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Translations: One Piece 847 by cnet128 , Gintama 615 (2)

Black Lagoon 76

El Baile de la Muerte Pt. 33

+ posted by js06 as translation on Oct 21, 2009 01:41 | Go to Black Lagoon

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For JAC only

Chapter 76


Soldiers: Gyaaaah!
Soldiers: Aaaaah!!

Text on right and left: The climax arrives like an earthquake!!

Roberta: ...Heh.
Roberta: Heh heh heh...heh heh.

Roberta: ...You just...keep on...dying...heh heh.
Roberta: You little foxes.


Roberta: The hunt will not end until...
Roberta: I've skinned every fox in this forest.
Roberta: Your target is in the palm of Descima's hand.

Roberta: If you want it...come out.
Roberta: It's almost tea time...
Roberta: When dawn comes, everything will be over.

Ray: Descima?
Ray: What does she mean?

Caxton: He's a convicted noble thief told of in Colombia.
Caxton: ....Ray.
Caxton: She annihilated Shwe Yan's bodyguards and circled around ahead of us...
Caxton: ...Did you expect this?

Ray: Expect this?
Ray: Did I expect this?
Ray: Did I expect this ridiculous turn of events, Shane?

Ray: That the elite of the SOG would...
Ray: be massacred by a maid from South America?
Ray: What kind of joke is this?

Ray: Where's Chevy Chase.
Ray: Huh, Shane!?
Soldiers: Command Unit, respond!


Soldiers: Major!
Soldiers: We've reached RP Romeo and we can't contact the members of Delta!
Soldiers: We've found the corpses of Lieutenant Decard, Corporal Grant, and PSG Gischler!

Soldiers: Major!
Soldiers: It's no longer possible to capture "Target R".
Soldiers: Give us permission to fight back!

Ray: She's a monster. We underestimated her.
Ray: Please think about this, Shane.

Ray: Things have gone far enough!

Echo: This is Echo. We've reached RP X-ray...
Echo: Give us your order! Should we go after "Target R" or infiltrate the village!
Echo: Delta, someone, anyone, respond!

Ray: Shane!


Fabiola: You'll see this through to the end.
Fabiola: You're on the side of justice, right?


Fabiola: Weighing the losses and advantages on a scale when things aren't going well...
Fabiola: isn't something someone on the side of justice would do.

Soldiers: Major! Give us our orders!
Soldiers: From our position we can disarm "Target R" without killing her!
Soldiers: Give us permission to snipe!

Ray: Boy, stop this.
Ray: All of our comrades...
Ray: will die!

Ray: Shane!
Ray: The situation's gone south and the operation was a failure!

Ray: Give up on the target!

Fabiola: Quit shouting, old man.
Fabiola: The one to decide this isn't you. It's him.



Soldier: Aaa
Soldier: aa
Soldier: aa
Soldier: ah!

Ray: Come back, Sanchez! Return to the RP!

Ray: Major, give the order to infiltrate!!
Ray: Shane!

Revy: Tch.
Revy: This is lacking a climax.
Revy: Just kill her already.
Revy: It's best to keep things simple.


Garcia: Just like you value your men's lives...

Garcia: Major,
Garcia: I can only continue to value Roberta's life.

Garcia: This is my fight.
Garcia: It's a fight...
Garcia: against you, against myself, and against this world, major.


Soldiers: Alpha, we've lost sight of "Target R". Can you see her!?

Soldiers: We've lost contact with Echo. No one's responding!

Soldiers: Major, what are our orders!?

Text: The final vanishing point is before their eyes.

Caxton: Miss Roberta, can you hear me?
Caxton: This is Major Shane Caxton, of the United States Army.


Caxton: All responsibility lies with me alone.
Caxton: Hand Shwe Yan over to my men.
Caxton: If you do...
Caxton: I will do as you wish and surrender to you.

Caxton: My men's target is not you. If they capture the general, their mission will be complete.
Caxton: It's the best option for both of us.

Roberta: ...The best?
Roberta: Don't make me laugh.
Roberta: Having people like you wiped from the face of this earth...
Roberta: would be best for me.


