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Translations: One Piece 847 by cnet128 , Gintama 615 (2)

Black Lagoon 76

#76 El Baile de la muerte PT.33

+ posted by js06 as translation on May 7, 2010 03:19 | Go to Black Lagoon

-> RTS Page for Black Lagoon 76

Chapter 76 (Volume 9 version) + Volume 9 Omake

I said I would do it "eventually" and here it is.
This Black Lagoon translation is free for anyone to use because JAC isn't going to use it.


Soldiers: Alpha, we've lost sight of "Target R". Can you see her!?

Soldiers: We've lost contact with Echo. No one's responding!

Soldiers: Major, what are our orders!?

Title: #76 El Baile de la muerte PT.33

Caxton: Miss Roberta, can you hear me?
Caxton: This is Shane Caxton, an SOG major of the United States Army.


Caxton: All responsibility lies with me alone.
Caxton: Hand Shwe Yan over to my men.
Caxton: If you do...
Caxton: I will do as you wish and surrender to you.
SFX: Pull

Caxton: My men's target is not you. If they capture the general, their mission will be complete.
Caxton: It's the best option for both of us.

Roberta: ...The best?
Roberta: Don't make me laugh.
Roberta: Having people like you wiped from the face of this earth...
Roberta: would be best for me.


Roberta: The one being chased after isn't me; it's you all.
Roberta: So that you won't forget me.
Roberta: So that you won't forget what you did to me.

Roberta: For that sake alone, I have destroyed anything and everything and drawn ever closer to the shadow of death.
Roberta: I can't forgive you.
Roberta: I can't forgive you people.

Garcia: Roberta?
SFX: Click

Garcia: Roberta.


Garcia: You know who this is, right?
Garcia: I've finally, finally caught up with you.

SFX: Lift gun
Garcia: There's an open field at the entrance to the village you're in.
Garcia: Wait there.

Garcia: I will definitely...


SFX: Bshk!!

Caxton: ...Let's go.
Caxton: There isn't much time until dawn.
Caxton: She's given us a time limit. If we don't hurry, we'll be too late.

Caxton: Do you...
Caxton: have a plan?

Garcia: Yes, I do.
Garcia: But it's just one little move...
Garcia: and I'll need your help.


Fabiola: As I said on the boat...
Fabiola: this should do the job.

SFX: Grab

Fabiola: Young Master.
Garcia: ...Yeah.

Garcia: I'm scared.
Garcia: When I think about what's going to happen to us...
Garcia: it makes me want to run away so much I can barely stand it.

Fabiola: You can do it,
Garcia: young master.
SFX: Lightly hit...

Fabiola: The one who saves people in the end isn't god; it's people.
Fabiola: You can do this.
Fabiola: You of all people can do this.


SFX: Tweet
SFX: Tweet

SFX: Walk

SFX: Fly away


SFX: Wind


Roberta: Is it...
Roberta: really you, young master? I'm not sure.

Roberta: I'm not sure if you're actually there or not...
Roberta: Heh heh...Isn't that...weird?


Roberta: Ever since that day...
Roberta: I have brought death to people who should have lived...
Roberta: and the dead have spoken to me.
Roberta: The passage of time...has become unclear as well...

Roberta: I don't...
Roberta: even know if I'm alive...
Roberta: or if I'm dead...
Roberta: I...
Roberta: don't know what's going on anymore.

Roberta: But...
Roberta: But, Young Master...
Roberta: After this is over, we can go back to the mansion.
Roberta: To...
Roberta: the mansion where...
Roberta: the orchids are blooming...


Garcia: Roberta.

Garcia: I can answer your questions.
Garcia: We might even be able to right your wrongs.
Garcia: But...

Garcia: everything that happened...
Garcia: none of it mattered.


Roberta: ...How?
SFX: Clench
Roberta: Of course it mattered.

Roberta: Your father was killed.
Roberta: Our life was taken from us!

Roberta: They made you suffer.
Roberta: They took everything from me.
Roberta: I can't forgive them.
Roberta: I can't forgive them.

Roberta: So, Young Master...
Roberta: I beg you. Speak one simple word to me.
Roberta: Tell me to "execute" him.
Roberta: If you do, even now, I can...

Garcia: The one who started all that happened to you...
Garcia: was him.
SFX: Lift gun
Garcia: And the one who will cause it to end...


Garcia: is him.
SFX: Bang

Roberta: Aa
Roberta: aa
SFX: Lift gun!
Roberta: ah!


Roberta: No.
Roberta: No.
Roberta: You can't do that...!
SFX: Cocking gun

Roberta: What have you done!
Roberta: Aah!

