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Zettai Karen Children 177

Psychic Powers Will Be on the Test (7)

+ posted by js06 as translation on Jun 11, 2009 04:09 | Go to Zettai Karen Children

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With this my translations are caught up with the raws.
There's no chapter next week, so it'll be two weeks until the next chapter.

Chapter 177


Utsumi: Nice to meet you. I'm Utsumi.
Kyousuke: His hair is long!
Kyousuke: I thought he was a woman...

Narrator: He had a lot of trouble in those days...
Soldier: Why's your hair like a woman's!!
Soldier: We don't need you ESP Unit people!!
Soldier: Do you really think magic tricks like that are gonna win us this war!!

Utsumi: "Hoichi the Earless"
Utsumi: From Koizumi Yakumo's "Kwaidan".

Utsumi: "The ghost was unable to see Hoichi."
Utsumi: "Hoichiiiii, where are yoooooou."
People: Stoooop!!
Narrator: He enforced his own will in that era.
People: Who's the one who made him mad!!

Minamoto: Yes, this is Minamoto.
Kashiwagi: Th...
Kashiwagi: This is Kashiwagi!! I need to be rescued!!

Kashiwagi: I was caught after leaving HQ.
Kashiwagi: Please help me!!
Kashiwagi: Ah!
SFX: Click. Dial tone.

Kaoru: You're not going to help her?
Minamoto: No.
Minamoto: I'm not.

Yarite: You're not going to be young forever!
Yarite: Think about your future!!
Minamoto's mom: How about him?
Minamoto's mom: Just meet him, okay, okay?
Kashiwagi: N-nooooo!!


Title: 177th sense. Psychic Powers Will Be on the Test (7)
Text: Spring is over. I'm going to take an early summer break!
Text at bottom of page: A happy, but embarrassed teenage boy!?


Box: The mid-term exam takes place.

Box: And later...


Aoi: They announced the results!!

Aoi: I got first!!
Aoi: My average score was 96.2 points!!

Aoi: Shiho got second!
Aoi: 88.3 points!!
Shiho: Tch.

Aoi: Kaoru got third!
Aoi: 82.4 points!

Aoi: In other words, I won!
Shiho: That certainly was detailed...
Kaoru: This is about what I expected...
Minamoto: All three of you did really well.


Minamoto: Although...
Minamoto: if you hadn't gone off like that...
Minamoto: you would've done even better, right?

Kaoru: Ow!

Kaoru: Like I said!
Kaoru: I needed to do that to help me concentrate...
Minamoto: You have to go to the other side of the earth with the boss of a criminal organization to concentrate!?
Minamoto: How much do you hate studying!?

Kaoru: You're as obstinate as ever.
Kaoru: I got us some intel, right!?
Kaoru: And I won't do it again.

Kaoru: Thanks to that...
Kaoru: I got to like studying a little bit.
On paper: The Children
First Term Mid-Term Exam Material
Minamoto Kouichi


Kaoru: I couldn't beat Aoi...
Kaoru: but this is the first time I've gotten grades this good.
Kaoru: It's all thanks to you, Minamoto.

Minamoto: Up until now...
Minamoto: I've always felt that the fact that I was an honors student was only a disadvantage.
Minamoto: But now...
Minamoto: it was actually useful!

Minamoto: It's not about that...!!

Minamoto: Ah.

Kaoru: You've been gathering up a lot, haven't you...?
Kaoru: Is this what it means to have your body saying the opposite of your mouth?
Minamoto: No!!
Minamoto: And what kind of expression is that!?
Shiho: Kaoru-chan...
Shiho: Maybe it's my imagination, but are you being even more perverted than normal?

Aoi: Did P.A.N.D.R.A influence you in any way?
Kaoru: Eh?
Minamoto: See! That's why you can't do that again!!
Minamoto: Make sure to contact me next time!!


Minamoto: You can't have anything to do with those criminals!!
Kaoru: I know that!
Kaoru: But my teacher over there wasn't Kyousuke...

Fujiko: Utsumi-kun...

Fujiko: So he didn't read that book.
Fujiko: Tch.
Memory Fujiko: Here. I brought you these.
Memory Fujiko: Read them and cheer up.
Memory Fujiko: In more ways than one.


Aoi: Now then...

Aoi: As promised, you have to do what I say,
Aoi: Minamoto-han.

Minamoto: Just so you know, I won't do anything unreasonable.
Aoi: I just want to go and have fun!
Aoi: Just the two of us!


Minamoto: Huh?
Minamoto: Just the two of us?
Minamoto: That's not what I heard.

Kaoru: I wonder where we're going!?
Shiho: It's hard to find clothes for this season.

Aoi: Wait a second!
Aoi: Why are you choosing special panties!!
Kaoru: But I need to be ready in case-
Aoi: Nothing's going to happen, you idiot!!


