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Translations: One Piece 904 by cnet128 , Gintama 682 (2)
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Zettai Karen Children 177

ESP On The Test (7)

+ posted by Spikey2713 as translation on Jun 14, 2009 00:17 | Go to Zettai Karen Children

-> RTS Page for Zettai Karen Children 177

Chapter 177: ESP ON THE TEST (7)
Page 1:
4 panels from right:
Utsumi: Nice to meet you, I’m Utsumi.
京介:髪、長っ! 女の子かと思った…
Kyousuke: The hair is long! I thought he was a girl…
Narrator: Back then he got a lot of troubles too but―――
兵士:なんだその女みたいな髪は!! 何が超能部隊だ!! そんな手品で戦争に勝てると思うか―――ッ!!
Soldier: What’s with that woman hairstyle!! What’s so great with the ESP team!! Do you think those tricks will lead us to win the war!?
ウツミ:『耳なし芳一』 小泉八雲『怪談』ヨリ。
Utsumi: [Earless Houichi] From Koizumi Yakumo’s [Ghost Story].
ウツミ:「芳一の姿は怨霊には見えません」 「芳一いいいいどこだあああああああああ」
Utsunmi: “The ghost was unable to find Houichi” “Houichiiiiii, WHERE ARE YOUUUUUU”
Soldier: STOP IIIIIT!!
Soldier: Who’s that moron who made him angry~~!?
He enforced his own will in that era.
4 panels from left:
Minamoto: Hello, this is Minamoto.
柏木:か、 柏木です!!救援を要請しますっ!!
Kashiwagi: Thi… This is Kashiwagi!! I need reinforcement!!
柏木:本部を出たところで捕まって――― お願い、助けて―――!!
Kashiwagi: I was captured just when I left the HQ… Please help me~!!
柏木:あッ! (ブツ。 ツーツー)
Kashiwagi: Ah! (Klik. Too-Too-)
Kaoru: We’re not going to save her?
皆本:うん。 助けない。
Minamoto: Yeah. We won’t.
槍手:あんたね、いつまでも若くないのよ!? 将来のこと考えなさい!!
Yarite: You’re not going to be young forever, you know!? Think about your future!!
Minamoto’s mom: How about this guy?
Minamoto’s mom: Let’s meet him, go go♥
Kashiwagi: N-Noooooooo!!
*side note: KY = don’t know how to read the atmosphere*
Statement (left): Minamoto, since you have the same experience back then, shouldn’t you feel just bit sympathy for her? That’s why you’re a KY… (It’ll be a spoiler for any further, so skip it!)
*17巻発売日のお知らせはもう少し待って☆ それまでに1~16巻とアニメDVD1~10のチェックヨロシク!!
Statement (below): Minamoto’s “Riot of Marriage Interview” arc story will be included in the latest volume no.17!! *The date of sale for vol.17 will be informed later☆ Before that please have a check on Vol.1~16 and the anime dvd 1~10!!

Page 2:
Title page: ESP On The Test (7)
Statement: Spring is over, I’m going to take an early summer break!!
Pointing Kagari: Happy but embarrassed teenage boy!?

Page 3:
Box: The mid-term test takes place…
Box: And few days later...

Page 4:
Aoi: The announcement of the result―――!!
葵:1位、ウチ!! 全教科平均96.2点―――!!
Aoi: The 1st place is me!! My average point was 96.2 points~!!
葵:2位紫穂! 88.3点!!
Aoi: 2nd place is Shiho! 88.3 points!!
紫穂:ちっ。 (ぶー)
Shiho: Tch. (Boo-)
葵:3位、薫! 82.4点!
Aoi: 3rd is Kaoru! 82.4 points!
Aoi: In other words, the winner is me!!
Shiho: Though I was mortifying, oh well…
Kaoru: That was a reasonable result…
Minamoto: 3 of you had done very well.