Roberta: What have you done!
Roberta: I-I...
Roberta: I had to...!!
SFX: Tremble tremble tremble
Roberta: I had to do it!!

Garcia: Roberta?
Garcia: You're wrong.
Garcia: You didn't have to punish anyone; you didn't have to bring justice to anyone...

Garcia: You cannot make up for your sins.
Garcia: You can't end anything. It's all already over.


Roberta: No!
Roberta: You're not my Young Master!
Roberta: My Young Master...wouldn't say that!

Roberta: Because...
Roberta: Like this, no one gets repaid!

Roberta: It isn't over!

SFX: Lift gun!


Garcia: Roberta,
Garcia: This whole time...

Garcia: I've been thinking about what I would say to you, what I would tell you...
Garcia: when I met you again.

Garcia: About what happened to me...
Garcia: About what happened to you...

Garcia: But...
Garcia: that would just be an explanation.

Garcia: That's why...
Garcia: I bet everything on this.

Garcia: If you believe in me...
Garcia: my bullet can't kill you.


Garcia: If that happens...
Garcia: We can...

Garcia: Roberta, look at him.
Garcia: I'm sure you've realized it...

Garcia: We can end this dance that smells of blood and pus.
Crazy Roberta: We can't let it end.
Crazy Roberta: Show me more...
Crazy Roberta: lovely guts, sacks of blood, and tears of agony, Rosarita.

Garcia: Let's end this.


SFX: Bang bang!

SFX: Wind


Garcia: See,
Garcia: you're alive.



Roberta: Nn...
Roberta: Nnn!
SFX: Smack smack
Roberta: Nn nn...
Roberta: Nnhhh!

SFX: Scrape scrape!

Roberta: Y...
Roberta: Young Master?


Garcia: I'm sorry, Roberta.
Garcia: It took me quite a while to realize...
Garcia: something so simple.

Garcia: But...
Garcia: now...

Roberta: Young Master!?
SFX: Collapse

Roberta: Young Master,
Roberta: pull yourself together...!

SFX: Dash
Roberta: Young Master!


Fabiola: Wake up, major!
Caxton: It felt like I was really shot. I can still feel the shock...

Fabiola: This isn't the time for that!
Fabiola: You can perform emergency treatment, right!?

Fabiola: From the looks of his wound...
Fabiola: you need to call your men-

SFX: Raise gun!

SFX: Raise gun!


Roberta: Why...
Roberta: is that man alive!?

Fabiola: For the same reason you are, Miss Head Maid!
Fabiola: Please,
Fabiola: lower your gun!

Garcia: Roberta,
Garcia: lower your gun.


Garcia: He...
Garcia: was shot by me and died.
Garcia: You're dead, too.
Garcia: And I died here, too.

Garcia: There are no winners here anymore.
Garcia: And no losers remain.
Garcia: The "Dance of Death" could only end if no one was left.

Roberta: But...
Roberta: Young Master!

Garcia: Even if we continued to dance within this grudge for eternity...
Garcia: your sins and my pain would never disappear.
Garcia: So, Roberta...
Garcia: I now bear what you bear.
Garcia: Just like you supported me, I will now support you and let you live.
Garcia: That's what I came here to tell you.


SFX: Hug...

Roberta: Young master...
Roberta: You have completely...
Roberta: grown up into an adult.

Garcia: No.
Garcia: All I did was stretch out my hand...
Garcia: so I could reach yours.


Soldier: The bullet grazed his kidney and then left his body.
Soldier: I've stopped the bleeding, but he's at risk for infection.

Soldiers: Major!
Soldiers: Bravo Standby Team has confirmed an enemy force at Point S221!
Caxton: It's the main unit of the Va State Alliance.
Caxton: They've noticed something unusual's going on.

Soldier: We don't have time. If this becomes an open battle, we have no chance of victory.
Soldier: Do we continue fighting?

Caxton: We abandon our plan.
Caxton: We'll reorganize and then move with all speed to the rendezvous point with the Lagoon.

Soldier: Roger, I'll give everyone those instructions.
Soldier: Cyrus, take him to the boat...

Caxton: She and I...
Caxton: will carry him.
Caxton: Isn't that right?


SFX: Raise gun
Ray: Shane,
Ray: stand back.


Caxton: Ray...
Caxton: It's all over.
SFX: Load round

Caxton: Put that down.

Ray: ...Shane.
Ray: I wanted to become a man like you.
Ray: But I couldn't.

Ray: If that woman leaves this place alive...
Ray: then where are we supposed to bury our feelings...
Ray: towards Sanchez, C.J. and our other comrades who died?

