatives will play against… / the West Japan representatives in a three-game match.
- Only the winner in that match will be able to challenge the Meijin/Queen in January.

SFX: clap [x 4]
- Kanai-san…

- See you next year.
- The long day come to an end…

- and for those who lost, another year of struggle begins.

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