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Translations: One Piece 904 by cnet128 , Gintama 682 (2)

To Aru Majutsu no Index 33

Welcome To Tomorrow

+ posted by js06 as translation on Apr 7, 2010 02:47 | Go to To Aru Majutsu no Index

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Chapter 33


Text: Accelerator has been shot by Amai!!


Amai: ...I did it?
Amai: Why?
Amai: Ha ha.
Amai: Why am I still alive?
Amai: Was his "Reflection" not working...!?

Amai: What about the virus code!!?
Text left of Amai: Ah

SFX: Beep


Last Order: Error. Break-code-No.000001-to-No.357081.

Last Order: Due to an illegal process, the host command statement has been stopped.
Last Order: In accordance to standard descriptors, specimen number 20001 will reawaken.

Last Order: Repeat. Code No. 000001 to...

Amai: Tch.
Amai: She's stopping...
SFX: Wobble

Amai: She's...
Amai: re...
Amai: awakening...??


Amai: Ugh...
Amai: Agh...
Amai: Gah...

Amai: Waaaaaaaaaah!!

Amai: I-i-it's over. It's all oveeer!
Amai: I-it's all her fault!! All her fault that it's all fucking over!


SFX: Blam blam blam

SFX: Splat

Amai: Gyaah!


Amai: Why is he getting up!?

Amai: ...Ha.
Amai: What are you trying to do?
Amai: Someone like you can't...


Accelerator: You don't have to tell me that.
Accelerator: I...
Accelerator: shouldn't try to save anyone.

Accelerator: ...Damn, I was naive.
Accelerator: Even I'm disgusted with myself.

Accelerator: But...

Accelerator: That has nothing to do with her.

Accelerator: No matter how rotten WE are...
Accelerator: No matter how unredeemable and horrible WE are...


Accelerator: There's no good reason to...
Accelerator: just let this brat die!!!

SFX: Stagger

Accelerator: Kh...


Accelerator: Gaaah!


Amai: Ee!


SFX: Collapse

SFX: Step

Amai: Hoo...

Amai: ...In the end you just didn't have enough power left to finish this like a hero.
Amai: But that's only natural.


Amai: All of us humans are that way.

Amai: That's just how we are.

SFX: Bang


Amai: ...Yoshikawa...
Amai: Kikyou.

SFX: Collapse


SFX: Fshhhh
SFX: Bubble bubble bubble

SFX: Close

Amai: Agh...
Amai: Ugh...


Yoshikawa: Sorry.
Yoshikawa: No matter how soft I go...
Yoshikawa: I'll never be kind.

Yoshikawa: For instance, I didn't have the guts to go for your vitals, but I never thought of not shooting you.

Amai: How did...
Amai: you find this place...

Yoshikawa: For how many years have cell phones had GPS functionality now?

Yoshikawa: I only had the sound from the phone to tell what was going on here...
Yoshikawa: but I could at least tell that it didn't seem that anything was happening "outside".

Amai: Gh...kh...

Yoshikawa: Oh.
Yoshikawa: You don't need to worry about him.


Yoshikawa: I happen to know an amazingly skilled doctor.
Yoshikawa: He may look a bit like a frog, so he doesn't get to keep much dignity...
Yoshikawa: but he's skilled enough to be known as the "Heaven Canceler".

SFX: Weeooo weeooo

Yoshikawa: He'll be able to deal with it somehow or other.
SFX: Weeooo weeooo

SFX: Aim


SFX: Step

SFX: Step step

Amai: Wh-why...?

Amai: I don't understand.
Amai: You must have weighed the risks and the opportunities!!
Amai: Why would you go so far for a half-destroyed experiment subject...!?


Yoshikawa: My answer would be...
Yoshikawa: that...
Yoshikawa: I didn't actually want to be a researcher.

Amai: Wha...!?

Yoshikawa: You may not believe me...

Yoshikawa: but I wanted to be a school teacher.

Yoshikawa: I would learn the students' faces one by one...
Yoshikawa: and help them with anything they were have trouble with.


