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Translations: Gintama 683 by kewl0210 , One Piece 904 by cnet128

To Aru Majutsu no Index 30

Beyond "Strongest"

+ posted by js06 as translation on Mar 25, 2010 03:59 | Go to To Aru Majutsu no Index

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Chapter 30
I just translated this on a whim.


Title: #30 Beyond "Strongest"

Text: What he found in this city is...


Text: Last Order's secret!!?

Accelerator: That girl's...
Accelerator: special?


Yoshikawa: "That girl"...
Yoshikawa: huh?

Yoshikawa: It seems she's still in Academy City.
Yoshikawa: ...Fine.
Yoshikawa: You probably know about some of it...

Yoshikawa: but I'll explain about Last Order and the current situation.

Yoshikawa: From the beginning...
Yoshikawa: she wasn't made as part of the "experiment".

Accelerator: What do you mean?

Accelerator: Are you saying they're not degraded clones of Railgun made for me to kill as part of the "experiment"?


Yoshikawa: How many battle would you have had to go through with before the "experiment" ended?

Accelerator: Exactly twenty thousand.
Accelerator: I thought it was a nice number to end at.

Last Order: Misaka's specimen number is #20001.

Yoshikawa: That's right.
Yoshikawa: Her specimen number is 20001.
Yoshikawa: She wasn't necessary under the experiment's original data.

Yoshikawa: Think about it.
Yoshikawa: What would happen if the twenty thousand Sisters rebelled for some reason or another?
Yoshikawa: The powerless researchers here wouldn't be able to do anything.

Yoshikawa: Last Order was a safety device created for such a case.


Yoshikawa: Her brain can send out a set pulse signal...
Yoshikawa: that can control the "Misaka Network" from outside.

Yoshikawa: Using that, we could send a signal to stop the "Misakas" in an emergency.
Yoshikawa: The Sisters could no longer betray us.
Box on the right: Emergency Stop
Top two boxes on the left: Emergency Stop
Bottom box on the left: Stop

Yoshikawa: The control tower for all of the Sisters.
Yoshikawa: That's what "Last Order" is.


Accelerator: So she's a breathing keyboard, huh?

Yoshikawa: ...Yes.
Yoshikawa: Because of that, she was kept in an "incomplete" state.

Yoshikawa: After the "experiment" ended, we kept her behind closed doors here.
Yoshikawa: But...
Yoshikawa: a week ago...
SFX: Beeeeep!! Beeeeep!!


Yoshikawa: Her cultivation device had been destroyed from within and she was missing.


Yoshikawa: When I investigated it afterwards, I found that someone had used the Testament to upload an illegal program to Last Order.
Yoshikawa: Escape is one of her defense reactions.

Yoshikawa: But then...well...
Yoshikawa: she might not remember how things ended up like this herself.
Text right of Last Order: Misaka is, Misaka is
Text left of Last Order: Misaka says, Misaka's
Accelerator: ...Yeah, I'd say that's likely.

Accelerator: So?

Accelerator: What was this illegal program?
Accelerator: I'm sure it wasn't anything good.

Yoshikawa: Most likely...


Yoshikawa: an indiscriminate attack on civilians.

Yoshikawa: ...Or something along those lines.
Yoshikawa: I haven't finished analyzing the code, so I can't say what it is exactly.
Yoshikawa: But as you know, most of the 9969 living Sisters are going through readjustment "outside".

Yoshikawa: According to the virus I've gotten my hands on, it activates at 00:00:00 on September 1st.
Yoshikawa: Once it activates, it will use the Misaka Network to infect all of the Sisters scattered throughout the world in about 10 minutes.

Yoshikawa: And then they will go on a rampage.


Yoshikawa: Once that happens, no one can stop them.


Accelerator: Twenty thousand espers will revolt all at once.
Accelerator: And they're all clones.
Accelerator: No matter how "high up" you are, you can't cover that one up.

Accelerator: So it would be the final day of Academy City, huh?
Accelerator: Ha ha.
Accelerator: Now this is interesting.

Yoshikawa: I am of course investigating a way to stop the virus now in order to stop that from happening.

Yoshikawa: It's just a little over 6 hours until the planned activation time...

Yoshikawa: I have to complete a vaccine program, find Last Order, and inject her with it.
Yoshikawa: The odds of success are about 5%.

Yoshikawa: If I don't make it in time...
Yoshikawa: then...


Accelerator: You'll dispose of her.

Accelerator: That's the...
Accelerator: quickest way of dealing with this.

Yoshikawa: I have no choice but to try and keep it from coming to that.
Yoshikawa: And so do you.