Page 5:
皆本:もっとも――― お前は余計なことにクビつっこんでなきゃ、 もーちょいやれたんじゃないのか?
Minamoto: But then… If you didn’t sticking yourself into such unnecessary thing, wouldn’t you have done much better?
Kaoru: Ouch!
薫:だから―――! あれは集中するための助走っつーか……
Kaoru: Like I said…! I might need to do that so I can concentrate…
皆本:犯罪組織のボスについて地球の裏側にまで行かねーと集中できないってオカシイだろ!! どんだけ勉強イヤなんだよ!?
Minamoto: You can only concentrate after the criminal organization’s boss take you to the other side of the Earth is the strangest thing I ever heard!! Just how much you hate studying!?
薫:いつまでもしつっこいな――― おかげで情報が手に入ったろ!? それに、もうしないよ。
Kaoru: You’re as obstinate as ever… Didn’t we get the information thanks to that!? Furthermore, I won’t do it again.
薫:これのおかげで、 勉強、少しは好きになったしね♥
Kaoru: Thanks to this, I’ve slowly begin to like studying♥
本:ザ・チルドレン 一学期中間試験範囲まとめ 皆本光一
Book: The Children First Term Mid-term Exam Material Minamoto Kouichi

Page 6:
薫:葵には勝てなかったけど、 こんな点どったの初めてだよね。 皆本のおかげだよ。
Kaoru: I couldn’t win Aoi, but this is the first time for me to get such good grades. It’s all thanks to Minamoto.
皆本:(今まで…… 優等生だったせいで、なんだか損ばっかりしてきた気がするけど―――) (でもそれが、 役に立ったんだな!)
Minamoto: (Up until now… I have always felt that there’re some disadvantages when I became an honors student…) (But now, it seems to have help them out!)
皆本:そ、そーゆー問題じゃ…!! (にへ~~)
Minamoto: Th-that isn’t the point…!! (Heheh~~)
Minamoto: Ah.
薫:よっぽどいろいろたまってたんだな…… 言葉と裏腹に体は反応しちゃうってやつ?
Kaoru: You must have suppressed them a lot…… So you’re a type to have your body talking the opposite of your mouth?
皆本:いやっちがっ!! てか、何だ、その表現は!?
Minamoto: No it’s not that!! Rather that, what kind of expression is that!?
紫穂:薫ちゃん…… 気のせいかさじ加減がいつもよりエロいわよ
Shiho: Kaoru-chan…… I might imagine it but you act more erotic than ever.
Aoi: Could PANDRA has influence you in some way?
Kaoru: Eh.
皆本:ほらみろ!二度と禁止だからな!! 次はちゃんと僕に連絡しろ!!
Minamoto: See! That’s why don’t do it again!! Make sure to contact me next time!!

Page 7:
Kaoru: Don’t even get close to that sex offender!!
薫:わかったってば! でもさああたしのそっち方面の師匠は京介じゃなくて…
Kaoru: I know that already! But my master who teach me that isn’t Kyousuke…
Fujiko: Utsumi-kun…
不二子:あの本読まなかったのか。 ちっ。
Fujiko: In the end he didn’t read that book. Tch.
Pointing Fujiko: Master
不二子:はい、これ差し入れ。 読んで元気になってね。 いろんな意味で。
Fujiko: Okay, these are the refreshments. Read them and cheer up. In various meaning of it

Page 8:
Aoi: …Now,
葵:約束どーり言うこときいてもらおか、 皆本はん♥
Aoi: As promised, you have to do what I say, Minamoto-han♥
Minamoto: …I’ll say this first, it’s a no-no for something unreasonable.
葵:フツーに遊びに行くだけや! 2人っきりでな!
Aoi: I just want to go out and play! Just the two of us!

Page 9:
皆本:あれ? 2人っきり? きいたのとちがうよ?
Minamoto: Huh? Just the two of us? That’s not what I heard.
Kaoru: I wonder where he will take us to!!
Shiho: It’s hard to choose the outfit for this season…
葵:待て、コラ! なに勝負パンツ選んでるねん!
Aoi: Hey, wait! Why are you choosing the lucky panties!?
Kaoru: Well, I just getting ready just in case.
Aoi: Nothing’s going to happen!! Idiot!!

