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Zettai Karen Children 176

Psychic Powers Will Be on the Test (6)

+ posted by js06 as translation on Jun 11, 2009 02:06 | Go to Zettai Karen Children

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Chapter 176


Yukio: My power is to use Hypno to create visual information.
Yukio: For example...

Yukio: I could transform into Yukino...
Yukio: Or transform Yukino...

Yukio: Or change Yukino's grades...
Yukio Or make it look like Yukino's Level was higher.

Kaoru: Is it limited to Yukino-chan?
Yukio: Yes.

Tanizaki: I will be the one to lead you two.
Tanizaki: Your team name is "The Little Mice"!
Tanizaki: Even if you're jealous don't tease them, my Naomi!

Naomi: Welcome, you two.
Naomi: Thank you.

Yukino: I'll be watching and studying how you work.
Yukino: You'll be a good STEPPING STONE.
Text under speech bubble: Direct eye contact


Text: Today's weather will be nice and the waves will be calm, but your home land is far, far away.
Title: 176th sense. Psychic Powers Will Be on the Test (6)


Momiji: What was that...?

Magi: Major!
Kyousuke: Yeah.
Kyousuke: Our guest is headed home.


Announcement: All hands to battle stations!!
Text above kids: Waaah
Other text above kids: Kyaaah
Kids: Yay, a battle!
Muscle You all are staying here!

Kyousuke: Hey, Kagari.
Momotarou: Hey, are you alive!?
Kagari: Major...
Kagari: The Queen...she ran away...!!


Kagari: She said she was going to tell B.A.B.E.L., so I tried to stop her, but...
Utsumi: I told him he couldn't use fire.
Utsumi: There are a lot of books here, and I didn't know that she had that much power.

Kagari: Mio went after her.
Kyousuke: Is that so?
Kyousuke: Good work.

Utsumi: Kyousuke...!
Utsumi: This apparently isn't my real body.
Utsumi: And what happened to your hair...?

Utsumi: No...
Utsumi: I know what you'll say.
Utsumi: You'll probably say that a lot has happened.

Kyousuke: Utsumi-san...?

Utsumi: That girl...
Utsumi: wrote this before leaving.


Note: Remember me. -Kaoru
P.S. Kyousuke, you idiot. Next time I'm capturing you!!

Utsumi: It's a small bit of writing, so it can't transfer too much...
Utsumi: but I could faintly see a lot of feelings in that girl's heart.

Utsumi: Love for her comrades and family. And...
Utsumi: that she thinks Tsubomi-kun wants to see me.
Momotarou: Aww.
Momotarou: And that can't happen now.

Utsumi: She may have said some hateful things...
Utsumi: but she cares about you.
Utsumi: Is there anything I can do?

Kyousuke: ...No.
Kyousuke: Don't worry.
Kyousuke: I'll just erase this later.


Utsumi: No...please leave it.
Utsumi: Even a ghost needs a future.
Utsumi: You might not understand, though.

Kyousuke: Goodbye, Utsumi-san.

Kyousuke: I understand.
Kyousuke: I'm not that different from you.

Kazura: Kagari!?


Kazura: A-are you okay!?
Kazura: Did the Queen do this to you!?
Kazura: I'll...kill her!!
Kagari: Stop...you're gonna kill me...!!
Kagari: Ow ow ow ow ow!!

Kazura: If I was here, that never would've happened!!
Kazura: Everyone I asked just said that it was an unavoidable physiological reaction for guys...!!
Kazura: And yet I got that mad at you...

Kazura: I'm sorry!! I'm so sorry!!
Kazura: From now on you can slouch as much as you want!!
Kyousuke: Slouch?
Kagari: Shut up!! Shut up!! Leave me aloooone!!


Kaoru: L-let go of me, Mio!!
Mio: I can't do that!!

Mio: The "Catastrophe" is our home!!
Mio: Were you planning on telling B.A.B.E.L. from the very beginning!?

Kaoru: Of course I was!
Kaoru: I have to get back at Kyousuke for the other day!!
Mio: You traitor!!

Kaoru: Y'know...
Kaoru: I'm not a traitor, because I'm with B.A.B.E.L.
Mio: I know that!!

Mio: And yet...!!


Mio: And yet you're my...
Mio: F...frie...

Kaoru: Mio...

Mio: Gh...!

Kaoru: Mio.
Kaoru: I love you, too.

Kaoru: And I think of you as my friend.


Mio: Waphh...!!

Kaoru: But I can't play with you right now...!
Kaoru: Because I'm part of "The Children"!

Kaoru: You don't have to stay with P.A.N.D.R.A...
Kaoru: You can come to us!!

Mio: Kaoru, you...
Mio: Idioooooooot!!!


Mio: Missiles...!!

Kaoru: Why that...!!


Mio: Kaoru...!!

Momiji: Leave her be!
Momiji: We're going back!
Mio: But...

Kaoru: Toryaaaah!!

Kyousuke: Okay...
Kyousuke: Another volley!


Kyousuke: Off they go!
Momotarou: Hey!!
Mio: Major!?
Mio: What are you doing!?

Mio: Are you trying to kill, Kaoru!?
Momotarou: I'll kill you!!
Kyousuke: Don't worry.
Kyousuke: These are just normal warheads. She can handle them no problem.


Kaoru: Kyousukeeeee!!
Kaoru: You bastaaaard!!

Kyousuke: Since you're busy with your test...
Kyousuke: I'll let you off with that.

Kyousuke: As expected...
Kyousuke: they've planted a bias towards B.A.B.E.L. in her.
Magi: All Psychokinetics are in place!!
Magi: Activate the antenna!!
Kyousuke: "P.A.N.D.R.A is on the ocean"...huh?

Magi: Okay.
Magi: Field full strength!!
Magi: Start up the psychic engines!!


Yo: 120% output!!
Yo: We have control of the whole ship's Brownian motion.

Magi: "Catastrophe", takeoff!!!

Momotarou: It...
Momotarou: It can fly?
Mio: I didn't know...
Kyousuke: We need to go, too.
Kyousuke: We're leaving the ocean for a bit.


Kyousuke: "Espers can go anywhere".
Kyousuke: Heh heh heh...
Magi: All Teleporters, get in place!!
Magi: Prepare for warp!!
Yo: Magi-san sure is into this...

Chief: K-Kaoru is under their protection on the Atlantic Ocean...!?
Kashiwagi: Yes.
Kashiwagi: A Comerican Military Plane is headed here now.

Text left of the chief: Why is she...?
Kashiwagi: Should we tell Minamoto-san?
Kashiwagi: Chief?

Chief: And her studying...?
Kashiwagi: I doubt she's done it.


Grisham: We'd heard you were in Florida...
Grisham: But this was unexpected.

Grisham: You must really like studying to do it in this situation...
Kaoru: It's because I don't, that I have to do it now...!!
Kaoru: Oh, I'm really making progress!!
Mary: "Is this coffee?"
Ken: Oh, it's a foreigner from a text book!!

Shiho: Phone call, Minamoto-san.
Shiho: It's from Kashiwagi-san.
Minamoto: What is it?
Minamoto: The way you're holding the receiver gives me a really bad feeling about this.

Text in right margin: Next chapter: Finally the test!!...but will everything be alright?

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