Accelerator: Oh, is that so?
Accelerator: What are you saying I have to do?


Yoshikawa: Amai Ao.

Yoshikawa: He was transferred to work here. He was one of the people in charge of Project Radio Noise.
Yoshikawa: There's no one with more knowledge of the Sisters' personality data.
Yoshikawa: It's best to assume he has a part in this incident.

Accelerator: So that's it.

Yoshikawa: You can do two things before the time limit.
Yoshikawa: First, capture Amai who's in hiding and get him to tell us how the virus is structured.

Yoshikawa: And second...


Yoshikawa: protect Last Order before the virus she carries activates.

Accelerator: Heh.
Accelerator: ...Heh heh.

Accelerator: Hey, now.
Accelerator: Do you know who you're talking to!?
Accelerator: I'm the guy who killed ten thousand of them!?


Accelerator: My power can kill but it can't protect.

Yoshikawa: True enough.
Yoshikawa: Your power is much more suited for destruction than protection.
Accelerator: So you know that.

Yoshikawa: I won't force you.
Yoshikawa: It's your decision.


Accelerator: ...God damn it.

Accelerator: So you know...
Accelerator: which one I'll choose.



Accelerator: "Accelerator".
Accelerator: Before I was called that...
Accelerator: I had a human-sounding name.

Accelerator: The family name had two kanji.

Accelerator: The given name had three.


Accelerator: It wasn't an unusual name.

Accelerator: But one day...
Accelerator: a kid who came rushing at me...

Accelerator: broke his arm just from touching me.


Accelerator: A similar fate met the adults who tried to stop me.

Accelerator: The catastrophe...

Accelerator: snowballed out of control.


Accelerator: If power brings about conflict...
Accelerator: I would get so much power that I could make the conflict not happen.

Accelerator: If I was such an absolute existence...
Accelerator: that no one would even try to fight with me...

Accelerator: I was sure to be accepted.


Accelerator: By someone.

Last Order: Heeey! Heeey!


Last Order: Misaka is, Misaka is here.


Accelerator: You should laugh, Yoshikawa.


Accelerator: You call me this late in the game and you still need my help.

Accelerator: Something could change.
Accelerator: No, that's not it.

Accelerator: I could...
Accelerator: change something.


Accelerator: That's an unusual amount of Anti-Skills.
Text above Anti-Skill: Take out your card.

SFX: Land


Text right of Anti-Skill: Okay, no problems.
SFX: Beep
Anti-Skill: There were several witnesses of someone leaving the site of the destroyed building.
Anti-Skill: It might have been a student from the Seventh District.
Anti-Skill2: A student?

Anti-Skill: Our job is to investigate intruders from "outside".
Small text in the left of Anti-Skill's bubble: Send out some personnel.
Accelerator: An intruder...?
Accelerator: Seems this isn't related to Amai.

Accelerator: No, he's for later.

Accelerator: Is that brat still in the restaurant?

SFX: Crash


SFX: Kyaaah!


Accelerator: That...bastard...

Accelerator: Tch.

Accelerator: Huh? A man in a white coat?

Waitress: Y-yes.
Waitress: The girl in the blanket didn't look like she was doing very good...
Text left of waitress: Hello?


Waitress: We were going to call an ambulance...
Waitress: but that man said he was a relative of hers so we handed her over to him.

Waitress: Um...Do you happen to know who he was?

Yoshikawa: What?
Yoshikawa: Amai took Last Order?


Accelerator: What do you think?
Accelerator: If he left the virus alone, it would activate by itself.
Accelerator: Why did he go grab her now?
Yoshikawa: I don't know.

Accelerator: They could be outside of Academy City by now.
Accelerator: And there are plenty of organizations that would hide them.

Yoshikawa: Yes.
Yoshikawa: But luck seems to be on our side this time.

Yoshikawa: Someone breached the security net and entered Academy City.
Yoshikawa: At noon the Security Code was orange.

Yoshikawa: It's up to red now.

Yoshikawa: For fear of inspection, he won't have been able to leave this district.

Accelerator: Oh.
Accelerator: In that case...


Accelerator: When humans become cornered, their actions become simpler and simpler.

SFX: Beep
SFX: Beep
SFX: Beeeeeeeeeeep
Text: What is Amai Ao's goal...!?

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#1. by only my ()
Posted on Mar 25, 2010
I can't seem to find the raw for this anywhere, all the links I've tried seem to be dead. Does anyone happen to have a working link?
#2. by js06 ()
Posted on Mar 25, 2010
#3. by only my ()
Posted on Mar 25, 2010
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