Page 10:
Aoi: The winner is me!! So this is my date!!
薫:あたしたちチームじゃん!? みんな成績上がったし、全員の勝利だと思うな!
Kaoru: Aren’t we a team!? Since our grades went up, I think all of us are the winner!
Shiho: In my case I’ll definitely say “Let’s go together”.
AoiL Liars!!
Aoi: Listen, both of you.
葵:ウチらはもう中学生や。 いつまでもみんな一緒ってわけにいかへん。 少しずつ自分の人生を歩いていかなあかんねん。
Aoi: We’re now middle school students. We’re not going to be together forever. We have to slowly start living on our own lives.
葵:そろそろルートを決めてエンディングをひとつ選らばなあかんねん。 それが大人になるということや!! わかるやろ?
Aoi: It’s about time we choose our own route and can only decide one ending for it. That’s how we grow up as adult!! Understand?
薫:いやそれ大人の発想じゃないよ? あんたもティムやバレットあたりに影響されてね?
Kaoru: Wait that’s not the concept of the adult. Have Tim or Barret rubbed off on you?
Shiho: Also, are you going to wear glasses for your wedding?

Page 11:
葵:とにかく!!今日はウチのイベント!! あんたたちは留守番!!
Aoi: Anyway!! Today is my event!! Both of you look over the house!!
Kaoru: “Tch, All right”
Shiho: “Then have a nice day”
Aoi: (They plan on coming…!!)
葵:なんとしても振り切らなあかん!! とにかく行くでっ皆本はん!
Aoi: I must shake them off our tail no matter what!! Let’s go somewhere, Minamoto-han!
Minamoto: Eh.

Page 12:
薫:ムダムダ。 絶対行くもんねー。
Kaoru: It’s no use. We’ll definitely follow you.
紫穂:行き先のイメージは具体的じゃないけど、 手がかりくらいは十分透視(よ)めてよ。
Shiho: Thought I can’t get the clearer image of their destination, but I saw enough to give us some clues.
紫穂:まずあのコ――― 「体をつかう遊びがしたい」って思ってる。 私たちと一緒だとどうしても3番目になっちゃうから。 そして―――
Shiho: First at all… She thought of “want to play by using athletic ability”. Talking about the nice body ranking, she ranks the 3rd place among us after all. So…
紫穂:無意識にだけどスカートを選んだ!! 中身はお気に入りの可愛いパンツ!!
Shiho: She subconsciously chose a skirt!! And under that skirt was her favorite cute pants!!
Kaoru: Ohh!!
紫穂:さて、問題です!! 以上の情報からデート先を推理せよ(20点)!!
Shiho: Here’s the question!! Given the above information, deduce the possible spot for their date (20 points)!!
Kaoru: Oh! Sensei, I know!!

Page 13:
薫:ボウリング場の確率が92%!! ナチュラルなパンチラで男の本能を刺激できるからです!!
Kaoru: The probability of it being a bowling alley is 92%!! Because it causes natural underwear expose that stimulate the male instincts!!
紫穂:あざとい!! あざといけど見事な計算ね、葵ちゃん!!
Shiho: That’s sly of her!! Sly but what a wonderful planning by Aoi-chan!!
葵:(あなたのハートに ストラーイク)
Beside Aoi: (I’m gonna strike through your heart)
紫穂:しかもその計算を無意識レベルで―――!! なんという女力偏差値!! でも私たちだって負けてないわよっ!!
Shiho: And that planning was done under subconscious level!! What a deviation in womanly powers!! However we won’t lose either!!
カチカチカチカチッ カチカチかチカチッ ←計算中
Kachinkachinkachinkachin Kachinkachinkachinkachin ←Calculating
葵:テレポートで振り切っても一時しのぎゃ…! あいつらの計算力ならウチの思考なんか無意識レベルまで読みきってしまうはず―――
Aoi: Even if we’ve shake them off by teleport, it’s just for temporary…! Within their ability to calculate, they must have read that my planning was done under subconscious level…
カチカチカチカチカチッ ←計算中
Kachinkachinkachinkachin ←Calculating
Minamoto: So, where are we going?