Ray: ...Boy.
Ray: I don't know...
Ray: who committed the first wrong...

Ray: or who was the most wrong.

Ray: Who was it?


SFX: Bang

Caxton: ..."We didn't do anything wrong."
Caxton: That's what everyone thinks.
Caxton: That's why...
Caxton: the killing won't stop.


SFX: Wind

SFX: Creak

SFX: Creak creak

Rock: Hey.
Rock: So you made it back.

Rock: I had a feeling you would.


Rock: It was the best way for things to end.
Rock: As I predicted, that boy of yours chose the right path.

Rock: I knew you all could do it.
Rock: I'm...
Rock: really glad that...
Rock: I was able to help you.

Fabiola: Senor Rock.
Rock: Hm?


SFX: Bang

SFX: Slam
SFX: Thud

SFX: Raise gun

Fabiola: We...
Fabiola: were truly lucky. And...
Fabiola: that includes you.
Fabiola: How did it feel to bet on people's lives?


Fabiola: You toyed with my young master's life...
Fabiola: for your own enjoyment.
Fabiola: You just wanted to experience the thrill of the ultimate gamble.

Fabiola: But if it was just that, I'd forgive you.
Fabiola: ...No.
SFX: Cock gun
Fabiola: I may not have forgiven you, but it wouldn't have pissed me off this much.
Fabiola: You...

Fabiola: You used my young master as a pawn in your game of "Cambodian Roulette"...
Fabiola: and then claimed you were acting out of good intentions and trying to save us.
Rock: Cough
Rock: Cough
Rock: Cough
Fabiola: That was where I made my error.
Fabiola: I wasn't sure up until the end if you were a villain or not.

Fabiola: But I know now.
Fabiola: You're the biggest bastard...
SFX: Pick up
Fabiola: in this city.

Fabiola: Blanks.
Fabiola: The magic of a bluff...
Fabiola: using fakes made of brass.


Rock: Even so...
Rock: you won.
Rock: Isn't...
Rock: that all that matters?

Garcia: It's true that...
Garcia: this couldn't have ended without anyone being injured.
Garcia: And we achieved our goal.

Garcia: But...
Garcia: For you to say that that's all that matters...

Garcia: You're already...
Garcia: a true resident of this city.


Rock: ...No.
Rock: I really...
Rock: I was really trying to...

Revy: What a bunch of bullshit.
Revy: These people...
SFX: Lift gun!
Revy: are the type who won't kill someone even if reason and the established way of doing things both tell you you should.
Revy: Just ignore them. It's not like you're ever going to-

Fabiola: ...Of course he won't ever see us again.
Fabiola: One day, even god will grow tired...
Fabiola: of your foolish clamor.

Fabiola: And until then...
Fabiola: you can just continue...
Fabiola: waltzing with the dead in this rotten city.


SFX: Fly away


SFX: Waves
Chang: Hey.
Chang: I've been looking for you.

Chang: I heard from Revy...
Chang: that lately you'd taken a liking to watch things fade into twilight here. Seems she was right.

Chang: You haven't aged that much yet.
Chang: Here.
SFX: Toss
Chang: This is the money from the Maid incident.

SFX: Fall


Rock: I didn't do it for the money.

Chang: This proves it's over.
Chang: It's not some pointless object.
Chang: But you're free to do whatever the hell you want with it.

SFX: Light
Chang: Anyway...
Chang: This ends it for me.

Chang: ...What a pain.
Chang: This incident really weighed heavily on me.
Chang: It feels like I stayed up all night and forced myself to eat a whole bucket of fried chicken.

Rock: It's not often...
Rock: I hear you complain.
SFX: Waves...
Chang: I'm not so careless as to say that no one has ever died from a complaint.
Chang: But...

Chang: There are moments when you want to mutter to yourself.
Chang: I have them...
Chang: and you have them.


Rock: That girl told me off...
Rock: saying I was a villain who placed chips down on people's lives.
Rock: Chang-san,
Rock: am I a villain?

Chang: No matter what your motives were...
Chang: it ended how it ended.

Chang: Maybe you truly just wanted to make a gamble that numbed your brain.
SFX: Fly away
Chang: Or maybe you wanted to rescue them from the position they were in.
Chang: Or maybe it was both.

Rock: Did I really...

Rock: intend to save them?
Chang: Heh.
Chang: Congratulations, Rock.


Chang: You won the bet and the young head of the Lovelace family achieved his goal.
Chang: But...
Chang: Did they really achieve happiness?