Yoshikawa: I would work my hardest even if it was for a single student.
Yoshikawa: I would be a kind teacher.

Yoshikawa: But I found out I was soft...and realized I had no talent for it. So I gave up.

Yoshikawa: But even so...

Yoshikawa: I still have some regrets about that.
SFX: Aim

Yoshikawa: It's over, Amai Ao.


Yoshikawa: I'm sure you're afraid to die.
Yoshikawa: So choose me to be your traveling partner.

Yoshikawa: Attacking a child is...
Yoshikawa: absolutely unforgivable.


Amai: Hmph.
Amai: "Kindness" really doesn't suit you.

Amai: This is more like...
Amai: "strength".
SFX: Press

SFX: Blam
SFX: Bang


SFX: Weeooo weeooo

SFX: Weeooo weeooo

SFX: Weeooo weeooo


Heaven Canceler: Hm?

Yoshikawa: I...
Yoshikawa: survived.
Heaven Canceler: Of course you did.
Heaven Canceler: Who do you think performed your surgery?


Heaven Canceler: That said, it was a close one.
Heaven Canceler: You were shot point-blank at the heart. It went right through your coronary artery.

Heaven Canceler: You need to thank that boy.

Heaven Canceler: It seems he has some kind blood-flow controlling power.

Heaven Canceler: It was like there was an invisible hose between the two ends of the artery. The blood flowed through without a drop spilling out.
Heaven Canceler: He was unconscious and yet he kept using his power right up until you were taken to the OR.

Yoshikawa: How is he?

Heaven Canceler: Hm?

Heaven Canceler: It was difficult getting the skull fragments out of his frontal lobe.
Heaven Canceler: There's going to be an effect on at least his language faculty and his calculation ability.


Yoshikawa: His calculation ability...
Yoshikawa: So his power will be...

Heaven Canceler: But well...
Heaven Canceler: it isn't a problem.

Heaven Canceler: Doing something when nothing can be done is my creed.

Heaven Canceler: "A parallel operating network created from ten thousand clones."
Heaven Canceler: That's what I used to compensate for the parts of his brain that boy lost.

Heaven Canceler: It seemed to be something you had created...
Heaven Canceler: so I used it.

Yoshikawa: Th...
Yoshikawa: That's right!
Yoshikawa: Her...
Yoshikawa: What about Last Order...!?

Heaven Canceler: You mean that little girl?


Heaven Canceler: You don't need to worry.
Heaven Canceler: A girl who looks so similar to her they must be related is looking after her.

Heaven Canceler: I think she said she was Specimen Number 10032 - Misaka Little Sister.

Text right of Yoshikawa: When did she...?
Heaven Canceler: ...Now then.

Heaven Canceler: I have to go help out elsewhere soon...
Heaven Canceler: so what are you going to do?

Yoshikawa: ...What do you mean?
Heaven Canceler: It seems the "higher ups" learned of this incident.

Heaven Canceler: The "experiment" isn't just frozen, it's been completely ended.
Heaven Canceler: In other words, you've been dismissed.
Heaven Canceler: You don't have to live as a researcher anymore.


Yoshikawa: ...I see...

Yoshikawa: I wonder...
Yoshikawa: if there's any other path for me.

Heaven Canceler: There is.

Heaven Canceler: There are an unlimited number of paths.

Yoshikawa: H...
Yoshikawa: Hey...!


Yoshikawa: If you aren't able to...
Yoshikawa: save him, I won't forgive you.

Heaven Canceler: That's my battlefield.
Heaven Canceler: And I'll make sure to make it out alive.

Heaven Canceler: Along with that patient who's been fighting this entire time.
Heaven Canceler: Okay?


Accelerator: My power...
Accelerator: can kill but it can't protect.


Yoshikawa: Nonsense.

Yoshikawa: He can do it...
Yoshikawa: if he tries.


Title: #33 "Welcome To Tomorrow"
Text on left: Volume 6 compiling the Last Order story is set to be released in May.

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