Roberta: The one being chased after isn't me; it's you all.
Roberta: So that you won't forget me.
Roberta: So that you won't forget what you did to me.

Roberta: For that sake alone, I have destroyed anything and everything and drawn ever closer to the shadow of death.
Roberta: I can't forgive you.
Roberta: I can't forgive you people.

Garcia: Roberta?

Garcia: Roberta.


Garcia: You know who this is, right?
Garcia: I've finally, finally caught up with you.

Garcia: There's an open field at the entrance to the village you're in.
Garcia: Wait there.

Garcia: I will definitely...


Caxton: ...Let's go.
Caxton: There isn't much time until dawn.
Caxton: She's given us a time limit. If we don't hurry, we'll be too late.

Caxton: Do you...
Caxton: have a plan?

Garcia: Yes, I do.
Garcia: But it's just one little move...
Garcia: and I'll need your help.




Roberta: ...Young Master.
Roberta: Are you really...

Roberta: my Young Master?


Roberta: Ever since that day...
Roberta: I have brought death to people who should have lived...
Roberta: and the dead have spoken to me.
Roberta: The passage of time...has become unclear as well...

Roberta: I don't...
Roberta: even know if I'm alive...
Roberta: or if I'm dead...
Roberta: I...
Roberta: don't know what's going on anymore.

Roberta: But...
Roberta: But, Young Master...
Roberta: After this is over, we can go back to the mansion.
Roberta: To...
Roberta: the mansion where...
Roberta: the orchids are blooming...


Garcia: Roberta.

Garcia: I can answer your questions.
Garcia: We might even be able to right your wrongs.
Garcia: But...

Garcia: all of what happened...
Garcia: it didn't matter.


Roberta: ...How?
Roberta: Of course it mattered.

Roberta: Your father was killed.
Roberta: Our life was taken from us!

Roberta: They made you suffer.
Roberta: They took everything from me.
Roberta: I can't forgive them.
Roberta: I can't forgive them.

Roberta: So, Young Master...
Roberta: I beg you. Speak one simple word to me.
Roberta: Tell me to "execute" him.
Roberta: If you do, even now, I can...

Garcia: The one who started all that happened to you...
Garcia: was him.
Garcia: And the one who will cause it to end...


Garcia: is him.

Roberta: Aa
Roberta: aa
Roberta: ah!


Roberta: No.
Roberta: No.
Roberta: You can't do that...!

Roberta: What have you done!
Roberta: Aah!

Roberta: What have you done!
Roberta: I-I...
Roberta: I had to...!!
Roberta: I had to do it!!

Garcia: Roberta?
Garcia: You're wrong.
Garcia: You didn't have to punish anyone; you didn't have to bring justice to anyone...

Garcia: You cannot make up for your sins.
Garcia: You can't end anything. It's all already over.


Roberta: No!
Roberta: You're not my Young Master!
Roberta: My Young Master...wouldn't say that!

Roberta: Because...
Roberta: Like this, no one gets repaid!

Roberta: It isn't over!


Garcia: Roberta,
Garcia: This whole time...

Garcia: I've been thinking about what I would say to you, what I would tell you...
Garcia: when I met you again.

Garcia: But...

Garcia: That's why...
Garcia: I made a bet with you.

Garcia: If you believed in me...
Garcia: my bullet wouldn't kill you.
Garcia: We can end this here.
Garcia: Do you believe me? Do you believe him?



Garcia: See,
Garcia: we're not dead.



Garcia: Let's go home,
Garcia: Roberta.


Roberta: Young Master?

Garcia: ...It's okay...
Garcia: It was necessary for it to come to this.
Garcia: The major, you, and I have all died here.
Garcia: ...So let's begin again...from here...!

Text at bottom: The new series is scheduled to begin in next year's January Issue.
[TN: To avoid confusion, that means the next chapter comes out in December.]

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#1. by Arhazivory ()
Posted on Oct 21, 2009
Thanks for your good work js06. Until December... XD
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