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To Aru Majutsu no Index 31

The Two Researchers

+ posted by js06 as translation on Mar 31, 2010 18:46 | Go to To Aru Majutsu no Index

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Chapter 31


Title: Chapter #31 "The Two Researchers"


Text: The researcher Yoshikawa Kichou. What is going on in her thoughts...!?
SFX: Type type type

Yoshikawa: ...It looks like we'll be able to pull this off.

Yoshikawa: The way Accelerator dropped by at such a perfect time...
Yoshikawa: was like a miracle.


Yoshikawa: I was...
Yoshikawa: a bit surprised...

Yoshikawa: that he would help us so easily.

Yoshikawa: And that he chose saving Last Order...
Yoshikawa: as his first option.

Accelerator: My power can kill...
Accelerator: but it can't protect.


Yoshikawa: That may be true...
Yoshikawa: for the world he's been surrounded by so far.

Yoshikawa: Using his power to save someone.
Yoshikawa: Even thought it's such a simple and obvious thing...
Yoshikawa: he gave up on it.

Yoshikawa: He cast aside all associations with other people.
Yoshikawa: And if he learns that he can protect someone with his abilities...?

SFX: Creak


Yoshikawa: He will definitely regret it.

Yoshikawa: He'll wonder what the purpose of all the people who collapsed before his eyes was.
Yoshikawa: He'll wonder why he didn't stretch out his hand in aid sooner.

Yoshikawa: If he still has the resolution needed to face what he's done...
Yoshikawa: and he takes that step forward in order to save Last Order...
Yoshikawa: I don't want to trample those feelings.

Text left of Yoshikawa: Hoo


Yoshikawa: And in the end...
Yoshikawa: I've gone soft.
Yoshikawa: I sent him out to that experiment...

Yoshikawa: And I never intended to stop him.
Yoshikawa: And yet I'm saying I don't want to trample those feelings.

Yoshikawa: Just going soft...
Yoshikawa: doesn't make you kind.
Computer text: Analyzing ... 67%


Accelerator: You should laugh, Yoshikawa.
Accelerator: You call me this late in the game and you still need my help.

Accelerator: I'm working for you researchers.
Accelerator: So...
Accelerator: you'd better prepare something to pay me back for this.


Yoshikawa: Understood, Accelerator.
Yoshikawa: I'll leave the readjustment of Last Order's body to you.

Yoshikawa: Now then...
On computer: Analyzing ...

Yoshikawa: Maybe...
Yoshikawa: it's my turn to destroy myself.


Yoshikawa: Yes.
Yoshikawa: Have you found her already?

Yoshikawa: What?
Yoshikawa: Amai took Last Order?


Amai: Damn it!!!
SFX: Bam


Amai: Damn it! Damn it! Damn it!
Amai: Why did things turn out like this!!?
Box: According to the plan, I should already be "outside" of Academy City just waiting for the virus to activate!!

Amai: There are powerful people opposed to Academy City waiting "outside".

Amai: If the plan had succeeded...
Amai: I could have just fled the country under their guidance.
Amai: Under the special conditions, there's even a research institution that had promised to hire me.

Amai: But that's all if she had just stayed in her cultivation device.


SFX: Pant...pant...

SFX: Shock

SFX: Type type

Amai: Please, please!!
Amai: Just last a little longer! Just until the virus activates!

SFX: Breathe...

SFX: Hooo...


Amai: There's no longer anywhere for me in Academy City.
Amai: The Level 6 Project is frozen, Project Radio Noise is at a standstill, and all that has brought me a huge amount of debt.

Amai: I can't just keep failing like this!!

Text above Amai: Ah.


Amai: Ah...
Amai: Aah...

Amai: Eeeee!!!


Accelerator: The site of the demolished Project Radio Noise research facility, huh?
Accelerator: People normally try to avoid the places that would immediately come to mind.

Accelerator: But, well, you're not in a normal state of mind, are you?

SFX: Shake shake

SFX: Shift

SFX: Slam

SFX: Screech


Amai: Ohhhh!!
Amai: Ah...

Amai: Aaaaaaahh!!



Amai: ...Ee!!

Amai: Waaah!

Accelerator: Calm down, old man.


Accelerator: You're making yourself look bad.
SFX: Tap

SFX: Slam

SFX: Collapse
Accelerator: Oh, my bad.
Accelerator: That was a pretty simple way of taking you out.
Accelerator: Although you might actually die.


Accelerator: You've really cost me a lot of time and effort,
Accelerator: you brat.

Accelerator: Yoshikawa?
Accelerator: Yeah, I've got the kid.


Accelerator: Another 4 hours till the time limit.
Accelerator: I've got things under control on my end.
Accelerator: So, what should I do?
Accelerator: Should I bring the kid back?

Accelerator: Hey, there are some things that look like electrodes on the kid's head.
Accelerator: Would it be bad if I took them off?

Yoshikawa: Electrodes?
Yoshikawa: It's probably from the Sisters' system scan set.
Small text in left of Yoshikawa's bubble: You can remove them.

Accelerator: It says BC Operation Ratio.

Yoshikawa: That's the rate of operation of Last Order's brain cells.
Yoshikawa: BC stands for Brain Cell.

SFX: Pant
SFX: Pant

Last Order: ...Pant...

Accelerator: Hey, can I use this machine to destroy the virus?
Accelerator: Taking her back from here will take some time.

Yoshikawa: No.
Yoshikawa: It's just a monitor.


Yoshikawa: To rewrite it, you need a dedicated cultivation device and studying equipment for that.

Accelerator: Hey, where are you?
Yoshikawa: Oh, you noticed?

Yoshikawa: I'm driving there now.
Yoshikawa: I have the equipment prepared.
Yoshikawa: I thought this would be faster than having you double back to the research facility.

Accelerator: Is the analysis of the virus code complete?

Yoshikawa: It's about 80% done.
Yoshikawa: Don't worry.
Yoshikawa: I'll make it in time.


Accelerator: I see.

Accelerator: Geez. How much annoying crap does she have to get me involved with?
Accelerator: Stupid bra-

Last Order: Mi...
Last Order: Saka...
Last Order: is...


Last Order: Misaka iubr Misaka is Misaka is Kana Misa/ Misa Misa Kana Misa/ Misa Misa Misa Misa Mi M<juou58@Misa
Last Order: Misa Misa Misa Misa Mi r Misa quoo14codccg Misaka Misaiubrc cc:jk rup@jkmi e0 sasaka


Accelerator: Wha...t...!?

Accelerator: Yoshikawa!
Accelerator: What's going on!?

Accelerator: Is this one of the symptoms!?

Yoshikawa: ...This is...

Yoshikawa: The midnight activation...
Yoshikawa: was just dummy data.


Yoshikawa: That's the virus code.
Yoshikawa: It's preparing to activate!!!

Text blow date and time: (Time until Virus Activation is Complete - 6 Minutes 43 Seconds)

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