Chang: Yeah, right. All the Lovelace kid has is a thorny path.
Chang: He's definitely a good and brave person.
Chang: But doing the right thing doesn't necessarily give you a happy ending.

Chang: The life ahead of him is a long one.
Chang: He may find it too long.


Chang: Well...
Chang: You can live the life of a monk.
Chang: But if you want to ascertain the distinctions between good and evil...
Chang: it's not that bad an idea to spend a good long time on it, Rock.

Chang: ...This sea breeze is getting harsh. How about a drink?
Chang: We can have a toast to those two who are standing on the other side of South America.

Box: "Black Lagoon" Volume 9 -Fin-



Title: "Who are you getting revenge on!?"

Roberta: The head of the family was turned to mince meat after he fell into a cowardly trap.
Roberta: So we of the Lovelace Maid Unit (lol)...
Text: Grave

SFX: Bfoooo
Roberta: must get revenge for this dishonor.

Fabiola: ...Um, Miss Head Maid.
Fabiola: What's with that sinister looking get-up...!?
Roberta: It's my surprise attack UNIFORM.

Roberta: With this equipment I can take out 30 people in a single night.
Roberta: I'm going for the world record.
Fabiola: Miss Head Maid, Miss Head Maid.
Fabiola: I have no idea what you're talking about.

Roberta: Are you saying you're not intending to take revenge for the head of the family!?
Roberta: Leave all the wages you've earned here and get out!
SFX: Smash
SFX: Crack
SFX: Scrape
Fabiola: Ee!
Fabiola: I get it, I get it.


Fabiola: But Miss Head Maid,
Fabiola: What are you going to do in order to get revenge?
Text above Fabiola: Beaten up
Text right of Fabiola: Uuh
Roberta: A good question.

Roberta: Our young master is sleeping over there.
Fabiola: Are they going to attack him even while he's asleep?
SFX: Sob sob
SFX: Zzzz...
Roberta: He IS attractive. Maybe we should smash out his front teeth.
Roberta: Here I go.

Roberta: Young...
Roberta: Masteeeeer!
SFX: Smash
SFX: Splat
Roberta: Just bear with iiiiit!

Fabiola: Huuuuuuuh!?
Fabiola: What are you doing, Miss Head Maid!?
SFX: Splatter splatter
Roberta: As long as the young master remains, trouble is inevitable.
Roberta: I'm taking measures against that!

Fabiola: That's horrible. That's just too horrible, Miss Head Maid!
Fabiola: We don't even know who the enemy is yet!

Roberta: Hmmm?
Roberta: Oh, we do, Fabiola.
SFX: Chew chew chew
SFX: Squiiiirt
Roberta: The one's behind it...
Roberta: were the people with small tits.


Roberta: The people with small tits conspired against the head of the family and murdered him.
Roberta: They capture people with big tits and say things like...
Roberta: "You must be stupid" and "You're just a fat pig."
Roberta: There's no mistaking it.

Fabiola: Wow....
SFX: Squiiiirt
Fabiola: It's like she can only say things that go against Shogakukan's code.

Roberta: By the way, Fabiola...
Fabiola: Yes,
Fabiola: Miss Head Maid?
Roberta: Why are you staring at my chest like that?

Roberta: Kiiiiiill!
Roberta: I'll kill everyone in order starting with the A cups!!
Fabiola: Ahhhhhh!

SFX: Grab


Garcia: Roberta,
Garcia: You won't get anything from revenge. I don't care what size your tits are.
SFX: Drip drip
SFX: Kyuuun!
Roberta: Young Master.

Roberta: You took care of the problem that had been going on for three and a half volumes in only 4 pages.
Roberta: That's Young Master for you!
Text: Pant pant pant
Garcia: Ah, don't shake me like that.
Garcia: My insides are going to come out.

SFX: Get up

SFX: Spin spin spin spn
Fabiola: Young Master, the discussion isn't over.
Fabiola: I'll tell you who the true enemy is.
Fabiola: It's...

Fabiola: the people with huge tits!!
Fabiola: They're always saying you're a washboard or flat or a boy! Kill, kill!
Roberta: It was contagious!!

Text at the bottom: The End!

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#1. by TwEeD ()
Posted on May 7, 2010
Finally know what really happened in that chapter, many thanks!
#2. by Arhazivory ()
Posted on May 7, 2010
Oh damn...I forgot about this, so seeing a BL trans almost gave me a heart attack. Thanks~! It's nice to know what happened and I'll spread the word that the trans is up. <3
#3. by Helltroll ()
Posted on May 30, 2010
Thanks, now all we need is a scanlator...
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