Page 14:
Aoi: That’s it…!
葵:ウチ、どこでもええよ? 皆本はんの行きたいとこにつれてって♥
Aoi: I fine with wherever it is. Just take me to somewhere you like, Minamoto-han♥
皆本:そお? よし、それじゃ…
Minamoto: Really? Okay, then…
Aoi: Where is this place?
皆本:前から来たかったんだよ。 「日本近未来科学博物館」 日本の最新テクノロジーをわかりやすく展示してる博物館さ!
Minamoto: I’ve been always wanted to come here. “Japanese Near Future Science Museum” It’s a museum that displays the latest Japan’s technologies in more easier way!

Page 15:
ロボット:みなさんこんにちは! アシモフMk-IIです!
Robot: Hello everyone! I’m Asimov Mk-II!
Roboit: Wanna exchange your memory chip with mine?
どっ!! あははははははっ
Above people: Ahahahahahaha
皆本:おおーっ。 これが月面ステーションモックアップ!
Minamoto: Ohhh! This is the mock up of the moon station!
Minamoto: Amazing, truly amazing.
皆本:あ。 どこか他のとこにするか? 君がつまらないからどこでも―――
Minamoto: Ah. Do you want to go somewhere else? If you feel bored, we can go wherever you want…

Page 16:
葵:そ、そんなことないで。 皆本はんと一緒やからどこでも楽しいわあ。
Aoi: No-not at all. Anywhere is fun as long as I’m together with Minamoto-han.
Aoi: But, I think I’m getting a bit hungry.
皆本:あ、 そうか! それじゃ―――
Minamoto: Ah, I see! Then…
Minamoto: We’ll go to the space buffet they have here!!
Minamoto: Even if the space food is freeze dried to make it lighter, in order to enjoy eating in the space, they’ve made various kind for the nationality of the pilots…
葵:(あれ―――?) (ウチ勝ったはずやのに、なんか罰ゲームになってへん?)
Aoi: (Huh…?) (I won, and yet it has turned out to be like a punish game?)
Box: At that night…

Page 17:
賢木:では、いいですか皆本クン。 特別講習を始めます。
Sakaki: Very well, Minamoto-kun. We shall start the special course.
Minamoto: Yes, sensei.
賢木:まずはこれ! この文章を訳すとどういう意味ですか?
Sakaki: First! What’s the meaning in this passage?
Passage 1: “I fine with wherever it is. Just take me to somewhere you like”
皆本:へ? 訳すも何もそういう意味だろ?
Minamoto: Huh? Doesn’t it mean exactly it says?
賢木:ブ―――!! 正解はこうです!!
Sakaki: Wrong―――!! The correct answer is this!!
Answer: “Please give me a good time. I’m seeing if you can do that”

Page 18:
Sakaki: Next, question no.2!!
Passage 2: “I’m getting hungry. Let’s go somewhere to eat”
Minamoto: “What do you want to eat”?
Sakaki: WROOONG!!
Sakaki: The correct answer is “This is boring and so annoying. I want to go somewhere else…”
皆本:えええええええええ!!? 難しいよ!?全然わかりません先生―――!!
Minamoto: Ehhhhhhhhh!!? This is hard!! I can’t understand one bit of it, sensei!!
Box: It’s needless to say that he needs to attend the trainings.
不二子:あーあ、 皆本クン勉強足りなすぎ!
Fujiko: Oh my… Minamoto-kun didn’t study enough!
Aoi: (Sniff sniff)
紫穂:いくら勉強できても…… 男女関係の学力足りないとねえ…
Shiho: No matter how much he studies…… He doesn’t have enough knowledge about male-female relationships.
薫:ま、 それもカワイイけど。
Kaoru: Oh well, that’s why he cute too.
Statement: Minamoto was too KY!!
*side note: KY = don’t know how to read atmosphere*
Next issue will take a break. See you again in Issue No.30!!


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