Aoi: I'm the one who won!! This is my date!!
Kaoru: Aren't we a team!?
Kaoru: Because all of our grades went up, I think we're all winners!
Shiho: If it was me, I'd definitely bring you two along.
Aoi: Liars!!

Aoi: Listen up, you two.

Aoi: We're already in middle school.
Aoi: We're not going to be together forever.
Aoi: We have to start living our own lives a little bit.

Aoi: We'll have to choose our route soon and we can only choose one ending.
Aoi: That's what it means to grow up!!
Aoi: Do you understand?
Kaoru: That's not what it means to grow up.
Kaoru: Have Tim and Barret rubbed off on you?
Shiho: And you'd wear your glasses at your wedding?


Aoi: Anyways!! This is my event!!
Aoi: You two stay home!!

Kaoru: "Tch. Fine."
Shiho: "Okay, have fun."

Aoi: They plan on coming...!!

Aoi: We have to shake them off our tail!!
Aoi: Let's go, Minamoto-han!
Minamoto: Eh?


Kaoru: It's no use.
Kaoru: We're definitely going.
Shiho: I couldn't get a clear image of their destination...
Shiho: but I saw enough to give us some clues.

Shiho: First of all...
Shiho: She wants to go somewhere that requires athletic ability.
Shiho: Because when we're with her, she's always 3rd in that.
Shiho: And...

Shiho: She subconsciously chose a skirt!!
Shiho: And her favorite cute panties to go inside it!!
Kaoru: Oh!!

Shiho: So your question is...!!
Shiho: Given the above information, deduce where she takes him on their date (20 points)!!

Kaoru: Oh!! I know, sensei!!


Kaoru: The probability of it being a bowling alley is 92%!!
Kaoru: Because it causes natural upskirt chances that stimulate the male instincts!!
Text around Aoi: A strike to your heart.
Shiho: Very clever!!
Shiho: What a clever and wonderful plan, Aoi-chan!!

Shiho: And yet she came up with it subconsciously!!
Shiho: What a deviation in womanly powers!!
Kaoru: But we won't lose!!

Aoi: Shaking them off with Teleportation is only a stopgap measure...!
Aoi: With their ability at calculation, they must have read my thoughts down to the subconscious level...
Minamoto: So...
Minamoto: Where do you want to go?


Aoi: Let's see...!
Aoi: I don't really care.
Aoi: Take me where you want to go, Minamoto-han.
Minamoto: Really?
Minamoto: Okay, then...

Aoi: Where's this?
Minamoto: I've wanted to come here for a while.
Minamoto: It's the "Japanese Near Future Science Museum"
Minamoto: It's a museum that displays Japan's latest technology in an easy to understand way!


Asimov: Hello, everybody!
Asimov: I am Asimov Mk-II!

Asimov: Will you exchange memory chips with me?
Text above crowd: Ah ha ha ha ha ha

Minamoto: Ohh.
Minamoto: This is a mock-up of the moon station!

Minamoto: Amazing, amazing.

Minamoto: Ah.
Minamoto: Do you want to go somewhere else?
Minamoto: If you think this is boring, we can leave.


Aoi: Not at all.
Aoi: If I'm with you, anywhere is fun.

Aoi: But I am getting a bit hungry.
Minamoto: Ah,
Minamoto: Right!
Minamoto: Then...

Minamoto: We can go to the space food buffet they have here!!
Minamoto: Space food is freeze dried to make it light, but they still need to enjoy it, so they've made a lot of different kinds so that the astronauts will like it. And...
Aoi: Huh?
Aoi: I won, so why does it feel like I'm being punished?

Box: That night.


Sakaki: Very well, Minamoto-kun.
Sakaki: We shall begin your special training.
Minamoto: Yes, sensei.

Sakaki: First!
Sakaki: What does this passage mean?
Writing: Passage 1 "I don't really care. Take me wherever you want to go."
Minamoto: Eh?
Minamoto: Doesn't it mean exactly what it says?

Sakaki: Wrong!!
Sakaki: This is the correct answer!!
Writing: Answer "Treat me to a good time. I'm seeing if you can do that."


Sakaki: Okay, Example 2!!
Writing: Passage 2 "I'm hungry. Let's go somewhere to get food."

Minamoto: "I want to eat something"?
Sakaki: Wroooong!!

Sakaki: The correct answer is "This is boring and super annoying. I want to go somewhere else."
Minamoto: Ehhhhhhhh!!?
Minamoto: This is hard! I don't get it at all, sensei!!
Box: It goes without saying that he needed supplementary lessons.
Fujiko: Awww.
Fujiko: Minamoto-kun hasn't studied nearly enough!
Shiho: It doesn't matter how much he studies...
Shiho: He doesn't have enough knowledge about male-female relationships...
Kaoru: Well...
Kaoru: That's one of the things I find cute.
Text: Minamoto, you're too clueless!! No chapter next issue. Look forward to the next chapter in two weeks!!

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